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Give It To Me

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“C’mon, give it to me real good ,” Majima growled the words, his eye wide with manic delight.

Kiryu fisted his hair and forcefully shoved his cock into his mouth. His cock was huge in every sense of the word, long and thick and impossibly hot and Majima loved every inch of it. He let Kiryu shove the entirety of it into his mouth and down his throat and he couldn't stop the whimpery moans coming from his lips even if he tried, and he didn't. It felt too satisfying to be so full of him, to be able to taste him so vividly on his tongue, to be able to deeply inhale his scent; his musk, his sweat, his cologne. He always smelled so good , Majima always wanted to bury his head into every nook and cranny on his body. He was delighted as Kiryu began to force him back and forth along his cock, dictating the pace as slow and deliberate, for now. Majima made sure to explore the underside of his cock with his tongue, to hollow his cheeks around him and swallow tight when the head of his dick met the back of his throat. He could hear Kiryu's deep, low, breathy moans that he always tried so hard to hide but Majima's tongue always coaxed them from him no matter how he fought against it. It was cute that Kiryu thought he could hide just how much he enjoyed these sessions of theirs from him; Majima always caught the way Kiryu looked at his body, his ass in particular. He could pretend all he wanted but Majima never missed it when Kiryu's eyes lingered on him for a moment too long, when his hands found their way beneath his jacket as he shoved him against a wall, when Kiryu leaned in far too close when he growled threats at him.

That had been the breaking point for him. Majima had grabbed his face and smashed his lips against Kiryu's and he hadn't stopped until Kiryu was desperately moaning against his lips. Majima had wanted to fuck right then and there, but when Kiryu had finally managed to wrestle free of him he had immediately turned and stomped off. Majima had been disappointed, but not surprised; Kiryu didn't seem the type to be into fucking in some dingy back alley but Majima had still hoped to get some, anyway. It hadn't been long until they were alone, however, and even Majima had been surprised by the force in which Kiryu had grabbed him and forced him to bend over. Not that he had minded, of course, simply cackled loudly as Kiryu had yanked his pants down and gotten down to business. It had been without finesse, rough and needy, but Majima would train Kiryu to fuck him better in the weeks to come.

This was one of their so-called training sessions, but Majima had given in too quickly when Kiryu had ordered him to kneel. Kiryu had caught on quickly that Majima couldn't resist it when Kiryu got so dominant with him and he used it to his advantage far too often.

Majima could feel how Kiryu's hands were tightening against his hair and he pushed his hands against his thighs, shoving him away before he got the chance to cum.

“Nuh-uh,” Majima chastised, clicking his tongue. “Remember, you promised .”

Kiryu, still panting, face flushed, averted his eyes. “'re right.”

Majima grinned devilishly before he stood and moved towards Kiryu until he ended up with his back against the bed. He sat and Majima watched him, hands on his waist.

“On your stomach,” he said, eyeing Kiryu's body. “Ass up.”

Kiryu swallowed hard but after a moment's hesitation, he did as instructed. Majima could never quite get over how nice of an ass Kiryu had, truly. It was unfair just how perfect he was. Majima would never have been able to resist him forever, he was just lucky that Kiryu had been weak to his charms. He kneeled on the bed and leaned forward, lovingly kissing Kiryu's ass before he dipped his tongue between his cheeks. He could feel Kiryu shudder beneath him as he gently prodded his entrance with his tongue. Kiryu hadn't wanted to do this at first, but Majima made him promise to let him fuck him at least once. If he really hated it, they never had to do it again. Judging by the way Kiryu was desperately arching his back for more contact, Majima was pretty sure he didn't hate it near as much as he'd initially thought he would. Majima pulled his tongue away so he could tease him with his fingers instead, running them back and forth, pressing harder each time but not yet entering him. He could feel Kiryu's breath hitch in anticipation each time, but he didn't give him the satisfaction just yet. Majima's other hand reached around his thigh and he found Kiryu's dick again, wrapping his fingers around him and lazily stroking him a few times.

“Majima-san,” Kiryu whined, breathless. “Please…”

“Hmm...?” Majima purred. “Please...what, now?”

Please ,” Kiryu keened, “stop teasing me.”

Majima pushed a finger into him and the noise it drew from Kiryu's lips was divine; a low, breathy moan that Majima savored the sound of. It was so unlike him that it made Majima shudder in delight at the thought of hearing more. He thrust into him, gentle and purposeful as he searched for that sweet spot. He knew instantly when he found it as Kiryu's entire body tensed and squeezed beneath him.

“O...oh,” Kiryu moaned, “there, fuck...Majima, please.”

Majima grinned wider still as he pressed a second finger into him now. He made quick work of finding that spot a second time, thrusting against it immediately. Kiryu shivered and moaned beneath his touch, his cock twitching in his hand and leaking precum with every thrust of his fingers. And Kiryu thought he wouldn't like this. Majima chuckled as he continued to work at that spot, teasing him by getting him riled up and then pulling away for just long enough that it curbed the feeling, before going back for more. It was driving Kiryu wild, judging by the way his hips were desperately bucking against him, needy for more contact of any kind.

“What do you want from me, Kiryu-chan…?” Majima asked, voice as sweet and innocent as he could muster. “Use your words.”

“Please, fuck me,” Kiryu said immediately, “fuck me so hard I can't walk.”

“Oh-ho,” Majima laughed, “ya sure ya want that?”

“Yes!” Kiryu snapped, “fuck me before I change my mind and fuck you, instead.”

Tempting of an offer as that was, Majima's own neglected cock was aching for Kiryu's hole and nothing else would satisfy him, now. He pulled his fingers from him and gripped his cock, lining himself up.

“Remember,” Majima said, “the safeword is ‘baseball’.”

And with that, he began to work himself inside of Kiryu's virgin ass. It was tight, impossibly so, and it made Majima all the more delighted when Kiryu squeezed tight around him. He continued to work himself in, inch by inch, even as Kiryu desperately whimpered beneath him. He reached around to reassuringly stroke his cock and was surprised to find he hadn't gone soft at all. His surprised turned to sheer delight and he became more forceful as he finished sheathing himself inside of Kiryu's impossibly tight hole. It was wonderful how Kiryu felt around his cock, warm and tight and he admired Kiryu's tattoo as he gripped the sides of his hips and began to fuck him. Slow, deep thrusts as he focused on acclimating Kiryu to the feeling, and when he thought he was ready, he adjusted their position slightly so that he could find that sweet spot from earlier. Kiryu practically sobbed as his dick brushed him in just the right way.

“There, there, fuck,” he whimpered, “fuck me right there, Majima !”

Majima didn't need to be asked twice. He dug his nails into Kiryu's thighs as he thrust up against that spot over and over again and with each thrust, Kiryu clenched around him tighter and tighter. It became harder to force himself back in after every thrust but that only made it more fun for Majima, forcefully splitting Kiryu apart with his cock with every motion of his hips. Kiryu was a whimpery, blubbery mess beneath him, moaning and crying out with each brush of his cock against that spot. It was divine to hear him like this, to know that it was his cock Kiryu would be thinking about whenever he fingered himself, whenever he got fucked by someone else, and it would never be as good as Majima's.

“Well, Kiryu-chan?” Majima panted. “Still hate it?”

“I…” Kiryu moaned, pausing as he got lost in pleasure momentarily, “I love your cock, Majima, I need your cock, harder .”

Majima was all too happy to oblige, giving up on the pretense of this being anything but what it was; an evolution of one of their street brawls. He leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Kiryu's chest, raking his nails from his pecs to his abdomen. Kiryu tensed beneath him and then said, “ more .”

Majima lapped at his neck before he sank his teeth in time with his fingers finding their way to Kiryu's nipples. He felt Kiryu flinch beneath him as he toyed with them between his fingers with every thrust, pinching and rolling them harder and harder.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Kiryu inhaled sharply before he moaned out again, “don't stop, don't-”

Majima dropped a hand to Kiryu's cock now, and he knew it would only take a few strokes before he came. Majima was close, himself, and as Kiryu moved ever closer to climax he squeezed around him that much harder. Majima forcefully fisted Kiryu's cock, roughly stroking him as he pinched his nipple with his other hand and Kiryu whimpered as he finally came in his hand. Majima squeezed his cock tighter still as he fucked him harder, now, and he felt Kiryu whine beneath him as he came deep inside of his ass.

Majima panted so loudly that he almost didn't hear Kiryu quietly mumbling his name at first.

“...Majima-san,” he said, voice low and pleasure drunk, now. “...please let go of my dick, now.”

Majima dumbly removed his hand and Kiryu relaxed beneath his touch. Majima pulled out of him and Kiryu practically collapsed on the bed afterward. Majima laid next to him and pushed stray hairs from his face. Kiryu was still flushed and panting but his post-orgasm face was so soft and unguarded that Majima couldn't help but press a kiss against it.

“'re a real bottom slut, ya know that?” Majima teased him heartily.

Kiryu groaned in response, face red, looking anywhere but at Majima. Majima laughed loudly, smushing Kiryu's face between his hands. “You're so cute, ya know? Ain't fair,” Majima cooed, laying it on real thick, now. “Makes me wanna go a second round.”

Kiryu groaned again. “...sore.”

Majima laughed and kissed him again, anyway. “'s my turn, anyway.”

Kiryu shook his head slightly but Majima caught the way his lips turned upwards. “...maybe in a bit.”