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Pretty Gay Broadway One-Shots

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Main Ships-

Be More Chill:

Boyf Riends (Jeremy Heere/Michael Mell)
RichJake (Rich Goranski/Jake Dillinger)
Pinkberry (Chloe Valentine/Brooke Lohst)
Cinnabuns (Christine Canigula/Jenna Rollan)
Boardwalk Boys (Jeremy Heere/Michael Mell/ Rich Goranski/Jake Dillinger)
Expensive Headphones (Rich Goranski/Michael Mell)
Deere (Jake Dillinger/Jeremy Heere)


Lams (Alexander Hamilton/John Laurens)
Marliza (Elizabeth Schuyler/Maria Reynolds)
Mullette (Marquis de Lafayette/Hercules Mulligan)
Jamilton (Alexander Hamilton/Thomas Jefferson)
JeffMads (James Madison/Thomas Jefferson)


Chansaw (Heather Chandler/Veronica Sawyer)
KurtRam (Kurt Kelly/Ram Sweeney)
Poly!Heathers (Heather Chandler/Heather Duke/Heather McNamera)
Poly!HeathersVeronica (Heather Chandler/Heather Duke/Heather McNamera/Veronica Sawyer)

Dear Evan Hansen-

Kleinsen (Evan Hansen/Jared Kleinman
TreeBros (Evan Hansen/Connor Murphy)
Sincerely Three (Evan Hansen/Connor Murphy/Jared Kleinman)
Galaxy Girls (Zoe Murphy/Alana Beck)


Whizzer Brown/Marvin
Mendel Weisenbachfeld/Trina
Cordelia/Dr. Charlotte

Mean Girls-

Regina George/Cady Heron
Cadnis (Cady Heron/Janis Ian)
Regina George/Janis Ian
Damian Hubbard/Aaron Samuels
Gretchen Weiners/Karen Smith


Regina George/Heather Chandler
Regina George/Veronica Sawyer
Jared Kleinman/Michael Mell
Jared Kleinman/Michael Mell/Jeremy Heere/Evan Hansen

I am willing to do any ship within set fandoms.

I will do any scenario except-

Smut (unless i like the idea enough to write it)
Rape (but that falls into the smut category)
Detailed Abuse
Little/Caregiver (i just dont rlly like that sort of stuff therefore I won’t write it)

(I’d prefer to not write Human!SQUIP (if you’ve already requested it i’ll go ahead and write it but if you haven’t, i’d rather not write it) thank you :))

Comment your requests and ill most likely do it tbh

Be specific with details or i will go as far as if like with it.

These are all one shots.

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Player 1 added Player 2, IDontHaveALisp, Jakey D, Pink, Berry, Shakespeare, and JennaRolansCalling to New Chat

Player 1 renamed New Chat to I Gotta Date

4:58 p.m.

Player 1: guess who got himself a date!

Shakespeare: omg Yay!! Congratulations Michael!

Pink: Yay ig

Berry: YAY MICHAEL!!! But if your planning on trying to impress jerry you really need a new wardrobe.

Player 2: Brooke its not with me

Berry: ohh omg I’m sorry!

Player 1: Nah its ok. Jere’s my best friend, it’d be weird to go out with him heh

Player 2: yea. Weird.

IDontHaveALisp: Aye little Mikey got himself a man.

JakeyD: Our boy’s growin up :(

IDontHaveALisp: He is isn’t he :(

JennaRolansCalling: hah gayyy

Pink: So where’s this date of yours?

Player 1: It may or may not be at pinkberry …


Pink: WHAT?

Player 1: It was his idea!!!

Shakespeare: We’re all super happy for you Michael!

Player 2: Yep. Super Happy. Why wouldn’t I be? I mean, its not like I’ve loved you for years and implanted an evil tic tac in my brain to try to be with you but ended almost taking over the entire school only to come out worse then i went in hahahahahahaha

JakeyD: …….

Pink: …….

JennaRolansCalling: …..

Berry: ……..

Shakespeare: ……..

IDontHaveALisp: ………

Player 1: uh Jere?

Player 2: I clicked send didnt i.

Pink: A little bit

Berry: Not the time chlo.

Player 1: I'm coming over.

………………………...…Jeremy’s POV……………………………….

Did I seriously just send that? I just ruined the closest friendship i have, over a stupid crush. No. Take that back. Having a crush on Michael is never going to be stupid. I hear a knock on my door, interrupting my thoughts,“Go away Michael” I shout, it comes out a little harsher than intended. “Not gonna happen.” Michael retorts, barging in. He closes the door behind him and invites himself onto my bed. He looks the same as always, red patched hoodie, poofy hair, labeled headphones around his neck. We sit there for what feels like hours just staring at each other. I feel the all too familiar feeling of panic rise in my chest. At some point, I must’ve started crying because i feel my cheeks become very moist. “Hey, Jere, it’s ok. Breathe with me. In and Out. In and Out.” He pulls me against his chest, whispering sweet nothings into my hair.“I-I-I’m S-s-s-sor-ry. I-I’m S-So So-or-rry” I say, in between sobs. “Jere what are you sorry for?” He calmly inquires. “I-i-i r-r-ruined o-o-our f-friendship” I respond, sitting up. “Jere if that was true, would i be here right now?” I hate it when he’s right. He’s always right. “N-no?” “Miah, do you want to know why i said yes to the date?” Really Michael? “Um sure?” “If you want me to stop, let me know” “Uh ok?” I respond, warily. He places his hand on my cheek and leans forward. Before I can pull in process what’s going on, his lips are on mine. Oh My Squip he’s kissing me. As soon as my mind catches up, his lips are gone. “Holy Shit” I hear his familiar chuckle and i realize i said that out loud. “Oh um what does that have to do with you getting a date, cause you’re seriously messing with my emotions right now and I’m not sure what more i can take.” I quickly blurt out. I’m acting a lot like someone from a musical Christine showed me. Dear Evan- something. He chuckles again, “Jere, i agreed to the date, to try to get rid of my feelings for you.” “Wait what?” I say, genuinely confused. “Miah, i love you. And i didnt think you loved me back.” I love you. Did he really just say that? I swear I’m dreaming. “Can i kiss you?” I quietly ask. Without answering, his lips are on mine again. This time i kiss back. The kiss is slow, but needy. It doesn’t last very long, though. As our lips disconnect, i lean my forehead against his. “I love you too, Micha.” He repositions so that we’re laying next to each other, face to face. “Jere, will you be the Boyf to my Riends?” I giggle, remembering when Rich wrote Boyf Riends on our backpacks. “Only if you’ll be the Riends to my Boyf” I say, smiling. We share one last kiss before each grabbing our phones to update the chat.


5:30 p.m.

Shakespeare: Guys, I’m worried, neither of them have responded for 20 minutes

IDontHaveALisp: They are probably too busy sucking each other’s faces

Pink: Jesus Christ Rich.

Player 2 has changed their name to Boyf

Player 1 has changed their name to Riends

Berry: Oh My Squip! WhAt?

Boyf: Yep

Reinds: Oh never got to thank mr. lisp over here for these nicknames.


JakeyD: Give it up Richie.

Pink: So much gay.

…………………Jeremy’s POV again.………………………………………

We both laugh at our friends. “Why are they our friends?” I ask, sarcastically. “Evil tic tac” He reminds me. “Right” We laugh again. For the first time since the play, i feel truly ok.

Chapter Text

Heather’s POV

“Ronnie you’re sick, please just relax, stay home from school” I plead. “No, I’m fine C, dont worry about me” She retorts. I can hear her sniffles from over the phone. “Please, Ron. You sound awful. Just stay home today.” “C i told you i-“ She’s interrupted by a wave of coughs. “That’s it I’m coming over” I declare. “No C d-“ I hang up on her, mid sentence.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~awkwardly timed time skip heh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Open up Ronnie. Your parents let me in.” I say as I’m pounding on Veronica’s bedroom door. I hear her coughs from the other side of the door. That girl just never learns. After a few more minutes of coughs, i hear light footsteps nearing the door. A moment later, the door opens, revealing my red nosed, feverish girlfriend. “Babe you look awful” I say, worried. I walk into her room and sit on her beg, placing the soup and crackers i brought on her nightstand, patting the spot on the bed next to me. “C’mere, love” I suggest.

She grudgingly makes her way to the bed, more coughs and sniffling punctuating every step. She plops down next to me, sitting up against the headboard. I grab the soup, gently opening it and giving it to her. I then open the plastic spoon and give that to her. “Eat what you can ‘Ronica” I say, sweeter than my usual ‘Mythic Bitch’ attitude. “Please don't call me that. You know it can trigger the bad place” I freeze. Shit. “Oh my corn nuts, Ronnie I’m sorry it slipped” I exclaim. She tries to chuckle, but it just turns into a cough. She reaches for the half empty water bottle on her bed stand. I grab it and she downs half of what’s remaining. “It’s ok C. Don’t stress over it” She says reassuringly. I lean down to kiss her cheek. She blushes, nothing new.

We fall into a comfortable silence, save for her constant snuffles and occasional coughs, as she eats what she can of the soup, which ends up being about half of it before she closes it and puts it back on the nightstand. She nestles into my side, already pretty much asleep. I kiss the top of her head, then reposition us so that Veronica is laying on my chest. “I love you C” I hear her mumble. “I love you too, Ronnie. Get some rest baby.” I respond.

She wakes up about three hours later. “G’morning C” She groggily acknowledges. “Closer to afternoon Ron” I remark. She chuckles, this time not turning into a wave of coughs. “You already sound better, love” I add. I place the back of my hand against her forehead. “You don't have a fever either, which is nice” I mention. A slight smile forms on her lips. “Thank you, C” “For what?” I question. “Being here. You didn't have to come over or bring me soup or nap with me.” “Of course i did. I love you, I’m always going to be here for you”. I punctuate with a quick kiss, and lay back down. She lays back down next to me, after eating a cracker, and we fall back to sleep.

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Jeremy’s POV

Useless. Worthless. Of course he wouldn’t wanna be with you. Of course he’d dump you for him. Everything about you is just terrible. Yesterday, my Player 1, my best friend, the love of my life, Michael flippin’ Mell, broke up with me. We’d been dating for about 6 months, give or take. I don't even know why he broke up with me. I thought we were doing good, obviously I was wrong. This morning I woke up to a million messages from Michael apologizing and hoping it won’t affect our friendship. Him being my friend for almost 13 years now, I obviously complied.

And I really thought we were good again, until I walked to my locker to find Michael sandwiched between his locker and none other than Richard Goranski, lip to lip with our biggest ex-bully. Michael’s locker was only ten or so down from mine, so I had a front row seat to whatever was happening over there. Thankfully, it was lunch period, so I was able to run off to the bathroom before the dam broke and I was in tears.

So that brings us to where we are now, sitting on the cold, grimy bathroom floor. I eventually broke into a full on panic attack. I felt split-second shocks traveling up my spine, and I could almost hear.. it. ‘Everyfbjng about you makghsaes you wannsjc die’ “Everything about me makes me wanna die…” I repeat. I didn’t even notice the bathroom door open and the feet outside the stall I was in. “Jeremy? Is that you?” I immediately tense up at the sudden noise interrupting the previous silence. “Uh wh-“ I start to respond, when a shock is sent throughout my body, this time receiving an audible reaction, “GyOw! What the heck?!” I yell. “Jeremy? Jeremy are you ok? Is it back?” I hear mystery boy ask. “Kinda?” I hesitantly reply. “Wait, do I need to get Michael or Rich?” He quickly counters, concerned. I finally comprehend the voice as Jake’s. We had grown considerably close since the … incident. “No! Do not get Michael! Or Rich! I’m fin- AGH!” Before I can finish my sentence, there’s another shock, this time 20 times worse than before. My whole body shakes and jerks, I can’t help but scream in agony. “GYAGH AGH OW AGH!” I holler. After a few minutes, it calms down enough to where I can breathe somewhat properly, and I reach up to unlock the stall, my arm strained. With whatever strength left, I mumble, “I, Need, Mountain Dew, reddd…” Jake’s eyes immediately widen with realization, and before he can move, I pass out in pain.

“-eremy? Jeremy please wake up!” I hear a familiar voice exclaim. Jake? I slowly open my eyes. “What the heck?” I groggily ask, sitting up. I look to my right to see my bed stand. Ok so I’m in my room. And I notice a half empty bottle of Red. “Shit. Did it really come back?” I ask, not really expecting an answer. “Seems so.” I flinch, looking to the left to find Jake sitting next to my bed. Right. He’s here. “Oh, hi Jake.” I greet. “Hey Jere, how do you feel?” He asks. “I've been better” I retort. “Can I ask you something?” I nod. “Why were you in the bathroom in the first place?” I freeze. “O-oh well you k-know how Michael b-broke up with me ye-yesterday right?” I stammer. “Yea, he told the group yesterday but said you guys were good,” Did he seriously? “Y-yea well I w-wasn’t really g-good yesterday. B-but I tho-thought everyt-thing was fine t-this morning, until I walked to m-my locker a-and saw hi-him and Rich ..” I make a ‘kissing’ gesture with my hands, not wanting to say much more. “And i-it just reminded me of h-how much of a l-l-loser I am..” Before I can fully finish my thought, I break into sobs again. Jake wraps his arms around my torso and pulls me against his chest. “Jeremy you are not a loser.” He coos. “Everything about me is just terrible. I’m useless. Worthless. A waste of oxygen.” I say. Jake pulls away, puts his hands on my shoulders, and looks dead into my eyes, “Jeremy, stop. I haven’t known you too long, but I know you are none of those things. Whatever the evil tic tac told you, was so wrong. Michael doesn’t know the mistake he made. Please never say that about yourself again.” He tells me, sounding almost desperate. I still agree, nonetheless. He pulls me into a tight hug, and before I know what I’m doing, I pull away and kiss him. As cliche as it sounds, I felt sparks fly, and before I knew it, he was kissing back, one hand cupping my jaw, the other on my waist. I put my arms on his shoulders, wrapping around his neck. After a few seconds, I pull away, and for some reason, I feel better than I’ve ever felt after kissing Michael, and it hurts a little, but more so I’m thrilled. I’m more than happy just sitting here in list, but Jake breaks the silence, “Hey, Jere,” “yea Jake?” “I know you and Michael just broke up, bu-“ before he can finish his sentence, I interfere, “Yes, of course I will Jake” This time, he kisses me first, it’s a lot quicker than the first one, but not any less meaningful.

Chapter Text

SmolBean added SmartestGuyOnTheFootballTeam, KindOfIrrelevant, MythicBitch, and PrincessBride to New Chat

SmolBean changed New Chat to Mission DukeSaw

SmolBean: Ok. How are we going to get Ronnie and Duke together?

MythicBitch: That’s a great cause and all, but wtf is with Kurts user?

SmartestGuyOnTheFootballTeam: Yea good question, who gave me this?

PrincessBride: I think it was Ronnie in a past group chat, now that i think about it.

KindOfIrrelevant: Why?


MythicBitch: Be more chill, Mac.

SmartestGuyOnTheFootballTeam: No but seriously, can someone changed my name, its getting hard to type…

KindOfIrrelevant: ummmmmmmm huh?

SmartestGuyOnTheFootballTeam: JUST CHANGE IT

MythicBitch changed SmartestGuyOnTheFootballTeam to AlsoIrrelevant

AlsoIrrelevant: Wow Chandler. Super mature

(Ok thats the last time i promise)
PrincessBride: ok ok ok maybe, Kurt and Ram can like, invite them on a double date (as “Freinds”)

MythicBitch: Thats actually not a horrible idea…


~~~~~~~~~~One week later~~~~~~~~~~~


Heather D’s POV

“So, you’re telling me you want to go on a ‘double date’,” i say, making air quotes with my hands, “with me and Veronica?” I question

“Yea! I mean, we didn’t really want to go by ourselves, cause it can get kinda boring, and the rest of the Squad is busy tomorrow night, so we asked you guys!” Kurt explains, making vague hand gestures throughout said explanation.

“Ok…” Veronica starts, skeptical, “but why ask both of us?”

“Everyone we take with us usually complains about being a third wheel and we’re tired of it, so we decided to ask both of you! So, you guys in?” Ram clarifies.

Veronica and I sit in silence for a second, both of us contemplating the offer. After a moment, i look up to Veronica and say, “Hey? Why not? Could be fun, you know, as friends?” Excitement slowly building as i speak. “Sure, why not.” Veronica agrees. “Great!” Kurt and Ram exclaim at the same time. “Meet us at S’Barro tomorrow at around 6:30 ish? That work for you guys?” Ram asks. Veronica and I nod and make noises of agreement. “Perfect! See ya then!” Ram affirms before both he and Kurt walk off. “Well, see you tomorrow night!” I wave goodbye before walking home.

Mission DukeSaw

KindOfIrrelevant: Both Veronica and Duke are going.

AlsoIrrelevant: Not after a lot of questions though, jeez.

MythicBitch: I tried to warn you guys #nosympathy

PrincessBride: Now lets hope everything goes as planned …

Chapter Text

……………..the next night…………..

Veronica’s POV

As I’m standing I’m the mirror, debating which outfit i want to wear, i realize how foolish I’m being. ‘It’s just.. hanging out. It’s not like its an actual date’ The voice in my head tries to convince me. Though for some reason, that slightly disappoints me. Why would i care if it's not a date? When my 15 minute warning alarm blares, i realize i started to get lost in a different world. I quickly pick an outfit and move on to my hair and makeup. As I’m doing my makeup, i start to drift off into space, at some point i start thinking about Heather. How bright and gorgeous her emerald green eyes are, how plump her lips are, how perfect her makeup is. In my daze, i hardly realize that my alarm to leave has been going off for 5 minutes. Shit. I quickly finish my makeup, grab my wallet, keys, and phone, say a quick goodbye to my parents, and leave.

I make it Sbarro only a few minutes late, and look for Duke and the boys. To no avail, i decide to sit and wait. After about ten minutes, Heather arrives, frantic “Omg Ronnie I’m sorry I’m late! Where are Kurt and Ram?” She asks me. “Haven’t shown up yet.” I respond with a shrug. “Oh, well knowing them, at this point, they probably stood us up. So, do you wanna hang?” My heart warms, the sudden burst of emotion feels strange. “O-oh um sure! Yea! Yea…” She laughs and i almost die right then and there. That's when i realize, holy shit i have a crush on my best friend…

Heather’s POV

“Oh, well knowing them, at this point, they probably stood us up. So, do you wanna hang?” I suggest, not really wanting to go home and spend my Friday night at home.

“O-oh um sure! Yea! Yea…” Veronica stutters. I can’t help but laugh, “Hah, dork” I smirk. She fakes a cough, as way to cover the growing blush on her face. “U-uh wanna get a table?” She quickly blurts. “Yea, lets go Ron,” i respond. She blushes again, and I find it, cute? Wait did i just call my best friend, cute?? I snap myself out of my thoughts, and follow Veronica to a table. “This ok?” She asks, pointing to a booth near the back. (A/N: so I’ve never been to Sbarro nor have I ever seen one so I have 0 idea what it’s like. So anything I say about it is likely to not be right and I’m lazy and am not going to research it.) “MmHmm” I hum, nodding. We both sit down across from each other, in a comfortable silence most of the meal, neither of us really knowing what to talk about, since we say each other earlier at school. After we eat, we decide to get ice cream at the pinkberry in the mall. “What flavor are you getting?” I ask Veronica, trying to get a conversation started. “Um, probably just chocolate,” she decides, “what about you?” “Mint chocolate chip” I declare. We get our ice cream and find a seat outside, seeing the weather is actually really nice for once. We sit in silence for a few moments before Veronica speaks up, “Hey duke?” “Yea Ronnie?” “Can I tell you something?”

Veronica’s POV

“Can I tell you something?” I ask, hesitant. “Of course!” I’m bi. “I'm having a really good time!” I say Instead. “Oh, so am I!” She says almost disappointed? “Ok so actually that’s not what I wanted to say, I’m just like really scared and I don’t know how to say it and um yea.” I blurt, covering my mouth. “Ron, it’s ok you know? You can tell me anything, and you don’t have to tell me anything you’re not comfortable with.” She reassures. “No I want to tell you. Here goes nothing hah.. I’m Bi…” She’s silent for a few minutes and I start to worry. Did I seriously just screw up that bad?! I think to myself. I’m on the verge of tears, but before they can see the light of day, Heather, having finished her ice cream, gets up and hugs me. “Thank you for telling me Ronnie,” she mumbles, “I won’t tell anyone else until you’re ready.” “Thank you Duck” I say with a smile. “Am I ever going to live that down?” She chuckles. Last summer, when the squad all went to a nearby pond, we all discovered that Duke really likes ducks, and they really like her, earning her the nickname, ‘Duck’. “Nope!” I chuckle back. Before we know it we’re both dying from laughter.

Heather’s POV… again heh

“Nope!” Veronica exclaims with a shit eating grin. It’s so cute that I start laughing… then she starts laughing, her laughter makes my heart all warm, both of us seemingly forgetting what Veronica just shared. She’s bi.. When she told me, a weird feeling rose in my chest, it was almost hope mixed with desperation and a little relief sprinkled in. Mid-laughter, I feel like I was just hit by a train, wait do I have a crush on Veronica? Oh my Corn Nuts, I have a crush on Veronica. “I-i have to go,” I stutter, grabbing my purse and moving to leave. “Wait, Duck, did I do something?” Veronica asks, disappointment spreading on her face. “No of course not Ron, I just realized I forgot to, um, feed my turtle?” I try to excuse. “Duck you don’t have a turtle? What’s wro-“ Before I know what I’m doing, I lean down, grab the collar of her blazer, and kiss her.

Chapter Text

Veronica’s POV

Holy shit she’s kissing me. I tense at the sudden warmth on my lips, but quickly start kissing back. I stand up and wrap my arms around her neck. She drops her bag into my abandoned seat and grabs my waist, pulling me closer. We stand like that, lip to lip for a few moments that feel like hours before Heather pulls away. Before she can run, I put my hand on the back of her head, gently putting her forehead against mine. “Don’t go,” I gasp, slightly out of breath. I see her hesitate, and I remember we are in the middle of the outdoor seating area outside the mall. “Wanna bring this somewhere a little more private?” I suggest. “That’s probably best” She responds, a small grin. “My place?” I ask. She nods. I give her another quick peck before grabbing my stuff and leaving the mall, Heather close behind. My house isn’t very far, so we’re able to walk in silence without it getting too awkward.

When we get to my house, i tell my parents that Duke is over, and I lead her to my room (A/N: yo that sounds really sexual. I promise it's not.) I set my stuff down and sit on the bed. “Come sit.” I tell her. She seems hesitant at first, “jeez, Duck, I’m not gonna bite,” i say, teasingly, “...yet” i add with a smirk. She loosens up at that and walks over to my bed, sitting next to me.

“We should probably talk about what happened back there shouldn’t we?” She asks, clearly wanting to forget it happened. “We really should, Duck” I sigh. She grumbles but sits up and starts to explain herself, “Look, Ron, I shouldn’t have done th-“ “DUKE! Stop apologizing!” I yell, louder than I meant to, “I kissed back, I like you, Duck, I really do.” I say, almost as if I’m surrendering to some unknown power. A small smile forms on her lips, “I-I like you too, like a lot.” She declares, slightly hesitant. We sit in an awkward silence for what feels like an eternity before she speaks up, “C-can i kiss you?” I nod, “It wasn’t an issue ten minutes ago, won’t be an issue now.” We both lean in and our lips clash. The kiss is messy and slightly awkward, but its perfect in its own super cliche way. At some point, I ended up laying down on my bed, Duke on top of me, all clothes still attached (A/N: Dont worry y’all this ain’t turning into smut). We pull away, and she moves off of me and lays next to me. I turn so that we’re facing each other, laying on our sides. “Hey Duck, this may be a really obvious question, but, will you be my girlfriend?” I ask. She smiles, “Duh!” At that we both die of laughter. I laugh so hard my stomach hurts, and I’ve never been happier. Thank you Kurt and Ram.


Mission DukeSaw

PrincessBride: Has anyone heard from either from Duke or Ronnie tonight?

Mythic Bitch: I haven’t

SmolBean: Not me. I’m hanging with Kurt and Ram and they say they haven’t.

PrincessBride: Mac, change the chat name and try adding them.

SmolBean: Mkay!!

SmolBean changed chat name to New Chat

SmolBean deleted chat history

SmolBean added Duck and VSaws to New Chat

SmolBean: Hi everyone!!!

VSaws: Kurt and Ram are in this right?

SmolBean: Everyone who’s in this say hi and say who you are.

I’m Mac.

MythicBitch: Chandler bitches

KindOfIrrelevant: Im Ram. S’up

AlsoIrrelevant: Kurt here

PrincessBride: I’m Martha lol

Duck: You know who i am I’m never living this damn nickname down

VSaws: Veronica. Now, me and Duck have something to say to the boys.

SmolBean: Wait, did it work?

Duck: What?

MythicBitch: Mac! Let Ronnie finish!

SmolBean: sorry Heather

VSaws: Aaaanywayyyyy,,, we wanted to actually thank them. We were invited to a ‘double date’ with them but they stood us up, those uncultured swines, butttt, Heather you want to tell them?

Duck: Sure, babe

SmolBean: OMG IT WORKED!!!

VSaws: Tf?

MythicBitch: Long story short, we all set you up through Kurt and Ram than bet on if it would work.

Duck: WhAt?!

VSaws: Hahahaha who bet what?

Mythic Bitch: Kurt, Ram, and I bet $50 it wouldn’t work and Mac and Martha bet $50 that it would.

SmolBean: I'll be expecting that $50 bucks from all three of you at school on Monday.

PrincessBride: YEA SUCKAS

MythicBitch: Jesus Christ

Duck: Well, me and Ronnie are dating now lol

Chapter Text

Dear Hercules Mulligan,

I don't really know why I’m doing this? My therapist said i should write letters to myself everyday- “Dear Hercules Mulligan, today's going to be a good day and here’s why”. He thinks it’ll help with my anxiety? Depression? I don't even know what he thinks is wrong with me. My mom apparently agrees with my therapist because she just HAD to text me to make sure i was writing them. I made the mistake of calling her after getting home from therapy and telling her about it. She thinks they’ll, quote, “ Help me build my confidence” (though i am quite confident if i say so myself). Anyway might as well do what I’m supposed to - today is going to be a good day and here’s why- because i have my boyfriend of almost 5 years, Lafayette. He’s always been here for me. He’s who i'll turn to when i feel like it’s all worth ending, when i feel worthless. And he’s always there. Always. He never fails to make me feel loved. Even if its by letting people think he’ll break your neck… I also have John and Alex, the best friends i could possible ask for. They’ve been dating for about 4 years, too. Anyway I have to go to class now so um I guess ill write later?

Sincerely, Me

Dear Hercules Mulligan,

Today was a pretty shitty day and here’s why- I went to my first class, AP art, which was the same as always. Then i had lunch with Laf, John, and Alex, again same as always. An hour or so later I had my fashion design class, since I’m majoring in Fashion. When i was walking out of class, I noticed the biggest bully of the school and his sidekick, Thomas Jeffershit and James Madison walking up to me. Having been in this situation before, i try to walk away before they can reach me, but that resulted in them just sprinting to get in front of me. “HEY MULLIGAN! WHERE YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING” Jeffershit snarled, but i ignored it trying to walk around them. James blocks my path, “You’re not going anywhere Mister Fashion Designer. Shouldn’t you be playing football? Would be such a shame to waste these muscles of yours on sewing” I immediately anger. Seeing as though i have the frame of a 6 foot bodybuilder, I’m bullied a lot for my major. “Shouldn’t you be in a hospital? Would be a shame for you to drop dead in the middle of class.” I retort. I’ll admit, not my best comeback, but it seemed to piss them off quite a bit, a little more than intended. Jefferson throws the first punch, hitting my square in the cheek. I stumble backwards, hitting a wall. I try to push him away, but Madison grabs my wrists, pinning them to the wall to allow Thomas to continue beating me. He punches me in the gut enough times to make me colapse to the floor. He lets James start kicking me. Hard. After a few kicks, when I've neared passing out, i hear a voice, “HEY! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?” Its a male. With a very strong French accent. Laf. James and Thomas immediately freeze. I hear Laf’s footsteps get closer to us. “Step away from my boyfriend” He demands. I don't even realize my eyes were closed until they open to see the three in some sort of stare off. “You have two options-“ Lafayette starts,” A- You leave now and leave Hercules alone (because his major is absolutely one of your business),” He says in parentheses, “or B- You don'tdon't because you have egos bigger than your dicks and i confirm some rumors. Up to you guys.” I can hear both Madison and Jefferson shudder at the words before running off. Laf’s facial expression immediatelyimmediately softens and the kneels down next to me. “Oh Hercules, mon amour, are you ok?” He gasps. I move to sit up against the wall, groaning in pain. “Yea I’m fine. I don't think anything’s broken. Just bruised.” I respond. He gives me a quick kiss before moving to help me stand, throwing my arm around his shoulders and neck for support. “Wanna go to the dorm?” He asks calmly. I nod, shifting most of my weight onto my boyfriend. We make it to our shared dorm, and i grab an ice pack, placing it onto my ribs. “Do you want me to ask for a rain check on the double date tonight with John and Alex?” Laf asks, breaking the silence. “Please?” I respond. He hums in responds and goes to text them. He comes back and sits on the couch next to me. I curl into his side and fall asleep. When i wake up a few hours later, I notice Laf isn’t next to me. I get up with a wince, remembering the beating from earlier. I walk to the bathroom to check my ribs in the mirror. Thankfully, they aren’t bruised to awfully bad, considering how hard they went, but it’s definitely bad. I hear clanking coming from the small kitchen in the dorm room. I make my way to the kitchen to see Laf making dinner. “Hey Laf.” I greet and he jumps, causing me to chuckle. “You scared the living baguettes out of me.” He exclaims. I laugh, immediately regretting it when a sharp pain comes from my rib, causing me to wince. Lafayette looks at me worried, and I give him a hopefully reassuring look. “Whatcha making?” I ask trying to change the mood. “Grilled cheese,” he responds. “I know it's not much but ironically, i can't really cook” he chuckles. I give him a quick peck on the cheek and go back to my spot on the couch. Around ten minutes later, Laf comes in with two plates of grilled cheese and two cups of water. Which brings us to now. So I’m going to go to bed. Bye?

Sincerely, Me

Dear Hercules Mulligan,

Today is going to be a good day and here’s why- because today, at least you’re you and that’s enough.

Sincerely, Me

Chapter Text

Jake’s POV

“45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50!!” I grunt, setting the weight back on the bench press and sitting up, taking a swig of water and checking my phone. I see a text from Rich telling me he’s on his way for his training session. Knowing he’ll be here soon, i go to set up the first machine, adjusting it for his, rather petit, height.
“HEY! Jakey D!” I hear Rich exclaim. “AYE! Richy G?” I respond, turning around to see him walking to the shelves stacked with towels and my heart skips a beat. He’s wearing the trademark sleeveless muscle shirt, his blond hair perfectly swooped, and his smile reaches his ears, making me smile with him. “What’s the plan for today?” Rich asks, snapping me out of my thoughts. “Arms and a little cardio” I respond, slightly flustered. I walk him to the machine i set up prior, him blabbering on about something his friends did during movie night last night, the squip squad he calls them? I wasn’t really paying attention, being too busy thinking about the boy next to me. How badly i want to be able to hold him, to wake up next to him every morning, to call him mine. “Yo, Jake you good?” I look up to see Rich staring at me, worried. “Yea, Yea I’m good!” I reassure him, and he seems to believe me. “Let’s get started, shall we?” I suggest. “We shall” He responds.

————————————————halfway through training sesh———

“Well this is awkward…” Rich mumbles, staring at me, his beautiful hazel eyes looking dead into mine. Just a minute before, we were just chatting, you know, like bros do, taking a quick break, and some jackass was running around the gym, and ran right into Rich, throwing him onto me knocking us both over. Rich was on top of me, in an only slightly compromising position, but I couldn’t bring myself to care. “Yea…” I feign agreement. My eyes keep flickering down to his lips, wanting so badly to close the few inch gap in between us. After a few seconds of awkward silence, Rich seems to lose his patience over something before almost screaming, “JUST KISS ME ALREADY YOU IDIOT!” And before my brain catches up with my body, i let our lips clash. The kiss is surprisingly gentle and calm yet passionate and meaningful. About 3 seconds into the kiss, i start questioning it all, What if this is just a spur of the moment sort of thing? What if it means nothing to him? What if he hates me after this? I force my inner monologue to come to a stop and i savor this moment. About a minute later, we pull away, gasping for air. We sit up, our eyes not leaving each other’s the entire time. “How about we end today’s session early,” i suggest. “My place?” He suggests. I nod, already having his address. Rich winks, gets up, and walks out the door. “God i love that boy..” I sigh.

—————————————at Jakey D’s place——————————

We make it to my little studio apartment. When i unlock the door, i hand Rich a water bottle, grabbing one for myself, and i sit on the couch, beckoning him over to sit next to me. “Soooo..” I start. “Soooo…” He repeats. I decided it's now or never. “Rich, I really like you, like a lot, I have from the moment I saw you, as cliche as it sounds. Everytime I see you I wish I could greet you with a kiss, or to be able to hold your hand and walk you to your car, you know, full homo. And when you kissed me, all I could think is how it wouldn’t mean anything to you, or you’d hate me after, but on the other hand I was thinking about how easy it would be to get used to that- and I’m rambling wow Jake” Rich chuckles a little before speaking, “Jake, calm down, I like you too. My poor friends have been whining over my pining for months at this point, which come with constant pressuring to tell you how I feel. I got really close so many times but I chickened out before i could. I figured when that guy knocked us down, I could kinda tell you how I feel without actually telling you? I don’t know what I’m saying at this point…” There was a brief pause before he continued, “W-will you be my boyfriend?” My heart flutters at the question, is this really happening?, “Of course i will!” I say before leaning in and kissing him again. Richard Goranski is my boyfriend. I could get used to this..

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McNamara's POV

SmolBean: And they’re just so cute and happy together

PrincessBride: Are you ...*dramatic pause*... jealous?

SmolBean: maybe? I don’t know! What is this feelin? It’s so sudden.. and new

PrincessBride: I think it’s jealousy

SmolBean: How do I get it to stop? I don’t want to be jealous of them forever!

PrincessBride: Tell them, M

SmolBean: NOOOOO I cannot do that. Chandler would hate me, Duke would tell me to kill myself again, and Veronica would just laugh at me…

PrincessBride:They’ve changed and you know that Mac. The worst that could happen is they don’t like you back. That’s it. Just tell them.


I sat in the silence considering what Martha had said. She was right, like always. They had been changed for the better. I knew that they wouldn’t care if I told them I was jealous, but part of me wanted to stay jealous, as awful as that sounds. I don’t really know why, just the thought of ending the jealousy almost makes me feel like it wouldn’t be necessary to any ‘storyline’ anymore.


SmolBean: Maybe you’re right. Maybe I should just tell them.


I walk into school the next morning and make a beeline to my locker. On my way I pass Heather, Heather, and Veronica talking by Veronica’s locker, laughing, smiling, kissing. A very familiar feeling arises in my chest. Longing, want, despair. I want what they have. A relationship like that. And to top it all of, I've liked all three of them for months, only recently becoming jealous. After staring at them long enough to look stalkerish, I snap myself out of my thoughts and continue to my locker.

……time skip whoohoo (end of school)…………

After my last class, I go back to my locker to put my books away and grab what I need for my homework tonight. Once I finish at my locker, I start to go to my car, again passing the three, this time at Duke’s locker.

(Duke and I used to be really close, before I almost killed myself. Than when JD blew himself up, and Veronica ended the ‘Heathers’ click, she seemed to snap back into it and tried to mend our friendship. And we almost fixed it fully, until she started dating Veronica. She’d start blowing me off more to hang out with her, she’d completely ignore my calls and messages, and when she did hang out with me, Veronica usually came along. In the beginning of their relationship, I tried to let it go, to be more chill about it, and I was for the most part. Until Chandler joined them.
When Chandler was added to the relationship, the hang outs became very rare, and again, Veronica and/or now Chandler would usually string along. At first, I was mad, my best friend was being taken from me again. After a while, I started to get annoyed, not because they were coming, but because they were so perfect and I wanted to be a part of that. I started developing feelings for all three, and that caused me to get really jealous really quickly. )

This time, I couldn’t contain myself. “Hey guys!” I greet, trying not to sound too anxious or annoyed. “Hey Mac!” They respond in unison. “Can you guys come over to my place at like 5 ish?” I ask, expecting them to turn me down. “Of course! Why?” Chandler responds. I hesitate for a second before quickly answering, “Just wanna hang out! I also have something I do want to talk about that’s kind of important?” “Mkay! Well we’ll be there” Duke says with a smile. “See you then!” I affirm.

……time skip cuz yo girl needs to sleep………

!knock knock knock! I hear at about 5:02. “Coming!” I yell before scrambling to get the door. “Hey Duke! Hi Ronnie! Hi Chan!!” I greet them with a slightly forced smile, “Come in!!” They all walk in, slightly hesitant knowing something is up. They immediately go and sit on the couch, and I go sit on a chair. “Soooo, what’d you want to talk to us about?” Veronica asks. I take a deep breathe at an attempt to calm my nerves, “imreallyjealousofyouguysbecauseihavefeelingsforallthreeofyouandireallywantwhatyouguyshavebutwithyouanditsreallystupidimsorry”. “What did you say Mac?” Duke calmly asks, being able to sense my panic. “i'm really jealous of you guys because i have feelings for all three of you and i really want what you guys have but with you..” I repeat, looking up. They all look almost relieved. “Mac, we were just talking about asking you to go out with us. So thank you for making this easier on us.” Chan tells me. I breathe a sigh of relief, almost feeling like crying. “So will you?” Veronica asks. “Of Course!!!” I exclaim, launching myself onto them for a hug. We sit there, all cuddled up in a group hug for a few minutes before Duke speaks up, “Mac, I love this and all but my leg is very asleep.”

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Michael’s POV

It’s Halloween, the only holiday connected with bad memories. The Squipcident, as named by Rich, happened over 3 years ago. Since then, the ex cool kids and me and Jeremy all bonded and became pretty good friends, Jere and Rich started dating, me and Jake started dating, Brooke and Chloe started dating, Christine came out as Ace and her and Jenna started dating, and we all ended up going to the same college. So we were all together and happy. We decided to have a small get together and go trick or treating. Before you come for us, who says college students can't go trick or treating?
Quite a bit of time and planning went into our costumes. We considered trying a group costume but ultimately decided not to. We then, wanting to try to make light of the situation, considered everyone going as their SQUIP, but since I didn’t have one, they all refused, not wanting me to feel left out. Then, we considered couple costumes and that’s what was decided. Chloe and Brooke are going as pinkberry together, Rich and Jeremy are going as Connor and Evan from Dear Evan Hansen (it was Christine’s idea), Christine and Jenna are going as Heather D and Heather M from Heathers the Musical, and Me and Jake are going as Gaston and Lefou from Beauty and the Beast (because we all know they are 100% gay for each other). I am walking to Jake’s apartment, in my Lefou costume, to meet up with him and the rest of the Squad. We decided we are going to meet at his place, hang out for a little bit, and than go trick or treating. After walking for only about 10 minutes, I make it to his apartment. We’ve been together for almost 2 years now, so I have a spare key to his apartment, and he has one to my dorm. I walk into the lobby of the apartment building, texting Jake that I’m heere, waiting until he texts back a thumbs up to get in the elevator. His room is on the 3rd floor, so it’s a quick ride up. When I get onto the elevator, i feel a vibration in my pocket. I grab my phone, seeing a text from Jake reading, door’s unlocked, love. I smile at the pet name and walk out of the elevator, making my way to his door. When I reach it, I knock before walking in. “Hey babe” I greet him as I relock the door. He looks up from his phone, “Hey!” He waves me over. I prance over and plop onto the couch next to him, resting my head on his shoulders, my arms sneaking around his waist. “You ok Mikey?” Jake asks. “Yep! I just love you.” I respond with a grin. He smiles back, leaning down to give me a peck on the lips. It starts to escalate to more of a makeout session, but before we can get too into it, there’s a knock on the door. I pull away grumbling, letting go of Jake so he can get the door. I lean back against the back of the couch, looking over at the door to see who’s here. Jake opens said door revealing Chloe and Brooke, and Rich and Jeremy. “We ran into those lo- dorks on the way up,” Chloe says before we can ask any questions. She gives me a look of apology.

(Ever since the bathroom incident, if someone says ‘Loser’ it can trigger a panic attack. I sat on that information for about a year before opening up to everyone. Since then, everyone is super cautious about saying it.)

“Hey Jere! Hi Chloe, Brooke, Rich” I hail. “Hey Micha!” Jeremy greets, the other three just wave and walk in. We all just talked until Christine and Jenna arrived, which was about 15 minutes after the others. Once they arrived, we all did finishing touches to our costumes, grabbed our phones and candy bags, and left, hand in hand with our partners.

——————————time skip cuz I wanna sleep————

We are all beat when we get back to Jake’s apartment. We had trick or treated for about 2 hours before calling it a night. When we got back to the apartment building, Christine and Jenna went straight to their car and left, leaving PinkBerry and TreeBros. When we get to his room, Chloe and Brooke grab whatever makeup they left in the bathroom and left, Rich and Jeremy doing the same with whatever they had left, leaving Jake and I alone. We collapse onto his bed, shoes and costumes abandoned long ago, in our sleeping attire. I spend the night at his place so often I already some necessities here, a toothbrush, some clothes, etc. I curl in his side, one arm under his back, the other over his stomach- my head on the little space where his arm connects to his chest-Jake’s arm around me pulling me closer. “I had a really good time tonight” I say, breathing in Jake’s scent. “So did I,” he agrees. “I don’t remember the last time I didn’t spend Halloween panicking in my room thinking that I was going to have a repeat of that night…” I admit, sighing. “Mikey, you’re not. We all love you, me the most obviously but besides the point,” I chuckle at that, “You saw Chloe earlier, getting so worried after almost saying the word that shall not be named” I sign again, “ I know, I just can’t help but think it will, that’s all. But I didn’t tonight, tonight was perfect.” I assure him, looking up at him. “ I love you Mike.” “I love you, too, Jakey”

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Veronica’s POV

“Does it EVER get better?” I groan exasperated.

“Not unless you get the surgery or Chandler tell you she loves you back, Ron” Mac responds, holding Duke’s hand.

“How bad did it get for you Duke?” I ask, knowing she had hanahaki for McNamara.

“It got to the point where I would start coughing blood at school. The day it finally stopped, I was in the bathroom, coughing up more Gerbera Daisies, and Mac actually walked in on me and I was cornered, both literally and figuratively, and had no choice but to tell her. I told her I’ve had it since middle school, I explained how it’s why I was so distant the summer before freshman year, and I told her that the only way to get it to go away is if she loved me back or if I got the surgery. But she loved me back, so I got lucky.” She smiles, finishing her story.

“So you’re saying I should tell her?” I ask, knowing that wasn’t what she was saying, just wanting to get rid of it. I had started coughing blood last week, and let me tell you, it is awful.

“Ronnie, do what’ll make you comfortable. Don’t tell her if you’re not ready or you just don’t want to. We’ll be here for you no matter what. If you tell her, and she doesn’t share the feelings, we’ll come over bearing ice cream and crappy movies. If you tell her and she does love you back, we’ll support your relationship start to finish. If you decide to just get the surgery, we will be there with you each step of the way. Just know we’ll be here no matter what you decide.” Mac assures, taking my hand. Duke nods, taking my other hand. Knowing they are here is surprisingly comforting.

“Thank you guys. Really. But I do think I want to tell her tonight.” I decide.

They both nod and ask me what time, etc.. As they ask me questions, I realize that I’m really about to do this after 3 years of suffering. “Is this really a good idea?” I accidentally ask out loud. Duke stops talking, mid question. “Ronnie, you really don’t have to if you don’t want to,” Duke starts, “but if you don’t, it’s just going to get worse, and you’ve been very clear on not wanting the surgery.” She finishes. I sigh in defeat, “you’re right. I need to do this.”


-3 years prior; Sophomore year (hs)-

“Hey Ronnie!” Heather Chandler greets from her locker as I walk into school.(It’s the first day back to school after winter break.) I run over to her “Hi Chan!” I respond. Heather looks specially gorgeous today. He red blazer crisp red and newly cleaned, her hair perfectly styled. We are both at school early, so we decide to go to bench and just catch up. I find myself laughing the entire time. She always does that to me, I freeze with a realization, holy shit am I gay for Heather Chandler? “You ok Ron?” Heather asks, obviously concerned. “Yea I’m fine!” I respond. Suddenly, I feel something strange feeling come up my throat. I cough into my hands, catching a few red rose petals. Shit. I’m gay for Heather Chandler. I had heard about this disease that some people get when they are in love. Hanahaki I think it’s called. I immediately know by the type of petals why I have it and who it’s being caused by. “I have to go, I’ll see you later Chan” I declare, running off to fine Heather Duke, remembering her talking about about having it for Heather McNamara. When I find her, with Mac, I grab her by the wrist pulling her away from her conversation. “Duke, I think I have Hanahaki…”


When I get home after school, I text Heather (Chandler).

VSauce: Hey Channy, can you come over?

MythicBitch: sure Ron. When can I come?

VSauce: Anytime. Preferably sooner rather later.

MythicBitch: ok. See you in 20 then.

Once I text her, I head to my room while I wait. After about 10 minutes, I feel the familiar feeling of flowers in my lungs. I rush to the bathroom and collapse to my knees in front of the toilet, phone falling out of my pocket in the process. As soon as my hands rest in the toilet, I feel the roses coming up my throat. I start coughing to get them out, but all that’s landing in the toilet is what could be gallons of blood and a few petals, but I can feel the thorns of the roses scratching my throat. I start to gag on the flowers in my throat, grabbing my phone to text Chandler.

VSauce: hurry please

All I remember before completely blacking out is Heather barging into my bathroom, gasping.

Chapter Text

Chandler’s POV

VSauce:hurry please.

As soon as I read the text, my legs speed to a sprint. Fortunately, I’m only a few minutes away from Veronica’s apartment.

When I make it to her apartment, I hear gagging coming from the bathroom and knock, after a minute with no answer, I try opening it to find it open. As soon as I make it through the door,I go straight to the bathroom. When I open the door, Veronica’s passed out on the floor, her lips dark blue, knuckles white. I gasp, falling to my knees to check for a pulse. Letting out the breath I didn’t know I was holding, I find one, weak it may be, but she’s alive. I call 911, praying she makes it through. “An ambulance is on its way. Ronnie please, hold on, make it through.” As I’m begging her to make it, I notice drops on blood around the toilet, curious, I look into the toilet to find what could be gallons of blood and red rose petals. When I come to the realization that Veronica has Hanahaki, there’s a knock at the door. I quickly flush the toilet and jump up to get to door, showing the paramedics to Veronica. “You can follow the ambulance to the hospital ma’am” One of the men tell me. I nod, walking with Veronica to the ambulance, calling Duke and Mac.

“Hey Chan!” Mac answers, cheerful as always.

“Guys, Veronica’s on the way to the hospital, she asked me over, and when I got here she was passed out in the bathroom, I need a ride” I shakily explain.

“We’re in our way. Be there in 5” Duke tells me, hanging up. I back up to the wall of the apartment building, falling to my knees, sobbing. How could I let this happen? I can’t lose her. Mid thought, I here a honk. I look up to see Duke’s car, Mac and Duke looking worried as ever. “Get In Chan!!” Mac exclaims. I run to the car, jumping in, not even bothering with my seatbelt, letting Duke slam on the gas.


When we make it to the hospital, I run up to the receptionist, “We’re here for Veronica Sawyer” I declare. “She’s in room 408, only 1 person in at a time” She responds. I run to find it, Duke and Mac behind me. When I get to her room, I turn around to face them. “You go in first, Chan, we’ll be out here if you need us.” Mac beckons. I nod, calming down a little before going into the room. As soon I as I look at Veronica, I freeze. It’s so strange seeing someone you’re so close to in this kind of state. Complete frozen in time. Barely breathing on their own. I walk and sit next to her bed, taking her hand in both of mine. “Oh Veronica, please make it. I can’t lose you. Please. Please please please.” I beg. “If you can hear me, I love you, Veronica.”

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Veronica’s POV

“I love you, Veronica” Is the first thing I hear Chandler say when I wake up. I immediately feel my throat fill with more petals. I force my eyes open and aggressively gesture to the bucket next to my bed. She seems to get what I need and grabs the bucket, keeping a hand in mine. Not wanting to disconnect our hands, I grab the bucket with my free one, and start coughing the full on roses into the bowl. When I’m done, the bucket is filled to the brim with flowers and stems and a little blood and my throat burns. Setting down the bowl I reach for the cup of water next to my bed, taking a few sips. For the first time in years, my lungs feel empty. They feel normal. I look over to Heather with loving eyes. “Did you mean it?” I ask her. “Mean what?” She responds, confused. “Did you mean it when you said you loved me?” I clarify. Her eyes soften, “Of course I did, Veronica. I love you” She repeats. “God I love you too. That’s what caused this. I’ve had Hanahaki for about 3 years now. If you didn’t reciprocate feelings I was genuinely considering getting the surgery because this sucks. It’s also why I asked you over. I was going to tell you everything, but apparently my body decided to take the dramatic route.” I explain. She chuckles a little at the last part before leaning down and kissing me. It was no more than a quick peck, but it almost made the last 3 years worth it. “Heather?” I start, “hmm?” She responds. “Will you be my girlfriend?” I hesitantly ask. “OF FUCKING COURSE” She almost scream, warning a laugh from me as the doctor walks in. “How do you feel Miss Sawyer?” She asks. “I’ve been better” I respond with a chuckle. It’s then I realize Heather’s hand has yet to leave mine. “We’re going to do an X-Ray to make sure all the roses are out of your lungs. If they are, you’re free to go. If they aren’t, there are a few things we can do, but we’ll get to that when it comes. But until then, since you seem to be doing pretty well, you can have a few more visitors” She explains. “Works for me” I respond with a smile, watching her leave the room. When she’s gone, Heather squeezes my hand. “Mac and Duke are outside, want me to let them in?” She asks. I nod, disappointed when the warmth of her hand leaves mine. She gets up and steps outside for only a minute before returning to her spot by the bed, her hand slipping back into mine. Only a second or two later, Mac and Duke both barge in tripping over themselves in the process.

“VERONICA ARE YOU OKAY?” They both exclaim at the same time. “I’m fine guys, tell them I’m fine babe” I beckon. She smiles before turning to them, “She’s fine guys” She repeats with a smile. Mac and Duke’s jaws hit the ground. “Congrats guys!” Duke commends. “Seriously we’re really happy for you!” Mac adds. Heather squeezes my hand and when I look over to her, mouths, ‘I love you’.

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GUYS IM SO SORRY. I have been super super busy lately with dance and I haven’t really had the creative will? Anyway- i have this series in mind. It’s a Michael suicide alternate ending sorta thing? I haven’t decided if i want him to make it or not but thats in the works. I promise i have stuff coming here soon. I’m so so sorry for being so inactive :( please dont give up on this. It will get better. Keep an eye out for the series and toodles :)

Chapter Text

Jeremy's POV

I’m walking back to mine and Michael’s shared apartment. We are both seniors at the same college. (He and I have been dating for about 6 years now, having started after the SQUIPcident junior year of Highschool and taking a break year after High School before college). He is a cheerleader for the school football team, and had a game tonight that I have to get ready for. The game is in about an hour, leaving me about 30 minutes before i have to leave. When I get into the apartment, I immediately walk into our bedroom and grab some clothes, walking to the bathroom. I change and fix my hair before leaving the bathroom to go to the little kitchen we have. It’s not much, but considering we are college students who basically live off takeout, it's more than enough. After having a snack I decide to head to the stadium. By the time I get there, there isn’t very long till the game is going to start. As i’m waiting for the game to start, I look for Michael. Minutes pass and there is no sign of him. Before I know it the game is starting and I still don’t know where he is. Slightly worried, I sit back and watch the game, keeping an eye out for Michael. When it’s almost halftime and I still haven't seen him i start to panic. I text him again for the millionth time this evening, finally receiving an answer.

(7:42pm) Boyf: micah where r u?
(7:42pm) Boyf: im rlly worried
(7:43pm) Boyf: hello???
(7:45pm) Riends: Miah calm down
(7:45pm) Riends: Come down to the field
(7:46pm) Boyf: ummmm ok?


Hesitant, I decide to just do what I was instructed and go down to the field. I stand up and walk down the stairs to the stand’s exit. Once I get down the field, I text Michael, noticing it’s halftime.

(7:51pm) Boyf: k im here
(7:51pm) Boyf: where are you?
(7:53pm) Riends: look to the field.

I look up from my phone to see Michael standing in the middle of the field.

“Michael? What are you doing?” I ask, confused.

“Come here babe” He waves me over.

I walk over, still very confused, with only a slight idea with what’s going on. Once I’m standing by Michael, he takes my hand in his.

“Hey” “H-hey…? U-um what’s going on, Micah?” “Oh! I wanted to show you something, hold on,” I nod as he starts to dig in his pocket. After a minute of tugging, he lets out a gruff and falls down to one knee as he finally yanks out a small black box (definitely not big enough for him to be having so much trouble with), immediately receiving a gasp from everyone, me included. He rests his elbow on his knee holding the tiny velvet box in both hands. At this point, tears are falling and i'm overwhelmed with emotions. “Are you ready?” I nod chuckling against my tears. “Alright, before I show you, there is something I wanna tell you, ok?” I nod again, getting slightly impatient, but still smiling nonetheless. He once again takes my hand and looks dead into my eyes.

“You probably know what i’m doing by now so i’m going to cut the crap and let you know now that I had this whole speech planned but literally forgot it two second ago so here goes everything. Jeremiah Will Heere, in the 18 years i’ve known you, I have never not been thankful to have met you back in kindergarten. You are the reason I wake up in the morning. You may not know it, but you have saved my life quite a few times. I love you, Miah, and I could not live without you. Will you marry me?”

I stand in shock. This has to be a dream… right? When he finishes his mini monologue, he opens the box to reveal two pacman engagement rings. The ring on the right is Inky (A/N: the teal ghost, thanks google) and Blinky (A/N: the red ghost, once again, google- love ya the most). Without a minute of thought I already have my answer-

“Yes, Michael George Mell, of fucking course I will marry you!”

At my words, Michael starts sobbing with with me as he stands up, taking the Inky ring and shakily sliding onto my left ring finger. After a few seconds of admiring, I take the Blinky ring and slide it onto Michael’s. The second the ring is on his finger, he engulfs me into a hug, burying his head into my hair, me into his shoulder. We stand there in each others arms for what feels like hours before Michael pulls away only to capture my lips in a kiss. We’ve kissed a multitude of times, but for some reason this one is different. All I can taste is the saltiness of our tears, and love. This kiss is sealing a promise. The promise that this is the man i want to spend the rest of my life with. As we pull away, i decide it's my turn to speak.

“Michael Mell, i cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you so goddamn much.” I know it isn’t much but its all im able to get out. Who knew i was so emotionally unstable?

“I love you too, Miah” He replies, bringing his newly ringed hand up to cup my cheek. He kisses me again, and before he can speak again, our moment is ruined by one of the referees.

“This is really sweet and all, but halftime is basically over and we need the field.”