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Jeon Jungkook is the kind of physical education coach that makes you actually want to take the class in college, even if you don't have to.


His workouts are always new and interesting, never repeating the exact same kind of routine (unless the students collectively beg him to do it again). They are always playing games and different sports, even unique ones such as squash and pickle ball. They never stay on a sport long enough to get bored, but rather just long enough that they can all have fun before moving on. 

He isn't one of those P.E. coaches that just watch the students suffer, either. He always joins in with them, whether it's for the workout or whatever game they happen to be playing, his students always clamoring to be on his team since they know he's somehow good at everything (he always makes sure to step back and let his kids do most of the work, not wanting to make the teams too uneven, just enough to change up the game).

After the semester is up, most students can tell that they're a lot more in shape, stronger even, unlike those who had coaches who just made them do random activities to get their heart rate up and that was the extent of the class. Jungkook's curriculum has substance to it, and he does his job well.  

He's young and has a good personality too, someone who the people who take his class feel comfortable talking to and joking with like they would a normal friend. During workout days, he lets the students take turns playing whatever music they want (it almost backfires when one kid, Kim Daesung, thinks it would be funny to play Minecraft parodies, yodel compilations, and screaming remixes until everyone's ears bleed).

Even after completing the required semester of phys ed, a good amount of people sign up again just so they can have him. During course selection, when people choose their professors, everyone is scrambling to squeeze into his class, filling it up in seconds. He's that good.


Not bad for the class that everyone except the athletes and the rare exercise-lovers used to hate in high school.



A lot of people say that math is their least favorite subject. Something about the dull, monotonous repetition of numbers, formulas, and proofs just don't seem all too appealing to most people. That plus a teacher who isn't enthusiastic or willing to help out much does not particularly equate to a liking for the subject. 


Park Jimin is the calculus professor that somehow makes you convinced you're in love with mathematics. 


His lectures are always captivating and easy to understand, the way he explains the subjects always crystal clear. He always provides multiple examples for each type of problem, patiently answering every question that comes up (he's also the type that makes you feel encouraged and ready to ask and answer questions freely). 

Sure, learning is a two way street, so the student has to at least try to learn first. But as long as they are paying attention, it's extremely rare for anyone to go home completely lost. Of course, it's not like everyone aces all the tests, because, granted, Jimin isn't easy — he's just talented and a very good teacher — but that's to be expected.

Everyone loves the pretty blonde professor with his bright eye smiles whenever a student says something that pleases him and his melodic laughs whenever he cracks a joke or makes a stupid mistake. That's not to say he isn't serious — he doesn't tolerate anyone messing around — but everyone loves not only his class, but also him. 


And Jungkook is no exception.



"Oh, hello again Jungkook-ssi," Jimin says one day as Jungkook enters his lecture hall for the nth time. The P.E. coach is carrying two coffees in his hands, the sleeves of his grey sweatshirt rolled up to his elbows, and he flashes a bright smile at the older. 

"G'morning, Jimin-ssi," Jungkook replies, setting one of the coffees down on his desk and absentmindedly brushing back his cherry-colored hair with one hand. "I hope you don't mind me coming in here to bring you coffee."

Jimin giggles, his eyes scrunching up in that famous eye smile. "Of course I don't mind," he assures the younger. "You don't have to ask me every time. I always appreciate a good cup of coffee to keep me sane with these guys." He snorts and gestures to his students, many of which are curiously watching the exchange. They duck their heads back down to their laptops when they realize they've been caught. "Thank you, by the way."

"Oh, don't even mention it," Jungkook smiles. "It's become a routine to grab coffee after my morning jogs, so... I decided I might as well get you some while I'm there." 

Jimin looks at Jungkook in his loose hoodie and black sweatpants, his hair still slightly damp. Without thinking, he reaches up to lightly touch Jungkook's red locks. 

"When did you dye it?" he asks. "I thought it was black just a few days ago." Jungkook blushes and looks down, scuffing the ground with his toe.

"Yeah, I got it done over the weekend," he says sheepishly, worried for the older's reaction. What if he thinks it's ugly? He's definitely going back to brown tomorrow if that happens. "I— Do you think it looks okay? I wasn't sure if it was too bright." 

Jimin shakes his head, grinning. "I think it looks very pretty," he reassures the taller. "It suits you." Jungkook flushes deeper and nods.

"O-oh," he mumbles. "Thank you." He isn't used to being complimented by someone as gorgeous as Jimin. 

They stand there for a moment, smiling shyly at each other, until they hear a throat being cleared next to them. They turn to see one of their shared students, Sun Miyoung, watching them. 

"Hello, Ms. Sun," Jimin says, amused. "How may I help you?" She glances over at Jungkook, who blushes again.

"Ah, right," he cuts in, a little embarrassed. "I should probably set up now. Um, see you later, Jimin-ssi. See you in class, Ms. Sun." With that, he turns and walked out of the room.

Jimin looks to Miyoung for her to ask her question, which he swiftly answers. She heads back to her seat, a small smirk on her face as she turns to her friend, Yoo Sunhee.

"You saw that, right?" she asks, waggling her eyebrows. Sunhee giggles.

"Mr. Park and Mr. Jeon totally flirting it up at the front? How could I not," she replies, a smug grin on her face. "Coach is so whipped for the professor it hurts my eyeballs."

"Did you see him blushing?" Miyoung whispers. "He was almost as red as his own hair." The two of them burst into laughter at that.

"Ms. Sun? Ms. Yoo?" Jimin calls from the front of the room. "Is there something hilarious in your calculus work that I didn't catch?" The two friends exchange glances before shaking their heads.

"No, sorry," Sunhee apologizes. Jimin nods curtly before turning away. 

"I can't believe Mr. Jeon really brings Mr. Park coffee because he 'might as well' when he's getting his own," Miyoung whispers. "We all know he doesn't even like coffee. I bet 150,000 won that he's drinking hot chocolate or something." 

"I'm not taking you up on that because you're probably right," Sunhee admits. "Also, if he 'might as well,' that doesn't explain why he'd get coffee for Mr. Park of all people, since the gym is almost across campus. Why not one of the other P.E. coaches?"

They look at each other with twin smirks on their faces before speaking simultaneously.


"Because he's whipped."


Thirty seconds later, Jungkook walks back in, takes his "coffee" from Jimin's desk, where he left it, and exits the room without a word.



Jungkook is running his class through some circuits in the weight room, participating in the different workouts alongside them. The students always jokingly get mad at him when they have to change the weights from thirty kilograms back down to twenty on the weight machines, complaining about feeling weak.

He just laughs it off and tells them that maybe if they work hard enough, they won't have to change the weight.

They're forty-five minutes into their workout when Jungkook calls for them to take a break. The students let out a collective sigh of relief as they all scramble for their water bottles, tired and sweaty but exhilarated from the adrenaline.

It's when Jungkook tilts his head back to squirt water from his bottle into his mouth that he notices the figure standing by the doorway. He swallows the water and walks over to greet him.

"Hey Jimin-ssi," Jungkook says, pushing back his red hair from where it clings to his forehead with sweat and tipping his head back to drink more water. Jimin smiles at him, trying as hard as he can not to glance down to where the damp tank top is sticking to the younger man's abs, or at his sharp jawline, or his defined biceps, or how his adam's apple bobs as he gulps down the water. It's very difficult when he doesn't know where else to look. 

"Hello," he replies, leaning casually against the wall. Except he isn't standing as close to the wall as he originally thought, so he stumbles a little awkwardly, Jungkook reflexively reaching out to stop him from falling.

They stare at each other with their eyes wide, time seemingly frozen with Jungkook's hands on Jimin's waist, before the younger lets go and a blush settles high on his cheeks.

"Thanks for catching me." Jimin scratches the back of his neck nervously, his face a little red as well. Jungkook just nods, fingers playing with the hem of his shirt. 

"So, um, what brings you here?" Jungkook asks, trying to save the conversation. Jimin stiffens a little. He hasn't thought that far. He looks around the room at all the equipment, at the sweaty students standing around and talking. 

"I, uh, was thinking of working out?" he squeaks, more of a question than an answer. It was the the first thing that popped into his head, but now he's not so sure of it. When was the last time he went to the gym? He had gone to dance practice with Hoseok just two days ago, but that wasn't the same thing as lifting weights and things like that.

Jungkook, however, seems positively delighted at the idea. "Really?" he exclaims, beaming. "That's great, Jimin-ssi. Do you want to join our class? There's only half an hour left but you can still tag along." 

And how can Jimin possibly say no to that smile? So he just nods weakly, already dreading the soreness he knows is coming tomorrow. Curse Jungkook and his irresistible cuteness. 

"You can be my partner," Jungkook continues, blissfully unaware of Jimin's inner struggle. "Usually I just do everything by myself when the kids pair up but now I don't have to be alone!" He claps his hands excitedly and god if Jimin doesn't find that adorable.

It's then that Jimin realizes something important, looking down at his jeans and button-up shirt. "Shit," he whispers, mostly to himself. He looks up at Jungkook sheepishly. "Uhm, Jungkook-ssi, I just remembered... I didn't bring any workout clothes."

Jungkook giggles at that, Jimin melting at the high-pitched sound. "Jimin-ssi, you wanted to work out but you didn't even bring clothes?" He scrunches his nose teasingly. "It's okay, I have some extras in my bag. Clean, of course." Jimin nods dumbly, cheeks tinged pink, and follows the younger as he rummages in his backpack for a pair of clothes.

Jungkook hands a black t-shirt and basketball shorts to Jimin. "Here, change into these," he offers, the older taking them and heading to the locker rooms to change.

It's fascinating, really, how Jimin got himself into this mess. He only came to see the younger work out (it might sound creepy, he admits, but the younger looks too good and Jimin's much too weak), not to do it himself, yet here he is. 


"Oh my god," Sunhee gapes, having just watched the exchange of a lifetime. "Did Mr. Park just volunteer to work out with us? Just because Mr. Jeon suggested it?" Miyoung laughs.

"This is golden," she giggles. "I could see the panic on his face when he realized he was caught and had no other excuse to be here."

"Are you guys talking about Mr. Park and Mr. Jeon?" a third voice asks, a boy named Lee Chiwon having overheard their conversation. The two best friends look at each other.

"Uhm, yes," Miyoung replies. Is Chiwon judging them for gossiping about their teachers? 

Chiwon grins at the girls. "So you can tell too?" he says. "That the two of them are completely and undeniably whipped for each other?" Miyoung and Sunhee exchange glances before laughing.

"You're not wrong," Sunhee replies, her eyes sparkling. "They're so awkward together but it's honestly adorable. Who thought I'd end up shipping my teachers?"

Miyoung makes a face. "It's better than some people," she shudders. "I've heard girls talking about things they want to do to Mr. Jeon. No thank you. I wanted my ears removed from my head and my brain dunked in bleach after I heard some of that bullshit." Sunhee raises her eyebrows and makes a gagging sound.

"That's pretty gross," she cringes, Chiwon nodding along. "I feel bad for him. I don't think he came here to be sexualized. Even if he looks good when he works out, it doesn't mean y'all nasties have to turn it into something else." 

Chiwon sighs. "They have to open their eyes and realize that the real best thing to watch is when he and Mr. Park interact. Pure beauty. Radiating bashful awkwardness. Two fully grown adults being shy and blushing because of each other. What more do you want?"

Sunhee nods appreciatively. "Exactly," she agrees. "They're so adorable. If they don't get together by the time I graduate, then what's truly the point?"

Miyoung points at her. "Facts. Pure facts."


Jimin returns from the locker room dressed in clothes just a little bit too big for him. He's not complaining, though; they still fit comfortably and better yet, they smell of light tropical detergent. They smell like Jungkook.

(When he first got the clothes, it took everything he had not to just bury his nose in them and inhale the heavenly scent.)

Jungkook's eyes light up when he sees the older man re-entering the room. "Perfect timing, Jimin-ssi," he exclaims. "I was afraid we were going to start again without you. Everyone else go back to your original station and I'll tell you when to start."

The students set aside their water bottles and head to their spots as Jungkook leads Jimin to one of the weight machines. "Here, I'll demonstrate this one for you," he offers, positioning himself and reaching up for the bar, pulling it with him as he sat down. "See, you just pull the bar down and slowly 'push' it back up. Try to keep your shoulder blades down, or else you'll end up with an injury. Do you want to start with twenty kilos or thirty?" 

Jimin blinks, looking away from where he was just staring at Jungkook's biceps flexing as he pulled the bar up and down. "Hmm?" he hums, momentarily out of it before he realizes the question. "Oh, uh, I'll try twenty?" Jungkook nods and adjusts the weight before raising his voice.

"Okay, you guys ready?" he calls, pressing play on his phone so the music resumes on the speakers. "First station. Three, two, one, start!"

Jimin reaches up for the bar and pulls it down until he's sitting, doing as Jungkook showed him. It doesn't seem too difficult, the main issue being the slide of the metal bar against his palms.

"Try not to let the bar yank your arms up like that," Jungkook gently advises. "You might injure your shoulders. See if you can keep your shoulder blades down more." Jimin does as he's told, pulling his shoulders down and slowly letting the bar pull his arms up. Jungkook grins and nods at him, and Jimin feels something warm in his tummy at the sight.

It isn't long before the station is done and they move on. There are fifteen stations in total, and Jimin can feel them working his muscles. He can see why everyone likes having Jungkook as a coach, though. He's always encouraging and friendly, letting the kids tease him and having conversations with the people around him.

He spends most of the time talking to Jimin, however. They find that the conversation flows easily between them, never having an awkward silence or moment where they were scrambling for words. Even if they aren't talking, the silence is comfortable.

Jungkook hears Jimin singing quietly along to the songs at one point, and he can't help but think that the older's voice is beautiful. He wonders if he's ever been in choir or if he's just naturally that good. He finds himself wanting Jimin to sing to him, pretty voice surrounding the younger.

Jimin quickly gets a hang of the exercises, Jungkook moving him up to thirty kilograms on their second time around. The younger man is impressed with the professor, not expecting him to be so good at everything already. He can't say he's not captivated by the way Jimin stays so steady while doing the Russian twists with six kilogram weights, or how his thighs bulge when he does weighted squats. 

Miyoung, Sunhee, and Chiwon exchange knowing glances.


By the time they're done, both men have worked up a good sweat, the students tired and panting. "Good work today guys," Jungkook called out. "Go ahead and get water and get changed and then you can leave."

"Have a good day Mr. Jeon," one student calls as she leaves the room. Jungkook smiles at her.

"You too, bye Euni," he calls back, another student waving to him as he passes by. They wait until all the students are gone before Jungkook turns to Jimin.

"Thanks for joining us today," he says shyly. "You really helped me not get bored of those nutjobs." He chuckles fondly. Jimin smiles. It's adorable, really, how close Jungkook is to his students.

"It was really no problem," Jimin replies. "I was due for a workout anyway. It's been entirely too long." 

"I don't think I can say the same," Jungkook jokes, Jimin giggling and hitting the younger's muscled arm flirtatiously. Or was it flirtatious? Maybe Jungkook is reading too much into it.

"Ah, so anyway," the red-haired continues, "I had a good time. Uh, let me know if you ever want to join our class again, I'm sure they won't mind." He clears his throat and looks down, blushing. "I know I don't."

Jimin nods, face earnest. "Sure, yeah, I'll definitely join you guys again," he agrees. "I had a good time too." He looks away, mumbling, "I had a good time looking at you."

Jungkook pretends that he didn't hear anything but the tips of his ears give him away, reddening at the older's offhanded remark. "I should probably get ready for the next class, but I'll see you again?" he asks, hoping with everything he has that Jimin says yes.

And of course he does. "Yeah, for sure," he answers. "I, uh, should probably get washed up for the next class too. So, um, see you later?" Jungkook nods enthusiastically, Jimin beginning to head to the door.

"See you Jimin-ssi," Jungkook says. Jimin smiles gently.

"See you," he echoes. "Oh, and Jungkook?"


"Call me hyung."



"God, you've got a crush the size of Jupiter on him, don't you?"

Jungkook blushes at Hoseok's comment, averting his eyes and shoving salad into his mouth. "I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about," he mumbles around the lettuce, avoiding eye contact with the older.

"Hoseok's right, you know," Namjoon agrees, the philosophy professor giving Jungkook's shoulder a nudge. The younger just sighs and closes his eyes, trying to block his friends out. 

"I don't know what you're referring to," he repeats, choosing to focus on his lunch and not the teases of the older two. Hoseok chuckles.

"Come on, Kook," he grins. "You bring him coffee every morning. You don't even drink coffee and his room is practically across campus from the gym. You're always staring at him all starry-eyed when he walks by. You never stop talking about how nice Jimin-ssi is or how pretty he is today. Don't even try to hide it."

"Don't worry, it's perfectly normal for an adult to have a crush," Namjoon adds. "I can't blame you. We all know the truth. It's not like you're going to stay single forever, you should just ask him out."

Jungkook groans. "I'm not going to ask him out," he counters. "Okay fine. Maybe, maybe I kind of really, really like him. But I can't ask him out, he's a coworker and things would get awkward if we broke up. Plus, I'm ninety-nine percent sure he doesn't even like me that way." He huffs, crossing his arms over his chest at the dubious look his friends are giving him.

"Those are such weak excuses," Hoseok scoffs. "You totally have to ask him out. If you don't soon, someone else is definitely going to first. And what's this bullshit about being coworkers? You don't even work near each other, if it weren't for your pining ass you would have no reason to even interact with him or know who he is in the first place." Namjoon points his fork at him then at Jungkook as if to say, "He has a point."

Jungkook just lets out a little sigh. "I wouldn't ask Jimin out unless I'm sure he'd be okay with it," he grumbles. "And I don't even know if he's into men in the first place."



"Jiminie. Jimin. Park Jimin!"

The blond shakes his head, breaking out of his daydream to see Seokjin leaning forwards and waving a hand an inch from his face. "Sorry, what were you saying?" he asks, a little sheepish. He had been thinking about a certain red-haired man and his pretty smile and very nice biceps and had gotten a little too zoned out.

Seokjin smirks. "Thinking of Mr. Cherry Head again?" he snickers, eyes teasing. Jimin rolls his eyes.

"His name isn't 'Mr. Cherry Head,'" he informs the older. "His name's Jeon Jungkook." 

Yoongi lets out a little sound of triumph. "Ha! So you were daydreaming about him," he exclaims, Jimin turning red at the accusation.

"Wha- No, that's not what I meant," he quickly backtracks. "I was just correcting Jin-hyung. It's not his name. That's it."

"Uh huh," Taehyung replies, clearly not believing Jimin's attempt at sounding innocent. "Don't try to lie to us. You were drooling." He barks out a laugh when Jimin instinctively reaches up to wipe his chin.

"This isn't fair," Jimin whines, glaring at his friends. "You guys are ganging up on me. I did not sign up for this."

"Oh sweetie," Yoongi grins, "there's no way you could've known what you were signing up for when you became our friend." Jimin raises an eyebrow.

"You got that right," he snorts. Taehyung pinches his side and he yelps. "Hey! I didn't ask for this personal attack!"

"Listen, Jimin," Seokjin says, "we all know you've got it bad for the P.E. coach. But don't even worry about it! We'll help you get together with him." 

"W-who says I've got it bad for Kook?" Jimin splutters, cheeks flushing at the accusation. Yoongi giggles.

"You just called him 'Kook,'" he laughs. "You're definitely in deep. Come on, Minnie, just let us help you."

Jimin crosses his arms over his chest. "Oh? And why should I ever trust you guys? Your judgement is trash," he informs them.

"Hey now," Taehyung protests, flicking his best friend's shoulder. Jimin swats his hand away.

"You guys suck," he grumbles. "All you do is tease me all day. And I'm not 'in deep' for Jungkook, okay? So what, I think he's beautiful and his red hair is stunning on him and his smile is pretty and his body is delicious and he's sweeter than sugar and hilarious and I want to kiss his cute little pink lips?"

His friends all stare at him.

Jimin puts his head in his hands.

"Oh crap, I'm fucking whipped."



"Mr. Jeon. And Mr. Park. Today. They are so into each other."

Miyoung and Sunhee were eating lunch together and, of course, talking about how perfect Jungkook and Jimin were for each other.

"I'm just waiting for one of them to ask the other out," Sunhee sighs, chewing on her food thoughtfully. "I mean, just being in their presence makes me automatically feel like I'm third wheeling. How do they have that power when they're not even together yet?"

"Ugh, it's because whenever they're together they act like they're the only ones in the room," Miyoung says. "You can just see how focused they are on each other. It's adorable, but I also feel like I'm intruding on something. Like, am I supposed to be here?"

Sunhee nods. "Exactly," she agrees. "But they're way too shy to make a move and I feel so pained. Just ask each other out, fools." 

Chiwon walks up to them, another girl and boy with him. "Hey Sunhee, Miyoung," he greets them. "Are you guys talking about Mr. Park and Mr. Jeon again?" The two girls nod, looking over at the newcomers.

"Hey Chiwon," Sunhee replies. "Hi Euni, Daejung. Yeah, we were just, uh, eatin' lunch. You know. Maybe having a little chat about our teachers being totally in love." She snorts.

Euni laughs. "I thought I was the only one," she tells them. "Like today, am I the only one who noticed that Mr. Park did not come to our class to work out?" She raises an eyebrow.

"Exactly, he wasn't even ready," Daejung chimes in. "If his intention was to work out, he would've brought workout clothes and water. But he just showed up in his normal clothes. We all know it was because he just came in to stare at Mr. Jeon." He snickers.

"Oh my god, so accurate," Chiwon agrees. "Y'all saw the way that he was just watching Mr. Jeon work out, right? And how they wouldn't stop talking? And whenever Mr. Park laughed he always hit Mr. Jeon's arm like some flirtatious high school girl?"

"I definitely saw that," Miyoung says. "They got some major heart eyes going on." 

"I'm pretty sure they're both totally oblivious to the other one being whipped for them," Euni sighs. "It's tragic. Especially with how painfully obvious it is that they're into each other." The other students nod their agreement.

Suddenly, Sunhee's face lights up. "Guys, I have an idea," she grins, gears turning in her head as a plan begins to formulate, the others leaning in to listen.

"We're going to help get Mr. Park and Mr. Jeon together."



Jimin sighs, rubbing his eyes as he scans over the fiftieth exam he's had to grade today. He already hasn't gotten much sleep and the numbers and letters seem to be blurring together on the page. It shouldn't be this hard to correct papers, yet here he was struggling to do it. 

A quiet knock sounds and he lifts his head, calling out, "Come in." The door pushes open and one of his students, Sunhee, peeks in.

"Sorry to bother you, Mr. Park," she says, slightly out of breath, bowing as she enters the room. "I just had a few questions about the lesson?" Jimin nods, shifting his papers aside and motioning for Sunhee to bring up a chair in front of him.

"I hope I'm not bothering you too much," she says worriedly, Jimin just waving her off.

"No, no, it's perfectly fine," he assures her. "I always have time for my students." She grins. "Now, what is it you need help on?"

Sunhee digs in her bag and pulls out some of her notes, Jimin listening diligently as she tells him what she was confused about. He helps her, leading her through each problem and patiently explaining everything until she gets it.

"Thank you so much," she smiles, finally understanding the content. 

Jimin returns the grin. "Absolutely no problem," he replies warmly. He pauses. "I noticed you were kind of out of breath when you got here. Were you running? You know I have time for you and you don't have to rush."

Sunhee shakes her head. "Ah, no, I walked," she tells him. "I just came from a workout, that's all."

Jimin tilts his head. "Oh? With Mr. Jeon?" She smirks to herself slightly at that.

"Yeah, he really is an amazing P.E. coach. His class is always so fun."

"Is it?"

"Yep! And he's super nice and sweet and he's really easy to talk to. You've talked to him before, right?"

"Oh, um, yeah. He... He seems pretty cool."

"He is! You should totally talk with him more. He's wonderful."

"Yeah," Jimin breathes, blushing once he realizes what he said. "I mean, yeah, he seems like a good guy."

Sunhee beams, reaching down to pack up her stuff. "He really is. You should talk to him more! And thank you so much for the help, I really needed it."

Jimin nods, cheeks still slightly dusted pink. "O-okay, yeah, I'll do that," he confirms, scratching the back of his neck lightly. "And it was absolutely no problem. Feel free to come in again if you need more help!"

Sunhee gathers her things and exits the classroom with a parting wave. Mission success.



sunhee >> project jikook is a go

mission success my dudes

i got help with math AND hyped up mr jeon for mr park

he totally blushed when he admitted he thought mr jeon is wonderful ;)

and i said he should talk to mr jeon more

he was flustered it was so cute hehehehe


chiwon >> project jikook is a go

ugh yes legend

daejung hows it going with you


daejung >> project jikook is a go

just about to go ask mr jeon for workout ideas

then i shall execute the plan >:)


miyoung >> project jikook is a go

perfect >:) 


euni >> project jikook is a go

this feels so weird to be shipping them but

honestly how can u not tbh

with the way they are together...


daejung >> project jikook is a go



sunhee >> project jikook is a go

yeah its a lil weird maybe but

i mean

have you seen them


chiwon >> project jikook is a go


they cute


miyoung >> project jikook is a go

they really are :(

they blush so much around each other


euni >> project jikook is a go

i knowwww its adorable


chiwon >> project jikook is a go

they act like shy middle schoolers


half of the students at this school have better flirt game than them


sunhee >> project jikook is a go

its ok they can be forgiven


daejung >> project jikook is a go

alrighty kids i have arrived B) 

hype game strong

like mr jeon


miyoung >> project jikook is a go

that was unnecessary


daejung >> project jikook is a go

yOuRe uNnEcEsSaRy

ok but negays

hype game ready

just like me getting ready to be sWole like mr jeon

wish me luck


euni >> project jikook is a go 

good luck loser

hope u dont flop


daejung >> project jikook is a go

that was unnecessary



Jungkook is on the treadmill, earbuds blasting some metal song as he runs. He sees the door open out of the corner of his eye, slowing the treadmill to a stop and hopping off, pulling his earbuds out as he greets the young man walking into the gym.

"Hey," he calls, casually wiping the sweat off his forehead. Daejung gives a little wave before shoving both hands deep in his pockets.

"Hey," he repeats back, approaching the P.E. coach with a small smile. 

"What's up?" Jungkook asks, tying up his earbuds and tucking them into his bag. Daejung shrugs lightly, standing a bit awkwardly on the side as Jungkook packs up.

"Um, not much," he responds. "I was just wondering... If you had any tips? For a workout? 'Cause I wanted to get more exercise outside of class but I don't really know what I should do for a routine or something." Jungkook nods in understanding.

"That's great that you want to work out outside of class," he acknowledges. "And I guess it depends. Did you want to do arms, legs, core, all of them, whole body...?" 

Daejung thinks for a moment. "Hm, I guess all of them? That way I could switch up routines?"

Jungkook nods again. "Okay, we can start with arms. Do you want to write this down? Or I could text it to you or something?"

Daejung's eyes widen. "Text it to me?"

Jungkook shrugs and chuckles slightly. "I mean, if that's not too weird," he offers. "You know I keep it casual and we're barely four years apart anyway." Daejung gulps and nods.

"Oh, yeah, okay, that's cool," he replies, watching as Jungkook digs in his bag to get out his phone for the younger man to enter his number.

"Great! Let's get started, yeah?" the coach asks, Daejung nodding along as Jungkook begins to show him how to do each exercise.

They go through the whole workout, both of them working up a sweat in the meantime.

The two men keep up a casual conversation, Daejung trying as hard as he can to complete his "mission" and direct the conversation elsewhere. Namely, to Jimin. Finally, when they're on an endurance run on the treadmill, the perfect opportunity arises.

"So, how are classes going?" Jungkook asks. 

"Pretty good," Daejung tells him. "Comp sci is kicking my ass for sure but math isn't too horrible." 

Jungkook tilts his head. "Really? A lot of kids hate math, especially in college."

"Well, maybe it's because of my teacher," the student offers, shrugging nonchalantly. 

"Oh? Do you have Mr. Park?" 

Daejung looks at him curiously. "Yeah, I do actually," he confirms. "How'd you know?"

The coach blushes faintly and looks away. "Ah, I've heard good things about him. I thought that if you didn't hate math, it must be because he's your teacher...?"

The younger grins at that, nodding and pursing his lips to contain his smile. "I see, I see," he murmurs thoughtfully. "Yeah, he's great. He's an amazing teacher and he'll always help us with everything we need. He's super good at teaching and I never really get bored, which is really surprising considering I usually hate math."

"Ah, that's good," Jungkook says softly. "He seems... Nice." Daejung's grin widens.

"He is," he agrees. "He's super nice. He's always really friendly and he'll carry a conversation even if he's just helping us with math. He's great. You should talk to him more, actually. I think you guys would get along really well."

Jungkook looks at him, a small smile playing at his lips. "You think so?"

Daejung grins back. "Yeah, I do."


daejung >> project jikook is a go

hells yea

mission: accomplished B)))))))))

mr jeon was blushing so much when we started talking about mr park

and he wouldnt stop smiling after i told him i thought theyd get along well



miyoung >> project jikook is a go

thats so cute


euni >> project jikook is a go

awwww cuties


daejung >> project jikook is a go






chiwon >> project jikook is a go

lol wut

are we getting mr jeon with mr park or with you


daejung >> project jikook is a go

literally shut up

he was just sending me the list of exercises so i wouldnt have to write them down



miyoung >> project jikook is a go

and?? what are you going to do with his number?


daejung >> project jikook is a go



give it to mr park B)))))))))))


euni >>  project jikook is a go

will you stop using that emoji jfc



Jimin slides into the booth, his other friends already seated around the table. "Hey Min, why're you late?" Yoongi asks as Jimin picks up a menu to find something to order.

"Oh, one of my students needed help with a lesson so I got put behind a little bit on grading papers," he explains.

"You're too nice," Seokjin tells him. "If it took you that long to explain, then shouldn't they try learning some on their own? This isn't high school any more."

Jimin shrugs. "It's fine," he waves it off, "I like helping my students. I don't want them doing poorly in my class just because I failed to teach them well enough."

"Still," Taehyung says, "It's not high school anymore. It's up to them to do things on their own. We are preparing them to go into the real world, after all. And who knows how much help they'll be getting there." 

Jimin just shrugs again, the waitress coming to take their orders. After she leaves, Yoongi rests his chin in his palm thoughtfully. "So, any updates with Jungkook-ssi?" he asks.

The younger man almost spits out the water he was drinking. "W-why do you ask?" he splutters, wiping a small dribble of water that escaped. 

Yoongi leans back, crossing his arms smugly over his chest. "Hm, other than the fact that you have a giant crush on him, no reason," he says casually, picking at his fingernails. Jimin glares at him.

"Rude," he retorts. "I do not have a 'giant' crush on him. I just think he's... attractive. That's all. We're colleagues and nothing else. Our relationship is strictly professional."

Seokjin rolls his eyes. "Cut the bullcrap, Jimin," he snorts. "You literally just admitted to being whipped for him last week. Don't think that we've forgotten about it. Plus, I've seen the way you drool after him every time he jogs by with his class. And we've all seen the way you practically melt into a puddle when he smiles as he passes you. Puh-lease. You act like a highschooler yourself."

Jimin flushes, furrowing his brows in an attempt to be upset. "No need to come for me," he whines, angrily sipping his water. "Fine. Maybe I do have a crush on him. But as I said, we're colleagues. We shouldn't be... dating. It would only be messy if we were to ever break up."

He sighs, running his fingers through his hair. 

"Besides, there's no way he likes me back anyway."



"He's just too perfect! I don't get it!"

Jungkook flops down onto Namjoon's couch, the older humming to indicate that he is listening as he takes the muffins out of the oven. "He's just... Everything about him. Why does he get to be this enchanting? It's not fair."

Hoseok chuckles from his perch on the adjacent chair. "It's honestly fascinating how whipped you are for him," he informs the younger. "Why don't you just ask him out?"

Jungkook huffs, puffing out his cheeks and gathering his knees into his chest. "Because," he whines, "I just can't. What if he rejects me? I couldn't possibly handle working with him if he does."

Namjoon dusts off his hands and sits next to Jungkook. "Come on, kid," he reassures him, "You're not a teenager any more. You can take risks. Just... ask for his number first or something. It doesn't have to be something huge."

The younger man sighs and squishes his cheeks between his knees. "I dunno," he grumbles. "I'm not brave enough for that."

"Jungkook," Hoseok groans, utterly done with his friend's incessant pining (and whining). "It's not hard. It's just a number. It won't go wrong, okay? If you really like him that much, you have to be willing to take at least a tiny risk."

"Yeah, yeah," Jungkook mumbles.




Loud giggles resound down the hall. "Shut up!" Miyoung hisses, trying to get her friends to quiet down.

The students are preparing to plant Jungkook's number in Jimin's office, attempting to get the two of them to finally interact apart from the awkward (albeit adorable) interactions they have during class. Daejung has the post-it note clutched in his hand:


Text me sometime? ;)


- Jungkook


At first, a few of them had argued that it seemed too flirty and not very natural. But eventually they went for it anyway, Euni being voted as the one to write the note as she had the neatest handwriting.

They make their way toward's Jimin's office, the door locked when they get there. "He must be somewhere else," Chiwon whispers.

"That's perfect, we can slip the post-it in now," Sunhee whispers back.

"I don't know why we're whispering," Daejung mumbles.

"Shut up," Euni sighs back.

Daejung slips the post-it under the crack of the door, pushing it as far as his fingers will allow. "That'll have to be good enough," he comments, straightening and wiping his sweaty palms on his jeans. He's been unnecessarily nervous about the whole thing.

"Okay," Miyoung says.

"Okay," Chiwon echoes.

They all stare at each other.

"Let's go," Sunhee suggests. And they bolt.



Jimin sighs, patting his full stomach as he makes his way his office from lunch. He's honestly stuffed and would rather pass out on his chair than anything right now.

He pulls out his keys and unlocks the door, pushing it open. He's about to step in when something hot pink catches his eye. He reaches down to pick up a bright pink sticky note with a message and a phone number on it. He reads it quickly, his cheeks heating up.

Jungkook? Really gave this too him? He blushes at the idea of the younger man taking the initiative to talk to him more, making his way to his desk and flopping down as he examines the note.

Should he text now? Or would that seem to desperate? Ultimately he decides to text anyway, because he's just a little too eager and a little too whipped.



hello! :)




who is this



jimin ^_^




hello, jimin-ssi!


hm if you dont mind can i ask

howd you get my number

not that i dont want you to have it of course


um yeah




you gave it to me

the hot pink post-it note? in my office?




i dont even own hot pink post-it notes






hm i wonder who gave it to you...?






but its ok! im glad i have your number actually :)






yea... i was actually gong to ask for it 


but i guess someone else did it for me haha!





well im glad i have your number too

i like talking to you jungkookie

ah.. i hope you dont mind me calling you that



no! no not at all

and.. i like talking to you too jiminie-hyung :))



euni >> project jikook is a go

guys i think the plan is working


sunhee >> project jikook is a go

?? what happened o_o


euni >> project jikook is a go

ive seen both mr jeon and mr park smiling at their phones a lot recently

its cute

i think theyve been talking more too in general


chiwon >> project jikook is a go


thats perfect

so our plan is working then


miyoung >> project jikook is a go

hell yes it is

this is great

thats so cute


daejung >> project jikook is a go

youre welcome for getting mr jeons number yall!!!!


sunhee >> project jikook is a go

thanks daejung :////////


daejung >> project jikook is a go

you dont sound very thankful



Jungkook is just about to start his students on a new set when he notices the door opening out of the corner of his eye. He begins their time before walking over to greet the person.

It's Jimin. "Hey, Jungkook-ah," he greets casually. Jungkook smiles at him. "I just, uh... Wanted to stop by to drop these off." He shows the tupperware of muffins in his hands. "I made way too many and I thought, why not give them away to my friends?" He blushes and looks away at the end.

Okay, so the truth is that Jimin didn't make too many muffins. He actually made them just for Jungkook, but he needed some sort of excuse since he didn't want to give himself away so easily. So he lied that he was giving the extras to all of his friends, not that he made a dozen specifically for the attractive P.E. coach.

Jungkook's smile grows as he takes the container of muffins. "Thank you so much," he says. "What kind are they?"

"Ah, they're oatmeal blueberry," Jimin tells him shyly. "I know you want to be healthy so I— I mean," he restarts, catching himself before he exposes himself, "I'm trying to make more healthy things nowadays and I know you like that kind of thing, so I thought that giving these away would work for you..." He trails off before he can mess up any more.

"They sound perfect," Jungkook assures him. "I'm sure I'll love them, don't worry. Thank you." Jimin just nods shyly, biting on his lower lip as he watches Jungkook place the container in his bag before going back to his students.

He watches them — no, he watches Jungkook — for a while, listening to the music being blasted through the speakers. He can't help but watch the way all of Jungkook's different muscles bulge as he does each exercise.

Especially the squats. God, those thighs.

Eventually, Jungkook looks up to see Jimin still standing in the doorway. "Jimin-hyung," he calls, startling the older out of his stupor, "You don't have to just stand there. You can always join us if you want."

Jimin starts, shaking his head and already making his way out the door. "Ah, don't worry about it," he says hastily. "I have to prepare my lesson plan anyway. Uh, have a good one! I hope the muffins will be okay!"

He scurries out of the room before Jungkook has a chance to respond.



Jimin calls out the homework as his students pack up. "Don't forget that there's a quiz next Friday," he reminds them as they file past, most of them saying goodbye on their way out the door. Jimin watches them go, and right before he's about to turn back to his laptop, he notices someone else standing in the doorway.

"Oh, Jungkook-ah," he says, surprised. "How long have you been standing there?"

Jungkook shrugs, walking over to the older's desk with his hands shoved deep in his sweatpants pockets. "Not long," he replies. "I was just waiting for your students to leave."

Jimin blushes faintly, pretending to be busy with the papers on his desk. "I see," he comments, feigning indifference. "Is there a reason for your visit?"

Jungkook smiles, casually leaning on the desk behind him, hands still in his pockets. "Nothing in particular," he answers, shaking the cherry strands out of his eyes. "I just enjoy your company." Jimin's cheeks heat up and Jungkook's grin widens. Nice, Jungkook thinks. I'm actually being brave enough to say something bold for once.

"I see," Jimin repeats, flustered. "I, uhm, enjoy your company too. A lot. I like spending time with you." 

The younger nods, biting his lower lip softly as he thinks. "Hey," he speaks up, scratching the back of his neck nervously, "are you free tomorrow at some point? We could, uh, grab coffee, or have lunch or...? I mean, only if you want to of course. If not, that's perfectly fine, I get it... But um...?"

Jimin smiles at him gently, brushing back his hair with one hand. "Yeah, sure, I'm available for lunch. I'd love to go out with you, Kook." He widens his eyes suddenly as he realizes what he just said. "I mean, I'd love to have lunch and hang out with you some more, you're a great friend, haha..." He trails off, embarrassed.

The two men avoid eye contact for a moment, the tension too thick to bear. Eventually, Jungkook musters up the courage to break the silence. "So, 12:30 tomorrow? If that works for you? We can meet outside my office and pick a place to eat..."

"Yeah, sounds good," Jimin confirms, fiddling with some index cards on his desk absentmindedly. They're both so awkward.

Jungkook's just about to open his mouth to say something, anything, when they hear a sudden loud thump. The two men whip around to look for the source of the noise, seeing three figures disappear down the hall before they can be identified.

They exchange glances. "That was weird," Jimin comments, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"Hm, yeah," Jungkook agrees, trying to see if he can see the people any more. But they're already gone. He shrugs, turning back to Jimin and drumming his fingers on the desk. "I should probably go now, but... See you around?"

Jimin smiles. "Yeah," he replies warmly. "And see you tomorrow at 12:30."



chiwon >> project jikook is a go

 oh my god

my heart is beating so fast what the hell


sunhee >> project jikook is a go

that was so close i almost died


miyoung >> project jikook is a go


if they had caught us it wouldve been the most awkward thing in the entire world


euni >> project jikook is a go


what happened???


sunhee >> project jikook is a go

the three of us stayed after class

and maaaaaybe were listening in on mr jeon and mr parks convo


daejung >> project jikook is a go

omg u were eavesdropping o_o


miyoung >> project jikook is a go



daejung >> project jikook is a go

that doesnt answer my question


miyoung >> project jikook is a go

... yes we kinda were


chiwon >> project jikook is a go

they were being rlly awkward 

and mr jeon said he enjoys mr parks company owo


sunhee >> project jikook is a go



chiwon >> project jikook is a go

jesus fuck i was getting there !!

i was gonna tell the story u poop >:(


sunhee >> project jikook is a go

sorry ^_^


miyoung >> project jikook is a go

and then

mr park said hed be happy to go on a date with mr jeon o_o

but then he tried playing it off o__o

but then they both got rlly silent and embarrassed o___o

the tension was so thicc o_____o


sunhee >> project jikook is a go

and then chiwons dumb ass leaned too far in and pushed us into each other

and then he fell



chiwon >> project jikook is a go




miyoung >> project jikook is a go

phat smh


chiwon >> project jikook is a go

whatever at least we got out of there safely !!


sunhee >> project jikook is a go

u still suck


daejung >> project jikook is a go

should we watch them at their date >:D


euni >> project jikook is a go


thats creepy

like yea i wanna know how theyre doing but

we should probably give them privacy for their date uwu

otherwise itd just be weird


sunhee >> project jikook is a go



chiwon >> project jikook is a go



miyoung >> project jikook is a go



daejung >> project jikook is a go



euni >> project jikook is a go

you dumbass youre the one who suggested it in the first place klsdjfks




Jungkook glances at his watch again. It's already 12:30 and Jimin is nowhere in sight. He sighs quietly to himself, hoping that the professor hadn't decided to bail on him, realizing just how lame the younger is.

However, those thoughts are soon evaporated as Jungkook spots the older running across the courtyard. He smiles to himself, the sight of Jimin's pretty flushed cheeks and blond hair stuck to his forehead too endearing to resist. 

Jimin makes it to Jungkook, running his fingers through his hair multiple times to get it to unstick and fluff up a little. Jungkook loves the way the strands bounce back into place when he lets them go.

"Hey, I'm so sorry I'm late," Jimin apologizes, biting into his full lower lip nervously. "I got caught up in helping a student and lost track of time..."

"Ah, don't worry about it hyung," Jungkook waves him off. "I get it. I'm glad that you're helping your students."

They smile at each other for a moment before Jungkook clears his throat and looks away. "So, um, you ready to go?" he asks, suddenly shy as he scuffs the ground with the tip of his shoe.

"Mhm," Jimin hums. "Do you know where you wanna go?"

Jungkook thinks for a moment. "Well, there's a really good ramen place just down the block, we could eat there if you don't mind...?"

Jimin nods his assent. "Sounds good."

The two of them walk side by side, chatting casually about this and that, both of them blushing furiously every time their hands accidentally brush against each other.

They make it to the restaurant and order their food, maintaining the conversation most of the way.

Jimin can't help but notice how effortlessly good Jungkook looks. Even in his casual sweatpants and dark hoodie, he somehow manages to look ridiculously attractive. His red hair does nothing but suit him, and although Jimin definitely loves the younger's brown hair as well, the cherry color has to be his favorite. Just something about it just screams... delicious. Not to mention how good Jungkook seems to smell all the damn time. Like coconut and mango and ocean breeze.

Jungkook can't help but be distracted by... well... everything about Jimin. The way his pretty eyes sparkle when he starts ranting about something he loves. The way he giggles at the younger's lame jokes and his eyes scrunch up into little crescents. The way everything about him is so delicate but strong, always commanding everyone's attention just by how stunning he is. He smells like blossoms and peaches and his personality is as bright as the sun. Just too fucking perfect, in Jungkook's opinion.

They seem to match each other, really. How they can keep up the conversation so easily without having to scramble to talk. And when it is silent it's comfortable, neither of them feeling pressured to find some tiny thing to talk about.

They just... fit.

When they walk back to campus, shoulders brushing, neither of them can stop smiling. They say their goodbyes, heading off to prepare for their next class.


They both leave just a little more in love.




sunhee >> project jikook is a go

i was heading to polysci and i saw them walking together :((

it was so cute they looked so happy :((

they were both smiling a ton and their shoulders kept brushing :((

it was the softest thing :((


miyoung >> project jikook is a go

thats adorable

im glad they had fun



"This is terrible," Jungkook groans, now hanging upside down on the very same couch he was sitting on, still complaining, three weeks ago.

"Get right side up again or all the blood will rush to your head and you'll feel lightheaded," Namjoon warns him. Jungkook sighs and slowly lets himself slide off the couch and onto the ground.

"Why do I have to be so insanely gone for him?" the younger grumbles, covering his eyes with his hands as he lies on the floor.

Namjoon looks down at him, unsympathetic. "If you would stop being so weak and just ask him out," he starts before Jungkook sighs loudly to cut him off.

"See, but I did ask him out. And then he said yes but then he started backtracking and saying he's glad to be my friend. I don't know what he gains."

"Maybe he was just afraid of the same thing. You guys need to stop asking like middle schoolers. You're adults, Kook, seriously. Just ask him out. I swear it won't hurt."

"You don't know that."

"But I do know that pining after him for the rest of eternity will get you nowhere. Just try Kook? Please? Then you won't be stuck in this limbo of not knowing how he feels about you."

Jungkook sighs again, rolling over and getting up before flinging himself on the couch again. "Fine... I'll try... But there's no guarantees. And I may or may not chicken out last minute." He looks up at Namjoon, narrowing his eyes.

"But if I flop you're getting the blame, buster."




"Just ask him out already."

Jimin's on the phone with Taehyung, having just finished ranting about the cute lunch he had with Jungkook the week before. "But Tae," he whines. "I don't-"

"Stop saying you don't know if he likes you back," Taehyung sighs, and Jimin can practically hear him rolling his eyes. "Just take a risk, Min. You're both adults, you can ask each other out like adults. Plus, from your description, he seems pretty damn whipped for you, so I don't know what you're so worried about."

Jimin flushes, furrowing his brows. "You don't know that," he retorts. "For all I know, he could just think I'm a good friend."

He just knows Taehyung is rolling his eyes again. "Seriously, Jiminie, I'm pretty sure he likes you. He just asked you out to lunch just last week."

"It wasn't romantic," Jimin protests, the excuse sounding weak even in his own ears.

"We both know you saw it romantically. And I bet he did too."

Jimin huffs, blowing his bangs out of his eyes. "Fine," he relents. "You want me to take a risk? I'll take a risk. If it'll prove I'm not a wimp."

Taehyung's deep laugh reverberates through the phone. "I'm looking forwards to hearing all about it."





Jungkook has no idea how he wants to ask Jimin out. Will it be grand? Or casual? Will he pop into Jimin's classroom after his lecture is over or invite the older to his office? Will there be flowers and gifts or just the present of his presence? There are way too many options and Jungkook has no idea where to begin.


Jimin, too, is having issues. A hopeless romantic, he tries to think of the best ways to ask Jungkook out. His friends tell him it's just a date, not a proposal, but he ignores them anyway. He thinks about writing notes, about inviting the younger to the rooftop at night, about just finding him in class. He's having way too much trouble deciding what on earth to do.


Luckily for the two teachers, the answer comes in the form of a note. Well, two notes, actually.


Hey Jungkook-ah,

If you can, meet me in the rose garden?

11:00 if possible :) I want to show you something!



Hi Jiminie-hyung,

Meet me in the rose garden tomorrow at 11?

I want to show you something pretty <3



So maybe it's a little cheesy. But the five students have spent too long watching their teachers pine after each other (months, really) and they know the two men just need a little... push. So they create one for them.

The notes are slipped into their rooms separately, late enough that they wouldn't have time to ask about the notes but rather go straight to the rose garden the next morning. The students hope that their plan works.

They'll find out soon enough.





Jungkook's in the garden a little bit early, finding a bench to sit on as he gazes at the paths running through the rose bushes. He's always found the rose garden pretty; he thought it was a nice touch on behalf of the school to build something calming where students could just relax.

It's empty now, and Jungkook can't help but wonder what Jimin wants to show him. What could there be in the garden that he hasn't seen already?

He takes in the scent of the rose bushes beside him, eyes roaming the multicolored blossoms surrounding him as he waits for Jimin to arrive.

Sure enough, the older arrives not a minute later, face lighting up as he catches sight of the younger. He takes a seat beside Jungkook, smiling at him fondly.

"Hey," he says, by way of conversation. Jungkook giggles.

"Hey," he replies, tucking a few strands of hair behind his ear absentmindedly. "So, um, what did you want to show me?"

Jimin tilts his head to the side, golden locks flopping over his eye. "Hm?" he asks, confused. "I thought you wanted to show me something. You said it was something pretty."

They look at each other, brows furrowed. Jimin takes a note out of his pocket. "Did you not write this?"

Jungkook shakes his head. "I don't have any hot pink sticky notes," he reminds the older. "But if you didn't write my note... who did?" They exchange confused glances again, looking around the garden to see if anyone else is there.

There's no one.

They sit in silence for a little bit, swinging their feet against the pebbles on the ground. They both know this is their chance to ask the other out, but they just don't know how to do it.

"Hey, so—"

"I wanted to"

They look at each other. "Sorry, you go first," they say in unison before laughing shyly. They turn away, both of their cheeks heating up. They gesture to each other before Jimin finally gives in.

"So, uh," he starts, kicking the little stones by his feet again, "I've been meaning to say this for a while now, and I guess now is a better time than never... Um, I really like you, Kook. Like, a lot." He laughs softly. "Sorry, that sounds so childish. But, I mean... I do. I really like you. And I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me? Like, on a real date? And if not that's totally okay, I get it if you don't feel the same, I hope we can still be friends 'n' stuff, but, um — sorry, I'm making this so awkward — yeah? Would you want to? Go out with me? For real?"

Jungkook stares at him for a moment before breaking into the most beautiful smile Jimin has ever seen. His eyes are sparkling as he scoots closer, taking Jimin's smaller hands in his. "Yes," he breathes. "Yes, I'd love to. I like you a lot too. I, uh, was actually planning on asking the same thing. So this is perfect. Yes. God, yes. Yes. Have I said yes yet? Yes."

Jimin giggles at the younger's antics, hiding his face in their entwined hands, and Jungkook finds it the most endearing thing in the universe. He lets go of one of the older's hands, bringing his own hand up to Jimin's cheek and absentmindedly stroking it with his thumb. Jimin blushes under the touch.

"Can I kiss you?" Jungkook asks suddenly, albeit softly. Jimin's eyes widen but he nods, letting them slip closed as Jungkook moves closer and presses their lips together.

The contact is short and sweet, the two of them pulling back after only a second, but it's enough to set their hearts racing as they blush as pink as the flowers surrounding them. 

"So, um, Friday night?" Jimin suggests, breaking the silence. "For the date?" Jungkook smiles at him, thumbing his cheek again.

"Friday night is perfect."




daejung >> project jikook is a go




chiwon >> project jikook is a go



euni >> project jikook is a go



daejung >> project jikook is a go










sunhee >> project jikook is a go


im so soft

thats so soft

what the fuck thats so soft

im soft


miyoung >> project jikook is a go

im so happy for them :((

our dumb meddling did something after all

and im so happy theyre happy together :((