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I'm not a Monster

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Haruno Sakura was a happy girl. She was smart, she was beautiful and she was in love... or so she thought, but it wasn't important. Her little short life was focused around a certain solo survivor of the legendary Uchiha Clan, Sasuke Uchiha. Now, she didn't care if he was a little broody and eventually radiated dark aura around himself from time to time. No, what she cared about was that he was cool, smart, handsome and single.. not to mention he had his own share of fangirls. And she was a proud member of the said club.

Today Haruno Sakura wasn't happy. She just overheard from the academy teachers that their class had a new student and he or she was supposed to join them today. Sakura couldn't help but race over towards her classmates to tell them the exciting news.

"Forehead?!" exclaimed the Heiress of the Yamanaka Clan, Ino, who just saw her ex-best friend running for her life towards them. The pink haired girl was so caught up in her thoughts she didn't even responded to the insult.

"Did you hear that we have a new student joining us today?" panted Sakura as she stopped.

"Are you sure? It's the day when we find out in which team we are, why would the academy allow someone join us at this time?" always the skeptical Tenten raised the eyebrow.

"I...I don't know... I overheard Iruka-sensei talking to the other academy teacher, so I don't think it's a lie"

"Well, I don't know about you guys, but I personally hope it's a girl" Kiba Inuzuka, Heir of the Inuzuka Clan, smirked at the girls.

"K-kiba-kun!" Hinata blushed at her teammate. He was always so bold.

"Well, we better get back in the academy, class will be starting soon" suggested Chouji of Akimichi Clan and the friends entered the Konoha Academy.

As everybody sat down on their sits and Ino and Sakura fighting over who would sit next to their precious Sasuke-kun, Umino Iruka entered the classroom he both hated and loved. And he now hated this class. The majority of students were the clan members and they all always thought they were smarter than the students from the civilian families. Iruka resisted the sigh at the sight of his precious students and screamed loudly.

"Everybody, shut the hell up and sit down!"

Now, class knew that their Iruka-sensei was a patient man and when he yelled, or worse, cursed it wasn't a good idea to ignore him. So everybody sat down where they were supposed to sit and the class went quiet.

Now Iruka sighed at their reactions and still smiled at them.

"Alright, then, class, from now own we will have a new student joining us. She's very shy so don't ask her far too many questions at once, alright?" as the students nodded, Iruka called out "Come in!"

The class door was opened and a short girl entered the classroom.

"Her name is Uzumaki Naruto"

Life wasn't what he loved the most. Sasuke knew that. That fateful night when his dear olders brother suddenly decided to slaughter the whole clan in mere hours, Sasuke learned that life was harsh, horrible, unfair and sometimes boring. He also knew that besides his olders brother there was only one thing he hated the most and they were called fangirls. Sasuke didn't only hated them, but sometimes even feared them. Now, he wasn't a coward but the stalking, giggling, blushing and endless suggestions of dates were really getting on his nerves and he often thought if these girls were even sane. So, yes, he feared insane people.

And as his good-for-nothing sensei announced loudly that they would have a new girl in their class, he was SO sure that she would be a fangirl too.

He eyed the girl for a moment and saw that she had the most surprising hair color he had even seen in his life. Black? Yes, everyday in his mirror. Blue? Sometimes, when he walked in the streets. Brown? You didn't have to ask? Pink and blond? Everyday, in the classroom. So yes, he was very surprised to see that the new girl had the crimson red hair. The girl also had dull blue eyes and three whisker-like scars on each cheek.

Wait a minute... whiskers?

Sasuke did the double check. Indeed the girl had the three horizontal marks on each cheeks.

Huh..? And what the hell is she wearing? That skirt is too short for her. And... Orange?! Too many orange! What a horrible color and what a horrible girl! Damn!

Sasuke just knew the girl would be unimportant.

"Naruko will sit next to Uchiha Sasuke" said Iruka when he noticed that the class was staring at the girl. He didn't even manage to finish the sentence when the fangirls began screaming loudly.

"What? No way! Why the hell is this demon going to sit beside Sasuke-kun? I'm the only one who can sit next to him"

"Shut up, Ino-pig! We both know, I'm the only one he loves" yelled Sakura

"You, forehead? Don't make me laugh, please"

Sasuke noticed that the new girl was trembling all over. She inhaled deeply and walked closely to the two girls with long steps.

"Never, ever, call me the demon again or I'll kill both of you!" she spoke quietly but everyone heard her, even Sasuke. He stared into her eyes. They were red now, bloody red and full with hatred. From this very moment, he knew he was wrong. This girl definitely wasn't as shy as his sensei thought. No, she wasn't like the others either, she was truly different.

The fangirls were staring at her in shock and were about to say something very terrible when Iruka finally stopped them

"Alright, girls, calm down, please. Sasuke, raise your hand!" Sasuke sighed and did as he was asked. Naruko walked to his desk and glared at him.

"Don't talk to me, Tebbane!" she looked at Iruka was now staring the daily routine.

As if the almighty Uchiha Sasuke was going to talk and talk to a girl nevertheless. Meh.

"Well class, I'm really proud of you. From today you are all the Genins. Serve Konoha right, because being a shinobi isn't easy..."

And with that Uchiha Sasuke tuned out his sensei, that is until he heard his name.

"Team 7: Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke"

Needless to say there was a silence for a few moments before Sakura jumped up, yelling on top of her lungs.

"YES!" she turned to Ino and gave her a smirk "love conquers all"

"Great! I'm doomed" Sasuke mentally face palmed.

Surprisingly Uzumaki was quiet but as soon as Iruka was finished, the red head followed him outside.

"Iruka-sensei! Can I talk for you for a while?" Iruka looked back and saw his new student running towards him.

"Naruko? Is something wrong?" asked the worried teacher.

"Wrong? Yes! Definitely! Why the hell do I have to be with these Uchiha and Haruno brats?" she yelled at him and put the hands on her hips.

"Why don't you like them?" asked bewildered Iruka.

"Because of that Uchiha, my first day in the academy was terrible! I already have enemies. Enemies, sensei and I just became the ninja!"

"Sandaime decided that you have to be with Sasuke. There's nothing I can do with that decision, Naruto, I'm truly sorry"

"But that's not fair, sensei!"

"Well, take care of yourself and good luck" he smiled at her and was gone with the wind.

New Team 7 sat on the roof of the academy after Kakashi's dramatic entrance. The three of them sat not too far from each other. Originally it was Sasuke between the two girls. On the right sat Sakura wit her dreamy face, and on the left side sat brooding Naruto, who still couldn't believe why her so loved grandpa Sandaime had doomed her like that.

Naruto eyed his new teacher from distance. The man was tall, taller than anyone she'd even see. He had grey, more like silver hair which that defied gravity. He was wearing standard Jounin uniform with Chunin green vest.

"Well guys, I'm your new teacher" said Kakashi not so cheerfully. Definitely not amused by his new students "let's try to find out more about ourselves, so please introduce yourselves"

"You're a teacher, you start" said Sakura oh-so-wisely. Naruto shook her head dramatically. She didn't miss the glance Kakashi gave her teammate.

"Hmm... My name's Kakashi Hatake... My likes and dislikes.. I don't think you need to know that... My hobby is definitely none of your business..." he eye smiled at them "Now it's you turn, pinky"

"I'm Sakura Haruno. I like.." the pinkette looked at Sasuke and sighed dreamily " hobby is.. and my dream.." suddenly she screamed and then bursted into giggles. Naruto eyed the girl, doubting her sanity.

"Umm..." Kakashi pointed to the last Uchiha "your turn, boy"

"Uchiha Sasuke" Sasuke sounded like... Sasuke "I don't like nothing and hate many things. What I've isn't a dream because it will be the reality, I've to restore my clan and kill someone"

Naruto rolled eyes.

Am I supposed to be surprised?

"Interesting. You are next, red head"

"My name's Uzumaki Naruto, not red head. To cut in short, I hate everything. I've just one dream and I'll make sure that it will be reality soon"

She mentally slapped herself. I sound like Uchiha brat. What a drag!

Kakashi glanced at them again and nodded.

"Alright then, guys. Now that we know each other, I will be more frank. You still have the exam to pass to become the ninjas. Remember, being ninja isn't something you can joke around. It's a lifetime duty, that needs to be fulfilled"

"And, exactly, what the hell do you mean we have to pass the exam?" asked Naruto with a frown on her face.

"Yes, we already passed the exam" agreed Sakura.

"Well, that exam was to see if anyone in the academy had the necessary skills to become a ninja. The real tests starts tomorrow. You should know that not whole graduation class will become shinobi. There's the 66% failure in the next exam, only 9 students can be true Genins" Kakashi wasn't happy to discuss with them about some stupid exam.
"And what are we gonna do about that?" asked Naruto again.
"Be prepared. Tomorrow at 6 a.m. be at the training ground seven and don't be late"

And as the entrance was dramatic, so was his exit. He poofed away.

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The two silver bells jingled in the mid air. Kakashi raised the hand so they could see what they had to get to pass the exam.

"Oh but, sensei, there are only two bells and we're three" exclaimed Sakura

"It's means that one of you will have to return to the academy" Kakashi smirked under the black mask

"What we have to do?" asked Naruto

"You've to take those bells from me before the alarm clock rings"

"I bet, it won't be easy" said Naruto as she grabbed the kunai from the holster and waited.

"Alright, START!"

And the three Genin-wannabes scattered.

Kakashi was impressed. They knew how to hide their presence, more or less. Although, he wasn't that surprised, being still academy students their chakra reserves weren't that big for it to be hard to hide. No, what surprised him was red haired student's chakra reserves. They were huge, to be bold, easily Jounin level. And he also knew it was because of her special status, being the Jinchuriki and all.

As he was in his thoughts, one of the three threw some kunai and shuriken at him. He easily avoided them and looked up at the tree to his left. His eyes widened when he saw a red blur coming down slashing at him. Quickly grabbing the kunai, he blocked the upcoming attack. Naruto eyed his posture and dashed at him far too quickly for his liking. The girl was easily high chunin level at speed. The girl dropped the kunai and threw the fist at his face, Kakashi blocked her and was about to attack her stomach when the girl turned around, pulling her arm away and pushing her whole body at his, blocking his arms. She kicked his left leg and while he was busy dodging it, the girl suddenly poofed away.

"Shinobi lesson number one: Taijutsu"

Kakashi smiled. Yeah, his girl really had potential. He would have to ask the Hokage about who trained her. If only she found out the true meaning of the test. Oh, well, all he had to do was to wait. And with that thought, he pulled out his prized Icha Icha Paradise and decided to read while he waited.

It didn't took the Uchiha boy long time to attack him. Appearing before the Genin-wannabe, Kakashi kicked his chest, the boy blocked his leg and pulled away, putting some distance between them. Then he went into quick hand seals and stopped at the tiger, then took deep breath.

"Fire Style: Grand Fireball Jutsu"

He shouldn't have enough chakra for elemental manipulation, was what rang in Kakashi's head when fire jutsu came towards him at the alarming speed. He then went into his own hand seals and disappeared in the ground.

"Earth Style: Double Suicide Decapitation Jutsu"

Then he appeared below Sasuke, grabbed his ankle and pulled him underground as he replaced himself with the dark haired ninja-wannabe.

"Shinobi lesson number two: Ninjutsu"

Kakashi ignored the angry looks Sasuke threw him and spotted Sakura, he quickly used simple Genjutsu against her, but the girl failed to see it and got knocked out. He didn't have to wait any longer when the red haired girl appeared out of nowhere. Now Kakashi seriously wondered if the girl was using her own speed, Shunshin no Jutsu or Hiraishin no Jutsu of his beloved sensei, the late Yondaime Hokage. As it appeared, he didn't have to go into the thoughts as the girl went into the different Taijutsu Stance than the one academy taught children and frowned at her sensei-to-be. Kakashi and Naruto exchanged few kicks and punches, slightly damaging Naruto, when Kakashi saw that he was pulled into the web of ninja wires. He was suddenly tied to the tree and there was another fire jutsu coming his way. He quickly used Kawarimi and appeared in the woods but Naruto was hot on his tail.

I seriously should stop underestimating the girl, thought Kakashi as he avoided another set of weapons when one of them cut the bell off of his hip. Kakashi took deep breath as he stopped to grab the lost bell when the girl crushed into him, falling on top of him, grabbing the bell.

And they all heard the alarm clock. The girl grinned widely at him and jumped up.


"Yes, I win-tebbane!" yelled Naruto as she bounced and laughed at the brooding Uchiha and embarrassed Haruno.

"Oh, well, you got the bell, yeah" stated Kakashi as he looked at them seriously.

"That's not fair, sensei!" protested Sakura whie watching Naruto doing the victory dance.(A/U: Sakura isn't a bad girl, but I hate young Sakura, when she was completely a fan girl)

I cant believe, the red-head fox passed and I failed.

Sakura looked at her idol to see his astonished face. She felt a pang in her heart. Just what was so interesting about that Naruto?

"So, Uzumaki Naruto, you got the bell, but I've to still say it. You all failed!"

"What?" cried Naruto "what do you mean failed? You told us to get the bells, I got one of them. Why are you failing us all?"

"Because neither of you understood the real meaning of this test! You all had to work together to take the bells from me. But no. Sakura" the girl flinched at his harsh voice "you were so focused on Sasuke, for a moment I even thought you had all but forgotten why you were here. Sasuke" the Uchiha glared at him "you were so caught up in getting the bells and defeating me that you all but ignored the both of the girls, only used the moment when I was fighting Naruto to attack me. Naruto, even though you took the bell, you didn't help either Sakura who was passed out, neither Sasuke who was underground. Yes, you were strong enough to do the job yourself but I underestimated you and even held back"

"Teamwork?" muttered Naruto "you wanted us to work together? You are delusional, sensei. I don't want to be rude, but this team was supposed to fail from the very beginning. We have the Uchiha avenger who is so caught up in his self-pity to see that he has no fucking chance to even defeat someone of Itachi's caliber no matter how strong he wants to become" Sasuke's eyes widened when the girl said his traitorous brother's name. Just how did she know him? "Who doesn't know what real pain means. Who doesn't even care if someone besides him is even suffering. And then we have the banshee, the fan girl who doesn't even understands what it means to be a fucking ninja!" Naruto ignored the furious glares of her supposed-to-be-teammates "The very minute they both will step out the village gates, they will both die, because they don't have what it takes to be a ninja. They don't know that it's not the flashy jutsus that make us win the fights, make us win the wars!"

"Oh, so you think everything is our fault?" Sakura all but lashed out at her. Naruto glared at her and continued.

"And lastly, we have me. The outsider, village's pariah, the girl who has seen what this village truly stands for. You can't come out of nowhere blaming me not to team up with them. What if one of them stabbed me in the back once I'd my back to them? Tell me, was I insured of betrayal?! We both know I have trust issues, yes, I admit that, but I can't team up with people I don't know"

Kakashi knew, of course he knew, because he had the same problem before, years ago, before he got the Sharingan, before everything even started. He also knew why she couldn't trust anyone, the numerous assassination attempts made her paranoid, thinking someone would turn back and murder her in cold blood, and he didn't blame her.

"Naruto, we, shinobi of Konohagakure no Sato, look underneath the underneath. You should know that I wouldn't let any of them hurt you. What made Konoha strong today was teamwork, we don't leave teammates behind for death, no matter we trust them or not, or we like them or not. No, we have to put our problems aside and do what we have to do. What I want the three of you to know is that those who disobey the rules are trash, yes, but those who abandon their own comrades are worse than trash" looking at their widened eyes, Kakashi smiled behind his mask "I'll give you the second chance, Sakura, Sasuke, you can eat lunch but don't let Naruto have any of it, she should realize that trusting comrades is important"

And with that Kakashi disappeared. Naruto was so angry at him that she didn't even notice the bento box in front of her. The girl stared at the Uchiha who looked away.

"You should eat too, if we don't have our strength then we won't win against him"

"Sasuke-kun is right, here take mine too"

The shocked girl didn't even have time to say anything when the pissed off Hatake Kakashi appeared behind them. The sky turned black with dramatic thunder behind him.

"What do you think you are doing?" he asked angrily. Sasuke sneered.

"You told us that teammates were more important than rules"

The sky was cleaned immediately, Naruto suspected it was Genjutsu, and Kakashi eye-smiled at them.

"You all pass" then he wanted to say something but was interupted when the ANBU squad appeared behind him. The new Team Seven watched as the Sandaime Hokage made his way towards them.

"Kakashi, I see you have passed the team"

"Yes, Sandaime-sama" Kakashi replied, always the polite.

"What are you doing here, old man?" Naruto grinned at the Hokage and ran up to him.

Sasuke and Sakura took deep breaths, waiting for the ANBU to deal with the girl who disrespected the Hokage, but Sandaime just smiled at Naruto.

"I'll have to borrow her for a few days, Kakashi. I hope it won't be a problem"

"You want me? Why?" Naruto frowned at him.

"Let's go, let's go"

Naruto had no other choice but to follow the old man and his guards behind. When they entered his office, he sat down on the arm-chair and looked at her

"Naruto, I've a new mission for you"

"Huh..?" Naruto double checked if she was hearing what she heard "what is it about?" she nodded

"It'll be a long-termed A-ranked mission"

The few hours lated Naruto was jumping from the tree to the tree at the impressive speed when she noticed her new teammates in the forest. They were training and trying to tree-walk. Naruto stopped and stared at them from a distance.

"Sasuke-kun, you are so perfect" said amazed Sakura.


What an anti-socialist bastard!

"Now try and climb on the tree without hands" Sakura did as she was asked. Naruto wasn't surprised, she knew that controlling the small chakra reserves Sakura had would be easy.

Naruto saw as Sakura practically beamed at him.

Why did everyone like him? Naruto already know the answer. He was cool, handsome, genus, academy's best student and he was from famous Uchiha Clan, but for her he was just bastard, idiot, cold, anti-socialistic, heartless and moody someone. Oh, well, she had better things to do, like finding to very important people for the Sandaime Hokage.

"So, can you tell me were can I see this woman, or not? Have you ever seen her at all?" God knew how many times Naruto asked the questions as she searched from the city to a city. The old man stared at the picture.

"Why are you looking for her?"

What the hell?

"It's a mission" Naruto answered coldly

"She has very short temper. With one punch she can crush the rock"

And your point is?

"The only place you can find her is a casino"

"What is she going there?" Naruto asked surprisingly

"What will she do? Playing of course"

"Ah, thanks old man"

Naruto wasn't amused. Not at all. Casinos were the last place she expected to have to look for a old woman. Seriously? Casino? Needless to say it took a few couple of hours to find the casino where the said woman would be. It was sheer luck, if you asked Naruto. Looking through the window, she saw a men with long white spiky hair and two young woman. One with short black hair and the one with blond hair in two low ponytails.

"Oi! Bring me more sake!"

"Ts-tsunade-sama" protested the black-haired girl "I think it's enough for today. You are drinking too much"

"Shizune is right, Tsunade" grumbled the drunk man.

"I said, bring me sake!" the blonde ignored the brunette.


"Shut up, Shizune" Tsunade grabbed the whole bottle of the sake and took pretty large gulp. Then she threw the old bottle towards the window. Naruto ducked as the glass was broken and people started shouting. Naruto looked down at the certain photo and compared it to the blond woman, realizing is was the one she was looking for, she dusted her clothes and went in the casino through the broken window. She stopped at the threesome and asked.

"Hello, could you be Tsunade Senju?"