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NV-2: A Different Path

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Multi-layered stories with multiple layers. Confused? Good cause so am I! Okay, but seriously this is my first fanfic ship writing I have ever done and probably the only one that will have this type of style. To pretty much explain how it's going to work there will be the Ship title (Eg. Understanding), which will tell you what ship it is and what their sort of mini-arc/adventure is going to be about. There will be the actual title, which I think we all the description of it is and what it's about. The Ship title will change when the ships mini-arc will end. The Hero and Villain chapters will either include multiple ships, one ship or pretty much going to push the over-arcing story a bit further. (That will only get started somewhat after I'm done going through the canon stuff. Also spoilers this goes as far as the manga, but also not s0 much cause it only mentions the things that happen sometimes, still you've been warned).

Anyway here are the titles for the current stories that I have planned and their respected ships:

Untraveled Road: All Might x OC

Impressive: Nakagame x VEC

Mind Night: Midnight x VEC

Creative Destruction: OC x OC

New Old: VEC x VEC

Understanding: Koda x Pony
Strong Enough: Kirishima x Ashido
Better Than Pride: Bakugo x Camie
Good Enough: Midoriya x Ochako
Strike/Quirk: Kaminari x Jirou
Do Your Best: Todoroki x Momo
Big Brother/Let's Try: Tetsutetsu x Kendou
I Don’t Need To See: Ojiro x Tooru
Beast: Fumikage x Tsuyu
Brains: Hitoshi x Mei
Soft: Mirio x Bubble Girl
Angels: Tamaki x Nejire

Sweet Tooth: Tokage x VEC

Tangled Up: Sero x Ibara

Good Ghost: Satou x Yui

We are: Reiko x Shoji

Standing Tall: Kamui x Mt Lady

All Heart: Fatgum x Ryukyu
Rage: Pixie-Bob x VEC

Calming Storms: Fuyumi x VEC
Stolen: Ragdoll x VEC
Truth: Hawks x Miruko
Worth: Endeavour x Rei
Can’t Joke: Aizawa x Emi
Soldier: Hisashi x Inko

Villain chapters

Hero Chapters