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What Lives In The Dark

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The Crew of the Systems Alliance Warship Normandy

Command Staff:

Commander Emilia Shepard: Commanding Officer, Special Operations Officer (N7). 29, Spacer. L3 Vanguard.

Lieutenant Commander Charles 'X' Pressly: Executive officer. 43, American. Married with two children. Enlisted in the Navy as a quartermaster but commissioned as an officer after the Skyllian Blitz. His father was a Marine Colonel and died in the First Contact War.

Command Master Chief Petty Officer Monica 'Buffer' Negulesco: Ship's command master chief. 45, Romanian. Married with three children. Her husband is a former Alliance servicemen and her eldest son is a Gunner's Mate on the SSV Logan.

Executive Department:

Lieutenant Raymond Tanaka: Executive assistant. 25, Japanese-English. Recently married. Has a lot of dogs back home.

Yeoman Hector Emerson: Yeoman. 19, Elysian. Recently finished A School at the top of his class; the Normandy is his first posting. Raised by his grandmother after his parents were killed in the Blitz.

Operation Department:

Lieutenant Commander Gustaf Nilsson: Navigator/Operations officer. 42, Swedish. Brought in to bring the ship's crew back to full strength. Quiet professional, with a long naval career.

Chief Quartermaster Dhairya 'Sax' Saxena: Operations chief and senior quartermaster (enlisted navigator). 35, Indian. On his second marriage, three children, but the Navy is his true love. Previously served on the Tokyo.

Combat Information Centre Division:

Lieutenant Nina Rodriguez: CIC Officer and assistant navigator. Spanish, 26. Engaged to marry a fighter pilot based off the SSV Marie Curie.

Communications and Information Systems Technician First Class Yasser 'Boxer' Amjad: CIC chief. Iranian, 28. In the middle of a divorce. Has spent most of his career on frigates and has no intention of changing that. Self-described 'shitty Muslim'.


Senior Communications and Information Systems Technician Zheng Lam: Comms technician. 23, Shanxian. Got married the day before the Normandy left Arcturus.

Communications and Information Systems Technician Lei Chou: Comms technician. 21, Taiwanese.

Communications and Information Systems Technician Germeen Barret: Comms technician. 19, Irish.


Leading Combat Systems Operator Raphael "Prophet' Ferreira: Sensors supervisor. Benning, 23. Comes from a large, close-knit, religious family. His dad was also Navy and his brother is a CSO on SSV New Delhi.

Combat Systems Operator Helen Lowe: Sensors operator. 20, American. Very close to an older brother who sells skycars. Joined the Navy after dropping out of law school.

Combat Systems Operator Priyanka Korapati: Sensors operator. 19, Indian.

Senior Combat Systems Operator Kingsley Donovan: Sensors operator. 21, Irish. A gangly sort of guy who probably got his lunch money stolen in school.


Leading Intelligence Specialist Angelos Kokinos: Intelligence supervisor. 22, Greek. Speaks six languages.

Intelligence Specialist Marianne Baumer: 19, German. Very intelligent, but still overawed by the records of some personnel aboard.

Electronic Warfare:

Leading Electronic Warfare Specialist Abishek Pakti: EW supervisor. 22, Indian. His wife, Saanvi, is pregnant with their first child.

Electronic Warfare Specialist Sumeet Patil: 19, Indian.

Navigation Division:

Flight Lieutenant Jeff 'Joker' Moreau: Navigation supervisor (Joker has authority, you should all be terrified) and first helmsman. 28, Spacer.

Ensign Caroline 'Frag' Grenado: Flight officer. 22, Mexican. Joker's choice for his co-pilot in combat. Chosen for her high flight school scores and because she's young enough not to have developed too many bad habits flying other frigates.

Ensign Lameh 'Flyboy' Masiouf: Flight officer. 22, Egyptian.

Senior Quartermaster Albert Adamczyk: Quartermaster. 20, Polish.

Combat Systems Department:

Lieutenant Gema 'Guns' Wulandri: Combat Systems Officer, acting Tactical Action Officer. From Demeter, 28. Has at least one ex-husband. Fond of large explosions and one-liners.

Chief Master-At-Arms Mandira Rahman: Combat Systems Chief. 37, spacer. Has an 11 year old daughter.

Electronic Materials Division:

Ensign Ji-Eun Park: Electronic Materials Officer, bull ensign. 22, Korean.

Electronics Technician Third Class Minh Tran: Division chief. 25, Vietnamese.

Senior Electronics Technician Harvey Gladstone: ET. 21, Canadian.

Electronics Technician Jamie Kilgarrif: ET.

Gunnery Division:

Sub-Lieutenant Anisim Matveev: Gunnery Officer. Russian, 23.

Gunner's Mate First Class Soheila Attar: Gunnery Chief. Persian, 27.

Weapon Maintenance and Operation:

Senior Fire Controlman Silas Crosby: Ship's gunner. 22, American. From Texas and known for occasionally taking over the mess to cook things his mama makes. Decorated for staying at his post and refusing evacuation when he was wounded during the Battle fo the Citadel.

Fire Controlman Makara Dara: Ship's gunner. 24, Cambodian.

Gunner's Mate Addison Chase: Ship's gunner. 20, from Benning.

Gunner's Mate Takama Inoue: Ship's gunner. 19. Spacer.

Weapon Repair and Ordnance:

Leading Ordnanceman Timothe Brodeur: Ordnance supervisor. 23, from Luna. Always seems to be around when the Marines are practicing hand to hand or working out.

Ordnanceman Pilek Mataraci: 10, Turkish.

Law Enforcement Division:

Senior Master-At-Arms Celinda Rogers: Military police. 22, American.

Master-At-Arms Sung-Ho Choe: Military police. 19, Korean. Master-At-Arms. What he lacks in common sense he makes up for in unrelenting enthusiasm

Supply Department

Lieutenant Carlton 'CHOP' Tucks: Supply officer. 26, New Zealander.

Steward Second Class Kanu Medra: Supply chief. 26, Indian. Married with a small tribe of children. Accused of mistaking his shipmates for his children.

Food Service:

Senior Steward Marcus Greico: Cook. Terra Novan, 20. Doesn't really want to be in the Navy.

Steward Jozet Dreyer: Cook. 19, Dutch. Friends with Adamczyk in the CIC.

Clothing and Storaging

Leading Yeoman Monica Paredes: 23, Portuguese.

Health Department

Medical Corps Captain Karin Chakwas: Chief Medical Officer. 55, English. Previously served aboard the SSV Tokyo.

Sub-Lieutenant Dariush Sherazi: Nursing officer. 23, from Demeter.

Hospitalman Third Class Xu 'Doc' Ling: Special Reconnaissance Corpsman (N5). 23, Chinese. Would punch death in the face if he could. Goes groundside with the ground team.

Engineering Department

Lieutenant Gred 'CHENG' Adams: chief engineer. 29, Terra Novan. It might take the heat death of the universe to unnerve him. Close friends with Charles Pressly despite their differences. His entire family is Navy - his parents and sister are all currently serving officers. Previously served aboard the SSV Tokyo.

Machinist's Mate First Class Mikhail 'Hellraiser' Vorobyov: Engineering chief. 27, Russian. Father to his men type. Nickname is completely ironic.

Main Propulsion Division:

Senior Machinist's Mate Rolf Jansson: 21, Swedish.

Machinist's Mate Monica Auraham: 20, Israeli.

Damage Control Division:

Damage Controlman Third Class Rosamund 'Squid/Rosie' Draven: Damage control supervisor/firefighter. 23, Australian. Married to Talitha Draven, who she met at a previous posting. Close friends with Vorobyov, Hudson and Tali.

Senior Damage Controlman Orden Laflamme: Damage controlman/firefighter. 21, French. Doesn't get along with Lance Corporal Fredricks.

Damage Controlman Robert Felawa: Damage controlman/firefighter. 19, American.

Nuclear and Power Division:

Sub-Lieutenant Ingrid 'Nuke' Adamsen: Nuclear officer. 22, Danish.

Leading Nuclear Technician Mackenzie 'Glowstick' Hudson: Nuke supervisor. 24, from Watson.

Nuclear Technician Ping Yu: Nuclear tech. 22, Chinese.

Electrician's Mate (Nuclear) Aaliyah El-Hashem: Nuclear electrician. 20, Saudi Arabia.

Auxiliaries Division:

Life Support Technician Third Class Kadri Demarci: Division chief. 24, Turkish.

Life Support:

Senior Life Support Technician Claudia Turati: 23, American.

Senior Life Support Technician Dominic Santos: 24, Brazilian.

Kinetic Barriers:

Leading Electrician's Mate Jamin Bakari: Kinetic barriers supervisor. 23, Tanzanian.

Electrician's Mate Rosalia Acosta: 19, Peruvian.

Repair Division

Machinery Repairman First Class John Costa: Repair supervisor. 23, Colombian.

Machinery Repairman Kai Wu: 22, Chinese.

Marine Detachment

First Lieutenant Ashley Williams: MARDET CO, scout sniper. 27, from Sirona.

Gunnery Sergeant Jim Berhard: MARDET NCO (N6). 45, English. One of the Marines assigned as reinforcements after the war with the geth.

Tactical Element Alpha

Staff Sergeant Talitha 'Gung Ho' Draven: Element leader (N5). 26, American. She had a difficult childhood before enlisting on her eighteenth birthday. She's been in the Corps nearly nine years and formerly served in Recon. Married to Rosamund Draven.

Lance Corporal Alex 'Freddie' Fredricks: Combat engineer attache. 20, from Bekenstein. Affluent background. Friends with/the frequent target of Jaz and Waaberi.

Corporal Ji-Hye Mun: Special operations Marines (N5). 25, Korean. One of the Marines assigned as reinforcements after the war with the geth.

Tactical Element Bravo

Corporal Amina Waaberi: Element leader (N5), assaultman. 23, Somalian. Took over Bravo after Corporal Jenkins' death. Close to Jaz and Fredricks.

Lance Corporal Jason 'Jaz' Teke: Special operations Marine (N5), machine-gunner. 22, Turkish-English. Friends with Waaberi and Freddie. His best friend Nick Ki-tae was killed during the war with the geth.

Lance Corporal Hiroko Fukui : Special operations Marine (N5). 23, Japanese. One of the Marines assigned as reinforcements after the war with the geth.

Fire Support Element

Sergeant Alexei Dubyansky: Fire Support NCO, special operations Marine (N5). 24, Russian. Married with twin sons. A very big man. Often guns or commands the Mako.

Corporal Marcio Molina: Fire Support RTO, special operations Marine (N5). 23, Cuban. One of the Marines assigned as reinforcements after the war with the geth.

Lance Corporal Lei Chou: Special operations Marine (N5), drone operator. 21, Shanxian. Holds a grudge against turians.


Lance Corporal Jassem Shamom: Armoured Vehicle Repair Technician. 22, spacer. Embarks after Therum.

Mission Specialists:

Doctor Liara T'Soni: Archaeologist. 109, Thessian.

Tali'Zorah Nar Rayya: engineer. 22, quarian.