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Prologue 0: In The Beginning

In the beginning, there was only one.

A mysterious being of pure cosmic energy. Pure limitless cosmic energy.

Its power was limitless, infinite, not bound by the laws of time and space.

It was all there was. And all that was…was it

In fact, very few would fault you for calling this being “God.”

And when “God” decided to exist no more, the Omniverse came to be.

“Let there be light.”

But its power did not vanished with it.

For its power was divided into four pieces.

Mind, Heart, Eye, and Soul.

If these pieces were to be used, it would either be to protect the natural order of the Omniverse…or to disrupt that order.

If destroyed, the Omniverse would cease to be. Remember where it came from.

The Omniverse is everything. Universes, dimensions, timelines, realities, realms. Everything that has existed, can exist or ever will exist.

Countless millennia have passed since the birth of the Omniverse. And that time, the remains of the time before the Omniverse have been across space and time.

And yet…many have searched for them. Many were willing to kill to find them. And many have gone to war to control that infinite power.

And many were willing to protect the Omniverse by any and all means.

Many dynasties and families have fought for control of the pieces of the Omniverse. Many wanted to use their power to protect the natural order of the Omniverse. Others want to use that power to disrupt that order and reshape the Omniverse as they see fit.

They’ve fought and fought…until very few remained.

Nowadays, very few believed that the Omniverse existed. In fact, not many people have ever give it much thought.

For the four pieces of the Omniverse have remained to the point where only the ones that have fought over them know of their existence.

Because of their limitless power, they should remain hidden and never gathered in the same place.

For one who has all of the pieces would truly become…infinite.