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Pretty Gay Broadway One-Shots

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Main Ships-

Be More Chill:

Boyf Riends (Jeremy Heere/Michael Mell)
RichJake (Rich Goranski/Jake Dillinger)
Pinkberry (Chloe Valentine/Brooke Lohst)
Cinnabuns (Christine Canigula/Jenna Rollan)
Boardwalk Boys (Jeremy Heere/Michael Mell/ Rich Goranski/Jake Dillinger)
Expensive Headphones (Rich Goranski/Michael Mell)
Deere (Jake Dillinger/Jeremy Heere)


Lams (Alexander Hamilton/John Laurens)
Marliza (Elizabeth Schuyler/Maria Reynolds)
Mullette (Marquis de Lafayette/Hercules Mulligan)
Jamilton (Alexander Hamilton/Thomas Jefferson)
JeffMads (James Madison/Thomas Jefferson)


Chansaw (Heather Chandler/Veronica Sawyer)
KurtRam (Kurt Kelly/Ram Sweeney)
Poly!Heathers (Heather Chandler/Heather Duke/Heather McNamera)
Poly!HeathersVeronica (Heather Chandler/Heather Duke/Heather McNamera/Veronica Sawyer)

Dear Evan Hansen-

Kleinsen (Evan Hansen/Jared Kleinman
TreeBros (Evan Hansen/Connor Murphy)
Sincerely Three (Evan Hansen/Connor Murphy/Jared Kleinman)
Galaxy Girls (Zoe Murphy/Alana Beck)


Whizzer Brown/Marvin
Mendel Weisenbachfeld/Trina
Cordelia/Dr. Charlotte

Mean Girls-

Regina George/Cady Heron
Cadnis (Cady Heron/Janis Ian)
Regina George/Janis Ian
Damian Hubbard/Aaron Samuels
Gretchen Weiners/Karen Smith


Regina George/Heather Chandler
Regina George/Veronica Sawyer
Jared Kleinman/Michael Mell
Jared Kleinman/Michael Mell/Jeremy Heere/Evan Hansen

I am willing to do any ship within set fandoms.

I will do any scenario except-

Smut (unless i like the idea enough to write it)
Rape (but that falls into the smut category)
Detailed Abuse
Little/Caregiver (i just dont rlly like that sort of stuff therefore I won’t write it)

(I’d prefer to not write Human!SQUIP (if you’ve already requested it i’ll go ahead and write it but if you haven’t, i’d rather not write it) thank you :))

Comment your requests and ill most likely do it tbh

Be specific with details or i will go as far as if like with it.

These are all one shots.