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Our Missing Piece (we love you for who you are)

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Namjoon’s side

"You got to be kidding me," Namjoon mumbles under his breath after he confirms he's closed the door of his boss's room and he was all alone. Bang PD-nim was a man full of creative ideas, but he'd pushed this one too hard. Have I been a good employee? Have I been making correct life choices? Did I do something to corrupt the economy? Because he sure as hell didn't know anymore.

Fists jammed into the bottom of his pant pockets, Namjoon angrily walks out of the Big hit office building and breathes in the chilly Seoul air. He looks up to see the old graying building. The sky grows dark, and the clouds start to rumble. Maybe it was really time for a change.

Namjoon loved Bang and all the staff. He'd loved the freedom, the support that Bang gave to his underground activities and song writing. He'd loved the guys he'd lived with for the past three years, but he just couldn't see it anymore; what Bang had originally promised a young Namjoon when he was plucked off the streets. He couldn't see what was ahead of him or his dream. Especially with the new member. A young boy who appeared much smaller and weaker than Jungkook, coming up to join them so suddenly.

Everything was clouded.

This is already a permanent change.’ Bang had replied firmly, when Namjoon attempted arguing back. ‘I expect you to relay this message to the others.’

Oh, how the others were going to react...



Jimin’s side

"Are you sure about this, PD-nim?" The girl asks carefully as she looks up at the tall man from the corner of her eyes. "He’d completely mistaken me for a boy..."

"Yes, Jimin-ah. It's a good choice. You're going to be all right, and it's going to keep you safe." He says with a warm smile. “Sejin will take you to the dorms tomorrow morning. I imagine you've packed all of your things?”

Jimin nods, gulping down on air, worry, fear... The cool AC wind that hit her face made her feel clammy. “Thank you... for this opportunity,” she manages to say. "You won't regret your choices". Her own voice comes crashing down on her, like a thousand shards of glass. Every little piece piercing through her soft pale skin, making the crimson drip.

“That’s the spirit,” Bang says and claps her shoulders gently. “This is where you’ll begin."

Jimin bows, then quickly takes her black hoodie off the coat rack before scurrying off to the bathroom. Don’t be afraid.

She was terrified.


Looking at her own reflection in the bathroom, she sighs. She quickly scrubs off any trace of makeup with her fingertips and ties her long hair (that she hid in her shirt when she met Namjoon) into a high ponytail. Then, she rips off the baggy sweats Bang had given to her, revealing a mid-length checkered skirt. Jimin stuffs the pale blue sweats in her gym bag, and leaves. She walks out of the building, hood on, and walks past Namjoon, who she hears cursing to himself. He must seriously hate me.

Avoiding him at any cost, she darts to her apartment.

‘I should seriously call her before anything more happens,’ she thinks to herself.




Namjoon’s side

“Okay... so the reason why I called you all up here is for an announcement,” Namjoon says as he internally groans to himself. He scans across the room. In the small living slash kitchen space, are 5 familiar faces all cramped together. Yoongi and Hoseok, his two longest acquaintances and best friends, are casually sharing an arm chair, looking bored as Namjoon spoke. The maknaes on the couch, or the inseparable Jungkook and Taehyung, sit on both sides looking anxious. And lastly, Seokjin, the oldest, sits cross-legged on the ground, smiling sweetly, encouraging Namjoon to make his announcement.

Namjoon takes a deep breath. Here we go...

“As you may all know, Bang PD-nim called me up this morning for some major changes,” he says, taking another deep breath. He balls his fists in his pockets one more time. “...he wants to add a seventh member.”

Namjoon gulps, and a hush falls over the room. He looks around to see the expressions painted on his members’ faces. They range from worry, to shock, to anger. Mostly anger.

"I can't believe it,” Yoongi says angrily as he throws his hands into the air. “We were going to debut. New member means more time. AGAIN. At this point, we’re never going to make it.”

A lump guilt forms at the back of Namjoon’s throat. This was not the news he wanted to share to the boys who he’d been spilling his blood, sweat, and tears with. This was not the kind of news…

 “We’ve waited a long time,” Hoseok says quietly. The maknaes fall silent as they watch the elders vent.

“I know... but PD-nim said it was final orders, and there's nothing we can do about it" Namjoon frowns. "I told Sejinie hyung too, and he’s pretty positive about having a seventh member."

"I don’t want to hear any of this right now" Yoongi mutters as he stands up to leave, followed by Hoseok, then the maknaes. They all file out, frustrated, into their shared bedroom.

The rigid air lingers in the small living room.

"It just won't go the way we want it to, huh" Seokjin says in the empty living room. Namjoon tiredly sets himself down next to his hyung on the ground and can't help but nod.

It was Seokjin's 4th time having their debut delayed.

Namjoon's 10th.

"Yoongi and Hoseok become like this every time, Joonie. Everything will be alright" Seokjin lightly pats Namjoon's head, and he finds himself leaning into his hyung's shoulder for comfort. But he couldn't nod. It almost felt like a breaking point.




Jungkook’s side

The next morning, Namjoon and the others are awoken by their doorbell.

"Jungkook-ah...." One of the members mumble, as the doorbell doesn't seem to stop ringing. Groggily, Jungkook stands up and slumps over towards the opening hallway. Expecting their manager Sejin hyung or a delivery guy, Jungkook carelessly opens the door, only to see a pale figure, dressed in all black, standing on the other side.

Unlike the street style the boy's dressed in, his features were soft and round. His eyes were shaped like teardrop gems, and his lips were plump and baby pink. His hair is too long for Jungkook's liking, but it's cute how his bangs fall over his eyes. He looked like a child. A baby.

And the boy looks up, straight into Jungkook's eyes with pure innocence.

"I'm Park Jimin... I guess I live here now?"

The new boy.

"Uh... cu-come in."




Seokjin’s side

When Seokjin walks into the kitchen, he sees an unfamiliar boy seated next to Jungkook in the living room. Jungkook seems to have brewed him some watery chocolate... or (should it be called chocolate-y water?) and the other boy's eyes twinkle in amazement.

"Wow... this is really good. Thank you, Jungkook." The boy exclaims. Seokjin internally laughs when Jungkook awkwardly nods his head.

"I didn't know you had friends Jungkook" Seokjin comes into the kitchen saying jokingly. But Jungkook's face pales. "Huh? Is something wrong?"

"Uh... actually, I think he's our seventh member, Park Jimin."

"Wha--...Oh..." The boy bows timidly to Seokjin.

"I-I'm Park Jimin. Nice to meet you"

He reminds me of a kicked puppy.

When Seokjin runs back to the bedroom to tell the others, it seemed that they had already taken notice of the surprise visitor.

"Holy heck. I didn't think he'd come today?" Hoseok says with a surprised look. Yoongi on the other side of the room scratches his head and angrily pulls off his pajamas top.

"Well... I guess you guys have figured it out then" Seokjin mutters and quickly undresses himself like the others to get ready.

"I can't believe Sejin hyung would just drop him off like that. Suitcase and all," Yoongi angrily whispers. Namjoon gives off a helpless shrug. He must not have known either.

"How are we going to explain to that kid that we don't want him" Yoongi whispers a little too loudly. Taehyung freezes shocked at how blunt Yoongi is about the newcomer. But Seokjin just rolls his eyes.

"He already does, Yoongi. He probably wants to be out of this situation as much as we do"