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The blindfold was removed from my eyes to reveal a dimly lit room bathed in a glow of a faint red light located directly above me. As my eyes focused I began to panic and scan the area as best I could. The walls and floor appear to be bare concrete, and there is a single black door to my left. I am shackled to the wall with short heavy chains on my wrists and ankles, arms spread straight out and legs slightly apart. My shirt is off, but pants still on. I struggled against the restraints, but these were too well anchored. I am strong, but these were made for someone like me. I squinted into the open room and saw three figures. Two were seated and watching against the back wall, and one was standing close to me. The figure nearest me appeared to be a man. He watched me strain to escape and chuckled. He was shorter than me, of slender but muscular build with dark hair, slicked back. He wore only a half-mask, black pants, and boots. "Nice to see you awake." He said smugly, walking up to me with his hands folded behind him, just out of my reach. Reflected dark light bounced off of the polished leather of his boots as he approached. I slammed outward against the chains, furious. "Let me the fuck out of here you little cunt" I snarled. The smile vanished from his face, and suddenly his right hand came up and slapped me across the face, hard. My head whipped to the side and I felt the sting. "Watch your goddamn mouth, Agent Vega." He growled. My eyes widened as I looked up at him. How does he know my name? My job? "You are going to behave yourself or I will gag you. Do you understand?" he said, all traces of his previous amusement gone. I spit at his feet angrily. "Go fuck yourself." His hand came across my face again, even harder this time. For a few seconds I couldn't see. Dazed, I refocused my eyes back on him, searching his light eyes for something I recognized. "Do. You. Understand." He repeated, dangerously quiet now. I nodded quietly, beginning to understand the gravity of my situation. "That's a good boy." He said, smile returning. He began to pace a bit, looking me over. "He is a fine specimen, ladies. Does he please you?" He called over his shoulder to the others in the back of the room. "We'll see once you get started." The left one replied. The right one remained silent. The man turned back to me, still grinning. "How about we put on a nice show for the girls, hmm?" He whispered, inches from my face. His eyes glinted beneath the mask, looking into mine. Not wanting to die, I nodded slightly. He took a step forward and put his mouth to my ear. "Don't worry, you're safe. Just relax and behave yourself. I know you'll enjoy it." He breathed. Still cautious but slightly pacified, I unclenched my fists as he pulled back. His eyes met mine, and then without blinking, he reached down and grabbed my dick roughly through my pants. Shocked, I gasped and pulled back as much as I could. He laughed. "You're already hard! You love this don't you? Getting slapped, dominated and held down..." He looked delighted. I cast my eyes downward in shame, feeling heat rising in my face. His left hand reached up and lifted my chin to look at him. "Don't supress your reactions. I want them raw and unfiltered." Without warning, his lips were on mine. His kiss was softer than I expected, and filled with emotion I didn't understand. For some reason I wasn't resisting, and sensing that, he worked his tounge inside as his hand fluttered from between my legs to the top of my pants. In one deft movement, I felt them unbutton and drop to my ankles. I shivered violently, but due to fear or excitement I wasn't sure. He pulled away from my face slowly and met my eyes again. They looked... Blue? It was so hard to tell in the light. His right hand reached up and removed the tie from my hair. My black hair spilled over my shoulders and face, obscuring my vision. He smoothed the right side and tucked it behind my ear. His hand lingered on the side of my head while his eyes wandered across my face, and down my body. "Aren't you a sight." He said quietly, almost to himself. He leaned forward next to my ear again and I tensed instinctively. "Remember " he whispered, "I won't hurt you.... Too much." I felt his right hand run down the side of my face and then suddenly, forcefully wrap around my neck, pinning my head up and back against the wall. His grip tightened on either side of my throat and I felt the blood to my head slow. I felt my cock stiffen and twitch at the sensation. I gasped for air but leaned into his grasp in spite of myself. I wasn't in control anymore. He had me and I wanted him to use me, and I didn't know why. He pulled his body away but kept his chokehold. Our eyes locked as his left hand traced over my stomach, hips and down to my dick. He lightly caressed me with one finger. My eyes rolled back and a small sound escaped me. I wasn't thinking. Lost in the feeling, I moaned "please..." His grin widened, showing his teeth. He released his hand from my throat and stepped back. "What was that?" He said, laughter in his quiet voice. Realizing what I was doing, I looked away, hanging my head. "Nothing." I said firmly, eyes on the floor. Because I wasn't looking, I didn't see it coming. There was a loud crack as his open hand crashed into the left side of my face, sending my body as far in that direction as the chains would allow. "BEG." He bellowed, striking me again. I felt my lip split and I tasted blood. "Please..." I said, barely audible. His left hand suddenly gripped my balls and squeezed hard. I screamed and felt tears coming out of my eyes. "I said, beg." He hissed, grip tightening. I let out a sob. "Please!" I yelled, voice tearing. "That's more like it." He released me again. My breath heaved, and I was shaking. I raised my head slightly to look at him, but he had turned around. I had forgotten we we're being watched. "Are we ready, ladies?" He asked politely. The woman on the right had her skirt pulled up over her knees and was working her fingers inside of her slowly, legs apart. "Definitely." She replied in a husky voice. The left woman remained still, staring at me intently. She nodded. The man bowed and turned back to me. "Showtime, Apollo."