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Some People's Children

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There’s a knock at the door. One Alex Danvers, Director of the Department of Extranormal Operations, stands outside the two-story home of the Arias girls, Sam and Ruby. She wears a white shirt under a black blazer and black slacks. There’s a loud thundering of footsteps headed in Alex’s direction, when the door swings open.

“Hey Rubes! Ready to go?” Alex asks, smiling.

A beaming child of about 13 responds, “Yep, let me just grab my backpack!”

Ruby runs back into the home leaving the door open, her mother, Sam, takes her place. She’s dressed in a tight-fitting, white blouse and black pencil skirt (Alex’s favorite business attire ensemble, but don’t tell Sam that).

“Hey Alex, thanks so much for taking her to school today! I know you literally save lives for a living, so just add mine to the list!” Sam smiles, chuckling.

Alex hesitates, staring at the olive-skinned goddess in front of her for a second to long, before eventually returning the smile, “I’ll put it at the top!.. And it’s no problem, really!”

Sam touches Alex just above the elbow, squeezing gently, “Well, I definitely owe you one, OK?”

Alex nods, grinning, “Sure!”

Just then, Ruby appears with her backpack over her shoulder, “All right, let’s go, Aunt Alex! Bye mom, love you!”

The two walk over to Alex’s black DEO-issued Cadillac Escalade.

“Love you too, Rubes!” Sam shouts, “Oh and thanks again Alex for NOT bringing the motorcycle this time!”

Alex just gives her a thumbs up, before starting the engine and backing out of the driveway. The SUV then drives forward, down the road.

Sam closes the door. Leaning back against it, she lets out a breath she hadn’t realized she was holding in.

Outside, a silver 1994 Mercedes-Benz S500 pulls up to the house slowly, before driving off.

Alex catches a glimpse of the car in her rear-view mirror.


“OK, and what does the liver do?” Alex asks Ruby, as they sit in the car, waiting for the crossing guard to let them pass.

“It has over 500 functions, Aunt Alex, you’re gonna have to narrow it down.” Ruby answers smugly.

“All right, smarty-pants, what are its three main functions?” Alex quizzes.

Ruby replies, “The liver produces bile for the intestines, filters food, drugs, alcohol, etc., and helps with blood clotting.”

Alex smiles, holding out a fist for a bump, which Ruby happily responds to, bumping back.

“You’ll be a doctor before you know it, kid!” Alex declares.

They finally pull up to the school and Ruby hops out, “Bye Aunt Alex, and thanks!”

“Good luck on your biology test!” Alex yells as the door slams shut.

Alex shakes her head, smiling. She drives off, but notices the same silver Mercedes from earlier in her side mirror.

She decides to leave it be for now, hoping it’s just a coincidence, but believing it to be something far more sinister.


“Hey Director, how’re lil’ Ruby and the girlfriend?!” A grinning blonde superhero asks as Alex enters the control room of the DEO.

“Lil’ Ruby and the girlfriend? Is this a band I am yet to be made aware of in this time of distasteful music?” Brainy questions.

Alex squints and shakes her head at Brainy, “What? No! Ruby is Sam’s daughter, remember?”

“And Sam is…”

“Not important right now!” Alex shouts, cutting off Kara. “Speaking of which, any news on the extranormal front?”

Brainy steps up, holding a tablet he mindlessly taps on, “A few arrests, but nothing that is of importance to the director.”

Alex sighs.

“So, how are they, Alex?” Supergirl wonders.

“Good, they're good! Are you and Lena joining game night on Friday?” Alex asks.

Supergirl scoffs, “Uh, yeah, my sister and my gf’s bestie want us over for a game night, I think we can make the time!”

Alex sighs again, shaking her head.


It’s Friday, and Alex, Kara, Lena, and Brainy have converged on the Arias homestead for Mario Party AND Mario Kart and alcohol! James didn’t show because he and the “Super-Friends” haven’t been on the best of terms since Lena left him for Kara, but that’s neither here nor there.

Alex and Sam prepare food in the kitchen as the others play in the living room. Brainy and Ruby race as Toad and Peach in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Ruby beats Brainy by a wide margin, as she high-fives Kara.

“Your victory is inconclusive as I was not allowed to plug the game into my mind.” Brainy suggests.

Ruby blows him a raspberry.


Sam pulls a pizza out of the oven, placing it on the kitchen counter.

She turns to Alex, “Hey, so, as way of saying ‘thanks’ I got you something!”

Alex places pot-stickers on a platter before turning to Sam with a raised eyebrow, “Oh?”

Sam opens a cabinet high above the oven, pulling out a bottle of brown liquid.

“Scotch?” Sam asks, offering to pour Alex a glass.

Alex smiles, “Always.”

Sam pulls out two tumblers from the same cabinet, pouring two fingers in each glass. She hands one to Alex, clinking it.

“To my favorite redhead!” Sam says with a lecherous smile.

Alex beams, clinking her glass with Sam’s, “To me!”

They sip and share a giggle. Their gazes linger on each other, both blushing before they look away.

Alex clears her throat, “Well, we should probably get this food out there! We don’t want to keep the ravenous one waiting!”

Sam snorts, “No, yeah, we definitely don’t want that!”

Sam grabs the pizza and heads out to the living room. Alex puts the glasses in the sink, but before she can turn back to grab the pot-stickers and leave, something catches her eye through the window. A silver Mercedes-Benz parked across the street; a dark figure sits within.

Alex squints, and blows out a breath, taking it all in.

She turns away, grabbing the platter of pot-stickers and heads toward the living room.

She sets the dish down on the coffee table in the middle of the group and straightens up.

“Hey, Sam, I love your neighbor’s Mercedes! It’s a ’94 S500, right?” She asks, trying to gather as much information as possible.

Moving a bite of pizza to the side of her mouth so she can speak, Sam replies, “As far as I know, none of our neighbors have a Mercedes.”

“Oh, huh, well that’s a shame, I would’ve loved to talk to them about it… Anyway, I’ll be right back, I, uh, left something in the car!” She explains.

Kara, around a mouth full of pot-stickers, says, “OK, hurry back!”

Alex nods, rushing out of the room, and ultimately, out of the house, shutting the door behind her.


She rushes to the Escalade, opens the door and pulls out the magnetic glove that Winn designed for her combat suit.

Alex runs across the streets, staying stealthy. She sneaks down the sidewalk, hunching over as she speeds over to the Mercedes-Benz. She rounds the car to the driver’s side and pops up by the door.

She knocks on the window, “Can I help you?!”

The man inside jumps at the sight of the government agent and in a flash, he throws his car into ‘drive’ and speeds off.

“Oh no you don’t!” Alex grunts, turning on her magnetic glove. She aims it at the car.

The car stops on a dime, despite the fact that the tires continue to spin.

Alex grimaces as she holds her place in the street, refusing to let the car go. A creaking sounds from the car before she realizes what’s happening, the car rips apart.

The loud screeching of metal on asphalt raises alarms throughout the neighborhood, causing families to exit their homes witness the commotion. Sam, Ruby, and the Super-Friends, included.

When all is finally quiet, Alex walks over to the driver’s door and rips it open. She pulls a frightened man out and slams him against the front half of the car.

“Why have you been following me?” Alex questions through gritted teeth.

The man wails, “I’m not!”

Alex pushes him further into the car, “Try again!”

“I’m not following you!” The man replies, looking over to Ruby, he points, “I’m following her!”

Alex roars, “Why?!”

Before the man can say another word, Sam walks over, putting her hand on Alex’s right bicep, “Because he’s Ruby’s father, Alex!”