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Silence Overgrown

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The tang of rain on hot stone quenched Dean’s dry nose. The recent heat was unbearable, it was arid and unforgiving till the morning chill began to linger longer and longer, stretching till mid-day. He could see the leaves on all the oaks have their tips kissed by a yellow fae. Up in the sky it lay bruised, with the sun stubbornly clinging on just past the horizon. A small orchestra pulled their bows across strings to a tune he’s never heard.

While Dean stood on the balcony letting the crisp breeze make him a promise that fresh apples are going to soon litter the orchard. This moment was a reprieve, a rare thing in Dean’s life these days, and they’re about to be quite a bit busier. Jovial cheers rise through the hardwood below Dean. The garden is rapturous, illuminated by some foreign lantern made of paper, the red and white roses still cling to life through the warm sunny days of a waning summer. He can see Sam and Jessica merrily dance. 

“Why Mr. Winchester, you look dashing.” Master Joshua said. Dean couldn’t help but smile, before straightening his back and turning to see the old alpha perched on his cane as usual. As wobbly and creak-kneed as he was, Dean truly admired him. Joshua was an old associate of this father, born and raised with a pedigree yet no attitude of one.

“You flatter me Master Joshua.” Dean said giving him a bow.

Flattery, the likes of which Dean hasn’t seen in the past months Joshua has been on retreat. Perhaps Dean should be used to being the wilted flower that’s been cut and laid for mulch. Yet it always makes him feel quite young to hear, what probably is a mockery of courtship. He’s a spinster, a soft hand to nanny the children, warm the milk, and crack the whip to the laundry maidens. “

Nay, you are something to be flattered. It’s such a pity that you lay in waiting, your hands callousing ever more by the day.”

Dean laughed. “Then what is it you suggest I do?”

“Perhaps have a dance with me?” Joshua held out a shaking hand.

“I will have to pardon myself.” Dean said lowing his head. Truly, he appreciated the offer but he’d rather not be responsible for the ceasing of Joshua’s heart.

“You are not a book Mr. Winchester, you shan’t sit on a shelf.”

“I know my better place.”

“A shame, and a crime.” Joshua said with a sigh. With an unsteady gait Joshua wandered over to the edge of the balcony and looked down to the party dancing on without them.

Love was in the air, no hint of lewdness yet it gave Dean a warm and hazy feeling. It was the scent of closeness. His heart gave him a little pang of desire, he wanted to join the hedonism. Yet, he’s here watching an empty nursery and humoring an old man.

“This is all rather gorgeous, nights like these come once a year.” Joshua said with a fondness.

“You’re a true romantic sir.” Dean said again looking into the garden.

Everyone was in pairs, dancing the summer away, making promises in the crooks of necks. Dean was once such a proud buck, in a time that is an entire life time ago. Among the crowd is a man with stormy black hair, and eyes that make lightning envious. A business partner of Sam’s that Dean has had his eye on the very day he stepped foot into the foyer.