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the Yautja's Slytherin

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This was a hunt. Not the normal hunt that I would take a skull or hide; I would be taking a mate. A life long mate for the rest of my days. I had sired multiple pups and they went on to be proven and capable hunters. I am an Ancient my age is that of maybe 1500 years give or take a century. I was headed to the planet Earth in search of a suitable mate and i did not care for the gender as I have sired many pups.

My hunt started in a place called Scotland and I was disappointed at the oomans there. All to soft, not worth my time or even a decent trophy. I made my way farther north and ended up in a large, dark and dense forest. Now this was a hunt! Large 8 legged things and many of them came at me and I took them on and gladly took multiple and various trophies from them (mainly the fangs). There were other creatures here but they left me alone and I left them alone.

I then saw a large stone building in the distance and many oomans there. This must be a large community of them and many of them are pups of various ages. Hmmm, this was getting interesting but I shall stay back for now and observe.

***Time Skip***

There is an ooman male coming this way. Tall, pale, and wearing all black. Odd, but the pups make a path for him, so he must be a Blooded or an Elder. Interesting, I shall observe him.


More ingredients. Those dunderheads are wasting the ingredients. There are clear instructions on how much everyone needs and even then they are so stupid to ignore it. At least there is a ready supply of the moss I need not to deep in the forest. It is quiet in the quiet. I have been in here too much to realize when the environment has changed. With the war over I am still glad I have my sense of survival but it is sad that the older students do as well. I may not like them but I will protect them.
What do you all think?

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Severus POV

I had started gathering the moss and a few extra of some vine that I was sure would be needed later in the week. I then heard a snap in the forest not far from my position. I got my wand out and looked at my surroundings, studying the forest and looking for anything out of the ordinary. I could see none, but I stayed silent and listened.

Yautja POV

I could not believe I made such an unblooded mistake! When I felt and heard that twig snap the ooman spun around so fast I was shocked and glad that I was still hidden in the foliage of the woods. He has interesting features, strong looking, cautious, and highly intelligent. Those are good qualities in a mate, so I shall continue my observat....shit. ow. Facinating.
*****ppppuuurrrrr***** **growwlll** *shakes head lightly*

Regular POV

Severus used wandless magic to increase his hearing and get a read on what was around him. He found something large and unknown. He pretended to keep picking and he got into a croutch. He used his magic to lift him up faster and leap farther and onto the unknown. He took the unknown by surprise and landed on top of it, putting his wand in its face and...

Severus mind POV

OH MY.... what are you?

Regular POV
The cloaking device gave way and soon the Yautja was seen by Severus. Severus was also straddling the giant Yautja's lap in a very.....intense manner. Severus was wide eyed and looking at this new being who was staring at him as well very intently even though it had a masked face. The Yautja gave a deep sinful pure and growled gently shaking his head lightly. The Yautja brought his giant hands up to grasp Severus's waist and the wizard shot right up and off of him. Severus still had his wand trained on the giant and was cautiously watching as the behemoth stood up and gave another rumbling purr.

Severus POV
This being had got to be at least as tall as Hagrid it not taller! He...indeed it is a he, is pure muscle, with odd armor and not human by any means.

"What are you?" I asked him

He gave a growl and said, "Yautja, Ancient warrior." It was garbled and might have been a recording by the sound of static, or his mask translated what he was saying to English.

He walked up to me, towering over me and just observing.

Yautja POV
I am surpised and pleased. This male ooman has not run nor screamed nor attacked me. He is collected, thinking, and observing just as I am him. Hmmm, this male just might be the mate I'm looking for. I will have to tread carefully and be patient.

Regular POV
There was a stand off. Not a Clint Eastwood or John Wayne standoff but a calm and observing one. They each took in their physical traits and compared them to each other and to what they knew. Severus was finding this Yautja a very handsome being, while the Yautja was thinking it liked what it could see but there was too much cloth.
Severus looked at his dark skin that blended in with the forest, the long tendrils on his head that had numerous gold, silver and other metal rings on them. The armor was well used and well kept, not shiny but as battle wore as its wearer. The Yautja observed as well, the humans face as interesting, sharp cheek bones, intelligent dark brown nearly black eyes, long black hair that was lank, regal looking face if he remembered that one Roman man's face right, and the nose was prominent but it spoke of fights that the ooman walked away from as it was obviously broken numerous times. Now the clothes he wore were not helping him judge nearly as much as he wanted to and he really wanted to see everything as he was watching the oomans eyes obeserve him, which caused him to puff up a little bit.
Severus put away his wand and walked back to his fallen ingrediants, grapping them all and putting them in his robes for the walk back. Severus did not put his back the warrior as even with the introduction he could tell this alien had been through much in his life.

"My name is Severus Snape. I am the Potions Master and Professor at the school Hogwarts that is just beyond the forest line. I have to return." Severus said to the Yautja

"Called in your language, Dark Death." replied Dark Death with a slight tilt of his head.

Severus nodded back and walked towards the castle and realizing much to late that the Yautja followed him inside the castle.

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The Yautja walked silently behind the ooman calling himself a wizard and went towards the large home. In Dark Death's mind this must be a training ground for the ooman pups befoe they reached adulthood. As the ooman named Severus walked into the large doors he slipped up the walls and crawled along them and into the rafters. More observing and studying needed to be done before any final decisions were made.

However, Dark ((A/N i'm just going to call him Dark for short)) noticed that the ooman pups were organized into mini clans or tribes. Severus was obviously the clan leader of the ones with the green and silver and the serpent on their clothes. However, he noticed that the other pup clans moved out of his way fast and lowered their eyes or heads in deferance and respect. Ah! He was highly regarded in tis place. His pups those with the green looked at him with awe and admiration. He saw a few puff up in pride at something he whispered to them that Dark could not hear. What is this now? They are going into what looks to be the main eating room. Must be for socializing and such. Seems Severus sits at the high table and beside the old one with the most bright and horrible clothes but the longest beard Dark has seen since maybe the 1600's. It seems that Severus defers to this man and he seems to greatly respect him. This must be the High Elder of this place, like myself.

Dark took note of the other clans as well as he was sitting in the rafters watching; the ones with yellow, were soft and their clan leader was a large round woman who seemed to work in the earth (must work with a shaman), the ones with blue seem to read a lot and quiz each other, they must be the researchers, and the ones with red seem to be loud, obnoxious but also friendly and eager to fight, must be looking at future warriors, now Severus's group would be the one to watch as they are watching the other pup clans and seem to be making plans, the dark wizards clan must be the ones for tactics and survival. Dark got a moment of clarity, this must be a school to train the unblooded to become blooded and better off in the hunt! (of course, Severus said what the school was but that didn't translate over...obviously.)

Dark Death watched eagerly as he observed but he was caught the minute he was in the Great hall.

Albus had that blasted twinkle in his eyes. thought Severus as he drank his tea. This twinkle was the kind of mischief and adventure to it and dragging everyone else along for the ride. Severus felt a headache coming as he knew he was in the middle of this somehow.

Albus for his part stood up and raised his hands, the student body all slowly starting to look at him and quiet down; the magic in the castle could let him feel the arrival of this new guest and that said guest was impressed with the display. Oh, Albus loved doing this...

"I have an announcement to make. Tonight we have recieved a most unusual visitor and one who can teach us as we can teach him. I want you all to welcome him as he is currently in the rafters observing our ways." with that Albus looked up and Dark Death did not like that look in the old ones eyes.

Severus just groaned and said, "Dammit Albus."

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Severus rubbed his face in defeat and Dark growled which was loud enough for everyone else to hear. Many voices were either speaking or whispering at once,
"What is that?"
"Dumbledore obviously knows."
"It is not human."
"Where is it?"

Albus Dumbledore raised his hand and the murmers died, " He is just observing and in a hunt of his own right now. If he wishes to be seen he may do so and if not that is his choice. Professor Snape will be the one showing him around and assisting him while he is here. Be courteous if you do meet him." Albus had that damn twinkle in his eyes and Severus knew it was trouble. Dark also saw the old ones look and knew it was a look he did not like, like being out of the loop of knowing something.

Dark shook his head and made his way across the rafters and swung down and landed on Severus's clans table. The pups jerked back as they felt something and saw the table bend with an unseen weight, plates and food were scattered and cups were spilt. Dark let his camofauge off and gasps were heard all around, many moving away even though they were across the room. He puffed out his chest with pride at the awe he still inspired. This feeling never got old. He shook his head letting his tendrils move in a display of dominance and a bit of showing off.

Severus really wanted to bang his head on the table but instead he did this.

"Get off the table. NOW!" Severus ordered

Dark Death swiveled to look at him and if he wasn't in a room full of pups he would have their elder in a very...interesting position. He did though give a deep gravely purr in arousal and seduction. That purr worked many times on females and a few males he has bedded. He vaulted off the table and yes it was important he show a few skills in this area to show this tribe (as it was large enough for a huge tribe) that the ooman dressed in black was his to court and win alone. Not that anyone knew this but the effort was made.

The Slytherins were in awe as the creature obeyed their head of house, the Ravenclaws were thinking of the hows and whys, Hufflepuffs were a little afraid but impressed and the Gryffindors were...stunned silence. This massive creature who stood a whole foot or more above their potions professor listened to him.

Albus was just happy that some early meddling was working.