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for you bouquets and ribbon'd wreaths

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the heat ran high throughout the dorms, warming the air and creating somewhat of a comforting atmosphere. todd didn't notice. his mind wasn't where it should be. not in the school, not in the dorm, and not in his bed. he really needed to sleep but he wouldn't dare close his eyes. instead, he stared at the other side of the room, illuminated by the light of the moon. it was bare. no books on the shelves, no papers on the desks, no blankets on the bed. he couldn’t stand the sight of it. he turned his head slightly to look out the one window in his room. snow fell silently from the sky onto the ground. he longed to be out there, running through the world turned cold by winter, running all the way to where his heart lay resting beneath the frozen earth. it must be so cold, he thinks. he pulls the blankets tighter around himself. his thoughts began to wander, going from the cold and the snow and the empty side of the room to what the weight of the cool metal must’ve felt like in the hands he used to hold. he’s hurting. he knows that and he knows he’s going to hurt and it won’t stop hurting so long as he’s stuck looking out the window and wondering what could have been. he lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding and looks away from the silent world outside his room. he needed to sleep.