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Marvel-ous Marching Band

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Hey guys!
So me, Crow, and some of our friends were talking about who in the MCU would play what instrument in the marching band, so naturally we wrote it down and decided to start writing it. We’re planning on doing a lot of things in this AU, from band practices to football games to competitions to just some everyday things as they go through High School. We will be humanizing this, so anyone with strange names (i.e. Groot, Valkyrie) will just be nicknames. Some of them may end up with a backstory, some might not. Also, we fully plan on writing the following ships into this series, so if you don’t like any of these, you might not want to read this. Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes, Clint Barton/Natasha Romanoff, Hope Van Dyne/Scott Lang, Mild Pepper Potts/Tony Stark, and Peter Quill/Gamora.

Thanks for reading!! In here you will find a list of our personal opinions on the instruments everyone would play, some other clubs they are in, the main high school’s name and show as well as their rivals’, and what grade level everyone at the main school is in. That way, it doesn’t get confusing among all of the characters.


New York City High School – Performing songs from ACDC

Maria Hill: Piccolo, section leader. Is also in Debate Club, Student Council, and Mock Trial.

Bruce Banner: Also in Chemistry Club, Robotics Club, Physics Club, Mathematics Club, Academic Decathlon.

Sharon Carter: Section leader. Does not have any other clubs, only takes half days to then go work at the hospital the other half.

Alto Saxophone:
Ned Leeds: Also in Academic Decathlon and Robotics Club.

Tenor Saxophone:
Gamora: Also in Kickboxing Club.

Nebula: Also in Kickboxing Club.

Bari Saxophone:
James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes: Section Leader. Also Student Body President, on the Wrestling Team.

Hope Van Dyne: Section Leader. Also in Kickboxing Club.

Tony Stark: Section Leader. Also in Debate Club, was kicked out of Student Council.

Peter Parker: Also in Academic Decathlon and Robotics Club.

Loki Laufeyson: Also in Theater, was kicked out of Student Council. Quits during the season Because MJ takes section leader instead of him.

Michelle ‘MJ’ Jones: Section Leader. Also in Academic Decathlon.

Steve Rogers: Sousaphone: Band President. Also in Art Club, captain of the Wrestling Team, Student Council Vice President.

Sam Wilson: Also in Bird Watching Club and Golf Team.

Phillip Coulson: Not in any other clubs.

Color Guard:
Natasha Romanoff: Also in Kickboxing Club and Gymnastics.

Peter Quill: Also on Dance Team and Theater.

Okoye: Section Leader. Also in Kickboxing Club.

Pit/Front Ensemble:
James ‘Bucky’ Barnes: Guitar: Also in Detention, Wood Shop, used to be in Wrestling, but just helps out now because of his arm.

Clint Barton: Triangle: Bird Watching Club, Archery, and Gymnastics.

Carol Danvers: Bells: No other clubs.

Shuri: Piano: Academic Decathlon and Robotics Club.

Scott Lang: Drum Set: Also in Robotics Club.

Thor Odinson: Bass Drum: Also in Rugby, Boxing, Wrestling, and Student Council.

T’Challa: Snare, Section Leader: Also is Student Council Treasurer and is in Model United Nations and Wrestling.

Drax: Cymbals: Not in any other clubs.

Groot: Tenor drum: Also in Art Club and Bird Watching Club.

Drum Majors:
Vision: Also in Academic Decathlon, Mock Trial, Model United Nations, and Debate Club.

Mantis: Is not in any other clubs

Band Director:
Stan Lee (would be Mr. Lee)

Student Director:
Pepper Potts: Also in Student Council.

Valkyrie: Starts on trombone, then disappears for a while and comes back on trumpet. Also in Equestrian Club.

Rocket: A Raccoon that Peter Q. found and tries to make him their mascot.

Thanos: The man on the board of education that wants to cut the bands funding

And their rival school, Sakaar High School – performing 80’s songs.

Wanda Maximoff: Transfers to NYC High eventually, joining the other band. While at NYC High, she will also be in Dance Team.

Alto Saxophone:
Pietro Maximoff: Also transfers to NYC High eventually. While at NYC High, he will also be in Track.

Wade Wilson

Color Guard:

Erik Killmonger

Drum Majors:


Band Director:
Red Skull

School Years:
Bruce Banner
Loki Laufeyson
Tony Stark
Steve Rogers
James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes
Natasha Romanoff
James ‘Bucky’ Barnes
Clint Barton
Carol Danvers
Thor Odinson
Pepper Potts

Sharon Carter
Sam Wilson

Maria Hill
Hope Van Dyne
Peter Quill
Scott Lang

Ned Leeds
Michelle ‘MJ’ Jones
Peter Parker
Wanda Maximoff
Pietro Maximoff

Middle School:
Phillip Coulson