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The sky rained down with screaming hellfire. The building tensions between the nations of the world finding a cataclysmic end. The world burned as the bombs fell like hail from above. The impact of man’s ingenuity and cruelty shook the foundation of the earth. With each set of impacts echoing like a drumline, it felt as though the ground would crack to let loose the molten world below. Buildings shook and fell. Families and friends held each other close. And the nations of the world waited to see who would be left standing when the barrage ended. For no one could claim a victory in this. It was a war in which every party lost. A war that was hundreds of years in the making.

Three days of bombing fell onto many of the “leading” countries, with big cities targeted most. Some ran to the wilderness. They risked the wildlife over the bombs. Most governments stayed in place, even if barely, thanks to key members hidden in bunkers. Those bunkers could not keep those leaders safe from men on foot. When the bombs stopped, the gunfire began. Within a week, most active political heads who voted for that first bomb to be dropped on China were killed. The U.N. was dissolved after over half the representatives had been assassinated.

It was a month when the world stood still.

Main military bases were wiped out. Many earthquake- heavy regions fell victims to the earth’s tremors as a result of so much unnatural seismic tensions. Nations were weak, leaderless, and more than half the world’s population had been eliminated in just 72 hours. While everyone tried to rebuild the world around them, the remaining leaders of the world looked for something to do. A way to fix it all.

A treaty. An agreement to pacify what hostility remained. A way to ensure people no one could possess that amount of control. A way to stop this from happening again. A global nation of one, ruled by many. Peace in the face of fire. For a world so stricken with shock and grief, it was a promise they longed for.

Years of work went into perfecting those laws and treaties. Pacts. Research. Pulling every country onto the same playing field. Fair treatment no matter race, origin, age, gender, status, religion, sexuality, or identity. It was the Utopia hoped and promised for since the end of the War to End All Wars. And for a century after the induction, this was how the global society works. For decades, the world struggled to get back to where it had been before the first bomb fell. By the 30th Anniversary, of that fateful morning, everything was back on track. The Day of Reckoning was a symbol of too much power gone wrong. And why people needed to work harder and together for peace.

But no matter how people try, a plan would never be truly fool-proof. Not everyone was equal. Not everyone was as smart or strong as another. Some were sickly, and others were immune. Before the Global Alliance turned 100, the labelling began. For their health. For their breeding. Their schools. Their birth. Now, man has spread among three planets, two space colonies, and four moons. Everyone was chipped at birth. Everyone was tested thoroughly through their youth. And by 16, everyone knew how far they could go in the civilian world.

Some born on the colonies. They were the lucky ones. They were well bred. Specially educated and primed to be future leaders, as was their title. Many of the highest caste lived there or on the moons. They became political heads of the world. And while many were not bad, the imbalance caused most to think more of themselves than needed. While it was mandatory for all other citizens, Leaders are excused from the two-year mandatory service in the military.

The Educators lived mostly on the moons, but they are found throughout the solar system. They have the potential to be Leaders, but few get through the qualifications to make the jump into the new caste. Some from failure, and some due to the need for their caste level. The Educators are the doctors, the scientists, and all academics. While not the ones who make the calls that weigh on the lifestyles of civilians, they are highly respected. Commonly enter the military as officers. Not only can an Educator raise their status, but also loose it and fall to a lower caste.

Off-Worlders were the common, formerly known as lower white-collar and higher blue-collar families. The doers of the GA. The businessmen and entrepreneurs of the people who originally kept a collapsed world from crumbling. Off-Worlder was a title given after most world travel and moving became harder. While they mostly live on planets and moons, higher-level Off-Worlders are set up in businesses on Hope and Justice, the two space colonies.

Terrarians are the “originals.” People who never moved from earth. While it is the oldest of places man has inhabited, it is also the only place where all humans are truly natural. Enhancers do not make it to the home planet. It is now the land of natural factories and industry. Terrarians are workers and often looked at as simple and backwater. They are the ones with no hope of moving up in life or joining a new cast. Most take their military service from mandatory to their career and hope for the government job that could follow.

But it is Earth that is quiet now. No more battles or wars on the soil. No more bombs screaming from overhead. The fight moved on. The “uncivilized” Terrarians live in peace with each other. The moons are the new battlegrounds. And The Moon (Earth’s moon) is host to the Global Alliance’s headquarters and all the basic military training grounds. The members of the GA are constantly looking out for hints of terrorism that has popped up more commonly on IO and Europa over the past six years. It was during that time an outbreak took on the façade of a threat from a bygone day.

In the image of a reporter being beheaded on ever public Hologram around the solar system. A threat for the world to see.