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Dance in the Flames

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Dance in The Flames

I Own Nothing

This gift is for you EPICNESSQUEEN21

You ever know that feeling like your being watched but you turn around and no one is there? Yeah I pretty much have experience with that. But as soon a I turn around I still feel that presence, something or someone have there eyes on me, looking right at me, like a predator looking straight at its prey, wanting to strike and taste that sweet flesh, licking its lips and feeding on my tender bits, I would always freeze and keep turning back around, but like always nothing was there, no monster, no one at all. It didn't matter where I would go, all I could feel was eyes on my,even if I was on the edge or at home I always felt like someone was watching me at all times.

But this kept happening, with each step I took, with each swift movement I would jump, feeling my entire body tense up, my stomach feeling queasy. I need to stop messing around and stop jumping at every sound, I need to get out of here.But of course I had to be stubborn, I was too scared to tell anybody about this, but then again what was there to explain? hey guys I think I have a stalker please help me? Nope. I refused to talk about it, I refused to even acknowledge it at all, but here I was in the middle of the woods, looking or in this case walking around like an idiot. I shouldn't have left Toothless in the cave, but I had to, I had to keep him safe and away from prying eyes.

I've had enough sleepless nights, times I would wake up feeling those same cold eyes, feeling like someone was watching me sleep, with each movement I made or sound I made, it was a monster was stalking me, a presence I couldn't shake off.

I should just go home and pretend that this had never happened, I woke up in the middle of the night and wanted to take a quick flight, but that soon turned into another trip to one of the abandoned islands far out towards the east. I kept asking myself why was I here in the first place? I didn't even know who was stalking me in the first place, was I even being stalker or was I even going crazy? It wouldn't be the first time would it? i shook my head and was ready to turn back.

But I didn't get that chance, before I could even turn around I felt a strong hand pushing against my mouth, covering it so I couldn't scream. I felt another strong arm wrapped around my waist, pulling me close to this strong body, my nose was filled with the scent of lavender, almost too sweet to smell, making my nose burn.

"Shh my little dragon, I'm not here to hurt you." This voice was smooth like velvet, his hand caressing my rear, then traveling to the middle of my crotch, gripping it gently, almost caressing it like a lover would do. I almost moaned to this mans touch, but I bit my lip as the hand slowly pulled away from my mouth, I quickly turned around, pulling out my sword, instantly bursting into flames as I looked upon the face of my enemy.

"Viggo." I hissed at him, but the man only smile and gave me a low chuckle, seeing the blushed all over my cheeks, only making me feel more embarrassed right now.I locked eyes with the man's half burnt face, his left eyes still pale, the burns reaching down to his neck, he only looked at me with a hungry look, as if he wanted to feast upon me. I stared into his eyes, watching his mouth slowly opening to greet me, but I wasn't in the mood for this.

"What the Hell do you want?" I demanded, as he started to circle around me, looking at my body with his one remaining eye, feeling almost naked in his glances.

"No need to get so aggressive my dear." His voice could cut right through me, sending shivers down my body the entire time, he eventually stopped so he could face me, looking at my emerald eyes, taking his hand to caress my cheek."For the last couple of weeks...I've been watching over you my sweetlying, watching you sleep, watching you with your friends...watching you bathe." My eyes wide, I snarled at him pointing my sword at his neck

"You son of a bitch." He didn't flinch when I aimed my sword at him.

"I couldn't help myself...with my brother dead  not having much else to do well...."He trailed off, looking at me almost in a loving matter."Over the last couple of months...I've been wanting you, to touch you, to have my cock inside of you."He gave me a half smirk, only sending more shivers down my spine."I've been wanting to fuck you for so swoon you...maybe one day kidnap you an run off to the other side of the world...but I'll save that for another time my dear." He purred.

"There's not going to be a next time." I said bitterly to him, wanting the older man to leave."Why me Viggo? Out of all the people why did it have to be me? I'm not important I'm not special."

"And that's where you're wrong Hiccup."Viggo cut in, taking his hand to my face, looking at me with a softer look."You are the most incredible thing I have ever come across." I started to lower my sword, wanting to turn it off to hear him out, I was still looking at him, almost confused to be hearing this from him, why stalk me? Why look after me, let alone watch me bathe, I didn't understand why he was doing this. I wasn't a woman, let alone good looking...or at least not in Viggo's eyes. Why did he think I was some sort of beauty?

"Why me?" I asked him again, finally lowering my sword, looking at him with confused eyes the entire time, he stepped closer to me, cradling my sheek, his one remaining eye looking deep into mine."I don't understand...were enemies...I mean you...kill dragons you sell them you-" He cut me off by placing his finger on my lip.

"You know why I want you Hiccup." he whispered in his seductive voice, pulling me close, holding me by my thin hips."Just let me show, let me show you what I want."

I felt my entire face going red, all the heat going straight into my face. I stood there frozen for a moment before Viggo started to lean down, I soon lean in as our lips locked n a tender kiss, his lips were tender and soft, even with the burns on the left side of his face, I let my hands travel and slowly wrapped my arms around him. I tilted my head and let our lips locked on, I felt one of his hands traveling up to my head, locking into my hair, gripping it softly.

We continued to do this for a few minutes before Viggo pulled away.

"Let me undress you...please."

"O..okay." I whispered as I let him unlace the front of my green tunic, slowly pulling the tunic over my head. We continued to kiss each other, getting lost in our own touches and looking at each other the entire time, feeling each others flesh, he pulled away from my lips and started to play with my nipples, playing with them, kissing and suckling on them tenderly, I let a few moans escape my lips, he caressed and kissed my chest for a few minutes before I felt him tugging on my pants.

Soon I got frustrated and yanked my pants off for him, he seemed a little taken back, but once that was over he pulled me in for another kiss."I going to fuck you Hiccup...I'm going to fill you with my seed until your screaming." He said darkly as our lips crashed into each other again, he was already taking his clothes off, for a second he looked at my naked body, looking at it as if it was a precious crystal or gem."So beautiful." He would whisper to me in between kisses.

I felt his hand in between my legs, playing with my cock and tracing his thumb along the tip of my cock. I moaned even louder in between kisses, letting him stroke my cock harder, moving his hand faster until I started getting really hard in his hand. He pulled away from my lips and took one of my hands."Play with my cock Hiccup, show what this hands can do my little dragon." He said in a husky voice as I started to play with his cock, it was larger then I thought, I gripped it and started to run my hand up and down watching his getting hard now, watching the small amount of precum on the tip.

I started to lean down, getting on my hands and knees, taking his large member and placing his cock in my mouth, sucking and concealing my lips around his member. He released some hard grunts, placing one of his hands on the top of my head."Such a good little dragon I have, such a pretty little mouth you have." He praised me.

He was getting harder by the minute, the more I sucked and licked him, he would praise me even more, causing me to grow hard as well, feeling the blush coming across my face again, Viggo would see this and chuckle at this, thinking this was innocent since I never have done this, I've talked about oral sex with my friends before...asking what it was like...wondering what it was like."Gods your so good Hiccup." He said deeply, feeling his finger knotting in my hair.

Soon he came in my mouth, feeling his hot seed coming inside my mouth, I pulled away from his member to wipe away the cum, Viggo barely gave me anytime before pushing me down onto the cold ground, telling me to lay down, so I did. I looked at him with weary eyes, wanting him inside of me, wanting him to fuck me until I forgot my name, his body was magnificent to look at, even with the scars and burns he had a great body on him.

Viggo looked down at my naked body with a look of a predator would give before killing its prey, we locked eyes before he got on top of me, grabbing my hips and spreading my legs far apart."So lovely." He said with greed."Spread your legs a little wider Hiccup." he commanded me, watching me legs spread.

I did what I was told, he spread my legs wider now, letting the older man's eyes linger all over my body, he got in between them, pulling me closer to his hard cock, already hard again, seeing the cum leaking from it. He gave me another kiss on the lips."Fair warning my little dragon, this will hurt." I bit my lip and nodded at him, he took some saliva from his mouth, lubing up his fingers, getting ready to stick them inside me.

The first finger went in, causing my body to wiggle and squirm in front of Viggo. He seemed to be enjoying every second of this, smirking at me darkly as he put another finger in, hitting my sweet spot as he dug in deeper, but there was still some pain for the price of pleasure."Enjoying this aren't we Hiccup?"

I nodded, moaning out, this time louder."Yes." I cried out.

He soon pulled his fingers out, pulling me up to his lap, feeling the large member in between my legs, feeling the tip near my entrance."Prepare yourself, I'm going to try to go in slow." he pulled me into his lap, almost straddling it as I arched my hips, feeling the tip starting to go in, the pain was starting to come in, it started off slow just like he said, not too bad until he started to go in deep. I panicked at the sudden rush of pain, Viggo hushed me softly, telling me it was normal for a first timer like me, after a few minutes of pain I started to rock my hips slow and steady.

He held my hips in place, gripping them tightly, feeling his nails sinking in my flesh, letting him inside of me."Oh gods yes." I moaned."Viggo!Viggo!Viggo!" I moaned loudly I was sure man and gods could hear me now.

"That's it Hiccup, come with me, come with me my love." He said thrusting into me, feeling my hole tightening around his hard throbbing cock. He grunted and grabbed my face, kissing me fiercely as he thrusted me harder and harder."Your ass is so greedy Hiccup, so lovely and tight." He gripped my so hard I could feel his nails sinking into my flesh, almost getting ready to tear me apart. His cock was buried deep inside of me, feeling him getting harder as he hit my sweet spot with each thrust. I was seeing stars in the corner of my eyes, Viggo was looking at me with hungry eyes."So beautiful." He would whisper to me over and over again."So bloody perfect Hiccup." I moaned louder as he nibbled on my neck.

I sank my nails into his flesh deeper, almost breaking his skin as he dug himself deeper inside.

"Come with me Hiccup, come with me and I'll take you to places you can only imagine, I'll give you more pleasure that you never see to believe." he was thrusting more deeper inside of me, soon I was starting to feel the hard length of member, growing stronger and harder as he continued to thrust. I was already in a daze, feeling my entire body going weak. I felt his warm lips pressing against my neck, causing the shivers to go up my spine.

"Yes...yes...take me Viggo, take me please!" I cried out as he released his seed deep inside of me, I have already came on my stomach, both of us spilling our seed. We were both breathless, both of collapsed, with Viggo pulling me into his arms, laying up against his chest. We laid in each others arms, feeling his sweaty body up against mine, his heart was pounding as was mine. I could feel his large hand cradling my hip.

This was what I wanted, this was what I was lusting for, now I was dancing in the flames.

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Dance In The Flames

Chapter Two

I Own Nothing

Three months have passed since my night with Viggo, three months of me coming back to him, wanting more and more sex. But I was still holding back from him...almost dreading of thinking of him, over the last few weeks, weeks that soon turned into was like someone was torturing me the entire time, it was just creeping in the back of my mind the entire time...just lingering in my head and all I could think about was Viggo with me. Even if I was out with my friends or spending time with Toothless...all that time I was still thinking of Viggo, everytime I go to bed I end up dreaming of Viggo, when I wake up I think Viggo is watching over me, starting at me with his haunting eyes...his one remaining brown, the other a pale white blue, just looking into my soul.

But just like always I tried ignoring it, almost running away from it as if I was being chased by a monster, a monster that only wanted one

But I was avoiding him, after we did it...I got up and left without saying another word to him, but he did ask me...asking me of I would come back for him. I thought it wasn't real when he asked me this, but it was all too real when I replayed it in my head.

"Will you come back to me little dove?" His voice with melted with seduction, almost making wanting to turn back and leave with him, but I continued to dress myself, putting my boot and leg back on, not making any eye contact with him after our lustful affair.

I froze when he said that."I...I don't know...maybe I..." Before I could say anything else I left in the darkness. But before I was gone he had one more thing to say.

"Don't worry my little dove...I won't be too far, and I'll always be watching you." He chuckled darkly before I was gone into the night.

 I snapped back into reality, just laying down in my bed...for once I was back on Berk, wanting to take my mind of things for a little while, wanting to be somewhere that Viggo couldn't see me, or that's what I kept telling myself, telling myself that no one was watching me, that it was just me and Toothless. MY father was down stairs sleeping the night away, I could almost hear his snores coming from down stairs, I slowly turned my head to see my dragon asleep as well, watching his ears twitch, his eyes almost fluttering every now and then.

I was slowly growing impatiens, turning back and forth to a point where I woke up Toothless, I shot up and looked right back at him."Sorry bud...I just can't sleep right now." I started to get out of bed, putting my leg back on before bundling up for the cold autumn night."Just...stay here okay?" 

Toothless growled before getting up, I sighed before giving in to Toothless."Alright you can come with me...I had a feeling you wouldn't let me go alone." Toothless was never leaving my side, after the time I spent with Viggo was the last time I was ever really left alone. I didn't even know where we were going this time...maybe sometime in the cove would help me out again. Both of us slowly tip toed out of my father's hut, trying not to make a sound our have Skullcrusher see us leaving, luckily he was sleeping in the stalls tonight, giving us the slip.

Everyone was starting to notice my changes over the last couple of weeks, I was more quiet, more skittish to be honest, but who could blame me? Everytime I turn around I'm thinking he's there, watching over me, wanting me to come back to him...and deep down...I really wanted to. I didn't want this to be a one time thing between us...I was more hungry for it...wanting him to touch me, to kiss me to feel his lips pressed up against mine.

Astrid was the first to notice something was wrong, always trying to pressure me to talk to her, but I was just brushing it off as if it never happened. I kept this up until she and the other gave up on me, I don't think anyone bothered to tell my father that something was wrong, then again did anyone else really care about me? I mean I know my friends do...but I didn't want them to know about me and Viggo, the last thing I wanted them to know was my love affair with the dragon seller himself.

With this that came with dreams, dreams of him either raping me or fucking me until I saw stars. Most of them I was either tied to a bed and having his body on top of mine, whispering in my ear, telling me how beautiful I really was, thrusting inside of me until I filled with his seed. That last part would always make me shudder, having an enemy inside of me, touching me and making me squirm under his body, not even that but Viggo out of all the people. He was watching me, watching my every move and wanting to be closer to me, wanting me for himself.

Once we were out of the sight of the village we took off for the cove, a place I haven't been in a long time.

Sometimes my dreams would take me here, where it was just me and Viggo, wanting to whisk me away, to take me to forge places and not have to worry about anything or anyone anymore. Part of him knew I didn't want to be chief of berk, that only made me feel worse. I did want take over berk, I do want to make my father proud of me...but I don't even know if I can handle being the next chief in line... was I even ready for this yet? My father tried sitting me down, trying giving me the whole "son we need to talk" but I ignored him, just like everyone else, I just walk away and pretend none of this was important. But I knew one day I was going to have to face it, but I just hated the it, I just wanted to be free without having to worry about anything.

That was now getting my father on my tail, now he was starting to worry about me, knowing something was up. But I only shook my head and tried turning away from him, only walking out the door. I was surprised when I show up later that he didn't try again, maybe my dad was trying not to push me this time. It was almost odd of him to see him as a caring parent, for most of my life I was ignored or just thrown to the side.

The cove was peaceful as always, listening to the water fall into the pond, the crickets were playing along as well. I got off of Toothless and laid down in the grass for a few minutes, just looking at the sky with little tiny glints of stars looking back at me. Toothless was still looking around, almost sniffing out the air to sense any kind of danger, but I just laid there in the wet grass, listening to all the sounds of the forest, I was starting to fall asleep, letting my eyes sink into my lids before drifting off for a moment.

Then a growl startled me, this time I stood up, grabbing a random branch near me, holding up and letting my eyes wander around, wondering who was there. Gripping the large branch and gritting my teeth as I looked around, almost too scared to move.

"Now now my dear, there's no need for that." A smooth voice soothed me, but Toothless pulled me away from that voice, growling with anger.

Viggo stepped out of the darkness."Don't you look lovely." He said with a smirk sending only chills down my spine, I was wearing my usual tunic and pants, almost shaking when I saw the man again, Toothless got in between us, but Viggo held his composure like always, both of his hands behind his back, looking at me with a hungry grin."I almost forgot how innocent you look while sleep my dear Hiccup, having another nightmare?" He looked at me again."Or was it a dream hmm? One about me and you locking lips and having me fuck you-" 

"STOP." I yelled at him, causing him to look at me with softer eyes."What do you want now?"

He hummed."To whisk you away, to take you away from all of this, make you mine and mine alone." He said with a prideful smile."Since no one else is fit to have you, to watch over you, to take care of you, only I can provide you with that my dear." He looked at me again."Only if your willing to come with me?"

I looked at him."And why would I do that Viggo?" I made a move and told Toothless to go, this time he obeyed and took off, but not too far out of his sight.

"Because do you really want to throw your life away on this small rock you call a village? To waste your talents and life away just take over this place? Face it Hiccup you don't want to live this life anymore." He said almost bitterly."I know what you want Hiccup, you want to be free and not be grounded to a life you don't want, and no one is willing to listen to you, let alone give you what you deserve." He then crossed his arms, circling around me, almost making me feel scared again, feeling my little heart race with each step he took.

"Why are you telling me this?" I whispered, feel the tears of shame threatens to leave my eyes.

"Because you need to hear it, you need to let it all out and come with me, come with me and you don't have to be alone anymore." He stopped circling me and started to walk up to me."Give in and let your emotions take you, you don't have to be ashamed of what you want, you can come with me and leave this place behind you Hiccup." He then placed his hand on my cheek, looking at me with his mismatch eyes, the pale blind blue and his dark chestnut brown looking onto my soul."Just give in." He whispered, slowly leaning in for the kiss.

I slowly leaned into him, placing both hands on his shoulders, letting out lips hit each other, soon my arms wrapped around his shoulders, letting his other arm wrap around my waist and holding me tight, as if he was never letting me go. Our bodies collide in a tight embrace, feeling my nails sinking into his back, feeling his tunic brush up against me.

"God damn you." I whispered in between kisses, but he didn't reply to me, only laughing in a low tone.

"You always amused me my dear." He pulled me in for another kiss, this time one of his hands traveled, cupping my crotch and gripping it very tightly, causing me to release a moan, almost biting his lip in the process.

"And you are the pain in the ass that loves to stalk me." I whispered, making him grin a little bit."A bit of an obsession Viggo?"

"Since the day I laid eyes on you...yes." He admitted to me in a wicked tone."One day you'll understand my little dove, one day you'll understand see why I do all of this."

"To be a creep?" He started to lay be down on the grass, looking at my body again, wanting to see me undressed already. I could already feel the pressure of his crotch up against mine, feeling the large bulge rubbing up against me, making my body twitch with unease.

"To admire the beauty laying right under me." His fingers trailed along the strings of my tunic."Now hush and let me undress you, let me see this lovely body again." He ran a cold hand under my stomach, causing me to shiver and feel the tingles going up my spine, feeling his skin brush up against mine, making me feel alive. He started to pull my pants down, rubbing my twitching cock with his hand, kissing my neck and collarbone as he listen to my moans.

"That's not creepy at all." I wanted to say but got lost in his touches, I rolled my eyes before he started kissing my neck again.

I traced my hands over his shoulders, trying to tug off his tunic, almost too desperate to get it off of him, just feel more of his skin up against mine. I wanted speak up again and beg him to touch me to fuck me again, all of my emotions were taking over me again. He locked lips again, feeling his beard rubbing up against my face, almost tickling me, causing me to giggle a bit. He removed his tunic for me, tossing it aside and removing the rest of our clothes.

"How long have you wanted this Viggo?" I looked at him with my green eyes.

He looked at me for a while."A very long time, if it weren't for your friends and my idiot of a brother I would have taken you a long time ago." He said almost angry that he had to bring Ryker up, I always knew those two never got along, just the way Viggo despised him, he was like a plague almost."At one point my brother had plans to whore you off, to sell you for profits, but let's just say I put a stop to that." He kissed my temple."No one else is going to have you, I forbid it." 

I gave him a half smirk."I can see the jealousy in your face Viggo, you just didn't want your brother touching me."

He looked at me with a dark look."You have you no idea my dear Hiccup, the things I would do for you, the things I have done for you." His voice got dark, his eyes looking down at my naked body, tracing his fingertips along my nipples, causing me to moan at his touch.

"The sounds you make my dear, so lovely." He whispered."Just those sweet noises alone could drive me to cum." He traced his thumb under my lip."Such a beautiful creature I have under me, soon you'll be all mine Hiccup, you might not see it now, but soon...soon you'll forever me mine."

"Then what?" I asked him almost breaking the mood."Then what will you do to me after you take me away huh?" He looked at me deeply, pulling me in for another kiss, feeling his hard length pressing up against my inner leg, twitching and hard to the touch.

"I could have a secret wedding ceremony planned for us, making you mine permanently, and take you to the other side of the world and make us into powerful people."

I cocked an eyebrow at him."And what makes you think I'll say yes to this marriage proposal?" He grinned, taking his hand away from my face to play with already hard cock.

"I'll find ways of getting you to say yes, but for I can settle for this." He leaned back down and grabbed my hips, pulling me closer to his body. I was already feeling his length near my hole, wanting to spread my legs wide enough to fuck me and fill me with his seed."All I want is to fuck you right now."

Before I could say anything else to him he pulled me in for another kiss, this one was more dominant, having him over power me, as if he was trying to put me under his spell, making sure I was never leaving me. I spread my legs for him, letting his fingers in first so he could prepare me, once that was over he started to thrust his cock deep within me, I gripped onto his shoulders the entire time moaning."Viggo...Viggo!" He would only thrust deeper and deeper until I couldn't hold back anymore.

"Ugh, gods be damn your so tight Hiccup." He thrusted deeper, making me see white spots in the corner of my eyes."Do you love my cock in you?" He took his hand to cradle my face, looking at me with lost.

"Yes." I choked out to him."I love it!" I moaned as he got in deeper.

"Do you want it to stay like this forever?" His voice dripped with pleasure, both of his eyes were locked on me."Do you want it to be like this ever night?"

I wanted to jump up and scream yes, but all I could get out of it was a solid nod before feeling his coack getting fully hard, hitting the sweet spot in my core.

The love making this time was more on point, Viggo was hitting my sweet spot every time, feeling his heavy body on top of mine, our eyes almost never leaving each other. Soon this was going to end, but I didn't want it to end, I was hungry for more.After Viggo was done he pulled out, leaving my lower half sore and covered in his seed, I felt empty without him inside of me, almost cold. I clinged onto his body tightly, he did the same by wrapping his arms around me."So, what do you say my little dove? Are you coming with me?" He looked at me for a moment, not break eye contact with me for a second.

I froze almost looking away before he cupped my cheek.

For moment I paused before looking back at him."Yes...yes I'll go with you...I want to-" He cut me off by pulling me into a kiss, losing myself in his embrace once more.

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The Price Of Life

I don't own jack shit

Hiccup's P.O.V

"You're pregnant again." Viggo said warmly in my ear, feeling his strong arms wrapping around my waist, feeling his heavy breathing going down my neck. The moment he said that I froze in place, not really sure on how to respond to him. I slowly shifted in our bed, turning my head a bit."I don't know yet." I whispered, feeling the ach between my legs from the previous love making moments ago, he held me a little tighter when I moved closer to him."You haven't bled yet?" he asked me, I could only shake my head no."Then you should see Gothi." He kissed my temple, feeling my body gently with his hand, caressing my hips and pulling me closer to him.

I was getting ready to get up but he stopped me, pulling me back to his chest."No...don't leave yet my dove." He whispered, feeling his hand slide in between my legs. I let out a moan as he flipped me over onto my back, feeling his body on top of mine."I just want to make sure your carrying again." he whispered in a husky tone, causing me to blush and slap his shoulder. We've been talking about another baby for the last couple of days, and of course Viggo has been trying for it. I could feel his hard length pressing against my slit

"Viggo..." I moaned as he attacked my neck, feeling all the heat rushing to my cheeks. I could feel his wet lips pressing against my neck, feeling him bite down tenderly, one hand started to play with one of my nipples, the other was going in between my legs, opening my slit and making it wet. I moaned a little louder, not loud enough to wake up Valen, we were always trying to be quiet while love making. Viggo was taking his time with me making sure I was ready for him, I could feel his long length pressing against my slit, making my sex ache even more."Please Viggo..." I trailed off, he looked at me with wicked eyes.

"Please what my little dove?"

"Please fuck me and get me with child again." I moaned again feeling my hips grinding against his large cock, watching it twitch and release a bit of precum already, I could already feel the shivers running up my spine, along with the dying ache between my legs, wanting him to touch my clit.

He smiled."Such a needy little wife I have, always wanting get fucked." he mocked, taking one of my nipples and squeezing it harshly, enough to get another moan out of me, squirming under his body."Tell me my dear, how many children do you plan on giving your dear husband?" I could feel his member getting hard inside of me, just wanting to cum and fill me with his seed again. I wanted it to quicken and give us another child.

"As many as my husband shut the hell up and fuck me." I demanded looking at him with a red face, he licked his lips and grabbed my face, pulling me in for a mouth lock, feeling the length of his member slipping inside of me, grabbing my hips tightly and thrust deep inside of me, feeling him deep inside of me."With pleasure my dear." He would whisper in my ear in a husky voice. He started to push himself deeper inside, causing my inner walls to tighten around his cock sending more shivers up my spine.

"Your so tight." He groaned, grabbing my hips tightly, almost digging his nails into my naked flesh."Even after Valen your still tight." he moaned in my ear, feeling his nails sink in deeper, only making me shiver more under his naked body. He pulled one of his hands away, taking his fingers again to play with my nipples, I moaned again, trying not to be loud. I was trying not to wake our son up this early, but knowing him he was probably up already. The love making continued for another hour with Viggo looking at me with hungry eyes, grabbing me and switching up positions, the second round I was riding his lap, grinding my hips and feeling his cock deep inside of me, feeling the inside of my pussy tighten around his cock, almost sucking his length in."Cum on my cock love." He said with a husky voice.

"Ah fuck Viggo." I moaned again, feeling his hard thrust and his huge cock getting ready to cum inside of me."Please Viggo."I threw my head back, sinking my nails deeper into his back, afraid I would break his skin, so I bit my lip as I tighten around his cock, cumming all over his cock, Viggo let out a few more grunts and moans as kept thrusting into me, looking at me with hungry eyes, as if he was going to devour me right now, but instead he ended up spilling his seed inside of me.

I could feel the hot liquid spilling inside my walls, making me shiver as he gave me a few more weak thrust before pulling out, making me feel cold when he did that. But he eventually pulled me back into his arms, laying my head on his chest, feeling the sweat from the intense love making, letting out a few labored breaths as we both laid there, never wanting to get out of bed."How many children do you really want?" I asked him as he kissed my forehead.

"I already told you love, at least five." He looked at me with a serious face but I only rolled my eyes.

I blushed."Oh haha very funny." I slapped his shoulder.

He grabbed my hand, the one I used to slap his shoulder, slowly rubbing it."I mean it though."

I could feel my face turning more red."In time Viggo...just take it slow for right now, Valen is almost three and if I am pregnant this time then will talk about having more down the line." He nodded before giving me another kiss. I still didn't know if I was going to have more then two kids, Hell I don't know how my dad managed to do it with just me, trying to imagine five kids running around this house, Thor that would be the end of my days, being a chief and mother of five? I think jumping off a cliff seemed more peaceful. But that doesn't mean I don't love my son Valen, I love him more than anything and would love to give him a sibling in the future. I know my son wanted a sibling, he's been asking for one for over a year, I would only look at him with a smile and tell him it would happen eventually, to just give it time.

I sighed not really wanting to get up but I knew I had to, Valen was probably up by now, and knowing my son he had the same habits as I did. Our son loved getting up early and would always be caught playing with Toothless or his Terror named Jinx. Viggo would always laugh and try to put him back to bed, but Valen had my stubbornness and his father's charm to get his way out of situations, always putting on a cute act, looking at me and his father with puppy dog eyes, and it would always work.

Viggo would let him get away with murder if he could, not literally I hope. 

I was still living in my old house, me and Viggo would stay upstairs in my room with adjustments of course, my old bed couldn't hold us both so my old bed had to go. A few months later we had Valen's room added as well, we didn't want him in my father's room, I haven't touched my father's room in almost three years, I wasn't scared to go in there...I just couldn't face my past, I couldn't look at that room the same way. Viggo put a lock on the door so Valen couldn't go in there without us knowing.

I got up and yawned, Viggo soon followed and gave me a silk robe, it was a dark burgundy. Once again it was something Viggo picked out for me, something to hug my curves and something to show off my body. Viggo was still trying to show me off as if I was still a prize, I would only shake my head at him. Once I left the bedroom I could already hear the ruckus, I rolled my eyes and opened the door.

Valen was holding Jinx up, with his little arms rising up as he held the tiny lizard up as if he was getting ready to drop him into the air, thankfully my son took the liberty and put all of his blankets and pillows on the floor."Valen." I said warningly as he looked at me with wide eyes almost dropping his beloved pet."Hi mama." he said softly putting Jinx down gently and getting off the bed and hugging me, I sighed and shook my head.

I looked down at him."What were you trying to do this time sweetlying?" I looked at him with what in the world are you doing now kind of look.

He looked at me with his big doe green eyes and smiled."Trying to make Jinx fly!"

"He already knows how to fly Valen." I said softly."I promise when you're old enough you'll get your own dragon to fly, but right now is not the time." He pouted at me looking up at me with dark green eyes, my eyes he had. Our son was almost three years old, it was almost scary how fast the time flies when you have a child, mostly with your first one."Come let's go make breakfast and I'll take you over to auntie Astrid for a while okay?" I looked down at Valen.

He perked up and smiled as I took his hand to lead him down stairs, once our son was brought into the world we had the house extended upstairs, basically to add another two rooms, two more rooms and a hallway was added, in a way I was just trying to do everything to avoid my father's bedroom, it was a lame excuse but I still haven't been in there. Valen would always ask about the locked up room, always looking at it with curious eyes and wanting to go in, but I forbid it. It was the once place in the house I never wanted him to enter, Viggo was kind enough to locks on the door, but would always tell me why won't you throw his things out? Just get rid of it and so forth.

But I could never do it, I would always look at that door, never having the heart go inside. I hated looking at it, but I never went inside, not after the abortion attempt from that monster.

Toothless was still asleep, si I tried being quiet but it was too late, the slightest sound would wake him up, his ears perk up as he nuzzled my hand, I ran fingers along his scales before tending to my son.

Breakfast was quick with Valen, he ate his food while Jinx purred on his lap, even giving him some his eggs. I only shook my head as he continued to love and give attention to his little dragon, he moved on from his small plush that was given to him at birth, in a few more years he would have a dragon to ride. Once he was done Viggo was coming down the stairs, going our son first to plant a kiss on his forehead, then coming up to me and giving me a kiss on the lips. I got Valen dressed and cleaned and quickly out the door."I'll be back soon Viggo, I just need to take care of a few things." I gave him one more kiss before heading out, taking Jinx and Valen with me with Toothless leading the way, the sun was starting to rise and everyone was starting to wake up and get to work.

Astrid should be up by now, all I need to drop Valen off for a few hours, then I would go and see Gothi.

Viggo has to take care of a few things and when I mean things I mean more dragon auctions...yeah that hasn't been going so well of the years, they weren't as frequent as they used to be, he didn't have Ryker anymore let alone most of the men he has worked with over the years. The hunters tribe was still wealthy...just not as much as it used to be, Viggo of course isn't too happy about it, but we couldn't risk it, I think the only thing that was getting us by was the fur trade and gold coming in plus my marriage to him helped out, but... there were still a few problems.

But the bigger problem was Krogan...I haven't seen him since the auction, the last I heard from Viggo was Krogan headin out south, what could be in the south? Fear was cripple me every time I thought of that man, what did he want? Who was he trying to give me too? I could ask Johann because he was dead thankfully, but there was no on, not a single soul that knew about him, he was like a ghost, one minute there, the next he was gone.

But what was worse, Krogan or half of my village wanting to kill Viggo and put his head on a spike? You tell me I can already tell what Astrid wants to do.

We make it to her hut and I hesitate to knock, knock knock knock. I held onto Valen for a minute before the door opened, Astrid looked tired but too happy to see us, Valen perked up and almost threw himself onto the blonde shield maiden."Sorry Astrid I didn't know if you were up yet." She smiled and took my son and lead him and me to the den, letting him sit on the floor with his dragon with some paper and coal."Thank you again for taking Valen for today, I have a lot of things to do and didn't want to leave him with Snotlout or the Twins again."

She smiled at me."Yeah I can't blame you, especially after the knife and fire incident." She rolled her eyes as I cringed at that moment, all I could do was thank my uncle for stepping in and putting an end to it and nearly killing snotlout in the process."Any word back from Heather about Dagur going missing?" She asked me, looking at me with worried eyes, we still haven't heard back from her or Dagur. It's been months since we've seen her or Dagur.

I shook my head no."No I still haven't heard back from her, the last she said Dagur was still looking for Oswald." Dagur was almost hell bent on finding their father alive, but more time passed the more hopeless it seemed, wouldn't Oswald have shown up years ago? Or was he dead or stranded on an island somewhere? 

"Thank you again though, I have a lot things I need to get done today, plus I need to see Gothi." I kissed Valen on the forehead goodbye and headed out the door before I was stopped by Astrid, she grabbed me lightly on by arm.

She stopped me before I could walk out the door."What about Gothi? Are you alright?" She looked at me worried.

"It's nothing bad Astrid I'm fine." I tried walking out the door again, not really wanting to tell her I was trying for another baby with the man she probably hated more than Dagur. Hell I think she was on better speaking terms then Alvin then Viggo, I can't get those two in a room without a glaring match or a few snide comments here and there, there were times where I thought Astrid might get the drop on Viggo, either shoving her axe into his skull or Viggo slitting her throat, the only thing that calmed things was Valen.

She then looked at me, then my stomach."Are you pregnant again?" She looked at me with shocked eyes, keeping her voice low so Valen couldn't hear us.

"I...I don't know yet, that's why I'm going to find out." I felt my face heating up and going to a light blush."I mean me and Viggo have been trying for a while so you know and I haven't bled yet." I trailed off not looking at her, not wanting her to be mad. Anything involving Viggo made her want to rip his fucking throat out, she would always try to avoid him at almost any cost, and I couldn't blame her."I know you don't like Viggo Astrid...but this is something we both want."

"You mean what he wants right?" She snarled looking down, then looking back up realizing what she just said."I'm sorry I shouldn't have-" But I cut her off, feeling hurt already from her words.

"It's fine." I said sternly as I went out the door not looking at her and almost slamming it behind. I almost forgot Toothless was waiting for me the entire time outside hearing the entire conversations, I looked at him for moment before shaking my head and getting on his back."Come on bud." I sighed heavily."I need to see Gothi before I get the day started." He opened his wings and took off, taking me straight to the small womens hut, I was still trying to get over what Astrid just said to me, I could feel the tears in the corner of my eyes, but I quickly pushed them away, trying to fight my emotions back again. She didn't have the right to say that to me, it wasn't just Viggo making that decision. Once again Astrid had to just jump right in and make me feel like shit.

Toothless grumbled and tried looking up at me, seeing if I was okay since he could hear my sniffles and soft cries from above him."I'm fine bud...I just need to get over it." I shook my head, I wanted to scream, what was it going to take for everyone to see that Viggo isn't the bad guy...what do I have to do to convince them? He's already helped us, and Berk is thriving again, we haven't had any wars or anything bad happen since.

Viggo has been trying to make an effort, he's helped us, he's trying to make up for what he did and I forgave him...but not for everything...I still remember Erica...I still remember didn't take me long to figure out what happened to them, but I was too afraid to bring it up. I know he wouldn't deny it, he was always blunt with things like this. But he hasn't done anything like that since, but then again no one really had the balls to do anything about Viggo. The only person to even bring something about Viggo up was Astrid, but she wouldn't say anything to my face, I would always hear it from Fishlegs or the Twins, Snotlout was still scared shitless of Viggo so he wouldn't say anything.

Sometimes I feel like a stranger in my own island, the people I thought I knew...sometimes I feel like were all just drifting apart, things aren't the same anymore and sometimes I wish we could just get along without any bloodshed, no fights, no backlash.We would have the good days, and we would have the bad. Sometimes things would be going good, the next I felt like I was caught up in twenty different arguments, but I still had good guidance from Viggo and Gobber, those two might hate each other...but at least they could put there differences aside for me. I had both of their support and help and I'm grateful for that.

After what Viggo has done I still don't expect everyone to forgive him, even with a couple of years passing by nothing has really changed, maybe not as harsh but still bitter towards him, but Viggo wouldn't let it effect him, he didn't care about the people, all he cared about was me and Valen.

Once we landed I got off and knocked on the door, waiting almost impatient to see if I was carrying again.

After a few seconds the door opened."Hello Gothi." I said softly before she let me in, she wrote in the sand with her staff, asking me what was wrong and what I needed.

I almost turned my head away again."I haven't bled yet and I was wondering if you could check me if I'm pregnant again." I looked at her shyly without trying to blush again, she only smiled and told me to get on the bed, as I laid there she took my pants off and put a blanket on me. For the next uncomfortable ten minutes I laid there hoping I was pregnant again, but then again it might be too soon to tell, it was the same way when we first had Valen. Gothi felt around my stomach and lifted up the blanket to see, then taking her hands in between my legs feeling around more and more until she pulled away from me.I didn't say anything for a few minutes, waiting for her to tell me something, but I got impatient as I started to sit up."I looked up at her."Well...has it happened again?" I said softly on the edge of my seat.

She look at me with a soft smile and nodded.

I could feel the smile stretch all the way across my face."I'm pregnant again?" I asked her gain to make sure and she wrote in the sand again, saying I was indeed pregnant again. I slowly got off the bed, the smile never leaving my face the entire time."How far along am I Gothi?"

She took her staff and wrote."Almost two months along."

I nodded and placed my hand on my stomach softly, still having the smile spread all over my face, excited to tell Viggo when he gets home tonight. I quickly thank her, getting ready to head out before the small woman stopped me, telling me to try to take it easy, but I was chief it was my job to take care of this village, there no such thing as taking it easy. Gobber was going to end up telling me the same thing, even when I was pregnant with Valen he literally made me stay off my feet...or foot I should say but whatever I wasn't going to be lazy! My dad did just fine while taking care of me, I can do this while pregnant, I wasn't throwing up this time...not yet at least.

"I'll try to take it easy Gothi." I told her while heading out the door, I needed to get out and get the rest of my day started. The village was mostly peaceful today, the only problems I ran into was another fight between Mulch and Bucket over something stupid, the twins were once again tipping over yaks again, which I made them stand back up, every single one they tipped, I scold them over this, saying they had better things to do, they could be training recruits with Fishlegs or helping with shipments. But of course they could only roll their eyes and walk away, never giving me an explanation.

Me and Toothless made our way to the arena, I watched behind the chains as Fishlegs went over his lessons with the younger riders, I couldn't help but smile and hope Valen would be training soon, but Viggo was getting protective and didn't want him training yet, my father tried shoving a weapon in my hand when I was two...but it didn't end well for me so I could see Viggo's point of view. Even Viggo went out of his way to make sure we had better traders and better goods.

At least I didn't have to worry about Johann anymore I always knew something was wrong with him,I always thought he was nuts and over the top, but I never thought he would try to kill me. But who was he going to hand me over to? 

And just when I thought my day was going well, I managed to make it home with Valen in hand and Toothless behind us, Valen had a good day with Astrids always with a smile on his face as he told me about his day, open the front door wanting to make dinner and get my son to bed. I still haven't seen Viggo yet, so I doubt he was home yet. 

Viggo was already home sitting in front of the fireplace, with his sword on his back, wearing a long sleeve tunic, he jumped when he saw us."Hiccup." he ran over to me and greeted me with a kiss, once he pulled away from my lips. His face was full of panic."I need you and Valen to pack your thing, now."

"Whoa whoa what's going on?" I asked him frantically.

"I can't explain but I need to get you out of here NOW, Krogan is looking for you." My heart dropped as I clutched my son tightly. Toothless let out a protective growl and never left my side as we began to pack up our things."Viggo here is he? Is Krogan here right now?" I asked tried not to panic, feeling my heart racing the entire time. I could feel my hands shaking the entire time as I picked up my son.

"No, but him and the man he's working for is looking for you."

"Who is he working for Viggo?" I asked him as I dragged mine and Valen's belongings, almost running outside to his Skrill, never taking my eyes off my husband. He wanted me to get on his dragon, so I climbed up with my son in my arms, it was getting dark, Toothless could fly on his own with the new tail I made for him. Viggo held onto me tightly as if he was afraid of letting me go again. Viggo explained everything to Gobber and my Uncle, telling them that I have to go into hiding, so he was taking us back to the hunters island."Who is this man Viggo? tell me." I said sternly as Valen started to fall asleep in my arms, he brought his ragon Jinx and stuff animal with him, something to help him fall asleep.

"Drago Bludvist...a man that claims to have met your father years ago." He said coldly."He's one my mysterious of my top buyers...the man that Johann and Krogan wanted to take you too." He gripped my hips, burying his face into my hair, I could feel his tense body up against mine, I knew this was going to be a long night."I have to go to Outcast Island..." I trailed off but Viggo gripped one of my hands tightly.

"No chance in hell your going there."

"I have to see my dad, if he knows about this Drago guy then I need all the information I can get." I looked straight ahead."I know you want my dad dead, but right now he might know what we're up against...please Viggo." I turned my head to look at him.

He let out a sigh."Your not going alone."

I nodded, I knew that was coming Alvin wasn't going to be happy but at least I wasn't going alone. I stayed silent for a couple of minutes, just us and our son sleeping in my arms. I slowly took one of Viggo's hands and placed his hand on my stomach."I'm pregnant again." I looked at him for second, his face soften as he pulled me in for a kiss, lighten up the mood for now. I could feel his hands release as a small smile mirrored his face."At least one good thing came out of this day love." He kissed my forehead."I'm not losing you to someone else...never again Hiccup." He said darkly, bringing back memories, the memories of war and bloodshed flash over me."I don't care what the price is...all I want is you." His voice purred as he kissed me neck."My little dove."

I paused and looked away from him."Why do you call me that?" I asked him, just looking out at the sea.

He held me close."Because doves are pure and you, always wanting to settle things without bloodshed." He smirked at me."But you still have the soul of a dragon as well." He ran his hand near my middle."But I always saw you as beautiful too." I blushed and slapped his shoulder, only to get a small laugh out of him."I'm not beautiful Viggo." 

He shook his head."Nonsense my dear, to me you have always been."

I cocked a brow, trying not to wake Valen up."Even when you first saw me? Even after stealing the dragon eye from you?"

"I was nearly struck by your beauty, but I knew I was going to have you, one way or another Hiccup." He smirked and kissed my lips.

"Wow that sounds super possessive." I shook my head and pulled away, but Viggo once again disagreed with me, saying I was something special to him."So were going back to the hunters island, and then to Outcast island to see my dad."

"Yes, but right now I need to get Valen and you to safety, Krogan still doesn't know where the hunters island is."

"But he knows where berk is." I said with fear.

"They'll be fine, will evacuate them in the next few days, they'll be alright until them."

My gut was going into knots, I wanted to believe him...but deep down...I knew we were all in danger.