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The Egg

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Several months had passed since Toshinori had been officially taken into the Midoriya household. He and Izuku were sleeping in the living room in the beds Inko had bought them. Izuku had used to sleep with her in her own bed, or on the couch, but she figured it was better to have real dedicated beds, now that there were the two of them, and since he was getting a little bigger anyway.

It was still dark in the room when Toshi woke, finding Izuku cuddled up to him in his bed. But the boy wasn’t sleeping, or at least not completely. He was panting and nuzzling against Toshi’s underside, as if subconsciously trying to get underneath him. In the dim light he could just barely see that one of Izuku’s vines had reached around to his backside to feel around his hole, and he was currently sliding it in and out of himself in a distracted way.

Toshi felt bad for the kid, recognizing the mating heat. He was too old to get them anymore, luckily, but he remembered back when he was younger. Nana had had a hard time with him, but she’d bore his panting and whining patiently, for the most part. A few times he’d gotten so loud and rowdy, his needy screeches apparently too annoying and pathetic to handle, that she’d helped him out just so he would shut up.

He remembered the first time, when she’d tied his feet securely to his perch and looped a hood around his head to calm him down. It had definitely stopped his trashing, but with two of his senses muted the heat in his backside was more in focus than ever, and unlike Izuku he hadn’t had a way to ease the tension himself.

Unable to see and with his hearing dulled, he was surprised when Nana returned from the direction of the bathroom. She set one hand on his back and gently pet his feathers, and said apologetically, “I know this isn’t what you want, but I looked it up and aside from letting you loose to go find a mate, this is all I can do to help. I don’t need a bunch of baby pidgeys running around here, so you’re just gonna have to deal.” And then without further ado she stuck something cool and solid straight into his aching cloaca. (He later found out it was the thermometer she had used to take his temperature when he was sick.) He didn’t have the sense to be embarrassed as she gently thrust it in and out of him and he keened helplessly, because it felt so good and it was such a relief after a straight week or overwhelming heat, but afterward he definitely had a hard time looking her in the eye. He was mortified that he’d been so uncontrollable that the human woman who was essentially his mother had to do such a thing for him.

Toshi wondered if Inko ever did the same for Izuku, maybe holding the little creature on her lap as he cried out in pleasure and relief. Or was this his first heat?

Heats weren’t contagious, as far as he knew, but he swore he could feel the half-pleasant warmth and ache in himself as well-- maybe just because he knew what it felt like and he was empathizing with poor Izuku, who was still softly writhing at his side. Or maybe it was from the memory and the lewd scene he’d imagined. He couldn’t say it wasn’t a little appealing. But then he noticed a hint of a flowery scent. It was quite the lovely perfume; intoxicating really, and it was wafting steadily and stronger every moment from the dissatisfied lump of adolescent chikorita that was currently panting loudly and reaching into himself with those clever little vines. (Toshi wished he’d had such a thing, or a partner with such a thing.)

He couldn’t decide if it was strictly the smell emanating from Izuku that was setting Toshi on edge, making him experience just a little of what Izuku was going through, making him want to give the young creature what he was craving, or if maybe it was some combination of the pheromone and the thoughts and his own steadily-growing adoration for the boy. They clearly had a bond, given how the mega-stones worked between them. But when Izuku cracked open his eyes and looked balefully up at Toshinori, he found he didn’t really care what the reason was.

“Ugh… Toshi... “ Izuku panted and gulped back the copious amounts of saliva that were welling up in his mouth. “It’s so hot…” He nuzzled into Toshi’s breast, a silent plea for help, and that was about all he could take.

“Do you want my help?” Toshi whispered huskily, although he was already nudging Izuku’s vines out of his way with his beak, more than ready to fill the boy better than any measley vine could.


A little bit clumsy (from inexperience, or their differences in size and shape, or maybe just from the fog of Izuku’s perfume), Toshinori fluttered up and mounted Izuku. He was careful about where he put his claws, not wanting to hurt the boy or mar his beautiful smooth skin. Lined up as well as he could be, he managed to get one claw on the ground to support him, so he wasn’t crushing the chikorita beneath his weight; the other claw he curled into a fist and rested on Izuku’s rump. Then he pushed in.

It was a haze of instinct-driven motion and a smoothly-building pleasure while they mumbled breathlessly at each other.

“Ugh… Toshi, it’s… so good,” Izuku rambled. “You’re… really nice.”

Toshinori didn’t know what to respond to that. Words weren’t coming naturally to him at the moment. Everything was feeling-- both physical and emotional. This was the first time he’d ever done this with another pokemon (well, this was the first time he’d ever done this at all, since he’d been on the receiving end of Nana’s ‘help’) and it felt so good he didn’t think there were words for it.

Instinctively, he leaned forward and bit one of Izuku’s neck-vines. It wasn’t hard, he just gripped it solidly in his beak, tugging Izuku’s head back. The boy groaned and Toshinori shivered into him at the noise and the way Izuku responded by reaching back and winding several more vines tightly around Toshi’s legs and pulling him closer.

Izuku’s head-leaves began to perspirate, forming beads of sticky, sweet-smelling sap. Toshi licked a droplet and found it delicious. Inspired, he licked the rest of the thick, dark leaves, and then the back of Izuku’s neck, causing the boy to tense up around him, his breath hitching.

The next thing he knew, the darkness was lit by the yellow and rainbow glows of the Pidgeotite at Toshi’s wrist and the keystone embedded into the skin at Izuku’s neck, and Toshi could feel the intense wind of transformation as his head-and-tail feathers grew out and he bulked up into his more impressive form. Izuku yelled as Toshinori suddenly filled him even fuller than before, pushing them both over the edge. Warmth washed over Toshi, through each of his feathers, as he spilled into Izuku and Izuku pulsed around him, keening. He gave a few more thrusts for good measure, but it seemed both of them were happily spent. Izuku was murmuring his praises as Toshinori collapsed on top of him, trying not to put the full weight of ‘All Might’ on him as even his wings drooped down around them, blanketing the chikorita as he cooled down from the heat.

“Are you feeling better?” Toshi asked, after his breath came back to him and the light of the stones faded, leaving him back in his usual form.

“Mm-hmm,” Izuku hummed, apparently quite sleepy now. “It was really nice… Thanks, Toshi…”

Without further ado, the little creature fell into a sated sleep, cuddled up half-underneath his impromptu mate. Toshinori sighed comfortably and settled back down as well, tucking Izuku under his wing.

That was how Inko found them in the morning. They awoke with her staring down at them, looking amused. “Two beds might have been a waste of money, if you’re just going to sleep like this.” (It wasn’t the first time the cuddling had happened, just the first time the mating had, and she probably didn’t know about that. Neither of them had squawked too loudly, they didn’t think.)

But it was inevitable that she would find out before too long-- not that either Toshi or Izuku thought of it as inevitable at the time. They both knew how babies were made, but it wasn’t something they thought about very often, let alone in the heat of things or the immediate aftermath. Neither of them thought about babies the morning after the first heat, nor the following few nights when it returned and they had a repeat performance (because there was really no point in Izuku suffering if he didn’t have to, and that sweet perfume made it impossible for Toshi to resist, even if he wanted to-- which he didn’t).

It wasn’t until after his week of heats had ended (and Inko seemed none the wiser, since it always happened at night while she was sleeping) that Izuku’s mother stopped mid-stride on her way to the kitchen and cocked her head at her son, who was lazing on the couch.

“Izuku, are you feeling okay? You look a little bloated. Did you eat something weird?”

From his perch, Toshinori watched Izuku tilt his head in a shrug. “I don’t think so. I’m just a little tired,” he said, stretching out.

Inko hummed, as if she wasn’t sure there wasn’t something wrong, but she went on with her day, and so did her poke-housemates. Personally, Toshinori also thought Izuku might not be feeling well, because he hadn’t seemed very interested in training lately, but he figured it was just a lingering exhaustion from the hormones and all the vigorous… exercising they’d done to tame them.

It was a few days later when Izuku started complaining about not feeling well. “Maybe I really did eat something bad,” he said, groaning, his freckly face drawn into a frown. There was unfortunately nothing Toshi could do (normally if he wasn’t feeling well he’d take a quick flight, but that wasn’t something he could recommend to an earthbound creature), so he just hovered a bit, nuzzling Izuku periodically with his beak, because that was what felt right.

Several nights later, Toshi was awoken by Izuku’s groans, and he thought Izuku was in another heat despite not being due for one for a few months, until he realized that his little mate was in actual pain.

“Izuku, are you alright?” he asked, feathers puffing up in worry. He nuzzled Izuku’s neck, then his side, and his backside. He really did seem terribly tense.

“I dunno,” Izuku moaned. He had his vines out, and was instinctively touching all over himself, as if trying to relieve the pressure inside his body. His vines wandered back to his hole, which seemed… a little puffy. “It’s not hot like before, it just hurts.”

Toshi wondered if it was a heat-- just maybe a broken one. All the discomfort without the hazy drive to seek pleasure. “Should I help?” he asked, dubious but wanting to do what he could. Izuku didn’t respond with anything more than a groan, so Toshinori remained unsure what to do. If it was a heat, he was sure coming inside him would make it better, but suppose Izuku was really just sick? Anyway, Toshi couldn’t muster the interest when Izuku didn’t seem very interested himself; he wasn’t even making any of the perfume, and he was obviously in genuine discomfort. Instead of mounting Izuku, Toshi nudged at his hole with his beak, feeling like… maybe that would help somehow.

They didn’t sleep much the rest of the night, Izuku straining and groaning at his discomfort, while Toshi nuzzled and massaged him and just hoped it would pass. And then-- it did, in the form of a large egg that finally plopped right out of him and into the cushions of Toshi’s bed. He stared down at it, first in horror and then in understanding.

Panting, Izuku turned around and stared at it. “Okay…” he said faintly. ‘Well… I feel a lot better now…” He collapsed into a heap next to the egg, which was nearly a quarter of his size, and fell soundly asleep. Toshi was too riled up to rest and instead settled down half on-top of both mate and egg, both relieved and now worried over something that he hadn’t even known existed until that night.  

When Inko came into the living room the next morning, yawning and stretching, she probably didn’t expect to find her son and his large feathery friend huddled in a pile with a green-speckled satin-finished egg the size of a cantaloupe safely between them.

“Izuku, darling… Did you lay an egg?”

Sleepy but worried about his mother’s reaction, Izuku laughed nervously. “Surprise?” he said, his stumpy little tail wagging.

Inko spent a little while on phone that morning, calling the vet for his opinion. “Hi. Yes, it’s me. Uh huh. Oh, no, Toshinori seems happy. Hm? No, Izuku… yeah, they get along well. ...Really well, actually. Do you… know if pidgey and chikorita are in the same egg group? New research happening all the time? Haha well, yes, I’m sure that’s true. Huh? Oh, no, I think we’ll be alright. Yes, I’ll let you know. Thanks.”

And then, carefully, she approached the nest the two of them had made and asked gently, “Can I look at it?” and though Toshinori felt a little apprehensive, he knew if there was any human he was going to trust these days, it was Inko, so he scooted back and let her pick it up.

“Well,” she said. “It’s definitely an egg.” She set it carefully back down in Toshinori’s feather-fluff and then patted them both on the head, lingering over Izuku. “I guess you’re feeling better then?”

Izuku nudged his head against her hand. “I’m feeling great,” he said, blushing as he glanced back at Toshinori.

With both the heats and the egg pain done, Izuku was mostly back to his normal self. Mostly, because he did seem to have somewhat more of a glow about him, and he was more open with his affections for Toshinori. Before the heats, they'd been rather silent on their feelings for each other. After the heats, well, they still hadn't really talked about it, but it seemed resolved anyway, to Izuku's contentment. He was cuddling Toshinori unabashedly now, nibbling at his feathers in an affectionate sort of way, rubbing his snout against the bird's beak in what the humans would call a kiss.

Toshinori felt rather blessed. This retirement was going remarkably well. He hadn't expected to find a home, or a student, let alone an adorable young mate who seemed more happy to have him than he was sure he deserved. And the idea that they would have a baby soon… He’d really never considered such a thing.

Of course, he was considering it now, as was Izuku. The chikorita could often be found cuddling the egg, nuzzling it or staring at it pensively. “What do you think it’s gonna be like?” he sometimes asked Toshi, sometimes in the middle of the night when they should have been sleeping but the quiet made it just too easy to sit and think about their concealed little offspring.

“You laid it,” Toshinori said, “so it should be more like you.”

Izuku hummed. “You think so? I was sort of hoping it would be more like you.” He smiled shyly and took the opportunity to huddle closer, and Toshi could feel a pleasant warmth spread further through him at Izuku’s roundabout compliment.

They didn’t have to wait very long. Soon the egg started to tremble periodically, the shaking increasing in frequency over a week until it was finally rattling more often than it was still. The last few days before it hatched, both its parents were so anxious that they took turns keeping watch over it (whenever they weren’t both watching), eschewing training and going outside altogether. They didn’t want the little creature to be born without at least one of its parents there to greet it.

Luckily, both were present when the egg gave a final jolt and knocked itself over, a large crack forming in the shell. They watched with wide eyes as little bits of the speckled eggshell popped off. They could see only a tiny bit of it in there-- just a little brown, some white, a flash of green. Then a little more of the shell was gone and some tiny downy feathers were visible-- and leaves?

“Come on!” Izuku called softly as they hovered. “You can do it!”

A faint little chirp came from the egg as the baby gave a final push and tumbled out-- rather stunning its parents, because it was neither really a pidgey nor a chikorita. Izuku fell forward towards it, nudging the confused little ball of mostly-feathers and winding a vine around it in a hug.

“Wow…” he said, as he scooped it closer to him and leaned back into a sitting position. “Look at you. You’re so cute. Toshinori, look!”

Still surprised but drawn to it like a magnet, Toshi huddled down as close as he could. The little thing was indeed adorable-- a brown and white little bird with accents of green leaf, and eyes wider than Izuku’s. Like the chikorita, it had a speckled face, and like the pidgeot it had a beak-- though rather flat. Somehow it looked like both of them, and like neither of them. It was some kind of… something new.

Almost afraid to touch it, Toshinori kept a slight distance, until Izuku pulled him close and shoved the baby into his chest, at which point Toshi couldn’t help himself from grooming it. They spent most of the rest of the day that way, cuddling and grooming and marvelling over it. Izuku squawked in a decidedly bird-like way when, in the middle of dozing, the baby rolled over to his belly and latched on to one of the little bumps that had swollen up there recently.

“Haha… okay…” he said, laughing nervously as he adjusted to the baby’s instinct to feed, and to the slight sharpness of its beak. Since neither he nor Toshinori really knew what they were doing, they were glad the baby had some idea.

When Inko returned home, she dropped her things in the doorway and rushed over, immediately noticing the shards of eggshell on the floor. The baby was under them (searching for dinner again) so they had to sit back to reveal it when she knelt by them and asked quietly but with undeniable excitement, “Can I see?” Cautiously she picked it up (and they let her, because she was Izuku’s mother and they trusted her) and held it up before her face. “It’s beautiful!” She looked between the two parents-- her adorable son and the strange mate he’d somehow picked up while she wasn’t looking-- and grinned at them. “Look what you made! You did such a good job, you two! It is funny though… I wouldn’t really call this a pidgey.”

After cuddling with the new baby (who took to her just as much as it had taken to its own parents), she called up the vet. They could hear her in the kitchen, laughing as she talked to him. “Hi, yes it’s me again! Yes, Izuku and Toshinori are both fine. The egg hatched! Mmhm, it seems healthy. It’s really cute. Ahaha, yeah, that’s the thing. No, it’s definitely not a chikorita. ...Not like any pidgey I’ve ever seen. No, I’m pretty sure they’re both the parents. ...I’ll just send you a picture, hold on.”

She came out into the living room again and stood in front of them with her phone. “Can I take a picture of the baby real quick?” she asked, snapping a photo and then patting them each on the head before sending it to the doctor and wandering back into the kitchen.

There was a short silence before she laughed, back on the phone again. “Uh huh, I told you. That’s just funny. I didn’t think it was possible. Hmm? New research being done every day? Haha.”

They talked on the phone a little while longer, and then she hung up and came back to the living room to smile down at them. “Well, the doctor says he’s never seen anything like it before but that it could count as a new species. I guess that makes you guys pretty special!” She sat down on the floor with them, pulling her legs up underneath her and putting an arm around both Izuku and Toshinori (as the baby dozed in Toshi’s feathers). Giving them a cheesy grin she finished, “But I already knew that.”