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Hell Fever

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Hell is really fucking weird, and Prince Shouto is even weirder. 

He doesn't appear to be actually evil in the slightest, for starters, which is very disappointing. Katsuki likes it best when demons are sniveling, malicious entities, bent on wreaking havoc, because those types are usually stricken with fear at the very thought of him and his holy fire. Shouto, on the other hand, seems mostly bent on ignoring his angry outbursts, and seems regrettably not afraid of him in the slightest.

He puts Katsuki and Izuku in a "cell", which just turns out to be an opulent bedroom with prison bars instead of walls. The thing that sucks most (besides the whole captive situation) is that the castle, being made of ice, is still ludicrously cold. Fortunately, the bed and furnishings are piled high with blankets and furs, which Katsuki bundles himself in until only his eyes can be seen, glaring balefully out at Shouto.

The first day is tense, to say the least. Shouto isn't able to make much progress by trying to talk to Katsuki, and neither does Katsuki make much progress by shouting himself hoarse at Shouto. When that doesn't work, he decides to berate Izuku instead, seeing as Izuku is managing to get along fine with their demon captors, a fact which has not escaped Katsuki's notice.

"Stop fuckin' smiling at him," he snaps, after Shouto has left to go do whatever it is he does besides lounge around being demonic in his dumb ice palace all day.

"It doesn't hurt to be nice," Izuku says. He's tucked inside the furs Katsuki has wrapped around himself, still shivering a bit. Even with the extra layers, he doesn't seem to be able to keep warm.

"Yes it does, when you're trying to act all buddy buddy with a demon," Katsuki says. "Are you stupid, or did you somehow forget that we're angels?"

"We're angels that were supposed to be on a diplomatic mission," Izuku says. His wings droop sadly. "Whether or not that's still true, we are behind enemy lines now. This is their home, not ours."

"Like I give a shit," Katsuki sneers. "You can say whatever you want to try and justify it, but it doesn't change the fact that you keep eyeing that fucker up."

Izuku wraps his arms around his knees. "I'm not eyeing him up." This seems like bullshit to Katsuki, because Izuku has been blatantly and annoyingly smitten with Shouto literally since he saw him. "He's just not what I expected."

"And what did you expect, Deku?" Katsuki asks. "Some little red guy with horns? Shit, we got that too."

"But Kirishima is really nice," Izuku protests. Katsuki rolls his eyes and he hurries to defend himself. "So is Shouto! He could've let us suffer a lot more. And he's so…"

He trails off, biting his lip as his freckly cheeks grow pink. Katsuki shakes his head, then leans in to glare at him. Izuku's tiny face looks comically alarmed up close.

"You think he's hot," Katsuki accuses him.

"I—n-no!" Izuku stammers. "No, that's not—I just didn't realize demons could be—he's just more beautiful than I was expecting!"

"Ha!" Katsuki crows, and then, "You're a fucking disgrace."

"He is, though," Izuku says. "He looks more like an angel, doesn't he?"

"More like a little bitch, maybe," Katsuki says. "And his hair is dumb."

Even if he won't admit it to Izuku, it's true that Shouto is beautiful, in the same way full grown lions are beautiful. The unquestionable power, the danger—the hunger in the eyes. But it's not unheard of for demons to be more alluring, the higher in prestige they are. It just makes temptation that much easier.

Katsuki refuses to be tempted.

He goes to sleep instead. He's not even sure what time it is outside but there's fuck all else to do. And at any rate, he's tired after spending hours being jerked around by some asshole—which, granted, is probably what he'd be doing in Heaven, too, but it's more annoying because Shouto doesn't outrank him. Maybe. Shouto is a prince… but he's also a demon. Whatever, Katsuki is deciding Shouto doesn't outrank him.

He falls asleep from the force of his conviction and is dead to the worlds for what must be several hours, before he wakes suddenly, feeling entirely alert. It does seem quite a bit darker, now, so maybe it's night time, in Hell? He wonders what woke him up, before he feels the answer.

Izuku has crawled into the furs to press himself to Katsuki's bare chest, but he's shivering violently. His shaking was enough to wake up Katsuki.

"Oy, Deku, get off," he says. When Izuku doesn't respond, Katsuki prods his shoulder with one finger.

Izuku is cold to the touch.

Katsuki's irritation disappears as quickly as it came. "Izuku. Dammit, answer me!"

Izuku's eyes slide over to look at him. "Ka… K-Ka—cchan…" His lips are pale and blue.

"Fuck," Katsuki says, grabbing Izuku and wrapping a fluffy blanket tighter around them both. At a loss for what to do, he presses Izuku to his chest, covering him with both hands, which only serves to make him feel the shaking more. Starting to feel panic rising, he climbs out of the bed, storming over to the bars of the cell where he yells at the top of his lungs. "Hey! Hey, you big half-and-half bastard! Where the fuck are you?!"

He shifts from foot to foot, bare skin burning from prolonged contact with the ice. Is Izuku's shuddering getting worse?

There's a loud fwoom next to his ear, and he spins around, practically ready to attack. But it's only Eijirou hovering near him, looking at them in alarm.

"What's happening?" the imp asks him.

"You're fucking asking me?" Katsuki snarls. "You two are the ones who stuck us in this place, so—"

Eijirou swoops in closer to stare at the shivering bundle huddled within Katsuki's fingers. "Something's not right," he says.  

"If anything happens to him," Katsuki says, furious at the way his voice snags in his throat, "I will find a way to free myself, and I will kill you both, along with everyone else down here!"

"Nothing will happen," Eijirou says, "I'll be right back, I'll get Shouto!" He disappears in another burst of fire.

"Get the hell back here!" Katsuki yells, uselessly.

"Y-you're… n-not cold at—at all, huh?" Izuku whispers. Katsuki shushes him harshly. "Am-amazing, K-Kacchan…"

Katsuki has no idea what's wrong, and he hates this. How are they being affected so differently? "It's not even that fucking cold, Deku, what the fuck's going on?!"

"Give him to me."

Katsuki whirls around again, to see Shouto approaching from down the hallway. How had he gotten there so fast? Nevermind, not important.

"Like hell," Katsuki says, enough venom in his voice to kill.

Shouto stops outside the bars and stares at him. His face is as impassive as ever, but there is something like iron in his eyes now, cold like ice and forged by fire.

"Give him to me if you don't want him to die."

Fuck. Fuck.

There's literally nothing Katsuki can do for Izuku in the next few minutes. He's looked for a way out. He's tried to break the bars. There will be no one in Heaven looking for them, because Heaven sent them there.

He only has these demons to rely on. And he doesn't know for sure if he can trust them, if handing Izuku over will seal his fate, or save him from it.

"Fuck you," he spits, as he slowly uncurls his fingers, bearing Izuku forth through the bars to hold him out to Shouto.

Shouto takes him from Katsuki with surprising gentleness. Izuku is even tinier in the demon's much larger hands, and so weak he barely moves. Even his wings don't flutter. He's defenseless.

Katsuki tenses as Shouto leans in closer, bringing his ear close to Izuku's chest. He seems to be listening for something.

"Shouto, what happened to him?" Eijirou asks, hovering nervously. The amount of anxiety in his voice infuriates Katsuki. What right does he have to sound so worried about Izuku?

"Hell fever…" Shouto murmurs.

"What the fuck is that?" Katsuki snaps.

"It's a sickness it's possible to catch down here," Shouto explains, "but I've never known it to affect anyone so quickly."

"So why him?" Katsuki asks.

"Well," Shouto says, "it tends to affect those who are kind of heart more severely than it does… others." He looks at Katsuki as he says this before going back to his inspection of Izuku.

Katsuki swallows down every bitter retort in his throat and asks, "Can you stop it?"

"Oh, yes, easily," Shouto says.

"Then fucking do it!"

Shouto stares down at Izuku for a moment more before he raises Izuku up, opens his mouth wide (very wide… unnaturally wide, Katsuki thinks fleetingly), and swallows him whole.

For one split second, Katsuki is completely unable to believe what he just witnessed.

Shit, he thinks, SHIT. Did a demon just eat his fucking partner?

The arrow in his brain finally ticks over to yes, and he explodes.

"Spit him OUT!" he bellows at Shouto, like he's yelling at a dog. "You asshole! I told you I'd burn this whole fucking place down if you fucked with us, I swear to All Might—"

Shouto holds up a single finger, like he's politely asking Katsuki to wait. Katsuki is so momentarily stunned at his audacity that he falls silent, mouth open. Shouto makes a face, blinks, and then opens his mouth. He sticks out his tongue and—

Izuku pops out, looking damp and shell-shocked, but definitely alive. Shouto plucks him out of his mouth, holding him under his armpits with his thumb and middle finger, and Izuku hangs there like a bedraggled kitten.

"Are you okay?" Shouto asks.

"I'm…" Izuku nods his head dazedly, "I'm okay!"

"You're not cold anymore?" Eijirou asks.

"I'm warm," Izuku says. "Thank you!"

"What the fuck," Katsuki growls. "Don't thank them, idiot. Whose fault do you think it is that you ended up like that in the first place?"

"Not theirs," Izuku says.

He flaps his wings and Shouto lets him go once it's clear he can fly on his own again. To Katsuki's endless irritation, he lands on Shouto's shoulder wearily, still exhausted from the ordeal.

"I still don't understand why they stranded us down here," Izuku says, "but they must have known you wouldn't just be able to let us go back."

"I couldn't even if I wanted to," Shouto tells him, and he's doing the Ignore Katsuki thing again, speaking only to Izuku. "If you came here willingly, but not on Heaven's orders, that means you're both one of the Fallen, now."

Katsuki laughs sharply. "You're out of your mind."

The Fallen were angels who had willingly forsaken the sanctity of Heaven. Although the offenses may vary, and an angel's status could be reinstated, until their aura was cleansed they wouldn't be allowed back into Heaven.

Unfortunately, trespassing into Hell isn't exactly a light offense. And yet that's exactly what they had been tricked into doing.

"You believe us, don't you?" Izuku says to the two demons. "That we had no choice?"

"I believe you!" Eijirou says, and Izuku smiles gratefully at him. "I don't get why the other angels would betray you, though. Doesn't seem very angelic…"

"Clearly, you've never met another angel," Katsuki snorts.

"I haven't," Eijirou says, "although, you aren't exactly what I'd expect from an angel, either."

"You wanna explain what you mean by that, Bitey?"

"Nothing bad!" Eijirou says. "You're just all fiery, I like it."

Katsuki glares at him. He supposes he can accept that.

"Izuku is exactly what I hoped for though," Eijirou adds. "He's so cute!"

Izuku blushes, wings fluttering anxiously. "I'm—cute?!"

"Very," Shouto says, his expression totally blank. Katsuki has no idea if he's being serious or not.

Izuku makes an even higher pitched noise of embarrassment, one fluffy wing folding forward for him to hide behind. Green eyes peek through the feathers.

Shouto reaches up to run his fingers over Izuku's wings again, like it's totally normal and fine—and Katsuki blisters, as Izuku preens shyly under the attention, feathers shivering at Shouto's touch.

"I think I do believe you," Shouto says, rubbing his thumb over the outer edge of Izuku's wing utterly gently. "But you can't go back yet, and in the meantime, my father is sure to find out about you. He'll have demands… but I'll deal with those."

"What kind of demands," Katsuki asks, trying not to give a single fuck about it when Izuku swipes the tips of his wings softly against Shouto's cheek, looking slightly blissful, and fully unaware of what he's doing.

"Torture, probably," Eijirou says helpfully.

"Oh, fantastic," Katsuki says dryly. "This just keeps getting better."

"You're in Hell," Shouto said. "What did you expect?"

"Are you…" Izuku blinks up at Shouto imploringly. "Are you going to torture us?"

"I told you, I'll deal with his demands," Shouto says. "I don't find his ideas as compelling as my own. Though…" He squeezes Izuku's tiny face between two fingers. "I can't ignore him completely, or he'll have you both taken away from me."

"Deku, get over here," Katsuki orders. Izuku hesitates, before disappearing and reappearing in a small puff of white wings on Katsuki's shoulder. "I told you to quit being so friendly."

"He saved my life," Izuku reminds him. It sounds to Katsuki like an admonishment. A demon had saved Izuku while he, a guardian angel, had watched on helplessly.

"Ah," Shouto says, "while you're staying here, we'll need to work on strengthening you against the chill, or you'll succumb again."

"How do I do that?" Izuku asks.

"You should rest now," Shouto says. "But we'll start on that next time." He finally glances at Katsuki, so deliberately it makes Katsuki's teeth clench. "You should rest, too."

"I don't need your fucking sage advice," he says. Where does Shouto get off on pretending to be so concerned?

Shouto, predictably, doesn't respond to this. "I'm sorry for the worry we caused. Call me or Eijirou if anything else is needed."

He leaves them, Eijirou following in his wake with a friendly wave.

"I can't fucking stand that guy," Katsuki says, at the exact same time Izuku declares, "He's so nice!"

Katsuki rolls his eyes. This is gonna be un-fucking-bearable.


He's right. That's not a surprise, because Katsuki is never wrong, but this time he is so right. And as is often the case with being right about everything, it means he must suffer terribly.

"So what exactly are you gonna do?" Katsuki asks skeptically.

He sits with his arms and legs crossed, on the floor of his cell in front of the bars. There's a fluffy white rug underneath him to keep his ass warm, even though he insisted, as Shouto formed it seemingly straight out of the ice, that he's not a wimp and doesn't need it. It's pretty ridiculously soft, and since he feels like he should at least be treated better than some kind of war prisoner, he can accept it.

Shouto sits on the other side of the bars (he is not using a blanket, but he can apparently sit his leather-clad ass on a throne made of ice and flames, so he can do whatever stupid thing he wants, as far as Katsuki is concerned).

Izuku kneels in his hands, a position it looks like he's becoming far too used to, in preparation for whatever tolerance building exercises he has planned. Eijirou holds onto Shouto's fingers, peering over them at Izuku.

"I'm just going to test his limits," Shouto says. "The colder the temperatures he can withstand, the harder it will be for the fever to take root."

"Alright, well," Katsuki says, trying to sound as bored as he can, "just don't turn him into a popsicle or anything. Even though you'd probably like that, you freak." He's honestly not sure if he means Shouto or Izuku with that last insult.

"Wh-what does it feel like?" Izuku asks.

"It doesn't hurt or anything!" Eijirou says. "He's done it to me before, it's kinda weird, but also kind of cool."

"I just need you to tell me when to stop," Shouto tells Izuku.

"Okay." Izuku nods at him. "I'm ready!"

Katsuki wants to pretend like he's really not interested, but he still can't help but watch suspiciously, as Shouto touches one finger to the center of Izuku's chest. At first, nothing seems to happen. But after a few seconds pass, Izuku starts to squirm in his hand.

"Cold," he gasps. Shouto starts to pull his finger away, but Izuku grabs it with both hands, holding tightly. "I'm okay! It just surprised me."

"Doesn't it feel weird?" Eijirou asks, sounding very excited to have this shared experience.

"Like trying to breathe when it's really cold out," Izuku replies.


"What the fuck are you doin' to him?" Katsuki asks gruffly. He's not worried or anything.

"I'm freezing his heart," Shouto says.

"You're what?"

"It's not fatal," Shouto explains. "Not if I do it gradually. It can be, if it happens all at once, which you saw yesterday—"

"Does it hurt, Deku?" Katsuki asks, ignoring Shouto.

"N-not really…" Izuku says.

"It's a yes or no question, idiot!"

"It just—" Izuku's teeth are starting to chatter, now, "it f-feels like… s-so much—"

"That's enough, he can barely talk," Katsuki says.

"I'm—f-f-fine, Kacchan—"

Katsuki's temper flares. "Even he said to tell him to stop when it got to be too much. You're weak, Deku, quit trying to prove otherwise!"

Shouto's eyes flick up to him, studying him for a moment. Katsuki glares at him—hating Shouto and his icy eyes, hating more when Shouto looks away from him again to focus on Izuku, like Katsuki isn't even a factor.

"I will s-say stop, when—ah!" Izuku gasps again, high-pitched and sharp, wings flaring out behind him suddenly.

"I said, that's enough!" Katsuki snaps, slamming a hand against the bars of the cell, at the same time Shouto pulls his finger away.

Izuku flops onto his back in Shouto's hand, panting heavily, an arm thrown over his face. "Woah," he says.

"Woah my ass," Katsuki tells him. "Building up tolerance doesn't work if you die to the thing you're trying to build up a tolerance against. You're the size of a peanut but your brain's still too tiny to comprehend that, apparently." He transitions from berating Izuku to Shouto, glaring furiously at the demon. "He always tries to go too far, this is why I told you to be fucking careful with him!"

"You really should have said something sooner," Shouto says to Izuku.

"It wasn't… so bad!" Izuku pants. "Should we tr-try it again?" He's shivering again.

"No," the other three say at the same time.

Izuku wilts. "But then this is just going to keep happening, isn't it?"

"We can keep it at bay in the meantime," Shouto says. "Other methods simply aren't as permanent."

"What methods?" Katsuki asks.

"We have to warm him up enough, so it takes longer for the fever to set in," Shouto says. "I can show you how."

Katsuki bristles. He still doesn't like it, having to learn from and rely on Shouto for help. But he still remembers the night before, and Izuku's tiny, trembling form, and how he couldn't seem to do anything to keep Izuku warm.

"Fine," he says.

"You remember I told you that the fever affects the kind-hearted faster," Shouto says, turning so Katsuki can see what he's doing more easily. Izuku glances between all of them, nervous.

"Yeah, yeah," Katsuki says. Sounds like a load of shit, honestly.

"To ward it off," Shouto says, "you have to warm his heart."

He raises his hand, bringing Izuku close to his mouth. Slowly, Shouto exhales, breathing right over his heart.

Izuku puts a hand on his chest, eyes widening. "Ah… that does feel better!"

"So, what, I just gotta blow on him?" Katsuki asks.

"It's not that simple," Shouto says.

Katsuki sneers. "Enlighten me, then."

"You have to make his heart feel warm," Eijirou tells him, like that's the most obvious thing in the world.

"What is this, a kid's book?" Katsuki scrunches his nose in disgust. "You guys are literal demons, you can stop with the life lessons."

"You are unbelievably dense," Shouto says.

"Excuse me—"

"Watch," Eijirou says, before Katsuki can give them a piece of his mind.

He leans in over Shouto's fingers, turns Izuku's face toward him, and presses their lips together.

Katsuki's rage fizzles out like a balloon slowly deflating. What.

Izuku makes a startled noise, but doesn't pull away. He seems frozen for a moment—but then relaxes comfortably back against Shouto's hand, limbs spread languidly in the big demon's palm. Eijirou follows him down, pressing a few more soft kisses to Izuku's mouth, before—true to his nature—nipping at Izuku's bottom lip, catching it between his sharp little teeth. But even that playful bite is soft, and Izuku moans a little as he pulls away, starting to rise up on his elbows to follow him.

Shouto eases him back down with one finger, stroking Izuku's hair back from his forehead with his thumb. Izuku's hazy gaze shifts, attention sliding over to Shouto, lips parted and breathing shallow, like he's waiting in anticipation.

"What—" Katsuki asks, voice hoarse, "what are you doing to him?"

"Warming him up," Shouto says. "I hope."

"You're lying," Katsuki says. "You're—don't touch him—"

"Would you like to do it instead?" Shouto asks him easily.

Katsuki's breath catches in his throat. He's a lot of things, a lot of not nice things, but even if he's mean and angry and downright disrespectful of Izuku a lot of the time, he'd never try to do anything like that to his partner. Katsuki wouldn't deserve it from him, anyway. Izuku is his keeper, his conscience. If he defiles that, what does he even have left?

"Fuck off," he rasps. He doesn't look at Izuku as he says it, he can't. He can't lower himself enough to help, and he feels like he's failed a test, somewhere.

"Then be quiet," Shouto says strictly, "and observe."

He puts his mouth to Izuku's chest, lips pressed to the angel's soft skin directly, and Izuku whimpers. He raises one tiny hand to splay his fingers against Shouto's cheek, carefully touching the skin right beneath the red scar.

"Warmer…" he whispers. "Feels even better…"

Shouto makes some kind of noise then, a low, rough hum—and Katsuki finds himself remembering the useless conversation from the night before, Izuku's insistence that the prince is beautiful. How can Katsuki still find him and his stupid voice beautiful even now, as he takes Izuku away to do whatever he wants with him? Katsuki should want to kill him, but his urges right now feel very much the opposite.

He won't be tempted, he won't.

Izuku, on the other hand, appears to have long ago smashed past that obstacle. "Please…" he murmurs, and Shouto seems to have been waiting for it.

The demon prince snakes out his tongue to trail the very tip of it over Izuku's whole body. He starts at Izuku's throat, continues the slow slide down his chest and stomach, before finally, he winds up between his thighs. Izuku shudders and moans, legs falling open in welcome as Shouto gently indents a half moon into one whole thigh with his teeth, before tasting the rest of him, soft skin and forbidden fruit.

"Sh-Shouto!" he cries out, back arching to accommodate his wildly twitching wings as Shouto licks between his legs. "Yes—there—"

Something inside of Katsuki snaps, and it hurts. "Izu—"

He doesn't even get the full name out before something cold covers his mouth, rigid and unyielding, and he realizes Shouto has sealed his mouth with ice. It transforms into a solid metal band, less brutally frigid, though still cold. Katsuki can't say a word. He can only sit there, watching, as heat churns in his belly and his cock starts to feel heavier and heavier.

"I'd like to let you participate," Shouto says, looking away from Izuku briefly, "but I'm not going to let you stop him from getting what he wants, either."

He's wrong—Katsuki shakes his head, but maybe Shouto misread him. He wasn't going to stop Izuku, he doesn't know what he was going to do—maybe give in, tell them that he'd do it, instead. But it stands to reason that Izuku might just want Shouto, because demon or not he really is much nicer than Katsuki, and he's a fucking prince, to boot.

"M-more. I just… want more…" Izuku mumbles. He sounds dazed, intoxicated. Drunk on pleasure.

"You're doing really well, angel," Eijirou says, turning the title somehow affectionate. He's still watching Izuku raptly, clinging to Shouto's fingers so he can see without getting in the way. "Shouto, maybe…"

"Mmm," Shouto hums. "Izuku, I'm going to try freezing your heart again, okay?"

"Already?" Izuku asks, sounding pitifully sad. "C-can you… touch me, more…?"

"I will. But I want you to touch yourself, too," Shouto tells him. He slides the fluttery slip of cloth Izuku wears away from his hips. His cock lays against his thigh, pink and leaking.

Izuku moans when he hesitantly takes himself in hand, reaching back with his other arm so he can grab one of Shouto's fingers to anchor himself. He starts to stroke himself experimentally, shy at first, quickly growing shameless, writhing in Shouto's palm. When his eyes close and his mouth falls open, sobbing cries falling from his lips, Shouto touches the center of his chest again and starts to freeze him.

"Ah—" Izuku sighs. "Oh, that feels…"

"Too much?" Shouto quickly asks.

"No, it—it's good," Izuku groans, hand speeding up as he starts to rock his hips into his fist. The glow of his halo has gotten brighter.

Even the two demons look surprised.

"Really?" Shouto asks.

"He must really need this…" Eijirou murmurs. The two of them both turn and look at Katsuki, somewhat accusingly. He glares back, hoping the full force of his resentment comes across even with the muzzle around his mouth.

"Izuku, are you sure—" Shouto starts to ask, but Izuku is already interrupting.

"Yes, I'm—" Izuku's toes are curled tightly, shudders wracking his body, relentless. "Oh, I'm going to—I think—"

He tips his head back, throat exposed, swallowing hard—his halo becomes blinding above his head, a brilliant white as it flares like a bright sun over his head—and then he's crying out, clear and sweet, sweeter than any of them have a right to hear as he spills wet and hot all over his hand and the insides of his thighs.

Shouto pulls his finger away from Izuku and cups him in both palms, kissing the center of his heaving chest again. Izuku lays there in his hands unmoving, staring at nothing, still coming down from the high.

"How do you feel?" Shouto asks.

"Still… warm," Izuku says wonderingly.

"That was twice as cold as what you handled the first time," Shouto says, nuzzling the tip of his nose into Izuku's mussed hair in a manner that seems overly fond, to Katsuki's eyes.

Has he wondered, on occasion, what Izuku's hair might feel like—smell like? Maybe, but he's not going to admit that. But he will resent Shouto entirely for being able to just do that, like it's easy. 

"You did well," Shouto murmurs.

"I—I did?" Izuku asks. He looks from Shouto to Eijirou, who gives him a grin as bright to match the still fading light from the halo.

"You're amazing!" he says.

Izuku presses his palms to his red cheeks. "I… um, I've never done that before…" His eyes slide guiltily in Katsuki's direction. When Izuku catches sight of him, he yelps. "K-Kacchan, what happened?!"

Katsuki leans his forehead against the bars of the cell and flips the other three off as violently as he can. Shouto waves his hand and the gag melts away.

"Your new demon boyfriend had to shut me up because he was jealous of me trying to talk to you, that's what fucking happened!" Katsuki says.

"My new what?" Izuku squeaks.

"I'm not jealous," Shouto says calmly. "I'd rather have you join us, but I'm not sure if you're ready for that yet."

Katsuki wheezes. He's not blushing, he is not. He points a shaky finger at Shouto and hisses, "Don't try to use your wiles on me, demon, because it won't work."

"I don't have any wiles," Shouto says. "I did say I'd need to torture you on occasion, though. Making you watch seems like pain enough."

"Why doesn't Deku get tortured?" Katsuki asks sullenly. "I get ice fused to my mouth but Deku gets fuckin' butterfly kisses and full body blow jobs? Where's the justice in that?"

Eijirou plops into Shouto's hand next to Izuku to hug him, squishing his cheek to Izuku's happily.

"Are you going to bite me again?" Izuku asks. "I just want to be prepared."

"Probably!" Eijirou says.

"There's no justice in Hell," Shouto says. "But don't worry, we'll find ways to torture him, too."

Katsuki crosses his arms. "Good."

Izuku waves his hands anxiously. "W-wait, guys—"

"You might end up liking it," Eijirou says, leaning in so he can press his sharp smile to Izuku's ear, teeth grazing his earlobe. "Trust us, angel?"

Izuku melts. He turns to Eijirou and nods, leaning in closer instead of shrinking away from those pointed teeth. Eijirou wastes exactly zero time in kissing him again, eager and messy as Izuku lets him ravish his mouth.

Katsuki watches them bitterly, his cock aching, a painful reminder that this is where he's chosen to make his stand. "Traitor," he spits.

Shouto looks at him blankly. "Who are you trying to stay loyal to?"

The most frustrating thing is Katsuki himself isn't sure anymore.