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JayDick: The Musical

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MORE CHARACTERS TO BE ADDED TO AVOID SPOILING (I will notify you at the start of a chapter if there's a new character introduction, and it will be added here)

Dick Grayson
17-year-old boy, a junior, at Upper Gotham High School, adopted son of Bruce Wayne, cheery, popular, well-liked by all, easily "falls in love", a bit oblivious, wants everyone to like him, best friends with Tim Drake, childhood best friend of Jason Todd, believes he is destined to be with Tim's adoptive brother, Jason, whom he does not know is the same childhood friend Jason

Jason Todd
16.5-year-old boy, a junior, at Upper Gotham High School, transferred in three weeks into the school year, adopted by the Drake family from a young age, was home-schooled since middle school, unapproachable, detached from everyone, a bit scary looking, generally avoided by all, adoptive brother of Tim Drake, childhood best friend of Dick Grayson

Tim Drake
16-year-old boy, a junior, at Upper Gotham High School, best friend to Dick Grayson since eighth grade, sarcastic, always tired, a bit of a nerd, has one rule: he does not meddle with other people's business no matter what, is very tired of Dick's quest to find "the one", does not care about what people think, thinks Dick is stupidly oblivious, but is also pretty oblivious himself, a realist to the core

Slade Wilson
18-year-old boy, a senior, at Upper Gotham High School, sly, annoyingly, lusting after Dick Grayson, has a "bad boy" aura, runs with the "wrong" crowd, drinks, does drugs, has tattoos, does not really care for school, couldn't care less about other people's feelings, kind of a bad person

Bruce Wayne
30-year-old man, adoptive father of Dick Grayson, vice-president of a small company, makes more than enough money but not filthy rich, regularly gives to charities, parents died in a car crash when younger, raised by his godfather Alfred, adopted Dick when Dick was 8, a kind and generous person, rather lax on rules, a cool dad




PART I - Falling Through the Starry Sky

-PROLOGUE: Meant to Be
-CHAPTER 1: The Cherry Red Coach
-CHAPTER 2: Slow Progress

-CHAPTER 3: A Lucky Klutz

PART II - The Demon in Sheep's Clothing

PART III - The Magic of Prom

PART IV - Happy Endings Are Bullshit

PART V - Together We Can Conquer the World



Hey, guys, this isn't what I usually write, but I am very determined to go through and write this. I am writing this in my own script formatting style, so please don't tell me it's not in proper screenwriting format. I know it's not in proper screenwriting format. I'm doing it like this because the proper formatting takes way too long and I want to get this out to y'all. I also hope that is makes it easier to read when not in proper formatting.

I don't know how long this project will take, but I'm estimating about a year. I won't have an actual updating schedule for this, so like a couple of my other series (though this will just be one long fic), it will be whenever I have something written. So please be patient with me, as I try to put out updates as regularly as possible. I cannot keep any promises, however. 

Last thing, before you start, this entire fic is inspired by the song "Meant to Be" from the Teen Beach Movie (which I have never watched), specifically the cover by Sam Tsui. I was walking home from school one day, listening to it, and this idea hit me. He sings a lot of covers, and I absolutely love him at the moment. You'll probably see more songs in this story that will  be covers or originals by him because he basically inspired this entire thing.

Anyway, I won't stall you any longer. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoy writing it! There will be a full song list at the very end, since I know no one wants to scroll through a huge list of songs to get to the story, and I will have the link up to the Spotify playlist soon!