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YEARS IN THE FUTURE, but not many (3)

On a far-off, undiscovered wasteland planet, although it isn't actually far off or undiscovered so only the last bit is true, you find the PLOT INSTIGATOR, who is YOU, busy with his IMAGINATION.

>PI: Say hello to the readership.

Normally, the brazen lack of a FOURTH WALL would make this a foolhardy command, but luckily for us, your imagination is EXTREMELY VIBRANT. You tip your hat to the audience and invite them all to sit with you.

Except for Aaron. Get out of here, Aaron. No one likes you.

>PI: Tell us a story.

You consent. Once upon a time, you relate, there was a beautiful FAIRY PRINCESS.

Oh, a bit too cliche? Sorry. It's okay, you have another story.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful ELVEN PRINCESS.

No? Well, all right then. Perhaps something with more action might catch the reader's fancy?

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful PIRATE PRINCESS.

...No? No pirates?

But they swashbuckle and everything! You begin to wonder if the readers have any taste at all.

Anyway, why don't they want to hear any stories? How do they know this isn't PLOT FORESHADOWING? I mean, sure, it's not right now, but it could have been later! Readers have no right to be so fickle.

Fine. No story.

>PI: Main screen turn on.

You activate the main screen. A young lady flickers into view.

>Good day, miss human person!

Hello, mysterious voice. I'm Mikuru's subconscious.

>Are you currently occupied?

Not at the moment, no.

>I would very much like you to perform a simple task for me!

Okay. What can I do for you?

>Would you kindly move eight centimetres to your left?

Sure! =3

>Thank you!

You're welcome! Have a nice day. :D


More than once upon a time, there was a beautiful TIME PRINCESS. And that was you.

You guess you weren't really a princess, though. More like a MAID OF TIME. You are quite sure this is a title unique only to yourself and not one that anyone else has ever had ever.

But today you're going to have to be more than a princess or a maiden. You're going to have to be a heroine.

You wish, in some deep recess of your mind dimly aware of the coming events, you were prepared.