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Remastered: Return of The Nightmare King

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Several months had passed since the Guardians had defeated their enemy Pitch Black, watching as his own Nightmares turned against him and dragged him back to his underground lair sealing him inside afterwards. Enraged that he was defeated and forgotten once more Pitch first took out his rage on the Nightmares that had turned on him then tried to find a way back out to the surface with no such luck. In those several months he tried everything he could find as a means of escaping but every hole and crack he had to use as a gateway to the surface was sealed tight. Even using the shadows only brought him to another place in his lair. Once he was assured that he was stuck with no way out Pitch spent his days in a constant brood and devising countless plans to use against the Guardians once he finally escaped his imprisonment. Until one day when was walking around in his usual sulk and had passed by the opening of a tunnel and his senses had picked up on something within it that he had never sensed before.

Turning around and peering down the tunnel Pitch wondered what was down there he summoned a couple of Nightmares to his side and ventured in, unsure of what he would find. Following the twists and turns of the cavern he could see a strange green light up ahead and it made him suspicious as to what it could be. Turning the last bend he quickly stopped in his tracks at what he saw that was making the green light. In front of him sat a glowing green circle with swirls going across it that fit the entire diameter of the cavern. Completely perplexed Pitch had no idea what to make of it or to where it even went to. But...but if this was a way out of the prison that he had been condemned in he had to go for it. Carefully approaching the circle he steadily stuck his hand into it for just a moment then pulled it back out, waiting to see if anything would come out after it. When nothing appeared he figured that it was safe to pass through, and motioning his Nightmares to follow behind they passed through the circle and found themselves walking down a darkened hallway.

Even more perplexed Pitch felt it turn into a wondering curiosity about the place, walking down the hallway while looking at the strange architecture and the artifacts that lined the walls. It was at that moment that he realized that he was feeling the familiar tingle of his power growing in strength and glancing around the hall again a smirk of cruel wonder and intrigue appeared on his lips. Concentrating on where the surge of power was coming from he realized that it was coming from the place itself, which to him meant that the place was holding onto a lot of fear and darkness and could use that to his advantage in his revenge against the Guardians. Wanting to know more about the place Pitch quickly began to comb through the hallways, looking for any clue as to where he was and why there was so much fear and darkness here. Turning down another hallway he stopped when he noticed something peculiar about it. Up ahead was a slit of light glowing from behind an ajar door which made him wonder what was causing it. Slowly approaching he glanced in with a single eye for a few moments then ever so gently pushed against the door and slipped inside.

Looking around he found the room was strewn with scattered books, papers, and scrolls, with most of it piled up around and on top of an antique desk that held a long candlestick with a giant lit candle that illuminated the room. Walking around the mess the best he could Pitch looked over what was set about the desk, gathering the conclusion that they were about the history of a family he had never heard of then froze when he heard the soft sound of a sigh coming from behind him. Turning around to see who had made it his gaze caught the sight of a figure lying under a blanket on a cot set away in the shadows a bit sound asleep. Feeling his curiosity shift a bit Pitch cautiously approached the side of the cot and knelt down next to it, studying the sleeping figure intensely. It was a young woman with white skin that glowed with a soft ethereal light, a mane of sapphire blue hair with a silver tiara set in it, and a beauty to her face that could only be described as eternally pure. Glancing at the tiara again he looked around the room once more and came to the conclusion that she lived there and was doing research on what he assumed was her family, and a royal family at that before growing weary and needing some sleep.

Then feeling his curiosity shift in another direction a sly smirk crossed his lips and summoned a bit of his nightmare sand into his hand. Reaching up he gently touched the young woman's left temple and silently slipped into her dreams. Seeing how happy they were he was quickly tempted to turn them into powerful nightmares but he pushed on, delving passed them then slipped into her memories. Seeing what she had gone through in her afterlife Pitch was even more curious about this young woman and what she could do. Going just a bit deeper he finally found her greatest fears, and seeing what they might possibly be he was at a loss for words. Never in his lifetime had he seen such fear in a person and he could certainly use that fear in his favor to finally get his revenge on the Guardians. Wanting to see more Pitch delved a bit deeper into her fears and as he did he sensed that she was starting to stir from her sleep, knowing that his meddling was the cause of it. Pulling himself back out without trying to wake her up even more Pitch quickly retreated to the shadows of the room, waiting to see what would happen. Sure enough a few minutes later the young woman stirred and slowly woke up, leaning up at the same time.

While she was fast asleep, after spending hours upon hours researching her family's history and pushing herself to pure exhaustion, Nyreena was having a wonderful dream when suddenly it started to shift into a strange nightmare with a strange man that had mysteriously appeared. Getting very disturbed by it she slowly woke up from it and leaning up on her cot she tried to shake the vision of the dream out of her head when she leaned her head down and noticed something odd. Covering her entire blanket was a light layer of black sand, something she didn't remember seeing when she laid down take her nap. Quickly getting suspicious about this she slowly threw off the blanket and got off the cot, grabbing the candlestick off of the desk and looking around the room to see if there was somebody there that wasn't. Seeing what she was doing Pitch couldn't help but smirk at her actions, quickly getting an idea on how to really make her frightened. Slinking off into different parts of the shadows he would appear next to Nyreena then quickly disappear once she got the sense that somebody was behind her and turn to see who it was. Which worked perfectly since it was making her more paranoid by the minute. Just when she thought her nerves were getting the best of her Nyreena heard something slip out the open door and whipping around to see what it was she decided that enough was enough and it was time to end this once and for all.

Setting the candle back down on the desk Nyreena quickly took to the air and flew out the door, heading down the hallway in pursuit of the infiltrator. Using her firepower to illuminate the hallway and douse the shadows she kept hearing something as it flew down the hallway and straight into the throne room. Growling in frustration Nyreena sped herself up and flew in, landing in the middle of the room and quickly looking around to see what flew in there. Feeling her temper finally reaching its limit the fire around her hands lit up even more and she cried out, "Alright, whoever's in here had better come out or else I'm going to make you regret breaking in here and believe that you could get away with it!"

"My, what fire and tenacity you have, my dear." Speaking from the shadows an unknown voice seemed to float around and smirk at the same time. "But I'm afraid finding me is not going to be as simple as you may think."

Surprised by the voice Nyreena turned to see where it came from and was instantly met by a strange black cloud that smacked her in the head. Thrown back a bit by the force she tried to recover from it when she felt another cloud get her in her left side then her right, then before she knew it she was getting hit from all sides making her cry out in pain from each hit that she took. Several minutes later the clouds disappeared and being left severely weakened Nyreena crashed to the floor onto her back and struggled to stay conscious. Just as she was about to lose that struggle she watched as an unfamiliar man with piercing sliver-yellow eyes appear and loom over her. Seeing his face lean down and come closer to hers she heard him speak just before she blacked out. "I believe that you and I need to have a chat about a few things, my dear..."