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Dark Forces & Brooms

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Harry, felt ill- very ill.

His body was taking a toll on him, the constant hours of working till his limbs ached and not having ate since about a week ago- he knew it wasn't going to be pretty when finally collapses. It was only the second week of summer, and he was not adjusting well. He tried to eat less everyday during his days at school, so that his body wouldn't be into much of a shock when the transition from three big meals a day, to only eating enough so he could survive came. But Hermione commented on it every damn time. Saying that he needed to eat, and you know her she always had to be right, and if you didn't do what she said- or heaven forbid corrected her, she would throw a hissy fit. And then tattle on you to the teachers. Even if they didn't care.

Harry let out a painful cough, one that pushed heavily against his lungs. One that sent his throat roaring with pain. He forced himself to stay upright, forced himself not to flinch at the pain, and forced himself to stay awake as he clipped at the hedges in front of the living room window- where you could see Vernon Dursley keeping a very close eye on the poor boy. Harry yearned for rest, for just a little bit of sleep. But sleep was not worth the beating that would soon follow after if he did. So he pushed himself. He knew soon, that he would push himself to hard, and something bad would happen to his health. And he would need to leave soon. As the Dursleys have never been so harsh on him.

Sure they would throw punches every now and then, and wouldn't feed him properly. And they made him do the chores. But that was nothing compared to what he had to go through this past week. He got a beating everyday, one that would leave welts, bruises, cuts, gashes, broken bones, concussions, or even whip marks. And when he used to get scraps at every meal, he hadn't been fed since the dinner he ate before leaving Hogwarts, And Harry's not sure when he'll get his next meal. And now all he got to do is chores. He had to wake up at 5 in the morning and water the plants, and then he had to scrub the kitchen and dining room floors. By 6 he would have to go outside and turn on the sprinklers, and then he would start breakfast- a feast every day, so then by 7 when the Dursley family woke up, they could eat. He then would be given his daily chore list, witch would reach the floor. He often felt like Cinderella. Except he didn't expect to get a Prince Charming.

"BOY!" Harry flinched, at Vernon's harsh voice that had a mixture of cruelty that wasn't there the year before. "Yyes uncle Vernon?" Harry spoke, stuttering at first, he new exactly why Vernon was mad, and he knew exactly what was to happen. Harry had dropped a glass vase while polishing it. Vernon's faced resembled that of a tomato that had a blue hint, and was the size of a pumpkin. Harry wasn't expecting words from the man- and that's what he got. As Vernon swung his fist, and it connected to his jaw, sending Harry stumbling backwards- walking on top of the glass shards while he was at it. Harry flinched at the glass penetrating the flesh that had grown to be hard after days of working on his feet, and being in the harsh sun. Harry held his jaw and shielded his face as Vernon's other fist swung, but this time it smashed into his side, sending him into the wall underneath the staircase- the knob to the door hitting his shoulder. He heard a sickening crack as it did so.

Harry clutched his eyes tightly as Vernon yanked him so he was on his stomach, and put his hands over his head as he heard Vernon taking off his belt. Harry's breath hitched as he heard the crack in the air as the belt flew down onto his back, and cried out at the leather tearing through his flimsy, dirty, over sized shirt and onto the bare skin of his back. This happened for at least 10 minutes, at the end of it Harry was dragged up the stairs- Vernon purposely dragging him so his ripped up back was thunking against the stairs, and thrown into his room. Harry felt the blood begin to pool around him, as he heard Hedwig hoot to him and fly down to him, not minding that blood was getting on her talons. Hedwig gave him a piece of parchment, and a pleading look. Nodding Harry quickly forced all the pain he was feeling to back of his head- just enough for him to be able to move his tore up arm to wrote a small message with his blood. "Give it to anybody that's not with Dumbledore." Hedwig hooted and grabbed the note out of my hand and flew through the window- that was smashed from when Dudley threw a rock at it trying to get it to hit Harry while he was in punishment.


Now I guess it would be an okay time to tell you why Harry didn't want his note to be sent to anyone under Dumbledore's clutches. Including the few Weasley's he trusted- aka Charlie, Fred, George, and Ron, because even their mail were being supervised. Harry and Ron had started to think last year, during one of the very few times that they had without Hermione. They had started to talk about the years before that one, and quickly realized that everything was a set up. Harry meeting the Weasley's- as Ron says that every year before that his Mum would apparat them to the station, not even going through the barrier. The Stone, because they had read it once, when being forced to study a subject they don't even take with Hermione, that Dumbledore would instantly get a notice through the wards placed on Hogwarts if somebody possessed, or if a unwanted creature came through them. The Basilisk, because honestly if a 12 year old girl could figure out it was a Basilisk, then a 100+ year old man, that is supposedly the worlds most powerful wizard, could too. And last year- they trusted Padfoot and Moony 100%, as Moony always looked terrified of Dumbledore- and honestly, who would let themselves be locked up for 12 years in Azkaban? They quickly realized Dumbledore knew that Padfoot wasn't the one who killed his parents, and yet didn't do anything to get him a trail- even though he is Supreme Wugwump and that should of been enough- not mentioning that he was also Order of Merlin, first class. So they realized that Albus Dumbledore was not to be trusted.

Around that same time, Harry realized how off he felt in his own skin, and the boys decided that when Harry is retrieved to go to the burrow they would ask Fred and George to take them into Diagon Alley to investigate, for some Hermione they would say, as her birthday is on September 19th. But now, Harry isn't sure that would happen.

Severus was having tea, with his godson, who was visiting- when a white owl crash landed onto the Gaunt's dining room table. "Is- Is that Potter's owl?" Draco asked confused, raising, a pale eyebrow. Severus hummed with recognition- not in the mood to be mad at the boy for being Potter's spawn, and the one who caused his husband to go into a spiritual state. The owl just dropped a piece of parchment in front of Draco- who was closest to the poor thing, she looked so tired, and very worried. Severus couldn't imagine why- well that is until Draco picked up the letter, and quickly dropped his cup of warm tea, causing it to spill on the table, staining the elegant white table clothe a light brown. Severus raised an eyebrow, as his godson seemed in a bit of a panic, quickly putting his tea cup down, and swishing his wand to get rid of the spilt tea(see what I did there??), before taking the parchment from his hands.

I myself, felt truly terrified as I read the sickenly red color imprinted on the thick parchment, soaking through,

PLEASE SEND HELP, DYING. NUMBER 4 PRIVET DRIVE. PLEAs  there instead of an e, was a smear mark.

and for the first time, Severus felt truly terrified for the Potter spawn.

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Severus was oh so distraught they day his husband died, as he also lost his only child just months before.

His name was Adrien, Adrien Helios Gaunt. Adrien was the most beautiful child you could think of. What with his high cheek bones, his button nose, and pouty lips. Adrien also had the most beautiful eyes, a bright light green, the eyes he got from Severus' mother. His hair, well he only had a tuff of it, but you could clearly see that one day it would be fantastic. It was a dusty brown when he was first born, but they quickly figured out that their baby boy had gotten Tom's mothers metamorphmagus ability when the boy let out a squeal of delight and his hair changed bright green to match.

The night Adrien went missing, or more likely was stolen, was on Christmas, the first Christmas they would of spent with Adrien. The day went great, they had friends and family over, they ate lunch, joked around, and all had joyful smiled planted on there faces. Adrien had gotten along with Lucius' boy, Draco. And they all shared a laugh when Adrien merely scared the living day lights out of Parkinson's daughter, Pansy, by making a duck bill appear on his face and, had quacked at everyone for a good solid 5 minutes.

But it had started when everyone had left to celebrate Christmas at their own homes, and Severus had put Adrien to bed. He and Tom were cuddling on the couch, content with their life, they had started talking about having another child. A sibling for Adrien. The fire was warm and crackling, the fuzzy socks adorned his feet were cozy, and he had his loved one's arms wrapped around him. The snow was falling outside the window, making a soft layer of it on they're once vibrant green lawn. But it seemed as if, not even a moment after there loving conversation about expanding their family, everything went cold, the fire died out, the snow seemed to go rigged and nothing was calm anymore. But what truly scared the married couple, was when a loud horrified shriek boomed around the manor, and it all happened so fast.

Tom ran up the stairs and got to Adrien's room so fast, that Severus didn't even see him as he skipped two steps at a time to make himself faster. Now Severus didn't know what happened between when Tom got there and when he got there. Because he was much, much slower then his beloved. And by time he got there, the bedroom windows were shattered, Adrien's crib was knocked over, glass was everywhere, there were cracks in the paint that covered the walls, the room was gloomy, Tom was unconscious, and Adrien was gone.


It was about 2 months later that Tom had started to act weird, hopeful maybe. It was weird since they were both still grieving the lost of there son, since they couldn't get close enough to Dumbledore, as during this time Severus wasn't a spy for the Dark side, they had to presume him dead when every search party they sent out, and every single one of them returned with nothing. Severus had thought that maybe Tom was in denial. That maybe Tom was going insane. But what ever Severus tried to do, to get him to realize that their baby boy was at Dumbledore's clutches and they might never see him again, which hurt Severus every time he had to say it, Tom seemed to go even farther into his newly created shell of secrets.

A month later on the 31st of October, 1981, Tom had left the house and would be back in an hour, hopefully with a surprise. So Severus waited, and he waited. He got extremely worried when 2 hours had past, as he had just thought maybe he was running late. But Tom never returned home, never came back. The next morning, when Tom still had not come home, Severus was about to call a meeting to send out a search party. But he stopped when Lucius came to his home, and gave him the news that broke his heart. That Tom was sent into a spiritual state at the hands of Albus Dumbledore, and that Lily and James Potter were dead, and the Potter brat was declared by Dumbledore that he was the boy-who-lived, and had supposedly survived the killing curse, and killed Tom, or as Dumbledore said, Voldemort.

And part of Severus died that night.

But he put on a glamour, made him appear as he did during his school days, Weak and Vulnerable, and got a job at Hogwarts under the fake last name he used when he was at school, and started to spy on Dumbledore. Started to gather information, and started to plan his revenge on the man. The man who not only stole his only child and most likely killed him, but also the man who had ripped his mate out of his life. The man who he swore would die a painful death.

Severus and Lucius appeared in an Alley way close to the residence located on the piece of parchment. Normally Severus would not have went to save the child that had ruined the plans of bringing back his Husband in the boys first two years. But he was curious, curious as why he would send it to the man he hated, curious as to why Dumbledore's 'golden boy' would be dying, as Dumbledore had painted a perfect image of the Potter boy growing up spoiled rotten. And he new the boys address long before today, as Dumbledore trusted him completely, the old fool. So Severus and Lucius walked briskly to the house, gathering the attention of the neighbors as they passed, staring at the two middle aged men's beauty and strange choice of clothing.

Counting the numbers of the houses he passed, he stopped abruptly in front of the fourth one on the lane. Causing Lucius to run into him a little, the male grunted at Severus as he re adjusted his robes. But Severus couldn't have been bothered with the drama queen, as he stared in horror at the house. At house that reeked of nothing but fear, and blood. The house had a small tinge of love to it, but he highly doubted that it was targeted at the person who bled. Now you see, Severus knew, that the blood smell could very well be period blood. But you know, period blood and wound blood smell highly different, Severus should know, spending a month with the Malfoy family and the Lestrange family, was a bad idea as both Lady Malfoy and Lady Lestrange had their periods during the same week and his poor nose. This smell, he could very well tell was wound blood. Plus the smell of fear gave it away just a bit.

Snapping out of his little episode, Severus stormed into the house, glad that the door was unlocked. It would have been troubling if he would have to use magic to open the door especially with all the muggles staring. When inside, he saw a whale of a man with a absolutely horrid mustache, a hose like women who honestly looked like she could be on crack with how skinny she is, and a boy- who in all honestly could be mistaken as a full grown hippo. Noticing that every one of these people were indeed not Harry, and not wounded, Severus ran upstairs, where he could smell the blood sent leaking down the stairs. The hall way looked plane and there were 5 doors in total.

The first door, he could tell was the parents room as it had a sign, that looked like it was made by a 5 year old that said Mom & Dad. The second room, he thought to be the boys, as in dark blue, written in crayon 'DUDELY' was sprawled across it. The third door, looked to be barely opened so he guessed it to be a guess room of some sorts. He could tell the fourth door was to be a bathroom, as It was opened and he caught a glimpse of the mirror that showed him the toilet. So in conclusion he turned to the fifth door in the hallway, the one farthest away from him, and was startled when he saw the blood leaking through the bottom of the door, and when he noticed the seven locks on the door. Waving his wand, he casted a series of nonverbal Alohomoras.

The door popped open, creaking loudly as it did so, and Severus got to see the full extent of the room.

The floor, that looked like it could have once been brown, were stained red, and a puddle of blood was in the center, slowly flowing all around. A bed was in the corner of the room, it was rickety and held no pillows or blankets. and if you looked closely you could see some springs poking out of the mattress. The walls, where white- though chipped and held some holes Severus assumed either somebody punched them or a body part was slammed into the wall. There was one Gryffindor Quidditch team flag above the bed, but after that there was nothing that made this room look like a teenagers bedroom. It held none of the boys belongings, and Severus was honestly mad. He might hate the Potter brat, but he would always put a child's health before anything. And right now? Severus is pissed.

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SORRY! But this story will be on Hiatus,,, just for a little bit though as I figure out what I want the end goal to be with this story,, and what I want to happen along the way!!! I do have a few chapters planned out,, but I don't want to write them and make anything final when I don't know where I want this story to go. I'll try to figure it out soon though.