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New Light

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Project: Cold Kidnapped

Location: Hosu, Japan

Time: 2:00 AM

Officers/Heroes Involved: Detective Tsukauchi, Rinu, Daiku, All Might, Endeavour, Best Jeanist, Kamui Woods, Mt. Lady, Eraserhead

Victims Taken In: Izuku Midoriya, Hika Miroki, Tenko Tomura

Minor Report: The bust was an success we managed to capture some villians along with three kids who had been subjected to their abuse most likely verbally, mentally, and physically

Extra About Victims: What we can conclude from both the police force account and heroes on account, was that the youngest is a boy named Izuku Midoriya. He has green hair, green eyes, and freckles. He his quiet and timid but is nice, and has low self esteem. From what we can see (None of the victims are willing to talk at the moment) his quirk has something to do with his skeleton tail that seems to float by telekinesis and bones layering over his arms.

The middle child, Hika Miroki, has confirmed that he, Izuku, and Tenko (oldest brother) are related. His hair has a combination of green, blue, and purple, his eyes are a pale blue, and his skin is littered with scratches and scars. He keeps to himself but if not stays close to Tenko and Izuku. He mutters things such as 'not worth it' and 'better off dead' so from what we can tell he is depressed. From what we can see his quirk is mutation type, seeing as he has horns and a dragon tail, along with dark red wings protruding from his back.

The oldest child, Tenko Tomura, is a special case. With his baby blue hair, very pale skin and red eyes. He snaps and growls at anyone who comes close to either him or his brothers so he is most likely protective over them. He has showed his quirk in ways we didn't like, trying to grab us and missing touching other items to which the crumble into dust Immediately.

In Conclusion: Please be cautious and aware of their mental stability


All Might, also known as Toshirino Yagi, placed down the reports a deep frown settled upon his face. He was deep in thought when his phone rang a close friends name appearing on the ID.


"Tsukauchi, I need a favor to ask and it involves the three boys found from the villians location.."

There was a pause.

"Come over to the police department then will talk.."