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Blow A Fuse

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“Fucking son of a bitch,” Ae curses under his breath, staring at the closed door like he could glare out his frustration at the piece of wood. Fuck Pond for bringing up filming their sex to Pete. He’s going to kill him. He’s serious this time.

Of course Pond wouldn’t know what happened between Trump and Pete in the past but he still blames him for being a nosy asshole who can’t keep his mouth shut... or his dick in his pants or out of his hand. He’s going to burn his porn stash, every single one of them and then force him to swallow the ashes. Wait until he gets his hands on that fucker named Pond.



Pete clenches his hands then releases them, wondering what Ae is thinking about just standing at the door. He can tell his boyfriend is angry, because it shows in the way his back muscles flexes and his stiff posture, like he’s too tense to move. He calls out to Ae, watching as his voice seems to break whatever hold is over him.

Ae rushes over to him, looking him in the eyes before sitting beside him and taking his hands in his.

“Hey, are you alright, Khun-Chai? I’m sorry Pond is such an insensitive asshole...” Ae started but Pete cuts him off before he can berate Pond any further.

“No, Ae, don’t. Leave Pond alone. He didn’t know and I was just startled, that’s all.”

Ae seems to be searching his face, looking for any sign of discomfort and Pete just smiles, way too happy to be alone with Ae after the day they’ve had.

Ae breaks down into a smile when he sees whatever it is he wants to see in Pete’s face and Pete blushes up to his ears. Ae is everything he could ever want in a boyfriend and he feels so complete to have him by his side.

Ae pinches his cheeks softly before asking, “Are you sure you’re alright?”

“Mm,” Pete nods before smiling bashfully. Ae is still running the pad of one thumb softly over his cheek, even while he watches his lips like he’s just dying to taste them. Pete can feel his stomach flutter pleasantly when he considers being the one to make the first move, kissing Ae instead of waiting for Ae to come to him like is the norm. They are boyfriends now, he doesn’t have to watch too closely what he says or does around Ae anymore.

Slowly, ever so softly Pete touches his lips to Ae’s, happy at the smile he can feel from Ae before his boyfriend slides his hands up, cradling his head like he’s precious. He touches Ae’s stomach softly, feeling the fluttering that mirrors his own under the pads of his fingertips. Ae has such a wonderful body, toned and strong from his constant running and love for football.

Their kiss slowly turns desperate, because they’ve had their emotions building up from lunch time, from the moment Ae cornered him in the bathroom stall and made him touch his semi hard length, letting him know he’s been thinking of him all morning before slipping away like he never was, a dream whispering promises of fulfillment later.

After football practice there was too much pent up emotions between the two of them so they made their way to the dorms. Although, if Pete had known Pond would have been busy in the room he would have had them drive to his apartment, even if the journey would have been torturous.

Ae slowly leans forward, causing him to fall back until he’s lying on his back on Ae’s bed. He widens his legs so his boyfriend can have room to fit comfortably between them, as snug as he always is. He moans deep in his throat when Ae starts to grind against him, making him feel it.

“Hey, Ai’ Pond wasn’t exaggerating when he said the walls are really thin. I wouldn’t want the Dean finding himself here because of us. Ok?”

Pete nods, understanding perfectly what his boyfriend is trying to say. Who knows if a bigot is in the room next door? He rather not find out the hard way.

Ae brings two fingers to his lips, running them across the soft flesh reverently and Pete sucks the digits into his mouth, loving the way his boyfriend’s breathing speeds up at the sight. Ae had come so hard the first time in the locker room when he sucked on his fingers then too. Ae’s pupils dilate with lust and Pete goes down on those fingers like how he imagines a man going down on another man, with his tongue flat and his mouth open before he sucks greedily almost to the back of his throat, hollowing his cheeks.

Ae seems to be vibrating out of his skin with pent up desire and Pete squeaks when his boyfriend pushes him back into the bed with a kiss so hot and mesmerizing he knows things are about to start happening. When Ae is horny he’s desperate and forceful in all the right ways, like he doesn’t know how to take it slow because he’s so eager and Pete loves that about him. He wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ae unbuckles his belt for him while Pete shoves his hand down Ae’s pants and holds his cock firmly before stroking up and down.

“Fuck...Pete....” Ae groans with his head buried on Pete’s shoulder. His breath is short and choppy and Pete loves seeing the evidence of what he does to Ae, how he can make his boyfriend delirious with lust.

“Ae...” Pete moans softly because his own heartbeat is going a mile a minute and he feels like his own skin doesn’t fit him properly anymore and he’s so hard it borders on painful.

“I want to be inside you so bad, Pete,” Ae groans out like he’s dying, his grip tight enough to bruise on Pete’s hips.

Pete kisses the side of his boyfriend’s cheek before whispering in his ear. “Just do it.”

Ae surges up off the bed, pulling his underwear and pants off with one tug and tossing them to the side before he grabs his legs and pull him down flat on his back.

“Ae...” Pete moans when his boyfriend quickly shoves his own clothes off to expose what Pete desperately wants to feel. “Put it in me, hurry.”

Ae kisses him fiercely, swallowing all the sounds he loves to make while he lines himself up and slowly, so deliciously starts to push his length inside him. It catches on his rim, hot and heavy before there’s pressure and then he’s being opened up for Ae.

Pete is excited but he relaxes, wanting so bad for Ae to just fuck him senseless. It’s easy because he’s still loose from this morning, where they were almost late because Ae slept over and they had so much sex up to this morning. He had to shower twice before school because of Ae. Because of both them.

Ae eventually bottoms out and Pete feels it in his stomach, right under his belly button like Ae is shifting something inside of him. His inner walls feel pressured in a very delectable way and he clenches once before Ae pulls back, then sending it up under him like a shock to his system. They’re still kissing and Ae swallows what would have been a very loud moan once his prostate is hit. Ae’s hands are holding him down so tight he wears the bruises of their coupling proudly under his school uniform everyday, the proof that Ae is so far gone for him he can hardly control himself.

Ae is fucking him so good.

The bed is banging on the wall and there’s a thump from next door, which they both ignore because they are so far gone for each other the rest of the world might as well as not exist. Ae takes him in hand and start stroking and Pete doesn’t know up from down as the need to come becomes overwhelming. He’s crying into Ae’s mouth as Ae sucks on his tongue and bottom lip to minimise his vocals. He tenses as he comes, holding on to Ae for dear life while he spills his seed all over his stomach. Ae milks him dry before pulling back and holding his legs back while he fucks into him so hard and so fast he pulls back a moment later and comes all over his stomach too, both their seeds mixing together.

Ae pulls back and lowers his legs, looking at him softly with his entire body red in a deep blush.

“Are you ok, Pete?”

Pete nods, a wide smile on his lips.

“Did I hurt you?”

“No,” Pete answers while shaking his head. Ae can never hurt him and Pete is tired of telling him.

There is another loud bang on the wall.

“Shit, Pond, can’t you keep it the fuck down over there?” was muffled through the partition.

Ae chuckles and Pete smiles.

Poor Pond.