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Not Totally Normal

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A/N: I don't own Percy Jackson or the Avengers. Btw it's not what it seems keep reading ;)

Percy POV

I stood in the middle of Camp Half-Blood scrunching up my nose as the irony metallic smell of blood burned my nostrils and made my stomach twist into angry knots. Swallowing harshly I forced myself to survey the battlefield.

My eyes darted around frantically trying to find the familiar face of at least one of the members of the seven. The air was heavy and humid, my fists clenched tight as I saw the fallen demigods, too many. I forced myself to look away when a golden lock of hair flashed in the corner of my eye successfully catching my attention, it was Annabeth. Before even letting out a sigh of relief a hand shot out of the ground and lifted her into the air.

My body went rigid as Gaea appeared. The Earth Goddess' eyes were lidded as if she were still asleep, and her lips twisted up into a cruel smirk. "What do we have here? A daughter of Athena."

"GAEA," I roared clenching my teeth, "Let. Her. Go." I struggled to rein in my fear, my hands shaking as I tried to quell the obvious action of terror by digging my nails farther into my hand.

She just grinned crookedly, "As you wish...Perseus."

From then on it was as if Kronos was back, time was moving in slow motion. As Annabeth tumbled through the air I tried to run her but my feet felt like they were stuck in cement. I looked down to see my them sinking slowly into the ground, just like the muskeg in Alaska.

"Per-cy!" her mouth moved as she attempted to scream but the words were ripped from her lips by the harsh winds. While she desperately tried to grasp for anything to slow her fall I could only watch helplessly as the mud rose up to my knees. I couldn't look away from the horrifying sight in front of me, as Annabeth fell it was as if everything was silent. Blades of grass stung her face and she flailed widely her vision blocked by grains of dirt.

Determinedly I wrenched my feet out of the mud and started running to where she would fall. I was too far away and all too soon she hit the ground with a sickening thud that made my heart drop to my stomach.

Dropping to her side I tried to speak unsuccessfully, "A-Annabeth." My voice cracked as I tried to hold back the tears forming in my eyes. I tried to swallow but the feeling of my throat closing up made it almost impossible.

"Percy I-" she cut herself off launching into a series of painful coughs before taking a deep ragged breath.

"Percy listen to me okay, everything will be fine."

As blood trickled out of the corner of her mouth I began to protest but she cut me off, "Everything will be fine if you GET YOUR LAZY ARSE OUT OF BED!"

Wait what

"SEAWEED BRAIN! I swear on Hephaestus' hand grenades if you don't get up right now you're gonna be late." I was still confused then all of a sudden a sharp pain blossomed in my left cheek causing me to bolt upright instantly. I lifted my hand up to my face and opened my eyes to find my bed? While I tried to rub the sleep out of my eyes Annabeth was yelling about some job.

"Did you already forget about your job interview today at Stark Industries?" she rolled her eyes teasingly.

"I've brought it up a total of 49 times this week to be exact."

I looked at my digital clock which read 8:00, "Uhh, interview?" I responded intelligently causing the tips of her mouth to twitch upwards in an amused smile. Wayyy better than Gaea's if you ask me I thought shuddering slightly.

She must've caught the movement because she looked at me worriedly. "Hey," her voice was softer than before, "Percy, did you have another nightmare about...the War?"

I just grinned reassuringly at her, "I'm fine Beth, no nightmares, it's just...kinda cold in here." She looked at me suspiciously, but before she could play 20 questions with me about my dreams I took matters into my own hands.

"Hey, didn't you say something about a job interview?" I blurted out desperately trying to change the topic. "At umm, Shark enterprises or whatever."

Annabeth looked at me unimpressed and by the quirk of her eyebrow, I knew our previous conversation wasn't over yet. "It's Stark Industries seaweed brain, and if you don't hurry up you'll be late." I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom to take a quick shower.

"You have 25 minutes and 47 now 46 seconds before you need to be there so no zoning out in the shower Kelp Head," Annabeth called after me.

I threw a smirk over my shoulder, "Okay okay I get it wise girl, no daydreaming about your silky lemon scented hair and perfect soft lips that-"

"Ju- just get in the shower stupid." She cut me off blushing slightly. Giving her a quick salute I ran into the bathroom and started the water.

"Hey!" She called after me. "When you tank that interview you should look into becoming a poet."

"Yea I- wait who said I wasn't gonna get the job?" When she didn't respond I just laughed softly a smile slowly forming on my face, I couldn't believe how far we've come.

After the Giant war(we totally kicked Gaea's Primordial ass) the Romans and Greeks combined to make one camp. The Romans moved to NY, one because it was closer to Mount Olympus. The second reason was that they lost the epic three-round Rock, Paper, Scissors shoot tournament. Even if we might've (just a little) used Rachel's help, but it was fair because they had Octavian. Okay maybe not.

All thoughts disappeared from my head as I smelled something sweet like— "PANCAKES!" I practically screeched. While trying to frantically get out of the shower I tripped over the rug and successfully prevented myself from breaking my nose for the 3rd time this week by landing in a somewhat correct push-up position. Getting up just as quickly as I fell I snagged a towel from off of the rack, wrapped it around my waist and dashed into my room. Throwing on a pair of khaki joggers and slipping white Asics onto my feet I managed to skidd into the kitchen shirtless, but in record time.

"Morning mom." I greeted her with a quick kiss on the cheek while also trying to grab a few blue cookies from behind her back.

"Nope, no cookies until you finish your breakfast," she bargained pushing the tray just out of my reach. "I don't want you losing your appetite, after all, I made your favorite."
I jumped into the seat next to Annabeth and immediately started scarfing blue pancakes down my throat. My face lit up; they were shaped like little swords, pine trees, and—baby Minotaur? With extreme concentration I managed to cut all the doughy heads off the monsters before eating them.

"Percy stop playing with your food like a five-year-old," Annabeth remarked flippantly. "Do I need to take your phone and delete those Toca Boca© games again, I'm pretty sure they're making you lose brain cells."

I responded easily, "Annabeth stop being a boring know-it-all, don't hate because my digital cooking is better than your actual cooking." I flipped my hair like JB when she shook her head exasperatedly.

"Sally I'm dating an actual kindergartner."

My mom chuckled and I continued to eat 'childishly'. Annabeth, having finished breakfast got up and marked something on a chart taped to the wall with a red pen, "Sally he set a new record." She set the pen on the countertop brushing a strand of her blonde hair that wasn't contained by the messy bun on top of her head behind her ear carelessly.

My mom raised her eyebrows impressed and I looked back and forth between them my eyebrows squishing together in confusion, "What record?" I questioned cleaning my empty plate in midair with the water vapor around it, then quickly lowering it back down onto the table when I received 'the look' from my mother.

As she took my plate she explained, "Annabeth and I have been timing how long it takes you to get in the kitchen after you smell my cooking."

Annabeth joined in her face glowing in amusement, "Yeah. This time it only took 10.63 seconds, 2.09 seconds faster than last time."

I stuck my tongue out at her and looked at the clock, "Well its time to leave, right?" Getting up from the table Annabeth let out a shriek and she saw the time.
"O MY GODS, hurry up and get a shirt on seaweed for brains you have 10 minutes before the interview starts!"

I saw a look of mischief in her eyes but when I blinked again it was gone. Jogging into my room I threw on a shirt that said 'Saltwater heals everything' and tugged a beanie over my messy hair. Then I grabbed my ray bans and headed out the door, "Bye mom! Love you."

Her head peeked out from around the corner, "Don't get into too much trouble."

"No promises," I replied giving Annabeth a quick peck on the lips before closing the front door. "See ya wise girl."

Trying to hide her blush she pushed me away, "Yeah yeah whatever for the hundredth time today hurry up."

Smirking I quickly snatched my skateboard from its place beside the door and with one foot pushed myself down the hallway towards the elevator.