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It Takes Time

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November 28, 2019.

Ava laughed at the whipped cream on Nate’s nose. He’d scooped up a spoon full of pumpkin pie, then swirled a mountain of whipped cream on top of it. As he took a bite, the overflow of cream ended up on his nose. The sight caused Ava and the rest of the Legends to burst into laughter.

“My turn, my turn,” little Ronnie said, crawling over his grandmother, who grabbed his hips and settled him on her lap. He had grown up in the past few years and could run circles around all of them. He looked more and more like his grandfather each day.

“Okay bud,” Nate said, tipping the bottle upside down.

They all watched Ronnie open his mouth as Nate swirled the cream on his tongue, going a little overboard. When he was finished, he pulled back and Ronnie immediately snapped his mouth shut. The overflow of cream tipped out of his lips and dropped to the floor.

“Oh dear,” Clarissa said, reaching down to swipe up the cream with her napkin.

“Just leave it, it’s fine,” Sara said, waving Clarissa off with one hand while the other held baby Martina. “Lil Gideon can get it.”

Sure enough, the small cleaning robot, not unlike a Roomba, buzzed over to them and picked up the cream, leaving the floor fresh and clean.

“Can Martina have some?” Ronnie asked holding the bottle out to Karen.

“Not yet sweetie,” Karen replied. Jax’s wife and a Research Engineer at S.T.A.R. Labs, Karen gazed down at Martina in Sara’s arms, her soft black skin glowing in the bright overhead lights. “She’s a little too young for food.”

She and Sara had matching smiles, completely enraptured in the baby before them. Ava watched them talk to her with exaggerated faces, while the three month old gummed on her hand and waved her other arm at them.

“Think I smell something,” Sara said, her eyebrows coming together as Martina let out a wail.

“She definitely needs changing,” Karen said, scrunching up her nose and taking Martina from Sara’s arms.

“I could do that,” Sara and Jax said, at the same time.

Karen chuckled, “I’m not having my hostess changing a dirty diaper. My husband, however, has not changed nearly enough.”

She handed Martina over to Jax, who was happy to take her. He got up and grabbed the baby bag. Martina's cries turned to whimpers as he continued to bounce her in his arms and swing back and forth.

“I change more than you,” he teased, leaning down to press a kiss to Karen’s head.

The majority of the people at the table laughed with the couple’s easy banter, and Ava looked around at them. It had been a while since they had the whole crew and extended family together. Zari and Charlie were sitting together across from Mick, and Lisa. Nate was talking to Mona, who gestured wildly with her whole body. Constantine and Gary were sitting next to her being grossly adorable and talking with Nora, Ray, Lily, and her husband. She was happy they could make it for Thanksgiving this year. Even if they were only enticed by the idea of having the first lady, Lady Bird Johnson’s pecan pie, in Rory and Lisa’s case.

Sara caught her eye from across the table and looked up to Ava’s ridiculous turkey hat. The bird, which looked more like a child’s stuffed animal than a hat, sat upon her head. The result of a lost bet between the two of them and a little holiday fun. Sara had that look in her eyes, one of burning passion and lust, definitely not appropriate for a table full of family and friends.

Sara’s been giving her that look a lot recently, no more so than usual, as their active sex life kept them up at night. Ava caught Earth two’s Dinah Laurel Lance rolling her eyes at them as she got out of her seat next to her girlfriend Dinah Drake.

“Ava?” Dinah asked, with a sickeningly sweet smile on her face. “Would you show me where I can get more whipped cream?”

Although Dinah and Sara’s relationship had improved over the years following Quentin’s death, Dinah remained wary of Ava.

“Sure,” she said.

Ava got up from her seat and walked over to the food fabricator, which was out of everyone’s line of sight. She programmed the fabricator for two bottles of whipped cream, knowing that they will use them all in due time. Dinah leaned against the counter of the island with that kind of nonchalance she always carried.

“I saw that look Sara was giving you,” Dinah said. “Are you two going to sneak off soon?”

“Not if you don’t want us to,” Ava replied. “I know you and Sara don’t always get a lot of time together, so if you want to spend some more time with her just ask.”

Dinah shrugged. “I care if you’re gonna propose or not. You asked me to help you pick out a ring months ago. If you’re having second thoughts about this, then you shouldn’t keep it in your room.”

“I’m going to propose,” Ava insisted. “I just haven’t found the right time.”

That was partially true- she wanted to propose, but she and Sara were happy. What if Sara didn’t want to marry her? What if she ruined what have by asking? It was a serious step in their relationship and Sara didn’t even live with her full time. Although she spent most of her nights at Ava’s, they hadn’t officially moved in together, and that made Ava second guess her proposal.

“Then do it tonight, take her to your room and propose to her right now,” Dinah insisted.

“It’s not right,” Ava said. “I want it to be perfect and I want to make sure Sara’s ready.”

“Do it or throw the ring away, but whatever you do…” she said, then grabbed Ava’s arm and leaned in to whisper in her ear. “Just know that Sara loves you.”

“I thought you were going to threaten me,” Ava admitted.

“Yeah well, I might. If you break Sara’s heart.” Dinah teased.

“I promise you, I love Sara,” Ava said.

“I know,” Dinah said giving her a rare genuine smile. “Anyway, I know you won’t do something stupid like get her pregnant.”

Dinah laughed, and she patted Ava on the shoulder as she continued, saying, “You two are so not ready for kids.”

Ava laughed as well and she agreed with Dinah. She and Sara had discussed the option of starting a family a while ago, but they both agreed that they weren’t quite ready yet. However, as she looked over at Sara who was cooing over Marina in Jax’s arms, she wondered if Sara was reconsidering her decision. Sara had been offering to babysit for them quite often, and she had provided a welcome night off for the new parents last weekend.

The ding of the fabricator brought her out of her thoughts.

“Are you two going to spend the night?” Ava asked as she picked up the can and handed it to Dinah.

“Probably, Sara mentioned that one of the rooms was free. So don’t worry about stealing her away.”

“Sara’s the one who’s going to be stealing me away.”

“Yeah,” Dinah said as she gave Ava’s arm a little pat before she strolled back to her seat with the can of whipped cream.

Ava stayed and waited for Gideon to finish the last bottle before joining her. The table is full of smiling faces and happy Legends, but things seemed to be tapering off.

Sara caught her eye as she sat down across from her at the table and gave her wink. She still had that lustful look in her eye. Sara got up from her chair and walked over to Jax, giving him a kiss and whispering something in his ear. It must have been a goodbye, because Jax held up Martina’s tiny arm, waving it to Sara as she walked over to her sister. After saying goodbye to the Dinahs’, she walked away from the table. She paused in the doorway before turning around to stare at Ava. She crooked her finger at her before she disappeared around the corner of the hall.

Ava blushed as she bid them all good night, they must surely know why they’re leaving a little early, before following Sara down the hall. She didn’t get very far before Sara caught her and pinned her against the wall, placing her mouth on Ava’s.

The kiss is hot, and she can feel Sara’s lust seep in through her tongue. Sara’s lips leave Ava’s as she kissed her neck and made her way up Ava’s jaw.

“Sara,” Ava said. “We shouldn’t be doing this here. Someone could catch uh...”

Her sentence gave way to a moan as Sara’s lips met her ear and her hands untucked Ava’s shirt, running up her back.

“You look so good in that hat,” Sara said hot and heavy. “I could just eat. you. up.”

She emphasizes her words by biting down on Ava’s ear. Causing her to moan and dissolving into Sara’s hands.

She ran her hands down Ava’s back, and Sara pulled away from her. Sara touched her elbow and drifted her hand down to grab her hand. She tugged Ava along to their bedroom. Sara’s wolf grin never left her face, and Ava was happy to be little red riding hood about to be all gobbled up.


December 19, 2019.

Sara paced the length of her room munching on a cracker, the bag in her other hand as she tried to keep the nausea at bay. This couldn't be happening, it was literally impossible. But since she had been reborn five years ago her period had been like clockwork. Between that and the nausea,  the fatigue, her sore breasts, and the fact that she had to pee every five minutes, she knew. She just had to take the test and confirm it.

“Gideon, do you have a pregnancy test?”

“I do if you’d like one Captain Lance. You could also go to the med bay, but with my monitoring system, I can confirm that you are in fact pregnant.”

“You knew,” Sara sighed sitting down on her bed. “You knew the toy would get me pregnant. When we used it on Thanksgiving, I was ovulating and you tried to warn us. I’m sorry Gideon. I should have listened to you.”

“Well I would like to say, I told you so,” she quipped, then became serious. “Not only was the toy from the future, but I also detected some magical element to it as well.”

Sara laughed, falling to lie on her bed and staring up at the ceiling where she knew Gideon’s processor lived. It was all too perfect. The toy was completely realistic and was one of the only futuristic technology that they had, having picked it up at a sex store in 2332 while on an undercover stakeout for a wizard with a stolen Phoenix. The Sperm Whale it was called, worked for people with vaginas in all areas below the belt. At least, that was what the box had said.

“Fuck,” she swore. Sara picked up her head and looked down at her belly. “Sorry, Kiddo.”

Sara placed her hand down on her belly. She was pregnant. The reality hadn't quite set in.

“Gideon, can you just give me a pregnancy test? I want to be sure.”

“Of course Captain Lance,” Gideon said, for once in her life, Gideon took pity on her. “There is one in the fabricator in your bathroom.”

Sara slowly got up, aware of how nauseous it made her. Something it looked like she would have to get used to.

She didn’t have to keep it. Ava would understand, and she thought about it as she walked to the bathroom. Sara picked up the test Gideon had made for her, box and all. She knew how to take one, but they had always been negative.

She pulled down her pants, held the stick at an angle, and peed on it. After she was done, she put the cap on the stick, set the timer on her phone, and waited. Sara thought about the baby again. She realized that she was ready, she wanted this. She was ready financially and emotionally, she had even thought about asking Ava to start a family. Watching Jax become a parent and the moment she held baby Martina, looking into her eyes, she knew, she was ready.

But was Ava? Ava didn't even want to marry her. Sara had found the ring in Ava’s pocket a month ago. She was so excited, but by the end of the night, Ava hadn't asked her. Sara lay awake that night, watching Ava sleep and wondering why she didn’t propose, but she waited. As the days turned into weeks and after a month had gone by, she wondered how long Ava had been carrying it around before she found it.

The time went off and Sara looked at a stick; It was positive. Sara found herself smiling. She wanted this, but Ava? Sara unlocked her phone and texted her, ‘I’m pregnant.’ Well, now she was about to find out.