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Neverending Chain

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The Berkians:

Stoick the Vast

Gobber the Belch

Phelgma the Fierce




Brynjar Hofferson

Eydis Hofferson

Fintan Hofferson

Torgeir Hofferson





From the Shivering Shores



From Meathead Island

Thuggory, son of the chief



The Dragon Riders and their dragons:

Hiccup and Toothless

Astrid and Stormfly

Snotlout and Hookfang

Fishlegs and Meatlug

Tuffnut and Ruffnut and Barf and Belch

Gyda and Shadowfire


Elder Dragons that live in the Berkian Nest:

Lorekeeper- male, multi-hued and scarred Nightmare

Winddancer- female, green and gold Deadly Nadder

Amethyst- female, purple Gronckle

Sage- female, yellow Terror

Knowledge and Wisdom- male, red Zippleback

Ringfire- female, mottle-green Whispering Death

Named Adult Dragons that live in the Berkian Nest

Windwalker- male, red-orange Nadder. Mate to Stormfly and nephew to Winddancer

Wingblaze- female, purple-hued Nightmare. Mate to Hookfang

Boulder- male, green Gronckle. Mate to Meatlug

Sugar and Spice- female, beige Zippleback. Mate to Barf and Belch

Blue and Star- female, blue Zippleback. Mate to Knowledge and Wisdom

Pinpoint- male, yellow Nadder. Mate to Skysinger

Skysinger- female, blue and silver Nadder. Mate to Pinpoint

Willowing- female, teal Nadder. Sister to Skysinger

Frostfire- male, glacial blue Ice Terror. Gyda's oldest son. Mate to Palewing.

Palewing- female, lighter blue with a very pale blue right wing, Ice Terror. Mate to Frostfire.

Sharpshot- male, green with red spikes Terror. Brother to Hiccup and Toothless.

Sneaky- female, red with green spikes Terror. Sharpshot's intended.

Iggy- male, orange Terror

Buttercup- female, pale yellow Terror

Pebblefire- female, mottle green Gronckle. Mother to Boulder and Rockmoss 

Moondust- female, lighter black colored Night Fury

Named Young Dragons that live in the Berkian Nest:

Firestorm- youngling, male, green Nightmare. Bonded to Torgeir

Rockmoss- youngling, male, mottle-green and brown Gronckle. Brother to Boulder

Pepper and Piper- youngling, female, yellow Zippleback that lost her flock

Sunset- fledgling, male, dark purple Terror. Sunrise's twin.

Sunrise- fledgling, female, red-orange Terror. Sunset's twin

Wildfire- hatchling, male, glacial blue Ice Terror. First hatched son of Frostfire and Palewing.

Icewing- hatchling, female, light blue with a pale blue, right wing Ice Terror. Daughter to Frostfire and Palewing and second hatched.

Snowfire- hatchling, male, very light blue Ice Terror. Son to Frostfire and Palewing and third hatched.


Dragon names for known species:

Nightmare- Flame-skin

Gronckle- Rock-biter

Zippleback- Double-mind

Terror- Tiny-fang

Ice Terror- Tiny-icespitter

Nadder- Spike-thrower

Night Fury- Wind-shrieker

Whispering Death- Rock-tunneler

Scauldron- Scaulding-spitter

Bewilderbeast- Tusked-king

Flightmare- Glow-eater

Changewing- Illusion-scales

Thunderdrum- Deaf-bellower

Sand Wraith- Sand-spitter

Speedstinger- Tail-stinger

Fireworm- Tiny-fireglow

Typhoomerang- Fire-spiraler

Red Death- Lava-dweller

Tide Glider- Acid-fantail