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The Women Who Fell to Earth

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Rose groaned as she hit something hard, the something giving way under her before she hit something else, The Doctor landing atop her. Coughing, Rose shoved at the Time Lord’s chest

“Get off me!” she groaned as The Doctor suddenly surged to her feet, yanking Rose up with her (something which Rose did not appreciate in the least). Shaking her head, Rose took stock of the situation. They were in a train car, three people—two men and a woman—huddled against the wall.

Turning, Rose looked behind her and quickly spotted a large writhing ball of tendrils surging with electricity slowly approaching. Gasping, she frantically tapped The Doctor on the shoulder

“What?” The Doctor asked, turning around and also spotting the thing “oh!” she exclaimed, quickly shoving Rose behind her

“Everyone get back!” Rose ordered as The Doctor grabbed one of the still sparking electrical wires and with a grunt shoved it against the ‘creature’s’ body, sparks flying every which way as the thing slid back, clearly injured or damaged as its own field of electricity stopped

“Right,” The Doctor sighed “should buy us a few seconds,” she turned to the others, following one of the passengers—a black woman’s—gaze up to the hole in the ceiling “oh. Yeah. Long story. Tell you later,” she grinned as she turned to her young companion “doors?” she asked

“Doors?” Rose asked the group

“Locked shut” the woman answered

“We’ll see about tha—” The Doctor rooted through her pockets and suddenly stopped before doing the same to Rose “no sonic,” she muttered, frantically digging through both her and the other woman’s pockets “empty pockets,” she muttered “oh! I hate empty pockets!” she groaned as one of the men let out a panicked yell

“It’s coming back!” he exclaimed

The two blondes turned to face the thing

“What are you?” The Doctor wondered as the thing sparked and surged, causing her to stumble back “OK! Don’t like questions, more of a private type, I get that” she exclaimed as two more people came into the train

“Ryan, love! Stay back!” the woman warned as the third man broke from the pack and tried to run past the thing only to be cornered as it seemed to follow him, causing him to scurry up onto a seat

“Get it away from me!” he cried

“All of you, stay very, very still” Rose warned

“It’s going to kill us!” the man wailed

“It could’ve done that already” The Doctor pointed out softly as the thing suddenly let another surge of electricity, shocking all of them before shooting up through the ceiling and disappearing into the night sky

“Everyone all right?” Rose asked

“Right,” The Doctor began “you three, relax, but stay put,” she ordered “we’ll check the rest of the train. No! Wait!” she pointed at Rose “you stay with them; I’ll check the rest of the train,” she turned and assessed the two newcomers “fat lot of good you two were” she accused as she passed

“Hey!” the officer exclaimed indignantly as Rose quickly edged past her after The Doctor “look,” the officer continued as she hurried after them “could you just stop, ladies?”

The Doctor whirled around, looking from the officer to Rose

“Why is she calling me ‘lady’?” she asked

“Because…you’re a woman” Rose coughed out uncomfortably

The Doctor grinned excitedly

“Am I? Does it suit me?” she asked “oh! Now I remember!” she turned to the officer “sorry, half an hour ago she was a white-haired Scotsman”

“No, you were a white-haired Scotsman” Rose reminded her

“Oh! Right!”

“Look, there are procedures that need to be followed,” the officer insisted, pulling a notebook out of her pocket “now, can I get your names?”

The Doctor looked at Rose questioningly

“Lily?” she asked

“No,” Rose shook her head “its…” she frowned. Funny, she couldn’t remember her name or the name of the woman she fell through the sky with. Must have been the fall she reasoned.

The Doctor turned to the officer

“We’ll tell you when we can remember them” she beamed

“You don’t know your own names?” the officer asked

“Of course we know our names!” The Doctor exclaimed

“We just can’t remember them right now” Rose explained

“Right,” The Doctor nodded “they’re right on the tip of…” she stopped and turned around, sticking her tongue out and pointing at it “what’s this?” she asked

“Tongue?” the young man following the officer answered hesitantly

“Tongue!” The Doctor exclaimed “smart boy, biology,” she praised “what’d she call you? Ryan?”

“Yeah,” he nodded “Ryan Sinclair”

“Nice to meet you, Ryan,” The Doctor nodded “you’re not a doctor, are you, Ryan?” she asked

“No” he answered

“Shame,” The Doctor sighed “I’m looking for a doctor,” she glanced at the officer, peering at her intently “you’re not a wolf are you?” she asked

“What?” the officer demanded

“No, thought not,” The Doctor nodded “wrong hair”

“When’s the next train?” Rose asked

“This is the last one back” Ryan answered

“If the doors are locked, how’d you two get onboard?” The Doctor asked

“Driver’s window was smashed in” the officer answered

“What’s your name?” Rose asked

“PC Khan, Hallamshire Police”

“She said ‘name’, not title” The Doctor exclaimed

“Yasmin Khan,” the officer sighed “Yaz to my friends” she explained as they entered the darkened driver’s cab

“Power,” The Doctor murmured “and…lights”

The lights flickered on, revealing the body of the driver dead on the floor

“Poor woman” Rose sighed

“That thing must have killed as it came through” Ryan muttered

“Must it?” The Doctor wondered “didn’t kill anyone else. Looks more like she died from shock as the window smashed in”

“Either way, a woman is dead,” Yaz pointed out “that makes this a potential crime scene,” she pointed out as Rose and The Doctor marched past her back down the train “look, will you two just stop?” Yaz demanded “this could be a major incident. I’m in charge here!”

“Are you?” The Doctor asked, spinning around to face her “all right, what are you going to do?”

Yaz seemed stupefied for a second

“I need to call it in to my station” she explained

“And tell them what?” Rose asked

“The facts” Yaz answered

“Which are?” The Doctor pressed

“The train was attacked”

“By what?” Rose challenged

“I need to look at the CCTV cameras” she explained

“And why do you need to check the CCTV when we all saw it with our own eyes?” The Doctor challenged

“Was it an alien?” Ryan asked “’cause it looked like an alien to me”

“Oh come on” Yaz exclaimed

“What? You think he’s wrong?” The Doctor challenged

“No,” Yaz shook her head “I don’t know, but—”

“But you’re worried about how’ll explain all this to a superior officer who won’t believe you” The Doctor pointed out

“I can’t ‘not’ report it” Yaz exclaimed

“No, but you could hold off until we get more answers” Rose pointed out

“Like what?” Yaz asked

“Like what it is? Why it’s here? And what else will it do?” The Doctor listed “because I don’t think it’s done yet,”

Yaz clenched her jaw and finally sighed

“Good girl,” The Doctor beamed “come on Ryan, come on Yaz, come one…whoever you are,” she beamed at the young officer “I’m calling you ‘Yaz’ ‘cause we’re friends now”


In a few minutes order had been more-or-less restored. Yaz was taking statements while The Doctor approached the others

“Right, gang—no, not ‘gang’. Team? Group? Fam?” she shook her head “I’m distracting myself. Sorry

“You two fell through that roof” the older woman now standing with Ryan exclaimed

“We fell out of our TARDIS,” The Doctor explained, suddenly gasping in shock and looking up at the ceiling in shock “oh! I’ve lost my TARDIS!” she exclaimed “it was…exploding and then dematerialized”

“It’s all right,” Rose assured her “it’s not the end of the world”

“Right, good girl,” The Doctor nodded “well it could be the end of the world, but not to worry”

“Are we supposed to understand anything you’re saying?” the older man asked, staring at her

“She thinks that thing was an alien” Ryan pointed out

“Oh! Don’t be daft!” the man exclaimed “no such thing as aliens,” he proclaimed “and besides, even if there were, they wouldn’t be on a train in Sheffield” he added

“Why not?” The Doctor asked pointedly “I’m an alien and I’m here”

The man stared at her

“Grace, we’re going” he announced

“No!” the woman exclaimed “they saved us all”

“It’s all right,” Rose assured them “everything’s new, and new can be scary. You all want answers. Stick with us and you might get some” she promised

“Actually,” the man who Yaz had been questioning spoke up “I don’t want any answers, just want to go to work and forget about all this. If that’s all right,” he slung his backpack over his shoulder “thank you” he nodded at the two blondes

“Would you like me to—“ Yax tried

“No,” he objected “need to clear my head. I’ll walk”

Now down to six people, The Doctor and Rose turned to the others

“Might seem like an obvious question” Rose began

“…but has anyone seen anything strange or out of the ordinary?” The Doctor finished

The others all looked between themselves before Ryan tentatively raised his hand…