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We are the Hunters

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The blue sky faded into red and it ironically matched the color of blood spilled on the battlefield. The young woman with red hair stood on the cliff, watching the dead bodies beneath it. These people down there had families waiting for them but they would never return. They would stay on that battlefield - a graveyard - till somebody recovered the corpses and brought them to their rightful villages.

What a cruel world, thought the woman.

Her agate eyes was staring at the sky, counting the clouds and trying her best not to think about how many of them she had killed.

The world is such a cruel place.

She took deep breath then looked down at her hands. Unsurprisingly she saw them coated in blood although she knew there was no blood at all.

All theses lives lost and wasted.

There's no such thing as peace in this world.

She exhaled and grimaced at her shaking hands. Even thought she hadn't done things as horrible as some people, she knew she was guilty. The supposedly medic-ninja was stealing lives left and right, instead of rescuing them.

"How long are you going to stand there?"

The woman didn't flinch when an abnormally pale man in his fifties approached her. She had long ago sensed him.

"As long as it takes me to figure out what I am truly doing in this world" replied Hikari.

"Interesting time to think about the life"


Orochimaru of the Sannin. The only person she hated more than anything in this world. And there she was talking to him about her life problems. Could it get any more ironic?

"I still remember you having those green eyes of yours" he said

"And I forgot how I did even looked with them"

"So whose side are you joining today? Your brother's or your teacher's?"

She didn't know why he wanted to know that when she was sure he was being neutral in this war but replied anyway.

"That I haven't decided yet"

"You are sure taking your time"

"Says the man who healed the Five Kage for the war" Hikari replied

"It was all Karin"

"The supposedly Uzumaki girl, huh? She has pretty nice ability"

Indeed Uzumaki Karin was a splendid Kunoichi although she had this unhealthy obsession with Uchiha Sasuke. If somebody bite the Uzumaki girl, she could share her chakra and heal the outer wounds.

"It's nothing compared to yours" Orochimaru pointed out "your ability of regeneration surpasses one of your brother's and rivals of Tsunade's jutsu"

"The Fifth Hokage's Creation Rebirth..." Muttered Hikari "Just so you know mine is not bounded with seal and it doesn't cost me years to use it"

"That's why I have always wanted you by my side from the very moment I found out you were still alive"

"You just wanted me for your own selfish reasons. To figure out what made me nearly immortal"

"I'm not going to decline that" chuckled Orochimaru, his laughter sending chills down her spine. How unnatural that laugher was. The genius man still freaked her out.

"I wanted so much from you" continued the man

"Mostly my father's Hiraishin"

"Indeed. To think that you knew how to use it when I was still in Akatsuki"

"What would you do?" asked Hikari. "Not leave the organization? Not try to take over Itachi? It's not like I had Forth's special kunais hidden somewhere. It doesn't even matters that the teleportation formula is still on them. Many had tried and failed to recreate this jutsu. Just because you are a genius and have brilliant mind doesn't mean you would be able to figure out what it truly mean, let alone use it" Hikari pulled out the said three-pronged kunai from the pouch and held it out "I will tell you one thing though. One should be a Sealing Master to be able to figure it out"

And it was impossible for him. Seeing as she was Half-Uzumaki, a member of once feared clan that had special talent with Sealing, her parents both being Sealing Masters on their own, the young woman was practically the last Sealer left in the Shinobi world. It wasn't as if nobody else knew Fuiinjutsu but no one was on her level yet, maybe in time but right now she was the best.

Orochimaru smiled his creepy smile.

"I figured that having all jutsu on the Shinobi world would no longer help me reaching the immortality"

Hikari raised eyebrows and pocketed the kunai.

"You are confusing my powers with immortality. Nobody is immortal in this world, it just makes killing me hard"

"You sound like a veteran for a 19 years old"

"I do, don't I?"

Looking up at the sky for the last time, the red head turned back to lock her eyes with the Fifth Hokage of Konoha. The blond woman reminded her of her dilemma. Hikari knew she stood between the ice and fire.

On the one side there was her brother, the number one knucklehead ninja and the Child of Prophecy, Uzumaki Naruto. And on the other side was her teacher, her mentor, her best friend, Uchiha Obito, now days known as Uchiha Madara. It was a hard decision to make. She loved them both dearly and to choose which one would kill which one made her chest hurt. Although there was no one more important than her brother, she still believed in his ability to sweet talk to enemies and make them change their mind. If only she would do that to Obito. It was a thing Naruto got from their mother. When Hikari had Kushina's looks and Minato's brain, Naruto looked like their father and had their mother's personality.

How ironic it is that neither of us got to know our mother, Naruto....

Hikari nodded at the Hokage and closed her eyes. There was no way she would allow someone, even Obito, to hurt Naruto, let alone kill him and it would be unavoidable if Obito did managed to unseal the Nine-Tailed Fox from Naruto. No one, besides her mother, had ever survived the Tailed Beast extraction process and it was only because of her genes, she was a pureblooded Uzumaki. And Hikari would be damned to allow her bright eyed boy die.

Her eyes watered.

She had to help both Naruto and Obito. And to do that she would have to use her own share of the Nine-Tailed Fox's chakra. Oh well, she was ready to die for a long time ago.

We live in such a cruel, cruel world.