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Turnabout Revenge

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[January 18th, 10:30PM, Smith Street]
He was told to be careful, he was told to be safe. He had walked these roads so many times, what were to change now. Apollo Justice was walking back to his hotel, tomorrow was Trucy's first proper show, hopefully nothing goes wrong this time. As Apollo reaches near the hotel he feel a... presence, lurking behind him. It wasn't a typical stare, he's used to that feeling (Not many people in this city have spikes for hair). This presence felt... evil, in a way that he couldn't explain. Before he could turn around to identify the presence, it covered Apollo's mouth and nose from behind, before stabbing him repeatedly in the gut, back and legs. The attack lasted no longer than 12 seconds, but the effects took place immediately. Apollo fell to the ground, only catching a small glimpse of his assailant. All he could make out in his fading vision was the glare in a pair of glasses and a faint outline of it, it looked almost like Klavier... but taller. Apollo soon lost consciousness, after hearing an all too familiar laugh that echoed throughout the street.