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Fuck Buddies?

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I sat on the bench outside the bar with my hand resting under my chin, I watched as Henry approached with our drinks in his hand and placed it on the table. “One gin and tonic miss!” He says smiling, showing off his pearly whites and his sharp canines, I sighed as I sipped at the drink. “Tell me why I always get in shitty relationships that never last.” Henry looks at me while he gulps down his pint. “Sorry to tell you but us guys are arseholes, nothing against you sweetheart but some guys don’t know how to hold onto a good girl.” I huffed rolling my eyes. “Maybe it’s me and I should just give up already and adopt like ten cats, become a cat lady even though I don’t even like cats.” He laughs at that comment and runs his fingers through his hair. “It’s definitely not you, I mean you’re hot any guy would probably kill to get with you!” I breathed out heavily through my nose as I gently hit my forehead against the wood of the bench. “You’re saying that because we’re friends.” He shakes is head. “No Everly, you’re fucking stunning plus you got that bad girl vibe about you with your sleeves even though I know you’re chicken.” I blushed slightly, I could feel it creeping up my neck but luckily the sun had set and the dim lighting outside didn’t allow him to see me that well. “Maybe it’s that, I look too intimidating to bring home to the family. I mean come on imagine you bring a girl like me home all tatted up to show to your parents, your posh parents Henry. Imagine the shriek your mother would let out, she would probably smack you upside the head and tell you not to date the she-devil.” Henry looked at me pained almost, his eyes loosing some of its sparkle. “You really think that?” I shrugged as I moved the straw to the side and chugged down my drink. “What else would it be?” “I love your tattoos you know that, every single one and I can’t imagine you without them.” “That’s because you’ve never known me without them Henry, be honest would you date me; looking like this? Clearly we would never suit.” Henry quirks his brow at me. “Why do you think that?” “You’re like the perfect gentlemen, all clean and pretty and I’m just totally your opposite.” I looked down at my drink watching as the ice cubes slowly melted. “Lemme get more drinks, another beer?” I asked as I stood up taking out my purse from my bag, he nodded.

I awoke groggy and slightly confused as to why the morning sun was blaring in my face, I rubbed my eyes noticing that I hadn’t closed the curtains the night before. I groaned in annoyance rubbing my hands over my face, pulling the covers away from myself I got up. I had a slight hangover but nothing major, definitely have had worse this was more of a slight nuisance. I walked out of my room to the joint living room and kitchen and noticed Henry in his boxer briefs lying asleep on the couch with one of the pillows covering his head. The hoodie he was wearing the night before along with his jeans on the wooden floor of the room. As I walked past him to the kitchen I smacked his calf making him groan. “Wake up Cavill, time to fuck off!” I said as I turned on the coffee machine and after a few minutes of him tossing and turning I saw his head pop up, his curls an unruly mess on top of his head. I would never tell him but he looked adorable with a bed head. “No breakfast Eve?” “So you can eat half the shit in my fridge again? Nooooo!” He groaned as he rolled off the couch and pulled his jeans towards him, pulling them up his legs and letting them hang loosely on his hips, fly still open and belt undone. I yawned as I grabbed a cup of coffee, pointing at the cup to silently ask if he wanted one, he nodded and I pulled out a cup for him and poured him some coffee. I grabbed my phone from the counter and began to play some music to help wake me up, Henry stretches his arms over his head as he yawns loudly and looks at me, almost like he’s surveying me. “What?” I asked and he shrugged and continued looking at me. “You know staring is weird.” “How long has it been since you had a serious relationship?” He asks so suddenly that I choke on the hot coffee I’m drinking. “Jesus!” I cough, patting my chest as I try to make the liquid go down. “Why? Thought we were done with depressing relationship questions last night.” “Just curious” he says. “Not since...Eric.” He lifts a brow at me, almost like he’s patronising me. “The bar tender in that club?” I pointed my index finger at him, “he was the owner actually.” “That was over a year ago Eve, not even like know?” I look at him questioningly. “What like a one night stand? Obviously it’s not like I haven’t had sex in over a fucking year.” “No I friends with benefits thing.” “Oh you mean fuck buddy?” It was his turn to choke of his coffee. “Yeah...” He says as he tries to control his coughs. “I’ve never-“ I paused thinking over my choice of words. “Is it ever friends with benefits though or just sex?” “What do you mean?” He asks. “I mean if I was fucking someone, like just sex constantly and no relationship I don’t know if I would or even could be their friend. Kind of awkward don’t you think?” Henry shrugs “what about with me?” My eyes bulged, not sure if I had properly understood his question. “Excuse me?” “What about if we were as you put it “fuck buddies?” Would that be as bad as with someone you didn’t know, I mean you wouldn’t need to pretend to be their friend; because we’re already friends.” He pushes himself off the counter opposite me and makes his way towards me, looking almost like a fucking predator as he puts his arms on either side of me on the counter behind me. “Are you asking me if I wanna be friends with benefits?” I question slowly. He looks down at my chest, his blue eyes travelling down my body. “Depends” he says flatly. “You won’t be able to keep up with me!” I smile as I gently run my fingernails up his bare chest, my arms wrapping around his neck. His brow raises at me, “why’s that?” I tilt my head to the side looking back at him. “Correct me if I’m wrong, but I get the feeling you’re...gentle. All that muscle going to waste.” He swallows thickly as my nail grazes his Adam’s apple. “You like it rough then?” “More than a little rough Henry.” His eyes land on my lips as he moves closer, I can tell what he’s about to do and if I didn’t want this now would be the time to stop him. But I don’t. I let him kiss me and I kiss back, moaning as his moustache hairs scratch against my lips, I open my mouth to him. His tongue coming in contact with mine, I taste the coffee on his lips and it makes me sigh as I pull away with a smack. I look into his eyes and noticed how dilated his eyes are, barely able to see that heterochromatic patch of brown anymore. Lips move down to my neck, perfect stubble grazing my skin. “Henry...” I moan as pull at his dark curls, his fingers dig into the flesh of my hips and before I can react he’s turned me over and roughly pushes the middle of my back making me fall against the cold marble counter. His lips comes close to me ear as he bites and pulls on it gently, “you want rough? I’ll show you rough baby!” I moan at the feeling of his teeth sinking into my skin, I wiggle my ass trying to tempt him to fuck me on the kitchen countertop. “Bad girl Eve!” He groaned as his hand comes up and smacks my right cheek, I jolt slight as I wasn’t expecting it but moan when I feel his palm rubbing at my skin. “Fuck me Henry!” I say, almost squealing in surprise when he pulls down my silk sleeping shorts. “No panties? Fucking whore!” He growls and my eyes flutter in pleasure, his words going directly to my core. “Fuck your whore baby!” I say and he moans loudly, almost like an animal and it practically makes my slick run down my inner thighs. His hand pulls at my bun, grabbing it roughly and pulling at my hair strands making me hiss as I feel my scalp sting. He yanks his jeans and underwear down, his thick cock springs free; I feel his left hand leave my hip as he pumps himself a few times before pushing himself into me in one smooth motion that makes my back arch. “Fuck...” I gasp as I feel him stretch me, a delicious sting in my pussy as my muscles try to accommodate him. “Move!” I groan and he slowly pulls out, nearly all the way before slamming himself back in, nearly pushing my whole body forward on the counter. He sets a fast pace, both of us knowing it wasn’t going to last long; I feel my clit bump the edge of the counter with every forward snap of his hips. I moan loudly, my breath hitching every so often; my inner walls fluttering around his dick. “Push my head down!” I moan as I turn my head towards him. “What?” He groans as he continues to pound into me. “Push my head down on the counter Henry.” He complies, his large hand coming up to push on the back of my head; holding me in place as he fucks me. “Fuck yeah!” I moan, my hands fisting making my nails dig into my palms. “You close?” He asks and I can tell he’s clenching his teeth, trying not to cum before I do. “Yeah but don’t you fucking dare cum in me.” I say as I explode around him moaning out, eyes rolling to the back of my head as I scream his name. I feel him pulling out of me, my pussy clenching around air as he furiously strokes himself, his cum splashing on my behind. I lie there panting for a few minutes before I get up and see him leaning against the counter, chest glistening in sweat and lips formed in a lazy smile. “Rough enough?” He asks. “I’m sure you can do better!” I say and wink at him.