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Established couples:


Sheriff Noah Stilinski (Dom and Human) / Deputy Jordan Parrish Stilinski (Sub and Hellhound)

Scott McCall (Dom and Alpha) / Isaac Lahey McCall (Sub and Beta)

Lydia Martin (Dom and Banshee) / Alison Argent Martin (Sub and Human)

Chris Argent (Dom and Human) / Melissa McCall Argent (Sub and Human)

Laura Hale (Dom and Alpha) / Steve Carter Hale (Sub and Beta) (Original character)

Peter Hale (Dom and Beta) / Lucy Mitchell Hale (Sub and Beta) (Original character)




Facts about the series:


Stiles, Scott, Lydia, and Allison are all twenty two-years-old. They have been friends since elementary school.

Isaac is also twenty-two, he moved to Beacon Hills when he was fifteen and became friends with Scott and Stiles. His father was very abusive, and Scott and Stiles convinced him to tell the Sheriff. His Father was arrested and Noah Stilinski became his foster Father. And his registered Dom until he married Scott.

Everyone is classified as a Dom, Sub, or switch when they turn 18.

Most people know at around sixteen or seventeen what they will be classified as, and even start Dom and Sub relationships. But they are not legally recognized until their eighteenth birthday.

Until they reach eighteen, the Dominate parent is the legal Dom.

When a Dom and Sub marry, the Sub takes the Dom’s last name.

Un-bonded Subs must wear a bracelet around their wrists, indicating that they are subs. Bonded Subs must wear a collar around their necks of their Dom’s choosing.

Everyone knows of the existence of the supernatural.

The Hale fire was an accident, an extension cord sorted out. Derek’s parents were the only casualties.

Peter Hale was badly burned in the fire, trying to save people. He fully recovered a short time later and did not turn evil. He is a good guy.

Shawn Hale, younger brother of Laura and Derek Hale survived the fire, Peter saved him. Peter and Lucy are Shawn’s legal Guardians. He is fourteen.

Nicole Hale, younger sister of Laura and Derek Hale was also saved from the fire by Peter. Peter and Lucy are also her legal guardians. She is twelve.

Laura and Steve have three children. David Hale is seven. Maya Hale is four. Robert Hale is six months old.

Peter and Lucy have two adopted children. Kayla is nine and have been living with them since she was three. Lucas is seventeen and have lived with them since he was fourteen.

Derek has a sixteen-year-old adoptive daughter, Josephine, she has been living with him for two years.

I will add Liam, Mason, and Corey in a little while. But they will be added differently then on the show. They will be fifteen.






Stiles groaned when his alarm clock started buzzing, he was warm and comfortable and did not want to get out of bed. But he tossed the cover back and climbed out of bed anyway, he had a job to get to.

Stiles was a computer analyst working for the Sheriff’s station, and he absolutely loved his job. He loved helping his Dad and the other officers fight crime. And he got to work with Lydia Martin, who was a forensic scientist. They had been friends since childhood.

Stiles used to have a major crush on Lydia, before he discovered that he was gay. He no longer had a crush on her, but he still loved and respected her. He was also very close friends with Lydia’s wife and Sub, Allison.

He quickly showered and changed into a pair of jeans and an Avengers tee shirt. Another reason he loved his job, no actual dress code. The computer room was not visited by the public, so he could dress casually.

The twenty-two-year old left his room and walked downstairs. He still lived with his Dad, and now with his Step Dad. He had volunteered to move out the year before, when his Dad and Jordan were married. But both older men insisted that he stayed there. They did not want him living alone.

Stiles was happy about the arrangement, he really didn’t want to leave. He had just thought it would be better for his Dad and Jordan. He had never lived on his own before, and was actually a little scared of the prospect.

When he was in college, he lived in a cramped apartment with Scott and Isaac. Then as soon as he graduated, Stiles had moved back in with his Dad.
He heard noises coming from the kitchen, and Stiles started to head that way. But a file sitting on the coffee table in the living room caught his attention. He knew the file was the dossier of the new Deputy that was supposed to start later that day.

Stiles was curious. He knew the new Deputy, well he knew of him. Derek Hale was four years older then Stiles. And when Stiles was a Freshman and Derek was a senior, Stiles had a major crush on him. But he doubted the gorgeous senior even knew he existed.

Stiles knew the file was confidential, for the Sheriff’s eyes only. It contained Derek’s personal information. Information that the Sheriff needed to know, as his boss and senior Dom. But that no one else needed to know.

But he wanted to find out more about the man. He knew that Derek had moved to New York after his parents died in a fire, when he was eighteen. He has just recently moved back.

He also knew that the man was now an Alpha. A couple years ago, he was jogging when he saw an Alpha trying to rape a young human girl. Derek intervened, and was severely injured. But he won the fight, killing the other werewolf. Since it was an Alpha he killed, Derek became an Alpha.

The police linked the dead Alpha to five other rapes of young teenage girls and two murders.

The girl was only fourteen, and was homeless with no family. Derek adopted her. She was sixteen now. Stiles had never met the girl, but the other Hales’ told him a lot about her.

Stiles was real close to most of Derek’s family. When him, Scott, and Isaac were sixteen he had convinced the other boys to go into the woods at night to hunt for a dead body, after he had overheard a phone conversation between his Dad and one of the deputies.

While in the woods, a rouge Werewolf attacked them. It had bitten Scott and Isaac, and was about to bite Stiles. But Chris Argent had shown up and killed the rouge before it could.

Chris had tried to subdue the rouge without killing it, but wasn’t able to. He knew it was kill the werewolf, or let it kill him.

Noah and Melissa already knew Laura and Steve Hale, so they had asked them to help Scott and Isaac learn about werewolves and about the changes they both faced.
It had only been seven months since the fire that killed Laura’s parents, and the family was still grieving. But her and Steve were there for them every step of the way. So were Peter and his wife Lucy.

Then a year later, when Scott became a true Alpha, they were also there to help the young teen learn what that meant. But all of this had happened after Derek moved to New York. Stiles knew that the Hale family visited him all of the time, and that Derek had returned to California multiple times. But had not returned to Beacon Hills. Not until about a month ago.

The Hales were extremely rich, and were involved in several charities and have donated money to many causes. Stiles had volunteered his computer skills on several occasions to those same charities.

Still hearing noises from the kitchen, Stiles figured the coast was clear. He opened the file and the first thing he saw was a picture of Derek Hale in his police uniform. The sight took his breath away. Derek was still as gorgeous as he had remembered.

“Stiles!” A deep voice boomed from behind him.

Stiles jumped and spun around. Noah was standing there with his arms crossed across his chest and a frown on his face.

“D…Dad.” Stiles gulped.

“Explain.” The Sheriff said.

“I, um…..I was just curious.” Stiles said, bowing his head. “I’m sorry.”

“We’ve talked about this before.” Noah said. “That file is confidential, for my eyes only. You reading it was an invasion of privacy, and was very disrespectful. To both me and to Deputy Hale.”

The Sheriff sighed and said. “Grab the small paddle and go to your room. I want you in a corner.”

“Dad, please.” Stiles’ head snapped up and he gave his Dad a sad look. “Not the paddle. I promise not to do it again.”

“I’m sorry, son.” Noah said. “But I have heard that promise before, yet here we are again. I intend to make sure this lesson sticks, now please do as I said.”

A few tears leaked from Stiles’ eyes, he hated disappointing his Dad. “Yes Sir.” He said.

Stiles walked up stairs and stopped in front of a closet, opening it. Inside, hanging on hooks on the back of the door, were two paddles. One was a small oval shaped one, about the size of a hairbrush.

The other was a larger paddle with holes drilled in it. His Dad had never used that one on him, but he had paddled Jordan with it a couple times. Stiles grabbed the smaller paddle, then went to his room.

He laid the paddle on the bed, then stood in the corner like he was told. He stood with his feet shoulders length apart, his head bowed, and his hands clasped behind his back.
Stiles understood why his Dad was upset with him. He knew that him reading Deputy Hale’s file was a breach of security. If Stiles had actually had time to read it, and anyone found out, his Dad could be in a lot of trouble. And so could Stiles.

Stiles jumped a little when he heard a sharp knock on his door.

“Come in.” Stiles said, his voice soft.

He heard the door open then heard his Dad cross the room and sat on the bed.

“Come here, son.” Noah said.

Stiles turned around and walked over to the bed.

“You know the drill.” Noah said, his voice was firm.

“Yes Sir.”

Stiles unfastened his jeans, then pulled them and his boxers down to his knees. Then the young sub positioned himself over his Dad’s lap. His upper body was laying on the soft bed and his feet were on the floor.

Noah wrapped an arm around his waist, then started spanking him with his hand. The swats were hard and fast paced and quickly turned Stiles’ butt and upper thighs a light pink color.

“I’m s…sorry.” Stiles said, through his tears.

Noah kept on slapping the sub’s butt and thighs, turning them a light shade of red. Stiles stared squirming and crying, as the pain intensified.

“P….please stop.” Stiles cried out, as a hard swat landed on the center of his burning butt.

“I know it hurts, Son.” Noah replied, as he stopped the spanking and started rubbing a comforting hand on his back. “But we are not done yet.”

The Sheriff removed his hand from Stiles’ back and picked up the paddle, causing Stiles to cry harder. He grabbed a pillow and buried his face in it.

The paddle landed on Stiles’ right butt cheek with resounding smack, causing Stiles to cry out in pain. A matching blow to his left cheek had the same result. Noah quickly added two more to each cheek, then he laid the paddle back on the bed and returned to rubbing gentle circles in his son’s back.

“It’s over, Son.” Noah said, soothing. “It’s okay, Stiles. It’s over and you are forgiven. Calm down for me, Buddy.”

After a couple minutes, Stiles’ cries quieted down some. Noah pulled his boxers up over his burning butt, causing Stiles to groan in pain. Then he carefully lifted the young man up into a sitting position in his lap.

“I hated having to do that, Stiles.” Noah said, as he wrapped his son in a tight hug and kissed his temple. “But you have got to learn the meaning of invasion of privacy.”

“I know.” Stiles whimpered, as he returned the hug. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s all forgiven and forgotten, Son.” Noah assured him. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

After a few moments, they pulled apart.

“Go and help Jordan finish getting breakfast on the table.” The Sheriff said, as he once again kissed the young man’s temple.

“Yes Sir.” Stiles said, standing up and pulling his jeans up. He hissed in pain when the rough material rubbed across his sore butt and thighs.

“Return this.” Noah said, as he handed the younger man the paddle.

“Yes Sir.” Stiles took the paddle and left the room.

He returned the paddle to the hall closet, then walked downstairs and into the kitchen. His jeans kept rubbing his sore butt and thighs, causing the pain to worsen.
By the time he walked into the kitchen, he had fresh tears in his eyes.

“Come here, Buddy.” Jordan said, as soon he saw the watery eyes. He wrapped the younger man in a tight hug and kissed the top of his head. “It’s okay, Stiles.”
Stiles returned the hug.

“It’s a little too early in the morning to be getting into trouble, isn’t it Sport?” Jordan asked, his voice soft and soothing.

“Guess not.” Stiles sniffled.

Jordan kissed the younger man’s temple, then released him. “Go on and set the table, breakfast is ready.”

“Yes Sir.” Stiles replied, doing as he was told.

He really loved and respected Jordan and had immediately accepted him as his Step Father. He did not call him Dad, but he thought of him as one. Jordan was the type of person that you could confide in, tell all of your secrets and knew they were safe.

But he also had a stricter side, and had swatted Stiles a couple times when he got mouthy. He had even made him stand in the corner once, also because of his mouth.

By the time the table was sat, and the food was on the table, Noah walked into the room. Him and Jordan kissed, a long and passionate one. Then the two of them sat at the table.
Stiles gave his Dad his best puppy eyes.

“You can stand to eat breakfast” Noah said.

“Thanks, Dad.” Stiles smiled.

The small family ate breakfast, laughing and enjoying each other’s company.




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Derek walked into the kitchen, dressed in a new beige Deputy’s uniform. He smiled at the sixteen-year-old girl standing at the stove.

“How do I look, Jo?” Derek asked her.

“Looking good, Dad.” The girl returned the smile. “Kinda like an overgrown boy scout.”

“Boy scout, huh?” Derek said, as he walked over to the girl and grabbed for her.

Jo tried to duck away, but Derek was too fast. He grabbed her and put her into a headlock.

“Hey!” The teenager protested, laughing. “Let go!”

“Not a chance, Jo-Jo.” Derek replied.

“The food’s going to burn.” Jo said.

Derek released her and said. “You better be glad that I am hungry.”

“You are always hungry.” Jo said.

The young girl went back to cooking, and Derek started setting the table.

“Juice or milk?” Derek asked, opening the fridge.

“Juice, please.” Jo answered, as she sat a plate of bacon on the table. There was already a plate of scrambled eggs and pancakes.

Derek poured her a glass of juice and himself a cup of coffee, while watching the girl.

Josephine was tall for her age, and slender. When Derek had first met her, two years prior, she was very malnourished and was skinny enough that you could clearly see her ribs.

But two years of regular meals had helped her fill out more. She was at a healthy weight now.

Jo had short blond hair and bright blue eyes, and was very pretty.

Father and daughter both sat down and began eating.

“You are an amazing cook.” Derek praised her, after swallowing a mouth full of eggs.

“Ready for your first day at a new job?” Jo asked.

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to it.” Derek said with a small smile. “You got plans for after school?”

“I was wanting to go costume shopping with some friends.” Jo said. “There’s a store at the mall that’s supposed to be pretty cool.”

“Halloween is three weeks away.” Derek said.

“If I wait too long, all of the good costumes will be gone.” Jo said. “Can I go?”

“Sure.” Derek replied.


“Any idea what you’re going to be?” Derek wanted to know. A friend of Jo’s was throwing a Halloween party and the teen was excited about going.

“Not really.” Jo replied. Then she began talking a mile a minute, listing possible costume ideas. As she talked, her hands and arms were moving around wildly. Most people would not have been able to keep up with the fast talking, but Derek heard and understood every word. He was used to it.

The young girl was diagnosed with ADHD shortly after Derek met her. The doctors said that she had probably had it for years, but was never treated for it.

When they first met, Jo was a lot more hyperactive. The, then fourteen-year-old, couldn’t sat still for more then two minutes. She couldn’t concentrate on anything, and couldn’t remember things that had just happened.

The doctors said it was a combination of the ADHD and the trauma of being attacked and almost raped.

Derek was a beat cop in New York, and was walking his normal round, when he heard someone screaming for help. Derek ran into an ally and found an Alpha Werewolf attacking the human teenager.

Derek ordered the werewolf to stop, but instead of stopping, he attacked Derek. Derek had no choice but to kill the other wolf. Since the other werewolf was an Alpha, Derek gained his Alpha status.

Derek had felt a connection to the girl instantly and had adopted her, never once regretting his decision.

The teen had been living on the streets for months, having ran away from an abusive foster home. Before she ran way, she was a straight ‘F’ student and was labeled as having a learning disability.

But after being tested and diagnosed with ADHD, Jo was put on medicine. The medicine, combined with the love and attention that Derek and his family showed her, had worked wonders.

Since she was able to concentrate, the young girl proved she was extremely smart. She was now a straight ‘A’ student and was even taking a few online college classes. she loved to learn new things. The main focus of her studies was on computers.


“I also thought about going as Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad movie.” The sixteen-year said.

“I don’t think so.” Derek spoke up. “Not unless you wear a pair of thick tights or pants under the shorts.”


“I saw the movie too.” Derek replied. “Those shorts she wore are way too short for a sixteen-year old.”

“But…..” Jo started, but closed her mouth when Derek held up a hand to silence her.

“Not up for debate, Jo.” Derek said, his voice calm but firm. “I get veto rights to any costume you choose, so choose wisely.”

“That is so unfair.” The girl pouted.

“Don’t care.” Derek said. “You are wearing something age appropriate to the party, or you are staying at home with me. Those are your only two options.”

“Yes Sir.” Jo sighed. She knew it wouldn’t do any good arguing.

“Good girl.” Derek said. “Now hurry up and finish eating, you’ve got to get to school.”









An hour later, Derek was sitting in his Camaro in the parking lot of the Beacon Hills Sheriff’s Station. The last time he had been there was when he was eighteen, it was only a week after his parents were killed in a house fire. His Uncle Peter had still been in the hospital with severe burns to most of his body, the doctors had been unsure if he would make it or not.

Derek had blamed himself for his parents’ deaths, and for his Uncle’s injuries. The young Dom had been out with some friends and had decided to stay over at a friend’s house instead of returning home.

Derek felt that if he had been home, he could have saved them. He was very grateful that Peter and his parents had been talking business until nearly ten p.m., so Peter had decided to spend the night there instead of driving home.

He was able to save Derek’s younger brother and sister, but he was badly injured in the process.

Derek’s mind drifted back eight years ago, back to when he was eighteen.





Derek was sitting in the Sheriff’s station. His four-year-old sister, Nicole, was sitting in his lap. His six-year-old brother, Shawn, was sitting beside him. the younger boy was clutching his big brother’s hand and was leaned as close to him as possible.

Laura and her bonded Sub-husband, Steve, were in the Sheriff’s office signing some papers about the fire. The fire had been an accident, due to a faulty extension cord. But the fire had resulted in deaths, so the Sheriff had investigated.

Derek had one hand wrapped around Shawn’s hand, and one arm tightly wrapped around his little sister. He was trying to stay in control, trying to be strong. But he felt like breaking down and crying.

But he refused to, he was a Dom. He was also Shawn’s and Nikki’s big brother. He had to be strong for them. He could not show any weakness. His family needed him to be strong.

The door to the Sheriff’s office opened and Sheriff Stilinski walked out, Laura and Steve were right behind him.

“Derek.” The older Dom said, his voice gentle. “I need to have a word with you as well, please come into my office.”

Laura gently picked up Nikki, and Steve picked up Shawn. Derek stood up and Laura placed a hand on his shoulder.

“The little ones are getting tired, we’re going to take them home and get them settled down. The Sheriff said he would give you a ride after your talk.” She said. Derek, Shawn, and Nikki had moved into Laura’s and Steve’s house after the fire.

“Okay.” Derek said.

“But I want Derek.” Shawn whined.

“I know, Buddy.” Steve said, hugging the boy. “But Derek’s gotta talk to the Sheriff right now. He will be back with you very soon, I promise.”

“Okay.” The six-year-old said sadly.

“Don’t worry, Runt.” Derek forced a smile on his face. “I won’t be long.”

Laura and Steve carried the children out of the station, and Derek followed the Sheriff into his office. The binds were already drawn, the Sheriff had done that when he was taking to Laura and Steve.

Derek shut the door behind him, then turned around and found himself wrapped in a tight hug. He struggled for a moment, feeling embarrassed and awkward being hugged by the older man.

“It’s okay, Derek.” The Sheriff said, tightening his hold. “There is no one here for you too be strong for. It’s just you and me. It’s okay to let it out, it’s okay to show emotions.”

Derek stopped struggling, he surprised himself when he returned the hug. He clung to the older Dom and started crying. The tears that he had held in since hearing about the deaths of his parents and his Uncle’s injuries, flooded down his cheeks.

“It’s okay, Derek.” The Sheriff said, as he rubbed a calming hand over the younger man’s back. “It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to not be a rock all of the time. I know that you have to be strong for your family. They need you to be strong for them, they need to be able to rely on you to be their support. But you do not have to be strong for me.”

Derek cried for several minutes, letting out all of his pain and guilt. The Sheriff continued to hold him and reassure him that he was there for him.

Derek puled away, and this time the Sheriff released his grip. The older man picked up a box of tissues from his desk and offered them to the younger Dom. Derek took some and wiped his face and blew his nose.

“It’s okay to cry.” The Sheriff said, kindly. He could tell that Derek was embarrassed.

“I’m a Dom.” Derek said with a low growl.

“I was a Dom when my wife, Claudia, passed away.” Noah said. “And I broke down and sobbed my eyes out.”

“Does the pain ever go away?” Derek asked.

“Not entirely.” Noah answered. “But it gets better. One of the main reasons I was able to move on, was my son Stiles. I knew he was hurting too, he had lost his Mom. I knew I had to be strong for him.”

Noah nodded towards the sofa sitting against one of the walls and the two men sat down.

“I know that since Laura is the oldest child, she is now the Alpha.” The Sheriff said. “But she is only twenty-three, and is new to being an Alpha. She needs you for support. Shawn and Nicole are just little kids, I’m not even sure Nikki understands that her parents are truly gone. They need you to be strong for them, to be there for them to cry on your shoulder.”

Noah placed a gentle hand on the younger man’s shoulder, looking into his eyes. His voice was soothing, as he continued.

“But you are only eighteen, you have only officially been a Dom for two months. You need someone to be strong for you as well, and I am offering to be that someone. I am here anytime you need someone to talk to, day or night. My office and my home are always opened to you.”

“Thank you, Sheriff.” Derek said, sincerely. He had known the man since he was a child, and had always liked and respected him.

“There is no shame in needed a shoulder to cry on.” Noah continued. “Lord knows I’ve cried my share of tears. You be strong for your family, and let me be strong for you.”




Sheriff Noah Stilinski was a man of his word, he had been there for the past eight years, anytime Derek needed someone to talk to. Derek had moved to New York six months after the fire, after his Uncle was fully recovered. But he had kept in touch with the Sheriff and the two men talked on a regular basis.

Derek climbed out of the Camaro and headed into the Sheriff’s station. He had to smile at the sight of the four deputies who was in the squad room, with their feet propped up on their desks.

“Morning, Derek.” Deputy Chris Argent said. “The Sheriff will be back soon, have a seat and take a load off.”

“Good morning.” Derek returned the greeting.

He had met all of the deputies, had had beers with them at a local bar. There were nine deputies employed at the station, not including himself. But he was told that he would mainly be working with the other four that were present.

Deputy Chris Argent had been a deputy for the past fifteen years. The Dom joined the force after his wife was killed by a bank robber.

Deputy Alison Argent, Chris’s daughter, had only been a deputy for the past year. She was a Sub.

Deputy Jordan Parish was a Sub and had been with the Beacon Hills department for four years. He moved to Beacon Hills after his tour in the Army ended.

Deputy Tony Mills was a Dom and had been a deputy for nine years. His wife and bonded Sub was a nurse. She worked at the hospital with Melissa, who was Chris’s wife and bonded Sub.

Derek thought the other deputies looked comfortable, so he walked over to his own desk and sat down. Then he propped his feet up on his desk. He heard soft snickers coming from the other deputies and heard their heartbeats spike.

Derek knew something was wrong, and was about to quickly stand back up. But he was too late. The chair, the desk, and Derek landed in the floor with a loud crash.

The other deputies burst out laughing. Derek let out a growl and glared at them, but that only made them laugh harder.

The sheriff’s door opened and Noah walked into the room. His worried expression turned to an amused one.

“Oh, I’m sorry Derek.” Chris said, smirking. “I got the message wrong. The Sheriff said to send you into his office when you arrived.”

Derek stood up, still glaring.

“Derek.” Allison said with a sweet smile. “I am so glad you are now working here. Now that I am no longer the newbie here, maybe these clowns will stop picking on me.”

“Just remember what they say about payback.” Derek said, but he was smiling. He had to admit, it was a good prank. And he had expected to catch some heat, he was the newbie after all.

“Come on into my office.” Noah said with a chuckle. Then he gave the other four deputies a stern look. “Clean up this mess, and make sure you replace every screw.”

“Sure thing boss man.” Jordan replied.

Noah and Derek walked into the Sheriff’s office and the older man shut the door.

“You know them a lot better then I do.” Derek said. “When will the pranks stop?”

“Allison has been a deputy here for a little over a year.” Noah replied with a smile. “And last week, she found a real snake in her desk drawer and a fake rat in her lunch bag.”

“No wonder she’s glad I’m here now.” Derek said.

“I’m gad too.” Noah said. “It’s good to have you back in Beacon Hills. Welcome home Son.”

“Thanks.” Derek said. “It’s good to be back home.”




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Stiles and Lydia were sitting in front of a computer in Lydia’s lab. Stiles had just installed a new computer for Lydia and they were making sure it was running smoothly.

“And this is the Forensic Science Lab.” The two looked up from the computer and saw the Sheriff and Derek walk into the room.

Stiles gulped silently at the sight of Derek in his Deputy’s uniform, he was smoking hot. He had stubble on his face, which made him look even better then in the picture in his file.

“This very charming woman is Lydia Martin, she is the forensic scientist. Lydia, this is Deputy Derek Hale.” Noah said, as Lydia and Stiles stood up and walked over to the two men.

“Nice to meet you.” Derek smiled, shaking the woman’s hand. “I have heard a lot about you.”

“I’ve heard a lot about you, Deputy Hale” Lydia returned the smile. “Your family talk about you all of the time.”

“It’s just Derek.” He said. Then he sighed and added. “Please don’t believe everything they say. Especially Laura.”

“This is my son, Stiles.” Noah said, as Stiles held out his hand.

“Hey, no fair.” Stiles protested, after shaking Derek’s hand. “How come Lydia is introduced as being very charming, and I am just Stiles?”

“I am sorry, Son.” Noah said. “Derek, this is my very charming son.”

“Thank you.” Stiles said.

Derek looked around the massive room, and at all of the computers and machines.

“My daughter, Jo, would love this place.” Derek said.

“Your family told us about Jo.” Stiles said. “They said she was a genius with computers. I could give her a tour of my lab if she wants it.”

“Thank you, I know Jo would love it.” Derek said, smiling at the younger man.

Derek thought he was very attractive. His family had already told him about the wonder that is Stiles Stilinski, they all adored him. They told him how smart the young man was, how nice he was, how amazing he was with children. But they had failed to tell him how cute he was.

Lydia slapped Stiles’ shoulder and smiled, gesturing with her hands towards Derek.

“Alpha Werewolf.” She said. “A born Alpha Werewolf, which makes him stronger then a bitten one like Scott.”

“And he’s way more solidly built then Scott.” Stiles replied. “He’s also been a werewolf longer then Scott.”

“Yeah.” Lydia agreed. “Derek’s got to be stronger then Scott, and has more Werewolf instincts then him.”

“By the way.” Stiles said, rubbing his shoulder where Lydia had hit him, and pouted. “Oww.”

“Are you too trying to hire me to kill this Scott person?” Derek asked with a raised eyebrow. “Because hiring a hitman in front of the Sheriff is not a very smart idea.”

“I would never hire a hitman to kill Scottie.” Stiles said. “He is my best friend. Besides, I could never afford a hitman with my salary. Not a good one anyway.”

“You get what you pay for.” Lydia remarked, causing Stiles to give her a fake hurt look. She ignored the look and spoke to Derek.

“We want you to try to kill Fred, if you have time.” She told him.

“Yeah, but we really hope you fail.” Stiles added.

“Who’s Fred?” Derek asked.

Lydia and Stiles lead the Sheriff and Derek further into room and over to a table. On the table was a life sized mannequin of a man. It was made out of a form of rubber, and was wearing blue jeans and a Spiderman tee shirt. It was also wearing a protective vest.

“This is Fred.” Stiles said. “He’s our new test dummy, your Uncle killed our old test dummy a couple weeks ago.” Then he bowed his head slightly and placed a hand over his heart. “We will miss Simon, he was a good man.”

“I apologize for my Uncle Peter.” Derek said, with a chuckle. Thinking that not only was Stiles extremely cute, he was funny as well. “He has always had homicidal tendencies.”

“We were going to ask a friend of ours, Scott, to help us test the vest after he got off work.” Lydia said. “But we would really appreciate your help.”

“Sure.” Derek said. “What do you need me to do?”

“Help me get Fred on his feet.” Stiles said. “He’s kinda heavy. He really needs to lay off of the pizza.”

Derek and Stiles lifted the life like dummy off of the table and stood him up. After releasing the dummy, it was still standing.

“Amazing.” Derek said, impressed. “It feels like a real person.”

“The rubber like substance is as close to human flesh as we can get.” Lydia explained. “Fred has fake organs in him to represent every organ in the human body. He also has tubbing running throughout his body with liquid flowing through them, to represent veins and blood.”

“Very impressive.” Derek said.

“These two are geniuses.” The Sheriff said proudly.

“Agreed.” Derek said.

“We’re testing the vest.” Stiles said. “We’re trying to produce protective armor that will not only stop a bullet, but will also keep the Officer safe from Were-creature claws.”

“It passed the bullet test.” Lydia said. “Chris shot Fred this morning, with a 9mm and a Colt .45. We still need to make a few adjustments before we try a larger caliber.”

“What do you need me to do?” Derek asked.

“Attack it.” Stiles replied, punching the air with his fists.

“Stop before you punch yourself.” Noah said, rolling his eyes at his son.

“That only happened one time.” Stiles defended himself. “And I
Only blacked out for like a second.”

“I know in a real fight, the assailant would go for the throat and gut if they can’t get to the chest.” Lydia told Derek. “But please only attack the chest, it’s the only part wearing the armor. After we get it perfected, then we will design armor for the rest of the vital areas.”

“Okay.” Derek said, extending his claws and fangs. His eyes glowed a bright red and more hair formed on his face.

“Try your best to rip through the vest for three minutes.” Stiles said. “I will time you.”

“I will time you.” Lydia corrected, looking at Stiles. “Stiles will probably think it’s cool and forget to ask you to stop.”

“It was pretty awesome when Peter murdered poor Simon.” Stiles said with a smile.

“Are you ready?” Lydia asked Derek.

“Yes.” Was the reply.


Derek roared and plowed into Fred, knocking the dummy to the floor. Then Derek straddled its waist and started clawing at its chest. For a couple minutes, his claws did not penetrate the vest. But then he started to hear the strong material start to pop and rip, and a bright green thick liquid started to seep out.

“Time.” Lydia said, and Derek immediately stopped and stood up.

The green goo was still seeping out of the dummy, staining it’s ripped tee shirt. Derek’s hands were also covered in the bright green blood substitute.

“That was awesome.” Stiles smiled, as he handed the older man a towel to wipe his hands on.

“Why does Fred have green blood?” Derek asked.

“Because red blood is too boring for an amazing guy like Fred.” Stiles replied.

“Simon had yellow blood.” Noah said.


Lydia and Stiles knelt beside the dummy and carefully removed the ripped shirt and the vest.

“There is significant damage to the chest.” Lydia said, disappointment in her voice. “Can you stand him up?”

Stiles and Derek grabbed Fred and stood him up. The movement caused more of the green goo to seep out through the gashes on his chest.

“It’s damaged.” The Sheriff said. “But those wounds would heal on a human, if the person gets medical treatment quickly. You two are making great progress with the armor.”

“You hear that, Fred?” Stiles said, slapping the dummy on the back. “You’re going to pull through.”

The blow to the back caused a string of bright green goo to shoot out of Fred’s chest and land on Derek’s uniform shirt and in his face.

Noah laughed loudly and Lydia held a hand to her mouth to hide her laughter. Stiles looked at Derek with wide eyes and an opened mouth. He gulped loudly when Derek let out a deep growl and glared at him.

He wasn’t sure if he should be scared, or turned on. Derek looked even hotter when he growled.

“I am so sorry.” Stiles said.

Derek used the towel that Stiles had handed him earlier, and wiped the green goo from his face. then he glared at the Sheriff, whom was still laughing.

“It’s just some food dye and other simple ingredients.” Stiles said. “It will wash right out, I am really sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Derek smiled, thinking that Stiles looked adorable when he was flustered. “No harm done.”

Noah had finally stopped laughing. “This is real progress.” He said, smiling at Lydia and Stiles. “Fred wasn’t fighting back and had no backup, but he lasted a good two minutes before the vest started tearing. You two should be very proud of yourselves.”

“Thank you Sheriff.” Lydia returned the smile.

“Thanks, Dad.” Stiles said, blushing slightly.





Isaac was sitting in the floor in front of the t.v., playing Halo. He groaned when he lost, and tossed the controller onto the floor. He was about to reset the game, when he glanced at a clock on the wall and noticed that it was almost one o’clock.

He jumped to his feet and cursed under his breath, he had been playing the game for over two hours, and he was going to be late getting to the animal clinic. Scott was going to kill him.

Normally, the two men arrived at the clinic together at seven o’clock in the morning. But the night before, Isaac had stayed after hours and cleaned out the storage room. So he took the morning off. He was supposed to be at the clinic at one, but he knew there was no way he would make it in time.

Scott was a lenient Dom on many things, but he insisted on punctuality and professionalism when it came to work. Dr. Deaton had moved to Los Angeles two year prior and Scott, after graduating collage, took over as the Veterinarian. Isaac was his assistant.

Mrs. Meadows had an appointment at one fifteen, well her small tea cup chihuahua dog did. Maisy had been hit by a car the month before, and the accident had hurt both of her back legs.

She was recovering , but still needed physical therapy. The dog was sensitive to most pain medicine and the therapy hurt. So Scott would exercise the dog’s legs, while Isaac kept taking the dog’s pain away.

Isaac quickly ran upstairs to the master bedroom and changed, he was about to leave the house when his phone buzzed. It was a text message from Scott asking where he was.

Isaac knew he should come clean and admit to his husband that he had lost track of time, but he also knew he would get in trouble for it. He used to have a bad habit of procrastinating and losing track of time, but he had been doing a lot better lately.

Isaac replied to the text, telling Scott that he was almost there, that traffic was horrible. After hitting the send button, Isaac felt awful. He really hated lying to Scott, but he didn’t want him to be disappointed in him.

Isaac ran out of the house and to his car, then he headed to the clinic. He was about half way to the clinic, going twenty miles above the speed limit the entire time, when he saw a police cruiser pull out behind him with the lights on.

Isaac moaned, as he pulled over. He was so dead. Scott might have been lenient on a lot of things, but breaking the law and putting himself and others in danger, was something he was very strict on.

Isaac knew his Dom would be furious with him speeding and weaving in and out of traffic. The young man let out another groan when he saw Sheriff Stilinski step out of the cruiser. He might kill Isaac before Scott had a chance too.

“Isaac.” Noah said, giving the young man a stern look through the rolled down window.

“Hey, Sheriff.” Isaac said softly.

“Care to explain why you are speeding and driving recklessly?” Noah asked.

“Not really, Sir.” Isaac said.

“Would you rather I bend you over the hood of your car and spank you?” Noah asked sternly.

“No Sir, I’m sorry.” Isaac replied quickly.

The Sheriff was no longer his registered Dom, but he still considered the man his Father. He had taken Isaac in when the boy was fifteen, and was extremely good to him. Isaac would always love and respect the older man.

“Then explain.” Noah said.

“I was supposed to be at the clinic at one.” Isaac explained. “But I started playing Halo and lost track of time.”

“Son.” Noah said, his voice now gentle. “Do you think that Scott would rather for you to be in an accident due to your reckless driving, or that you be late to work?”

“Late for work.” Isaac answered softly.

Noah reached a hand in trough the window and gently squeezed the back of the younger man’s neck.

“I’m going to let the speeding and swerving go this time, because I know that Scott will punish you.” Noah said. “But this is a one time deal. Next time, I will spank you myself, then hand you over to Scott. Understand?”

“Yes Sir.” Isaac replied. “I really am sorry, Sheriff.”

“I know, son.” Noah gently squeezed his neck again, then let go. “Head on to the clinic, I am going to call Scott and let him know what happened.”

“Yes Sir.” Isaac said sadly. Scott was going to kill him.

“And Isaac.” Noah said, placing a gentle hand on his arm. “I am upset about the way you were driving, but remember that I love you.”

“I love you too, Sheriff.” Isaac said. “And I am sorry about the speeding and weaving.”

“It’s okay, Son.” Noah assured him. “Now go on.”






Scott was sitting in the waiting room of the clinic, talking to Mrs. Meadows. The woman was in her late sixties and was wearing a soft pink collar around her throat, even though her husband and Dom had passed away seven years prior.

The older woman was a regular client of the clinic. She had two dogs, three cats, and two canaries.

One of her dogs, a four -year-old tea cup chihuahua, was currently sitting in Scott’s lap. The young veterinarian was gently scratching the dog’s ears.

The door opened and Isaac walked in.

“I’m sorry I’m late, Ma’am.” Isaac told the older sub.

“That’s alright, Isaac.” Mrs. Meadows smiled. “Scott and I have been having a wonderful conversation.”

“Come on, let’s get Maisy all fixed up.” Scott said, standing up.

His voice sounded cheerful, but Isaac could tell that it was forced. He knew the Sheriff had told Scott everything and that Scott was angry with him.

“We will be back in about twenty minutes, Mrs. Meadows.” Scott said, handing the woman the remote to the t.v. sitting in a corner.

Scott, who was carrying the small dog, and Isaac left the room and walked to the back room.

“I’m really sorry, Scott.” Isaac said, once they were alone.

“Not now, Isaac.” Scott said, as he gently sat the dog on the examine table. “We’ve got work to do. We will discuss this in detail after we finish.”

“Yes Sir.” Isaac said, dejectedly.

Scott sighed and he walked over to his husband and wrapped him in a hug.

“It’s okay, Isaac.” He said gently. “You are in trouble, and I am going to have to punish you for this. But it is okay. I love you, I will always love you.”

It had been seven years since Isaac was removed from his abusive Father’s custody. Seven years since he was last beaten and locked in a freezer. Seven years since he was last told that he was worthless and would never amount to anything.

But the young Sub still needed constant reassurance that he was loved and that he would never be tossed away. But luckily for him, he had several people around him to remind him of that daily.

“I love you too, Scott.” Isaac said, returning the hug.

“We will work through this, Isaac.” Scott said, as they pulled apart. Scott gently cupped the other man’s chin and looked into his eyes. “After I punish you, all will be forgiven and forgotten. I promise.”

Isaac smiled and nodded.

“Now, let’s take care of Maisy.” Scott said.

“Yes Sir.” Isaac said.

The two worked side by side, doctoring the tiny dog. It was a routine they had down pact, they had always worked great together.

“There you go, Girl.” Scott said, once they were finished. He gently petted the dog’s head. “That wasn’t so bad now was it?”

“Here you go sweetie.” Isaac said, offering the dog a treat.

Maisy wagged her tail and ate the treat.

“I will take our patient back to Mrs. Meadows.” Scott said, once again picking up the tiny dog. “I want you to start cleaning out the cages in back. I will be in to help in a few minutes.”

“Yes Sir.” Isaac said.

Isaac waked into a back room, which were filled with animal cages of various sizes. Currently only three of the held animals. There were two cats and one dog.

Isaac walked over to the dog’s cage, he was a large pit bull who they were treating for a severe skin rash. The rash was completely healed and the owners were due to pick him up the following morning.

“Hey Duke.” Isaac said, as he gently tugged on the dog’s collar to get him to leave the cage. Once the dog was standing outside the cage, Isaac hooked his leash to a peg on the wall.

He was almost finished with cleaning the cage, when Scott walked into the room. He waked over to Isaac and started helping him.

“I know you do not like waiting for a punishment.” Scott said, his voice gentle. “But we have a lot a work to do, Mr. Morton will be here in about thirty minutes for Midnight’s appointment. “

Isaac nodded and said. “I know, Scott.”

“Are you okay waiting?”

“Yes Sir.” The Sub sighed. “I really don’t like it, but I understand. I’m okay.”

“Good boy.” Scott said, reaching out and gently squeezing the back of the other man’s neck.

Once again, they worked side by side and were finished with the cages a few minutes before their next client arrived.







It was almost six o’clock when Scott and Isaac returned home. It was the house Scott grew up in. When Melissa married Chris Argent, when Scott was seventeen, they had moved into the Argent home. Melissa had thought about selling her house, but could not bring herself to do it.

When Scott and Isaac married, Melissa had given them the house as a wedding present.

They walked into the living room and both froze. Isaac lowered his head and softly sighed, and Scott gave him a stern look.

A laundry basket filed with clothes, that Isaac was supposed to put away that morning, was sitting on the couch. A half a bowl of popcorn was spilt out on the coffee table, two empty soda cans were sitting in the floor, and an empty chip bag was also in the floor.

“I…..I was going to clean it up.” Isaac said softy, still looking at the floor. “But I lost track of time.”

“Clean up the mess, I’ll take the clothes upstairs.” Scott said. “Once you are done, I want you kneeling in a corner.”

“Yes Sir.” Isaac said.

Isaac quickly did as he was told.

Scott walked back downstairs and looked at the man kneeling on a pad in the corner, his back rigid and his hands resting on his thighs. The Dom sat on the couch and took a deep calming breath.

He had to make certain he was calm before he called Isaac over. When they first started their relationship, Scott had sworn to Isaac and to himself that he would never punish Isaac when he was angry. No matter what.

“Isaac.” He said, his voice calm but firm. “Come here, please.”

Isaac stood up and walked over to the couch, standing in front of Scott.

“Kneel for me, we need to talk.” Scott said, placing a soft cushion in the floor.

Isaac sank to his knees and bowed his head.

“Tell me what happened.” Scott said, as he gently ran his fingers through Isaac’s hair. This always relaxed the young Sub.

“I was playing Halo and lost track of time.” Isaac admitted. “I…..I was still here when you text me.”

“So you lied to me?” Scott asked, still carding a hand through his Sub’s hair.

“Yes Sir.” Isaac said. “I left the house and headed for the clinic, but I was in a hurry. I was speeding and weaving in and out of traffic, that’s why the Sheriff pulled me over.”

“Eyes up, Honey.” Scott said, waiting until the other man was looking at him before continuing. “I am not upset about the mess in here, neither one of us will ever be featured in better homes and gardens. But I am a little upset about you getting so lost in the game that you lost track of time. You knew when you started playing that you had to be at the clinic at one, you should have set a timer. The game is off limits for two days, understand?”

“Yes Sir.” Isaac replied.

“If you would have came clean and told me the truth when I texted you, then that and maybe half a dozen reminder swats would have been your only punishment. But you lied to me, which is never acceptable. Lying to me will always earn you a trip over my knee. Then you drove recklessly and could have caused a wreck. I know you are an excellent driver, but it has been raining on and off for the past three days. The roads are wet and slippery. Putting your safety in jeopardy will also always earn you a sore ass. Understand?”

“Yes Sir.” Isaac said, sadly.

“Stand up and pull off your jeans, I doubt you will want them back on after we’re done.” Scott said. “Lower your boxers.”

“Yes Sir.” Isaac stood up, toed off his shoes. Then he pulled his jeans down and off, picking them up and laying them on the back of the couch. he lowered his boxer shorts to his knees.

“Over my lap.” Scott said, as he gently took the other man’s wrist and guided him over his lap. Issacs’s upper body was laying on the couch. Once he got Isaac situated where he wanted him, Scott wrapped an arm around the other Werewolf’s waist and pulled him in tight against his stomach.

“Where are about to be spanked, Isaac?” Scott asked.

“I lied to you and I drove recklessly.” Isaac answered.

Scott placed a hand on the Sub’s pale ass and said. “Neither of those things will ever be acceptable. Lying will always land you in hot water, I expect you to always be honest with me. Honesty is a two way streak. Just as I expect you to be honest with me, I also expect myself to always be honest with you.

Putting Yourself and others in danger will also always earn you a sore ass. You could have caused a wreck today.”

Scott removed his hand and then brought it down hard, causing Isaac to yelp and jump slightly. Scott landed heavy handed swats to the entirety of Isaac’s ass and upper thighs. Turning the pale skin to a dusty pink hue.

Isaac started squirming as the pain increased, Scott was not holding back,

“Settle down, Isaac.” Scott said, stopping the spanking for a moment and rubbing a soothing hand over the burning skin.

“It hurts.” Isaac whimpered. “Please, Scott. I’ve learnt my lesson.”

“I know it hurts, Honey.” Scott said, his voice gentle. “But you have earned this punishment. We are almost done.”

Isaac whimpered when Scott quit rubbing his bottom and restarted the spanking. Isaac managed to stop squirming, but tears rolled freely down his cheeks. By the time Scott ended the spanking, Isaac’s butt and thighs were a dark red and heat was radiating from the skin. The young Sub was laying limp over Scott’s lap, sobbing.

“It’s okay, Honey.” Scott soothed, as he carded one hand through Isaac’s hair and used the other hand to rub his back. “It’s over, Isaac. All’s forgiven and forgotten. It’s all over, you took your punishment so good for me. I’ve very proud of you, Honey.”

After a few minutes, Isaac had stopped sobbing and had calmed down.

Scott gently helped the other man sat up in his lap, spreading his legs wide so Isaac’s throbbing butt and thighs were not touching his jeans clad legs. Scott wrapped him in a tight hug, and Isaac returned the hug.

“Next time, I want the truth.” Scott said, as he kissed his Husband’s temple.

“Yes Sir.” Isaac said. “No more lying.”

“That’s my good boy.” Scott said.

They stayed like that for several minutes, holding onto one another.

“How about I order us some dinner?” Scott asked.

“Pizza?” Isaac asked hopeful.

“Pizza it is.” Scott fished his cell phone out of his pocket and ordered the pizza. After placing the order, Scott hugged Isaac closer to him. they stayed like that until the pizza was delivered





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Chapter Text

Two and a half weeks later, Derek was extremely happy that him and Jo had moved back to his childhood home. Derek loved his job, and had become great friends with the other deputies.

And there was Stiles. Derek wasn’t sure what it was about the younger man, but he really liked him. Stiles was brilliant, charming, funny, and very handsome. Derek had had to take a few cold showers after work.

He could tell that Stiles was attracted to him too, he could smell his arousal and hear his heartbeat sped up when they were close. But so far, neither man acted on their feelings.

Derek was currently sitting at his desk, doing paperwork. The paperwork was about the only thing the Dom did not like about being a deputy.

Chris, Jordan, Allison, and Tony were sitting at their desk also doing paperwork. The Sheriff was in his office.

The door opened and a very pretty woman in her mid-thirties walked in, carrying a large pastry box and two smaller ones.

“Morning everyone.” She smiled brightly, sitting the large box down on Derek’s desk. “I got everyone doughnuts.”

“Have I ever told you that I love it when you visit?” Chris asked, as the deputies stood up and walked over to Derek’s desk. Tony stopped by the Sheriff’s door to let him know there were doughnuts.

“Thank you, Aunt Lucy.” Derek said, as he leaned forward and touched her forehead with his own.

Lucy Hale was Peter’s wife and bonded Sub. The couple were as different as night and day on most stuff, but they truly loved one another and had a great marriage.

Peter was usually well dressed and immaculate. Lucy had her shoulder length dark brown hair tied in a messy bun, wasn’t wearing any make up, and was wearing a pair of old faded jeans and an AC/DC tee shirt.

Derek pulled away, and reached for one of the smaller boxes, but the older Werewolf took a step back and hid the box behind her back.

“These ain’t yours.” She said.

“But those are my favorite.” Derek replied. “Raspberry filled glazed, I can smell them.”

“I know they are your favorite.” She said. “But they are also Stiles’ favorite. And the shop only had two left, Stiles gets them.”

“How come?” Derek asked. “I’m your nephew.”

“I know. But when it comes to computers, you are even more of a dumbass then I am. These doughnuts are a bribe.”

“You don’t have to bribe Stiles.” Derek said. “I can growl at him and force him to help you with the computers. So I get the raspberry doughnuts.”

Lucy gasped and looked at him like he just shot a puppy.

“You be mean to Stiles and you will have to answer to all of the kids at the sanctuary. And to your own family. In fact, Maya would never forgive you. She might even lead the other kids in a coup and tie your scrawny ass to the train tracks.”

“She’s telling the truth.” The Sheriff said, as he leaned a hip on Jordan’s desk and ate a doughnut. “Maya adores my son.”

“Fine.” Derek said with a mock pout. “Stiles can have them.”

“Wise decision, nephew.” Lucy smiled.

“Derek.” The Sheriff said, shaking his head. “Are you afraid of Maya? Your four-year-old sweet little niece.”

“Yes.” The younger man replied.

“And you hired him as a Deputy?” Chris asked Noah.

“Hey, you want to tangle with her?” Derek asked.

“Nope.” Chris replied. “Trust me, I know how ruthless adorable little four-year-old girls can be.” He gave Allison a sideways glance as he said it.

“Hey, I was a very sweet little girl.” Allison said.

Lucy chuckled, then headed to hallway as Allison and her Dad argued over the girl’s childhood antics.

She knew Derek was right, she didn’t have to bribe Stiles with doughnuts. The young man was always very eager to help the Sanctuary. He had donated countless hours to the center. Everything from installing computers to helping chaperoning children’s field trips.

The Werewolf made a quick stop at Lydia’s lab to drop off her doughnuts, then she went to the computer room. She found Stiles sitting in the floor under a table lined with computers.

“If you throw a sheet over the table, you can have a fort.” Lucy said, startling Stiles and causing him to jump slightly.

“Hey, Luce.” He smiled as he crawled out from under the table and stood up.

“Hey Stiles.” She returned the smile, handing him the small box of doughnuts.

“Thanks.” Stiles said. Then he raised an eyebrow and asked. “Are these a bribe?”


He sighed and asked, “Did you and your computer have another disagreement? Because I have already told you that I can not fix two inch deep slash marks on a computer.”

“Actually, my new computer had been very compliant.” The woman said. “I think the other office equipment warned it about what happens to rebellious computers.”

Stiles laughed, then asked. “What are the doughnuts a bribe for?”

“The Sanctuary is getting five new computers for the adult’s area tomorrow afternoon. The old computers are going into the children’s area for gaming. I was needing you to work your magic voodoo and do the updates and downloads and whatever else to get them to do what they need to do.”

“My magic voodoo is at your service.” Stiles said.

“Thank you, I really appreciate all of work you do at the Sanctuary.” Lucy said.

“The Sanctuary is an amazing place.” Stiles replied.

The Sanctuary was a community center owned by the Hales, and was ran by Peter and Lucy. It provided several different services. Including counseling, help with job searches, adult learning classes, help paying bills, childcare for working parents, adoption services, and parenting classes.

It was also a safe place for children, teens, and subs. Both Peter and Lucy were licensed child and Sub advocates.

“You are an amazing man, Stiles Stilinski.” Lucy smiled. Then she frowned slightly and added. “I fee like we’re taking advantage you at times.”

Stiles sat the doughnuts on the table and leaned forward so their foreheads were touching.

Stiles wasn’t a werewolf, but he now knew all about their behaviors and social interactions. The first time Scott tried to touch foreheads with him, they had wound up bumping heads. Stiles had a small bump on his forehead for several days, Scott had a hard head.

“You are not taking advantage of me.” Stiles assured her. “I enjoy spending time at the Sanctuary, and I enjoy helping out.”

They pulled apart and Lucy said. “I better be going, Peter was supervising a group of toddlers when I left the Sanctuary, they may have him duct taped and locked in a closet.

Then she laughed and added. “I might need to wait a few more hours.”






Later that day, Derek was doing some shopping. He had his four-year-old niece, Maya, and his six-month-old nephew, Robbie, with him. His fourteen-year-old brother, Shawn was in the store also. But he was in another section of the store.

Derek was pushing the shopping cart, with Robbie sitting in a car seat in the front of the buggy. Maya was walking behind her Uncle.

Derek smelt a familiar scent, and turned his head to see Stiles standing several feet way. The younger man was reading the back of a soup can. Derek felt his heart flutter slightly and growled softly in annoyance.

He didn’t know what it was about the man, but he always felt a little nervous around him. And Derek was not used to that feeling.

Derek had known he was bisexual since he was in jr high. He had never felt this way around anyone, male or female.

Robbie’s crying brought the werewolf out of his thoughts.

“What’s wrong, Buddy?” Derek asked, as he unbuckled the baby and picked him up. This only caused the baby to cry harder, his face going red.

Derek was not used to crying babies and was not sure what to do. He tried rocking his nephew in his arm, but that didn’t help either.

“Make him stop, Uncle Derek.” Maya whined, as she covered her ears with her small hands

“I’m trying.” Derek grumbled.

“Mind if I have a try?” Derek jumped and spun around, surprised to find Stiles standing there. He had not heard the man approach.

Stiles held out his hands, and Derek gently handed the baby over to the younger man. He watched in amazement as Stiles softly spoke to Robbie and bounced him around a little. Within a few seconds, the loud wails had stopped. A few more seconds later, the baby was laughing.

“Wow, you’re like a baby whisperer.” Derek said, impressed.

“Thank you, Stiles.” Maya said, wrapping her arms around the man’s legs.

“You are very welcomed, Sweetie.” Stiles smiled at the girl, running a hand through her long dark brown hair.

“Okay, I want to know your secret.” Derek said, nodding towards the now happy baby in Stiles’ arms.

“You were tense.” Stiles explained. “Babies can sense that. The more tense you became, the more upset Robbie became.”

Derek smiled and said. “Thank you.”

“Not a problem.” Stiles returned the smile. “I’m done shopping.” He nodded toward a handbasket sitting in the floor. “If you want me too, I will be glad to walk around with you and keep Robbie happy.”

“I….I don’t want to intrude.” Derek said, very grateful that Stiles was not a Werewolf. If he was, then he would have heard Derek’s heart beat skyrocket at the thought of Stiles’ offer.

“Don’t be silly, it’ll be a pleasure.” Stiles assured him.

“Yeah, Uncle Derek.” Maya pleaded. “Robbie’s a loud mouth, let Stiles stay.”


Derek picked up Stiles’ basket and put it in the back of the cart. “I’m almost done. I was just picking up a few more decorations for the Halloween party at the Sanctuary. And a few other things.”

Stiles rearranged Robbie so the six-month-old was sitting on his hip. “Lead the way.”

For the next several minutes, they shopped. Each man was enjoying the other’s company and were laughing and joking around. Derek found out that Stiles loved Halloween, and that the younger man had a talent for picking out just the right decorations.

“This reminds me of the Halloween when I was twelve.” Stiles said nodding towards a six foot mummy figure. “Scott and me ripped up all the white sheets at both of our houses, and wrapped ourselves up as mummies. Then we stood in my front yard and scared the he….um, scared the hibbie jebbies out of anyone who dared get too close.”

“That was mean Stiles.” Maya informed him.

Stiles squatted in front of the four-year-old, making sure he had a good hold on her baby brother.

“I know, Sweetie.” He said. “My Dad and Scott’s Mom thought so too.”

“Were they mad?” The little girl asked with a wince.

“Yep.” Stiles replied, with his own wince. “I thought my Dad was going to kill me. I’m pretty sure he wanted to take me deep into the woods and leave me.”

“The Sheriff wouldn’t do that.” Maya giggled. “Sheriff is good.”

“He is pretty good.” Stiles agreed.

Stiles stood back up and looked at Derek. “So, what kind of trouble did you cause at Halloween?”

“I was a perfect angel.” Derek replied.

Stiles let out a deep laugh and said. “Fine, I’ll ask Peter next time I see him.”

“Uncle Peter is a liar.” Derek said.

They continued shopping, and were soon in the health and beauty aisle. Derek was buying some band aids and other minor medical supplies.

“Jo has a tendency of being danger prone at times.” Derek explained. “Last week she cut her finger while slicing apples.”

“Been there, done that.” Stiles said.

“Uncle Derek.” Maya said, excitement in her voice. “Can I get the glow in the dark balloons? Please?”

“Sure, Maya.” The man said, without taking his eyes off of Stiles. “You can grab a couple.”

“Thanks, Uncle Derek!”

A few minutes later, they were done. Derek thought about adding more items to his shopping list, so he could spend more time with Stiles. But he knew it had to end sooner or later.

Derek pulled his phone out of his pocket and said. “Shawn is around here somewhere, I’ll text him and have him meet us up front.”

“Can we just leave without him?” Maya asked.

“You can’t leave Shawn.” Stiles told the young girl.

“Why not?” Derek wanted to know.

“Because Peter and Lucy will hurt you.” Stiles told the Werewolf.

“Good point.” Derek sighed, as he texted his younger brother. A moment later he said. “Checkout time.”

They walked to the front of the store and Shawn walked over to them. He had his arms full of junk food and comic books. He dumped the load into Derek’s cart and gave his older brother his best puppy eyes.

“If Uncle Peter kills me for buying you all of that junk food, I’m going to use you for target practice.” Derek informed the fourteen-year-old.

“Not a problem.” Shawn smiled. “I’ve seen your shooting, I’ll be safe.” Then he looked at his Niece and frowned. “Why is Maya carrying around two packages of glow in the dark condoms?”

“What?” Derek exclaimed, as him and Stiles looked at the small girl.

Maya was holding two large packages of condoms in her small hands.

“Maya Talia Hale.” Derek scolded, as he grabbed the boxes from her hands and laid them on a nearby shelf. “Where did you get those?”

“Y….you said I could get them.” Maya said softly, her bottom lip quivering. The four-year-old had no idea why her Uncle was upset.

“The balloons.” Stiles said, causing Derek to groan.

“A….Am I in trouble?” Maya asked, on the verge of crying.

“Of course not, Sweetie.” Derek said, gently as he knelt in front of her. He gently ran a hand through her dark brown hair. “I am sorry I snapped at you, this was all my fault. Those are not balloons.”

“What are they?”

“That doesn’t matter.” Derek said quickly. There was no way in hell he was about to explain the uses of condoms to the little girl. “But they are not for children.”

“Can I still have some balloons?” Maya asked hopefully.

“Sure, let’s go pick some out.” Derek said, kissing her cheek. Then he stood up.

Shawn started laughing, nearly doubling over. Derek glared at the teen, but that did not stop the laughter.

“Laura is going to kill you.” Shawn informed his brother, as his laughing softened. “Like, totally and completely kill you. She is going to rip your throat out with her teeth, then rip your arms and legs off, then bury you in a deep hole.”

“Shut up.” Derek growled.

“She may keep you alive long enough to torture you.” Shawn said, completely ignoring the glare Derek was giving him. He looked at Stiles and said. “You may want to give your Dad a heads up, let him know he will need a new Deputy after Derek disappears.”