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The Monster In My Bed

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I never thought much about how I would die. Even in my darkest moments, I never really wanted to meet death, to bring about the end of it all.

Still, it’s strange to think about how close to the abyss I’ve come. How I flirt with that darkness every day of my life since I moved to Forks. The small town like something out of a horror movie houses so many things that spark nightmares in the human psyche.

Things I never believed could be real are real, I’m dating one of those impossibilities, and they’re more dangerous than you’d ever believe.

No one knows about the reality of dragons until they’re staring down the maw, flames licking their way out to melt skin like wax.

I know. I’ve seen it, the nightmares made real, and I roar back in defiance each time.

It wasn’t always like this, I’ve grown to be courageous, but I can’t see myself outside of this world of the otherworldly any longer.