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Stark, Naked

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Bucky Barnes dimmed the lights in his room. He was never quite sure why he did that, it wasn’t like it was a two-way chat, and anyway, he’d put a post-it note over his laptop’s camera months ago. But it felt somehow more intimate to have the lights down low whenever he logged in.

He had a bottle of vodka tucked by his hip, and a glass on the bedside table, but he knew by halfway through the evening, he’d just be drinking it from the bottle. He wasn’t sure why he continued to pretend, although the dirty glasses in the sink at least made it look like he had some sort of life, whenever Steve came over.

But mostly Bucky just drank, ate takeaway, and watched television. Not much, really, but his pension was only going to stretch so far.

And then, he’d discovered Chaturbate.

An accident, the first time -- he’d been watching something entirely unrelated, clicked to follow some links, and ended up on the streaming site. Twenty dollars bought him a lot of tokens, and he could tip as he wanted to.

He’d ended up watching a skinny twink stare listlessly at the camera while jerking off, and it was only reflex surprise that had gotten Bucky hard to start with.

He’d tipped about three dollars and clicked away.

Closed the laptop and promised himself he wouldn’t do that again.

That had lasted all of a day and a half before he was scrolling through the list of options.

Which was when he’d discovered Stark, Naked.

He’d blown almost fifty dollars that first show, and then checked out the guy’s schedule. He performed regularly, at least once a week.

Bucky logged in, checked his paypal balance, and settled back to watch the show.

Tony was dancing when the video feed kicked in, the music something hard rock. He was wearing painted-on jeans with a strategic rip right along the crease of his ass, and a tee shirt that was so tight Bucky could practically count his ribs.

Tony’s dancing wasn’t professional or choreographed. It almost looked like he’d just turned on a favorite tune and couldn’t help wiggling along to it, except for how he was careful to flash his backside at the camera every few seconds, his spine and hips undulating. Except for how his home studio was carefully lit, dark in the background with a light shining right down on that lithe body. Except for how those sultry bedroom eyes looked right into the camera and winked, as if he was welcoming Bucky, personally.

WinterSoldier: Hey there, baby boy.

There was a small window to one side of the screen that held all the users currently watching, and showed whatever comments they made. Bucky didn’t try to compete with most of them, but he did like to say hi, at least. Certainly a simple greeting was better than some of the more obscene and suggestive things that other people said. XBones was in the process of asking how many tokens it would take for Tony to just skip to the good stuff.

Tony’s eyes flitted to the side -- checking his own chat feed, obviously -- and then he looked back at the camera with a wicked smile. “You can’t rush quality, Boney” he chided. “The anticipation is half the fun. Winter, darling, I’m so happy you’re back! Maybe I’ll be able to warm you up a little this time, hmm?” He tugged lightly at the hem of his shirt, teasing a glimpse of his hipbone where it angled down into those jeans.

Whenever Tony said his name, even if it was just a code-phrase, Bucky felt real, like he was having an actual conversation with a person, and not just some goddamn ghost in the story of his own life. You are my actual facts favorite, Bucky typed.

“Aw, snowflake, you’re such a flatterer.” He glanced at his feed again, and his lips curved. “A lot of regulars on tonight,” he commented idly. “It’s enough to turn a boi’s head.” He winked and turned his head, and kept turning until that luscious backside was swaying in front of the camera.

Two times, Tony had said his name. Bucky decided to skip the glass entirely and just go straight for the bottle. At least it was real vodka. Last time he’d had an incident of not-being-able-to-go-out and Nat had brought him freaking marshmallow flavored Schtoli, which was something so vile that Bucky had actually poured it down the drain, because Nat, what even the hell? Bucky swallowed, feeling the burn, put the bottle aside and tapped his tip button. Each tip was about five cents, which really wasn’t that much, but with fifty or more viewers, and each hitting the key multiple times, Bucky imagined it added up. He clicked until he got to about forty or so, a couple bucks for saying hi.

Tony’s dance brought him back around to face the camera again, and this time when he teased up his shirt, it was obvious he’d unzipped his pants. They hung open, Tony’s not-unimpressive package bulging the bright red of his briefs in the open V. He winked for the camera and then dropped the shirt again, dragging his hand over his cock as he did, letting the shape of it be visible for a moment, even as his eyelids fluttered closed. Tony had the longest eyelashes Bucky had ever seen on a man. “I’m feeling a little naughty tonight,” he confessed. “Who’s got some suggestions for me?”

Xbones: I give u $50 to take it all off NOW

And that was the least raunchy of the variety of things thrown at Tony’s screen. Bucky sighed. He actually liked it better when Tony talked. His voice was amazing. Almost as good as his ass.

WinterSoldier: Would love to feed you chocolate covered strawberries. You could eat something suggestively?

VankoWhipsIt: UR not taking him on a date, dude!

WinterSoldier: $30. Whip cream? You got any?

Tony laughed. “I see you’re all feeling naughty with me. Let me just have a look at my supplies...” He twisted out of camera for a few seconds, then came back. “Look what I found!” One hand held up what looked like a glass dildo, thick and shot through with ribbons of color. The other had a can of Redi-Whip.

Tony sprayed a line of the whipped cream down the dildo and then smirked at the camera. His gaze firmly fixed, his tongue flicked out and licked a dollop of the cream off the tip.

Bucky tapped his tip button. There was a feature to tip more than a “token” at a time, but it was often difficult to find, especially when he didn’t want to look away from Tony’s face. That was probably the idea, at least from the sponsor’s point of view. At five cents a token, people probably forgot how much they’d tipped until they got the bill on their credit statement.

WinterSoldier: You are so damn beautiful.

HammerTime: Deep throat! Deep Throat!

That got picked up by most of the rest of the viewers, and Bucky’s line scrolled off the top of the screen. Didn’t matter; he’d cheerfully watch Tony deep throat a dildo and wonder what those lips felt like, wrapped around him. Wondered what it would be like, to have those brown eyes looking up at him, fluttering those gorgeous lashes.

He unzipped awkwardly. Stretching his arm across the laptop to tap the tip button was probably not the kind of usage his PT was thinking of when she said “practice fine motor control” but hell, Bucky wasn’t going to confide in that woman anyway.

“So impatient,” Tony mock-sighed. “Well, the masses have spoken. Let it not be said that I don’t know how to take a hint.” He spritzed a little more whipped cream onto the tip of the dildo, then tipped his head back and slid the thing into his mouth. And in. And in further, until his throat was working, bulging with the thickness.

Jesus jumped-up Christ, Bucky thought. His dick twitched in his pants, and he shuffled around a little. Tucked the vodka against the back of the sofa so it wouldn’t spill, took his cock in his hand, and did not knock over the laptop. It was a balancing act, that was. He’d discovered more than once that multitasking was no longer on the list of things he could do, if he wanted everything to stay where he put them.

Watched. Fantasy Tony liked to cuddle up close, while Bucky watched TV, murmuring in that dusky, sexy voice, his hand in Bucky’s jeans. It had been way too long since Bucky’d felt another real person. But Tony was an excellent substitute.

Xbones went off on a paragraph long comment, badly spelled, with terrible grammar, about how he’d like to shove his dick down Tony’s throat until he choked on it.

WinterSoldier: Rude. I’d treat you right, baby.

Tony fucked the dildo in and out of his throat a few times, and when he pulled it out, it was practically sparkly-clean, and there was a smear of white at the corner of Tony’s mouth, just begging for someone to lean in and lick it off him. His eyelashes were studded with tears from suppressing his gag reflex, but it only made his eyes seem wider and more luminous. “I know you would,” he said, and his voice was husky and rough. “I’d love to let you.”

There were more requests, mostly of the get naked alreadyvariety. Bucky let them roll over and didn’t bother to read, his eyes were for Tony only.

He clicked his tip button, watched the show. Tony made a few bad jokes, mocked someone who commented that his dick was small which was why he didn’t want to show it off. (That person was also mocked by several of the regulars, who’d actually seen Tony’s package, so to speak, and were not disappointed.)

Talked in that throaty voice, jagged from his blowing the dildo, as he slowly stripped off his clothes.

MdmMasque: Are you dating anyone, hot stuff? Girlfriend, boyfriend? Tell us all the juicy details.

“Mm, not seeing anyone at the moment,” Tony said. He turned his back to the camera and pushed down his jeans far enough to show his crack, just a little. Slid his hands down over his ass, fondling it, tucking his fingers down under the fabric to squeeze. “Except for all of you, of course.” He glanced back over his shoulder and winked as he pushed his pants the rest of the way down, turning just enough to show that perfect curve.

HammerTime: What do u look 4 in a bf? Money? Great hair? Big cock?

Xbones: Look who stocked up on hairgel, Hammertime.

WinterSoldier: Wish…

He stopped typing. Bucky didn’t know what he wished, really. Maybe that he could have a solo session, but why the hell would Tony want to do that. Bucky was a regular (if three or four weeks counted as regular) but he could never afford more than fifty dollars in a session. Tony probably made ten times that in his normal ninety minutes. He wished… he could just talk to Tony. Like a real person. Pretend, for a while. He tried to remind himself that Tony was just selling a product, like everyone else. And in this case, the product was a pretty boy who’d do anything Bucky wanted.

He clicked the rest of his tip, watching as the balance on his card went down.

“I’m probably supposed to say something like money or generosity so you’ll tip more,” Tony said, and laughed. “Or maybe talk about all the depraved sexy things I’d do with a boyfriend if I had one, yeah?” His arm moved, and he was stroking himself, angled perfectly so that none of his dick was visible, just the mouth-watering play of his shoulder muscles as his arm moved. “But honestly, I want what probably anyone wants, you know?” For just an instant, his eyes were wounded, vulnerable, lonely. And then he shook it off and shot another of those searing grins at the camera. “Toys, and lots of ‘em.”

That perfect, wounded look had rocked Bucky all the way down to his core. He’d have to comb back through the recording, see if he could get a screencap of that. So fucking gorgeous, he could have anyone, and for just a moment, a heart-stoppingly precious moment, Bucky could believe that Tony might want someone… just like him.

Bucky’s computer binged at him. He was out of tokens for the night.

WinterSoldier: Sorry, babydoll, I’m out of tips for the night, but I’ll pour you out a shot of vodka.

He took another long swallow out of the bottle, not even surprised that half of it was gone. He wasn’t about to try to stand up, he’d be on the floor in a moment, and he hadn’t vacuumed… probably ever. Did he even own a vacuum? That seemed like something he might want to do. Eventually. If he was ever going to have someone over.

WinterSoldier: ask me later if I remembered to adult this week.

He’d sort of forgotten that there was anyone else in the chat channel, just talking to Tony like Tony was a friend, like they were just casually skyping. Like Bucky had more than two friends, really. Like Tony might care.

“Don’t have too much of that vodka, Winter Sugar,” Tony said, eyes sparkling. “You’re going to want to remember this one later.”

WinterSoldier: I’d never forget you. This is just medicinal. Dulls the pain. A bit.

There were some good natured, and less than good natured razzing about that, about Bucky and his pain, and what he could do with it. Bucky tuned it out. He didn’t care what anyone else said. He just wanted Tony, wanted to watch and listen. He capped the bottle and put it aside, though, wondering what special thing Tony had in mind.

Tony teased the camera a little longer, then -- to several rude exclamations of finally from the other watchers -- turned all the way around, settling into a chair that let him prop one foot up on his table or desk or whatever it was, giving a gorgeous view of his dick and balls and -- if he arched just right -- even his hole.

His cock was hard and flushed, leaking a little at the tip already. “I was visiting my favorite little supply shop yesterday,” he said, reaching off-camera, “and I happened across this new lube.” He held up the bottle so Bucky could see the label. Some Like It Hot -- warming lube for the adventurous sexplorer!

“I’m told it packs a heck of a punch,” Tony continued. “I tried a little bit on the inside of my lip, and it was a hell of a tingle. Want to find out what it’ll do to the rest of me?”

WinterSoldier: What’s it taste like?

Bucky would totally bend Tony over and eat that perfect ass so hard Tony would get whiplash. He flipped his jeans the rest of the way open and stroked himself, wondering if Tony was as responsive and eager when he wasn’t performing, if those noises would be a gift to whoever he was sharing himself with. God. Bucky arched up, just thinking about it, his dick practically quivering with interest.

“You know that candy, Atomic Fireballs?” Tony said. “Kind of like that. Why; you want to lick it off me when I’m done, honey?” He dribbled out a little of the lube onto his fingertips and rolled it in a circle around the shaft of his dick, not reaching up for the head just yet.

WinterSoldier: I would.

Tony smiled, and it felt like he was looking right into Bucky’s eyes, smiling just for him. “Yeah, I bet--” He hissed a little, his eyes widening. “Oh, fuck, that’s... that’s potent stuff, absolutely. Wow.” He whimpered a little, pulling at himself. “Oh god.”

There was no one else in the world except for Bucky and Tony. Every shiver of Tony’s expression, every little sound were for Bucky and Bucky alone.

WinterSoldier:Guess you want that tongue now, cool you off a little. Don’t hurt yourself.

Tony whined and bucked into his hand, dragging the lube up over the sensitive head. Almost immediately, he threw his head back, gasping, each breath a soft mewl of desperation, accompanied by curses and nonsense. His cock was rigid, purple and leaking. It looked ready to pound nails, but Tony just kept stroking it slow and easy, his hand shaking just a little.

Bucky rocked along with him, trying to keep his own hand at the same rhythm, as if he could pretend that it was Tony touching him, Tony making him feel good, and at the same time, as if he was touching Tony, tucked around behind him, stroking him off while pushed flush against that ass, nibbling at Tony’s neck, murmuring endearments and dirty words into his ear.

He rolled his thumb over the head of his cock, the same way Tony did, twisted, and then-- Christ, Jesus Christ. He wondered, briefly, before his orgasm ripped through him, if Tony’s lube was really that potent, or if the camboi really had that much endurance.

WinterSoldier: OMG.

He shoved the laptop back onto his thighs, stripped off his shirt and used it to wipe himself off with, throwing it on the floor with the rest of his dirty laundry. (The clean laundry was all in the basket, where Bucky imagined some century, he might actually fold it. It was unlikely. Folding laundry was never a pleasant chore, and doing it one handed was that much worse.)

Tony held out a little longer, long enough that Bucky almost considered a second round. But when Tony finally came, he screamed, the cords standing out on his neck, and the spatter of come reached all the way up to his throat. “Oh god, oh fuck, oh... Oh, wow, that’s... that’s the stuff,” he panted. He slanted a look into the camera, his eyelids heavy and his sly smile turning sweet and sleepy. “Was it good for you, too?”

WinterSoldier: You’re always good. I’d like to be good for you.

“You’d be phenomenal,” Tony promised, and it didn’t matter that he could have been responding to almost any of the comments, or all of them at once. “I hope I’ll see you again next time,” he purred. “In the meantime, if you decide to pick up some of this lube and try it, drop me a system message and let me know how it goes.”

He grabbed a cloth and wiped himself down, then glanced up at the chat window. “Don’t forget to adult, Winter!” He grinned cheekily.

WinterSoldier: Vacuum, laundry, eat something that’s not take-away.

Bucky watched as the rest of the users made their farewells and dropped off the channel. Bucky always watched until the last possible moment. He wasn’t sure why, it just felt… rude… somehow, to come and go. He snickered to himself at the pun, feeling the booze and the hormone rush. Afterglow. Ridiculous, but still. It was usually the best he felt all week, so he’d take it.

Tony cheerfully responded to the farewells as he cleaned up and put away his stuff, not bothering to get dressed again. When he looked back up, Bucky was the only one left in the chatroom. Tony’s smile turned soft, then, and he looked out of the laptop at Bucky and Bucky alone. “Take care of yourself, sweetheart,” he said, and it was like getting to see a whole different person under the saucy camboi mask. “Do write and let me know how it’s going.”

WinterSoldier: I will. See you next week, dollface.

Bucky tapped the system messages logo under Tony’s screen. “Just a quick note. You don’t have to write back, but this is limited to 500 characters. Can email me at Tomorrow, I pledge to eat one vegetable that’s not waffle fries. --WinterSoldier”

Tony glanced up at his screen and laughed. “A bold venture!” he exclaimed, his eyes full of warmth. “I’ll write tomorrow, I promise. Sleep well, Soldier.” He blew a kiss, and then reached out and turned the camera off.

Bucky touched his fingers to where the kiss “landed” on the screen, and like a high school girl with a crush, he pressed them to his own lips. Tomorrow, then. He’d have something new to look forward to.