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The Greatest Cow of All

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            Giorno found himself in a pool of curiosity as he stood outside the bedroom door. He had gotten a call from Rykiel asking for urgent help, but when he asked with what, the younger brother did not tell. “It’s hard to explain, it’s better if you see it. Please, hurry!” That’s all the man said before he had hung up. The blonde rushed over and after about ten minutes, came to knock on the door.

            There was shuffling in the room as the younger stumbled to the door and unlocked it.   It was dark inside, so the elder could not see much inside but the reflection of the hallway light in his brother’s golden eyes, eyes that resembled their father’s. Giorno took a tentative step inside, “Why is it dark?”

            “I didn’t want to see myself this way…” The younger muttered, stepping away, “Turn the light on if you’re ready to see it,”

            “Is it bad?”

            “I don’t know,”

            “What is it?”

            “You’ll see, just turn on the lights.”

            Giorno felt up the wall for the light switch and flicked it. When he turned to see the other man, his eyes widened in surprise. Rykiel had his arms crossed over his notably swollen chest-- no, breasts—with a red face and his eyes glued to the floor. The man often suffered from diseases when he got nervous, his rods to blame. However, as bizarre as those ailments have been, this sort of thing was improbable. His Stand may allow for tumors, but this did not look like a freak case of cancer.

           They stood in silence for a moment until Giorno found words, “What did you do?”

            “Nothing! I woke up like this and they feel all weird!”

            “Did you get drunk last night?”

            “I don’t drink,”

            “Are you sure?”

            “Can you help me or not?!”

            “I don’t really know how to help you here, I’ve never heard of something like this. Does it hurt?”

            “Yeah, they feel full,”



            Giorno scratched the back of his head, several comments floating in his mind. He knew how much the other hated to be called a cow, but in this instance, there was no other way to put it, “I think you’re lactating,”

            “I’m what?”

            “You don’t know what that means?”

            “I know what it means,” Rykiel fidgeted as he sat on his messy bed, his arms remained over his mysterious chest, “I just think that’s ridiculous.”

            “Well, that’s what it sounds like,”

            Rykiel cursed under his breath, his crimson mug brought out by his dark dreadlocks and white shirt. “What do I do about it?”

            “What do you think?”

          Rykiel paused, then shook his head furiously, “I can’t do that!”

            “Why not?”

            “I can’t!”

            Giorno assessed Rykiel in his panic and contemplated how to convince him that milking himself was necessary.   The elder approached the younger and knelt in front of him, the question of how he, the most powerful man in Italy, wound up in a situation like this could only be explained by the Joestar propensity towards the most bizarre scenarios. He grabbed the other’s wrists and put them to either side.

Rykiel blinked as he realized what the blond intended to do and he yelped, “Don’t do that!”

“If you don’t do it, you’ll only feel worse,” Gold Experience’s arms emerged to pin down the struggling hands as the blonde lifted the other’s shirt, “And if you won’t do it, I will.” He took the other’s nipples and kneaded them between his thumbs and forefingers carefully.

The younger brother's breath hitched as he felt his face redden more. He bit his lip at the feeling. It... It was good. He didn't think it would be, as far as he knew only women enjoy this. He'd never heard men talk about enjoying this. "Giorno--?"

Giorno looked up at him, "You're too tense, calm down."

Rykiel closed his eyes and Giorno got back to working the other's nipples. He leaned forward, took one in his mouth, and his now free hand held onto the other's back to keep him there. A low whine escaped the dark-haired brother, and within seconds a sweet, creamy liquid squirted onto Giorno's tongue. The elder nearly pulled back, but to save himself the pain of explaining why there was milk on his clothes, he stayed there and took in every drop from there.

"Gi-Giorno, this..." The younger fidgeted, “A-are you okay with this? I-I’m sorry, this-this must be a hassle for you, i-it’s my fault—“

Giorno’s free hand went to cover Rykiel’s mouth. He didn’t want to hear his rambling, he just wanted to finish this job. It was somewhat embarrassing, breastfeeding from his own brother, but not entirely unenjoyable. Besides, nobody else had to know about this.

Once he felt he’d drained the breast sufficiently, he switched to the other. Rykiel quietly whimpered, a mix of pleasure, and awkwardness that came with the warmth radiating from his chest and, gradually, his abdomen. It appeared as if Giorno had not noticed that yet, so he shifted the position of his legs to keep it that way.

Once Giorno finally pulled away, he shot a look at the other. “We keep this between us, alright?”

            “Y-yeah, no, of course.”

            “You think you got it from here on out?”

            “Yeah, I-I guess so,”

            “Good… do you have enough bottles for that?”


            “I’ll go get some for you then,” He stood up and released him from his Stand’s grip, “I’ll be back in around 20 minutes.”

            “A-alright,” Rykiel nodded and watched his brother exit quickly. He could only hope that whatever had caused this would disappear soon.