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Slow down, it's a science

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The smirk Zhao Yunlan gives Shen Wei is exactly the same even though everything about hi--her now is different. Aside from the obvious physical attributes. Her bones are smaller, finer than before, and Shen Wei is almost scared to hold on to her wrists. Zhao Yunlan is like fine precious jade, carved by Tang artisans and brought to life by God's breath. But this Zhao Yunlan, while just as beautiful, looks as fragile as porcelain; the finest bone china used to serve only the purest of white teas to the emperor himself. If he grips too hard, surely her wrists will shatter and crumble to dust.

Even in this form, she’s no less shameless. In fact, she’s much more brazen in her actions.


Zhao Yunlan straddles over Shen Wei, wriggling, making herself comfortable before draping herself all over him. She is clad in nothing but his dress shirt and lingerie she had bought together with Zhu Hong. Shen Wei clenches his fists, not knowing where to put his hands on this new fey creature in his lap, but he wants -- he wants to claim her, mark her all over as his the way his shirt does.


It does nothing to hide the curves spilling over the brassiere. If anything it is made even more indecent by the way Zhao Yunlan has only buttoned the bottom few. Her impossibly slim waist is accentuated by her new curves and Shen Wei is sure he can encircle it within the clasp of his hands.


Zhao Yunlan draws a finger down from his collar, lightly skimming where cloth meets skin before stopping on the top button.


'Xiao Wei, she whispers, looking up at him with heavy lidded eyes, Shen Wei can't tell if they were always this dark, 'I would like to propose an experiment.'


Shen Wei audibly swallows and looks at Zhao Yunlan: all curves, mountains and hidden valleys that are new to him and it thrills him that only he gets to learn every new inch of Zhao Yunlan despite not quite knowing what to do.


After all in his very long years he had only been academically interested in the female anatomy. There had been no real reason given his fixation with the masculine figures of Kun Lun and thereafter Zhao Yunlan. But now, now he yearns to relearn Zhao Yunlan in every way possible.


Except he doesn't know where to start.


Zhao Yunlan playfully wriggles again, sitting upright and bopping him on the nose. She crows with delight, very deliberately rubbing down on Shen Wei’s growing hardness. 'You are interested after all, Xiao Wei.'


She grabs his hands and holds one against her hip while she guides the other sliding under the shirt - her skin is somewhat softer, or perhaps it's because of the curves -- up under the curve of her bra and presses his hand against her, cupping her breast.


She grins wickedly at him, 'Xiao Wei ah, we are going to have so much fun.


Despite all the changes, the smile Zhao Yunlan has is the same, all teeth and perhaps a little more feral in a smaller face, framed by a messy pixie cut. There are too many differences and too many similarities that he cannot catalogue them at once. Overwhelmed, Shen Wei pulls her back down, burying his face in the nape of her neck and breathes her in.


Zhao Yunlan smells the same, the same laundry detergent mingled with the faint traces of aftershave and sweat from the day. It centres him and when Zhao Yunlan starts squirming in his lap again, he grabs her waist tight, and noses at the curve of her ear before nipping on it sharply. 'Experiments require repetition in order to obtain justifiable results. Is Zhao-xiaojie prepared for the work it entails?'


Zhao Yunlan squirms just a little more in Shen Wei's lap. ‘Xiao Wei....’ she whispers, tugging at his hands until Shen Wei relinquishes his hold. ‘If this is all in the name of science... I was born prepared.’ Shen Wei forgets how to breathe, feeling the moisture leaving his mouth as Zhao Yunlan guides his hand between her inner thighs. ‘Don't you think so Shen-jiaoshou?’


Shen Wei's eyes follows the movement of their hands down; all this while propriety demanding that he just look at Zhao Yunlans face and not linger overmuch on the rest of her scantily clad body. Clothed only in his dress shirt and yet it feels so much more indecent than if Yunlan was bare to his sight. He swallows, suddenly understanding how people covert and be possessive of such a sight. He would kill anyone who ever sees Zhao Yunlan like this.


Clad in a pair of baby pink boy shorts incongruous to the lace brassiere she has on, Shen Wei is paralyzed by the sight of her pale thighs spread over him and where the shorts are stained a darker pink.


'Come now, Shen-jiaoshou,’ Zhao Yunlan chides in a cheeky sing-song voice. ‘You must have been with a woman before. To have someone at your tender mercies…’


She covers the back of his hand, skin gone cold with indecision and the knowledge that he could do some serious damage to Zhao Yunlan if he got out of control. ‘I bet…’ she continues, drawing their hands up to palm at her belly and hitching Shen Wei's shirt out of the way to see the pink boy shorts. ‘... all of the girls in your classes have thought of you doing this to them.’


Shen Wei swallows, watching enraptured as she slips their hands between skin and cloth. She lets out a shaky breath, snuggling in closer, eyelids falling shut as the tips of Shen Wei's twitch against the first signs of wetness.


Zhao Yunlan continues, pressing Shen Wei's hand further in, ‘Probably not so much as me, but…’


‘No,’ Shen Wei murmurs, feeling the gravitational pull to kiss and bite at pale skin. ‘I don't think anyone could take that title from you, Zhao Yunlan.’ Recovering from his earlier hesitation, Shen Wei twitches his fingers and slides a fingertip between Zhao Yunlan's folds and up, eliciting a full body twitch from her. ‘But please  continue telling me about what my students think…’


Zhao Yunlan sighs at the tease, Shen Wei’s finger barely slipping in as she grinds down, trying to increase the pressure as she holds herself steady with her other hand on his shoulder. She frowns when his words register, and swats at him, pouting. 'Work is over Shen Wei, you're supposed to direct all your attention to your imperial consort now.' 


Shen Wei laughs, bright and cheerful, drawing Zhao Yunlan up on her knees, tugging the elastic down and her eyes light up, scrambling to help pull her shorts off. Shen Wei is arrested by the sight of her above him. His heart swells to the point of bursting, desperate with the yearning to mould Zhao Yunlan to himself forever when she smiles down at him, all sweetness until she pulls his hands back and presses them right where she wants them.


'The night isn't getting any younger, Xiao Wei. I have plans,' she purrs, grinding down on his fingers again.


Shen Wei huffs out a breath, closing his eyes when Zhao Yunlan leans down and ravages his lips. He holds her close, running a hand up her back and feeling each bump along her spine. She tastes sweet, pliant under his fingers and arches so sinfully when he massages her clitoris.


‘X-Xiao Wei,’ Zhao Yunlan breathes, cheeks flushed a delightful shade and looking a little wrecked. ‘I want..’ She flips some hair off her face and works on unbuttoning Shen Wei's pants. Progress is slow going what with the impressive tent that he's sporting, but she is - as always - particularly motivated when it comes to getting what she wants.


‘Tell me, Zhao-xiaojie, what kind of plans do you speak of?’ Shen Wei asks, moving his fingers from her clitoris lower until they rest casually at her entrance.


He holds her steady by the hip as she guides his fingers to stroke lightly at her folds, parting them; she's so wet and there's no resistance when he slides one finger in, moaning at the feel of his calluses rubbing against her from the inside. She opens her eyes to look down at Shen Wei who keeps flitting between watching her face and what he's doing to her.


She grins when his eyes meet hers and she clenches down, stuttering out a groan from Shen Wei, pupils dilated so dark she imagines she can see the stars. Zhao Yunlan crowds over him, leaning down to nip as his lips before taking advantage of his parted lips and slides her tongue in, mimicking what she wants from Shen Wei who obliges her. He draws his fingers out in time with her tongue before pushing back in with two fingers, stretching her out.


Shen Wei settles into a slow, gentle rhythm, easing his fingers in and out in time with her breathing. She wants more, she wants everything that Shen Wei will give her, but she also doesn't want to move too quickly, despite not knowing when she’ll get back to normal.


Zhao Yunlan wants to savour these moments forever. There are only so many firsts left for them to learn each other anew again. Only Shen Wei's hand on her waist is keeping her steady on her knees as she leans against him, forehead to forehead watching him watch her, suffused in his scent. She will never, ever give this person up, when Shen Wei's thumb accidentally brushes against her clitoris and the crest that's been building deep in her navel overflows and she's gripping on to his shoulders so tightly, even if his shirt doesn’t tear there’s going to be delicate crescent indents in his shoulder blades tomorrow -- then she’s  clenching down so hard on his fingers. His hand must be utterly soaked by now she thinks.


When she comes back to herself, Zhao Yunlan is slumped over Shen Wei who's murmuring nonsensical praises in her ear while one hand smooths down her back. She sits back up and Shen Wei finally pulls his fingers out and laps at the pads of his fingers curiously. He catches her watching and oh, this is absolutely payback isn't it, when he deliberately laves at his fingers, long pointed licks to clean the mess she left on his fingers.


S he collapses sideways onto the couch, one long leg still thrown over Shen Wei's lap. The taste of her is interesting -- different from how Zhao Yunlan usually tastes, like the sea but faintly sweet -- and Zhao Yunlan is so beautiful: breasts swaying in time with her heavy breathing, hair sweaty and sticking to her forehead. Shen Wei licks his lips at the image, feeling a swell of pride at having reduced her to such a state.


‘You know,’ she says after a moment, wriggling her toes and purring at the nonsensical patterns Shen Wei is drawing into her calf.




‘You know what they say about professors that study ancient languages.’ There is a shit-eating grin on her face that almost - ALMOST - makes Shen Wei groan without hearing the punchline.


‘And what is that?’ He asks when she nudges him with her knee, catching her calve and massaging at it gently, working out the kinks in her muscles, long suffering as he waits for the inevitable.


‘He must be an amazing cunning-linguist.’ She pauses for a beat and then laughs, squirming when Shen Wei turns and tickles her mercilessly for the awful play on words.


' I'll show you a cunning-linguist,’ Shen Wei says darkly, ears turning delightfully pink. ‘Come here.’ He pushes Zhao Yunlan up against the couch arm.


‘Shen We, ah…’ Zhao Yunlan pants, throwing one leg over the back of the couch and holding the other to her chest, squeaking when Shen Wei settles in comfortably. She flushes red, mouth falling open when Shen Wei goes down on her.


Anticipation is a bitch, especially now that Zhao Yunlan has finally managed to trip his switch, she can't tell if Shen Wei's just going to be cruel and draw this out longer. She's spent all day, feeling Shen Wei watch her move across the room in the office cataloguing every single difference and every time she turns to meet his gaze, his eyes are dark and hungry to relearn her. 


Zhao Yunlan has been burning with desire for that mouth on her since noon.


His mouth is so warm when he kisses her cunt, almost reverential. His tongue burns a trail of desire, slow and delicate, mapping out every corner of her and she wants to cry from the sheer want. The endorphins of her first orgasm is ebbing away and she wants more than this. This kitten licks and gentle teasing.


She knows Shen Wei is capable of more than this.


She digs her heel into his back. Kicking at him not so gently in an order to get on with it.


Annoyed Shen Wei lifts his head and glares at her. His lips glistens from her wetness and she wants to bite down on those pale cherry blossom lips and taste herself on him.


H is tongue licks absentmindedly, noting the taste of her -- muskier at the source, as he removes his glasses, tossing it in the opposite direction. Before she can even mouth off at him, he pulls her hips towards him and throws her legs over his shoulders, He straightens up and Zhao Yunlan left in such a state that she can only squirm and take what he gives her.


H e grips her by the waist and is almost gentle when he noses at her clitoris, kissing her sweetly before mouthing down to where she really wants him.


Even though she's braced herself for this, Shen Wei’s breath against her burns and she writhes on her back, bra straps digging into her shoulder blades. Before she can start griping at Shen Wei about comfort, he growls and pulls her closer, kissing her in such a way that she almost regrets teaching him anything even though she's on the receiving end.


His tongue is so much hotter and every time she thinks no, she can get any wetter she does, gushing out so much slick that Shen Wei must be drenched in her wetness. Shen Wei doesn’t even pause in his ministrations, emitting low growls that shakes her to her core but it's not enough. It’s never enough because every time she almost rides the crest over, Shen Wei, the bastard, pulls back and gentles his tongue to languid laps or worse slows down his rhythm.


To make things worse every time she reaches out to grasp at his hair in an attempt to urge him harder, the fucker actually leans back and pushes her back down. She kicks her legs futilely in thin air, unable to get the leverage to dig her heels into Shen Wei’s back. Unfair.


S omeone moans low and Zhao Yunlan bites down on the back of her hand, in an attempt to muffle herself. It’s not often that Shen Wei lets himself go enough to make all those truly delicious noises. When the moans don't stop, she realises that it’s coming from Shen Wei.


She tries in vain to press up against Shen Wei’s talented mouth even if it meant muffling the sounds that makes her seem like the most delicious thing he has ever tasted. Zhao Yunlan flushes, imagining Shen Wei would say earnestly that it was all true, ears turning pink as the blush continues down the nape of his neck. She wants to bite him so badly.


‘You--’ Zhao Yunlan begins, trying in vain to organise sentences to make coherent sense about how insanely attracted she is to him. She’s pinned to the couch and her thighs tremble with how badly she wants to come, spread open as she already is at Shen Wei’s tender mercies. ‘Xiao Wei… I--’


His tongue laps at her languidly, in between fucking into her and pausing to suck on her clitoris. The sensations are so different being eaten out as a man and as a woman. Zhao Yunlan doesn’t mind as long as it’s Shen Wei doing that to her: the way he jabs his tongue inside of her, or the way his nose brushes at her clitoris occasionally on purpose when he sucks on her folds.


Fuck. Shen Wei is driving her crazy.


She scratches at his hands, trying to get some leverage, heels kicking out at thin air as she twists and tries to gain more traction. Shen Wei just lifts her hips higher in retaliation so that she’s suspended with half her back off the couch, giving her no leverage as she tries to buck up wildly, anything to get his mouth back on her properly and give her what she needs.


Zhao Yunlan is so far gone with want that she doesn’t even register the hitches in her breath as she whines ‘Xi--xiao we--ple--please--.’ Kicking out against thin air.


The noises she makes goes straight to his groin and Shen Wei looks up to see her all flushed and pink, her breasts moving in time with her heavy breathing -- she’s so aroused that he can see the faint outline of her nipples. He growls, all dark and pleased over the mess that he’s reduced Zhao Yunlan to and he finally gives her what she wants. Stopping all pretense of teasing as he tongue fucks into her with a savage rhythm and presses down hard on her clitoris with his thumb and she whites out.




Zhao Yunlan wakes up in the morning feeling more relaxed than ever, limbs wrapped around a moonstruck Shen Wei. It’s not creepy at all the way Zhao Yunlan has just accepted that the husband just creep watches her sleep.


'Good morning,' Shen Wei says, with a small smile. He brushes some of the hair, waiting for Zhao Yunlan's mind to reboot.


The moment it does, the sheets are lifted and she rolls her eyes at the fact that once again Shen Wei has actually changed her into pajamas but a closer look confirms that yes, the equipment hasn’t changed.


She grins cheekily and rolls over on top of Shen Wei, grinding down. ‘We should change the variables for further results,’ she leers.


Shen Wei blinks in surprise and his soft smile spreads into something wider and filthier.