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Carter/brian oneshots

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Brian jolted awake hearing the sharp gasp next to him,quickly turning to face his lover. The younger mans eyes drew in concern seeing Carter's frantic and wild gaze as he breathed heavily. Breathing coming in gasps.

"Babe?". Brian reached out letting out a unmanly yelp as the Drug boss tugged him fast and close against his chest.

He could hear the rapid heartbeat. The shaking of shoulders. And it froze Brian to the spot.

Carter was crying.

"Hey". Brian whispered tugging the taller male closer hushing him as the Drug boss folded into him. "Its ok its ok im right here".

Carter just buried his face into his partners neck the trembling slowly but the grip never lessoning.

Helping the distressed man to lie down,Brian brought Carter's head to rest against his chest. Right on his heart.

"Go back to sleep babe". Brians voice low. "Im right here. I got you".

"Thank you". Carter chroaked out. Body relaxing as gentle fingers ran through his hair.

Within seconds he was out,Brian following soon after.