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River Song - Friend/Goddaughter/Killer

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Silence in the Library


[Girl's home]

MOON: Can you hear me? Are you all right?
GIRL: Others are coming.
MOON: Who's coming? Who are the others?
GIRL: The library is breached. Others are coming.
MOON: What others?


DONNA: Others? What's it mean, others?
(Donna goes to a Node.)
DONNA: Excuse me. What does it mean, others?
DOCTOR: That's barely more than a speak your weight machine, it can't help you.
DONNA: So why's it got a face?
MARK NODE: This flesh aspect was donated by Mark Chambers on the occasion of his death.
DONNA: It's a real face?.
MARK NODE: It has been actualised individually for you from the many facial aspects saved to our extensive flesh banks. Please enjoy.
DONNA: It chose me a dead face it thought I'd like? That statue's got a real dead person's face on it.
DOCTOR: It's the fifty first century. That's basically like donating a park bench.
DONNA: It's donating a face!
DOCTOR: No, wait, no.
(The Doctor grabs Donna as she backs away.)
DONNA: Oi. Hands.
DOCTOR: The shadow. Look.
DONNA: What about it?
DOCTOR: Count the shadows.
DONNA: One. There, counted it. One shadow.
DOCTOR: Yeah But what's casting it?
(It is a triangular shadow.)
DOCTOR: Oh, I'm thick! Look at me, I'm old and thick. Head's too full of stuff. I need a bigger head.
(The light in adjoining corridor is going out.)
DONNA: The power must be going.
DOCTOR: This place runs on fission cells. They'll outburn the sun.
DONNA: Then why is it dark?
DOCTOR: It's not dark.
DONNA: That shadow. It's gone.
DOCTOR: We need to get back to the Tardis.
DOCTOR: Because that shadow hasn't gone. It's moved.
MARK NODE: Reminder. The library has been breached. Others are coming. Reminder. The library has been breached. Others are coming. Reminder. The library has been breached (and so on)
(A door is blown open in a flash of bright light, and six spacesuited figures enter. The leader adjusts her polarising filter so we can see her face.)
RIVER: Hello, sweetie.
DOCTOR: Get out.
DONNA: Doctor.
DOCTOR: All of you. Turn around, get back in your rocket and fly away. Tell your grandchildren you came to the library and lived. They won't believe you.
RIVER: Pop your helmets, everyone. We've got breathers.
ANITA: How do you know they're not androids?
RIVER: Because I've dated androids. They're rubbish.
(A man speaks.)
LUX: Who is this? You said we were the only expedition. I paid for exclusives.
RIVER: I lied, I'm always lying. Bound to be others.
LUX: Miss Evangelista, I want to see the contracts.
RIVER: You came through the north door, yeah? How was that, much damage?
DOCTOR: Please, just leave. I'm asking you seriously and properly, just leave. Hang on. Did you say expedition?
LUX: My expedition. I funded it.
DOCTOR: Oh, you're not, are you? Tell me you're not archaeologists.
RIVER: Got a problem with archaeologists?
DOCTOR: I'm a time traveller. I point and laugh at archaeologists.
RIVER: Ah. Professor River Song, archaeologist.
DOCTOR: River Song, lovely name. As you're leaving, and you're leaving now, you need to set up a quarantine beacon. Code wall the planet, the whole planet. Nobody comes here, not ever again. Not one living thing, not here, not ever. Stop right there. What's your name?
ANITA: Anita.
DOCTOR: Anita, stay out of the shadows. Not a foot, not a finger in the shadows till you're safely back in your ship. Goes for all of you. Stay in the light. Find a nice, bright spot and just stand. If you understand me, look very, very scared. No, bit more scared than that. Okay, do for now. You. Who are you?
DOCTOR: Okay, Dave.
OTHER DAVE: Oh, well, Other Dave, because that's Proper Dave the pilot, he was the first Dave, so when we
DOCTOR: Other Dave, the way you came, does it look the same as before?
OTHER DAVE: Yeah. Oh, it's a bit darker.
DOCTOR: How much darker?
OTHER DAVE Oh, like I could see where we came through just like a moment ago. I can't now.
DOCTOR: Seal up this door. We'll find another way out.
OTHER DAVE: Would you
LUX: We're not looking for a way out. Miss Evangelista?
EVANGELISTA: I'm Mister Lux's personal everything. You need to sign these contracts agreeing that your individual experience inside the library are the intellectual property of the Felman Lux Corporation.
DOCTOR: Right, give it here.
DONNA: Yeah, lovely. Thanks.
(The Doctor and Donna tear up the contracts.)
LUX: My family built this library. I have rights.
RIVER: You have a mouth that won't stop. You think there's danger here?
DOCTOR: Something came to this library and killed everything in it. Killed a whole world. Danger? Could be.
RIVER: That was a hundred years ago. The Library's been silent for a hundred years. Whatever came here's long dead.
DOCTOR: Bet your life?
RIVER: Always.
LUX: What are you doing?
OTHER DAVE: He said seal the door.
DOCTOR: Torch.
LUX: You're taking orders from him?
DOCTOR: Spooky, isn't it?
(The Doctor takes Lux's torch and shines it into the far recesses of the round room.)
DOCTOR: Almost every species in the universe has an irrational fear of the dark. But they're wrong, because it's not irrational. It's Vashta Nerada.
DONNA: What's Vashta Nerada?
DOCTOR: It's what's in the dark. It's what's always in the dark. Lights! That's what we need, lights. You got lights?
RIVER: What for?
DOCTOR: Form a circle. Safe area. Big as you can, lights pointing out.
RIVER: Oi. Do as he says.
LUX: You're not listening to this man?
RIVER: Apparently I am. Anita, unpack the lights. Other Dave, make sure the door's secure, then help Anita. Mister Lux, put your helmet back on, block the visor. Proper Dave, find an active terminal. I want you to access the library database. See what you can find about what happened here a hundred years ago. Pretty boy, you're with me. Step into my office.
LUX: Professor Song, why am I the only one wearing my helmet?
RIVER: I don't fancy you.
(The Doctor goes over to Dave at the terminal. Lux takes off his helmet.)
DOCTOR: Probably I can help you.
RIVER: Pretty boy. With me, I said.
DOCTOR: Oh, I'm pretty boy?
DONNA: Yes. Ooo, that came out a bit quick.
DOCTOR: Pretty?
DOCTOR: Don't let your shadows cross. Seriously, don't even let them touch. Any of them could be infected.
OTHER DAVE: How can a shadow be infected?
EVANGELISTA: Excuse me, can I help?
ANITA: No, we're fine.
EVANGELISTA: I could just you know, hold things.
OTHER DAVE: No, really, we're okay.
DONNA: Couldn't she help?
OTHER DAVE: Trust me. I just spent four days on a ship with that woman. She's er
ANITA: Couldn't tell the difference between the escape pod and the bathroom. We had to go back for her. Twice.
(Evangelista talks with her boss. River takes a battered book from her backpack. Its cover is blue with eight squares.
RIVER: Thanks.
DOCTOR: For what?
RIVER: The usual. For coming when I call.
DOCTOR: Oh, that was you?
RIVER: You're doing a very good job, acting like you don't know me. I'm assuming there's a reason.
DOCTOR: A fairly good one, actually.
RIVER: Okay, shall we do diaries, then? Where are we this time? Er, going by your face, I'd say it's early days for you, yeah? So, er, crash of the Byzantium. Have we done that yet? Obviously ringing no bells. Right. Oh, picnic at Asgard. Have we done Asgard yet? Obviously not. Blimey, very early days, then. Whoo, life with a time traveller. Never knew it could be such hard work. Look at you. Oh, you're young.
DOCTOR: I'm really not, you know.
RIVER: No, but you are. Your eyes. You're younger than I've ever seen you.
DOCTOR: You've seen me before, then?
RIVER: Doctor, please tell me you know who I am.
DOCTOR: Who are you?
(Brng, brng. Brng, brng.)
DAVE: Sorry, that was me. Trying to get through into the security protocols. I seem to have set something off. What is that? Is that an alarm?
DONNA: Doctor? Doctor, that sounds like
DOCTOR: It is. It's a phone.

[Girl's home]

(A proper non-wireless, decent sized handset telephone is ringing. The girl has the television on but her back is to is as she writes or draws on some paper.)
GIRL: Dad?
FATHER: In a minute.


DAVE: I'm trying to call up the data core, but it's not responding. Just that noise.
DONNA: But it's a phone.
DOCTOR: Let me try something.

[Girl's home]

GIRL: Dad, the phone. Aren't you going to answer it?
FATHER: It's not ringing, sweetie.
(The phone stops ringing just as she gets to it.)


(The screen says Access Denied.)
DOCTOR: Okay, doesn't like that. Let's try something else.

[Girl's home]

(The girl is drawing the library.)
DOCTOR [OC]: Okay, here it comes.
DOCTOR [on TV]: Hello?
GIRL: Hello. Are you in my television?
DOCTOR [on TV]: Well, no, I'm, I'm sort of in space. Er, I was trying to call up the data core of a triple grid security processor.
GIRL: Would you like to speak to my Dad?
DOCTOR [on TV]: Dad or your Mum. That'd be lovely.
GIRL: I know you. You're in my library.
DOCTOR [on TV]: Your library?
GIRL: The library's never been on the television before. What have you done?
DOCTOR [on TV]: Er, well, I just rerouted the interface.
(The cartoon returns.)


RIVER: What happened? Who was that?
(Access denied. The girl starts changing channels on the television.)
DOCTOR: I need another terminal. Keep working on those lights. We need those lights!
RIVER: You heard him, people. Let there be light.
(The Doctor goes to the other terminal, where River left her diary. When he picks it up, she takes it from him.)
RIVER: Sorry, you're not allowed to see inside the book. It's against the rules.
DOCTOR: What rules?
RIVER: Your rules.
(The girl opens the extra section at the bottom of the remote controller and presses a button. Books start flying off the shelves.)
DOCTOR: What's that? I didn't do that. Did you do that?
DAVE: Not me.
(The Doctor's screen says Cal Access Denied.)
DOCTOR: What's Cal?
(The girl works her way through all the extra buttons. The bombardment of books finally stops. Donna goes over to Miss Evangelista.)
DONNA: You all right?
EVANGELISTA: What's that? What's happening?
LUX: I don't know.
DONNA: Oh, thanks, for er, you know, offering to help with the lights.
EVANGELISTA: They don't want me. They think I'm stupid, because I'm pretty.
DONNA: Course they don't. Nobody thinks that.
EVANGELISTA: No, they're right though. I'm a moron, me. My dad said I have the IQ of plankton, and I was pleased.
DONNA: See, that's funny.
EVANGELISTA: No, no, I really was pleased. Is that funny?
DONNA: No, no.
(More books shoot off their shelves.)
RIVER: What's causing that? Is it the little girl?
DOCTOR: But who is the little girl? What's she got to do with this place? How does the data core work? What's the principle? What's Cal?
RIVER: Ask Mister Lux.
DOCTOR: Cal, what is it?
LUX: Sorry, you didn't sign your personal experience contracts.
DOCTOR: Mister Lux. Right now, you're in more danger than you've ever been in your whole life. And you're protecting a patent?
LUX: I'm protecting my family's pride.
DOCTOR: Well, funny thing, Mister Lux. I don't want to see everyone in this room dead because some idiot thinks his pride is more important.
RIVER: Then why don't you sign his contract? I didn't either. I'm getting worse than you.
DOCTOR: Okay, okay, okay. Let's start at the beginning. What happened here? On the actual day, a hundred years ago, what physically happened?
(The girl presses a button on her remote, and a panel slides up in the wall. Evangelista notices it.)
RIVER: There was a message from the Library. Just one. The lights are going out. Then the computer sealed the planet, and there was nothing for a hundred years.
LUX: It's taken three generations of my family just to decode the seals and get back in.
EVANGELISTA: Er, excuse me?
LUX: Not just now.
RIVER: There was one other thing in the last message.
LUX: That's confidential.
RIVER: I trust this man with my life, with everything.
LUX: You've only just met him.
RIVER: No, he's only just met me.
EVANGELISTA: Er, this might be important, actually.
LUX: In a moment.
RIVER: This is a data extract that came with the message.
DOCTOR: Four thousand and twenty two saved. No survivors.
RIVER: Four thousand and twenty two. That's the exact number of people who were in the library when the planet was sealed.
DONNA: But how can four thousand and twenty two people have been saved if there were no survivors?
RIVER: That's what we're here to find out.
LUX: And so far, what we haven't found are any bodies.

[Lecture hall]

(Evangelista explores the open panel alone. She goes down a short passage to what might be a reading room or lecture hall. Anyway, every flat surface has books piled on it. She steps into the darkness and screams. The Doctor leads the way to investigate. They find a skeleton in rags.)
DOCTOR: Everybody, careful. Stay in the light.
DAVE: You keep saying that. I don't see the point.
DOCTOR: Who screamed?
DAVE: Miss Evangelista.
DOCTOR: Where is she?
RIVER: Miss Evangelista, please state your current
(River's voice echoes from very nearby.)
RIVER: Please state your current position.
(River takes a lit comm. unit from the remains of the skeleton's collar.)
RIVER: It's her. It's Miss Evangelista.
ANITA: We heard her scream a few seconds ago. What could do that to a person in a few seconds?
DOCTOR: It took a lot less than a few seconds.
ANITA: What did?
RIVER: Er, I'm sorry, everyone. Er, this isn't going to be pleasant. She's ghosting.
DONNA: She's what?
EVANGELISTA [OC]: Hello? Excuse me. I'm sorry. Hello? Excuse me.
DONNA: That's, that's her, that's Miss Evangelista.
DAVE: I don't want to sound horrible, but couldn't we just, you know?
RIVER: This is her last moment. No, we can't. A little respect, thank you.
EVANGELISTA [OC]: Sorry, where am I? Excuse me?
DONNA: But that's Miss Evangelista.
RIVER: It's a data ghost. She'll be gone in a moment. Miss Evangelista, you're fine. Just relax. We'll be with you presently.
DONNA: What's a data ghost?
DOCTOR: There's a neural relay in the communicator. Lets you send thought mail. That's it there. Those green lights. Sometimes it can hold an impression of a living consciousness for a short time after death. Like an afterimage.
ANITA: My grandfather lasted a day. Kept talking about his shoelaces.
DONNA: She's in there.
EVANGELISTA [OC]: I can't see. I can't. Where am I?
DAVE: She's just brain waves now. The pattern won't hold for long.
DONNA: But, she's conscious. She's thinking.
EVANGELISTA [OC]: I can't see, I can't. I don't know what I'm thinking.
DOCTOR: She's a footprint on the beach. And the tide's coming in.
EVANGELISTA [OC]: Where's that woman? The nice woman. Is she there?
LUX: What woman?
DONNA: She means. I think she means me.
EVANGELISTA [OC]: Is she there? The nice woman.
RIVER: Yes, she's here. Hang on. Go ahead. She can hear you.
EVANGELISTA [OC]: Hello? Are you there?
DOCTOR: Help her.
DONNA: She's dead.
DOCTOR: Yeah. Help her.
EVANGELISTA [OC]: Hello? Is that the nice woman?
DONNA: Yeah. Hello. Yeah, I'm, I'm, I'm here. You okay?
EVANGELISTA [OC]: What I said before, about being stupid. Don't tell the others, they'll only laugh.
DONNA: Course I won't. Course I won't tell them.
EVANGELISTA [OC]: Don't tell the others, they'll only laugh.
DONNA: I won't tell them. I said I won't.
EVANGELISTA [OC]: Don't tell the others, they'll only laugh.
DONNA: I'm not going to tell them.
(The green light starts blinking.)
EVANGELISTA [OC]: Don't tell the others, they'll only laugh.
RIVER: She's looping now. The pattern's degrading.
EVANGELISTA [OC]: I can't think. I don't know, I, I, I, I scream. Ice cream. Ice cream. Ice cream. Ice cream.
RIVER: Does anybody mind if I?
EVANGELISTA [OC]: Ice cream. Ice cream.
(River turns off the comm. unit.)
DONNA: That was, that was horrible. That was the most horrible thing I've ever seen.
RIVER: No. It's just a freak of technology. But whatever did this to her, whatever killed her, I'd like a word with that.
DOCTOR: I'll introduce you.


"I'm going to need a packed lunch."

River didn't ask, so either she understood or she didn't question him. "Hang on."

He comes to speak of her blue diary again. "What's in that book?"


He tried something different. "Who are you?"

"Professor River Song, University of -"

He interrupted her. "To me. Who are you to me?"

"Again, spoilers. Chicken and a bit of salad. Knock yourself out."


[Girl's home]

(The girl throws the remote control on the floor.)
FATHER: Darling, Doctor Moon is going now, but he'd like a word with you alone. Is that all right?
GIRL: Yes, of course, Doctor Moon.
MOON: Thank you. Now, listen. This is important. There's the real world, and there's the world of nightmares. That's right, isn't it? You understand that?
GIRL: Yes, I know, Doctor Moon.
MOON: What I want you to remember is this, and I know it's hard. The real world is a lie, and your nightmares are real. The library is real. There are people trapped in there, people who need to be saved. The shadows are moving again. Those people are depending on you. Only you can save them. Only you.


River went to speak to Donna. "You travel with him, don't you? The Doctor, you travel with him."

"What of it?"

The Doctor was talking with Proper Dave.

"You know him, don't you?", Donna asked.

"Yes, we go way back, that man and me. Just not this far back."

"I'm sorry, what?"

River sighs. "He hasn't met me yet. I sent him a message, but it went wrong. It arrived too early. This is the Doctor in the days before he knew me. And he looks at me, he looks right through me and it shouldn't kill me, but it does. He's ... like family."

"What are you talking about? Are you just talking rubbish? Do you know him or don't you"

The Doctor shouted, "Donna! Quiet, I'm working."


That's when River realized, she was "Donna. You're Donna. Donna Noble."

"Yeah. Why?"

"I do know the Doctor, but in the future. His personal future."

"So why don't you know me? Where am I in the future?"


DOCTOR: Okay, got a live one. That's not darkness down those tunnels. This is not a shadow. It's a swarm. A man eating swarm.
(The Doctor throws a chicken leg into the shadow. It is only bone by the time it hits the floor.)
DOCTOR: The piranhas of the air. The Vashta Nerada. Literally, the shadows that melt the flesh. Most planets have them, but usually in small clusters. I've never seen an infestation on this scale, or this aggressive.
DONNA: What do you mean, most planets? Not Earth?
DOCTOR: Mmm. Earth, and a billion other worlds. Where there's meat, there's Vashta Nerada. You can see them sometimes, if you look. The dust in sunbeams.
DONNA: If they were on Earth, we'd know.
DOCTOR: Nah. Normally they live on road kill. But sometimes people go missing. Not everyone comes back out of the dark.
RIVER: Every shadow?
DOCTOR: No. But any shadow.
RIVER: So what do we do?
DOCTOR: Daleks, aim for the eyestalk. Sontarans, back of the neck. Vashta Nerada? Run. Just run.
RIVER: Run? Run where?
DOCTOR: This is an index point. There must be an exit teleport somewhere.
LUX: Don't look at me, I haven't memorised the schematics.
DONNA: Doctor, the little shop. They always make you go through the little shop on the way out so they can sell you stuff.
DOCTOR: You're right. Brilliant! That's why I like the little shop.
DAVE: Okay, let's move it.
He heads towards the shop but the Doctor spots something.
DOCTOR: Actually, Proper Dave? Could you stay where you are for a moment?
DAVE: Why?
DOCTOR: I'm sorry. I am so, so sorry. But you've got two shadows.
(He has, at right angles to each other.)
DOCTOR: It's how they hunt. They latch on to a food source and keep it fresh.
DAVE: What do I do?
DOCTOR: You stay absolutely still, like there's a wasp in the room. Like there's a million wasps.
RIVER: We're not leaving you, Dave.
DOCTOR: Course we're not leaving him. Where's your helmet? Don't point, just tell me.
DAVE: On the floor, by my bag.
(Anita goes to get it.)
DOCTOR: Don't cross his shadow. Thanks. Now, the rest of you, helmets back on and sealed up. We'll need everything we've got.
(The Doctor puts Dave's helmet on him.)
DONNA: But, Doctor, we haven't got any helmets.
DOCTOR: Yeah, but we're safe anyway.
DONNA: How are we safe?
DOCTOR: We're not. That was a clever lie to shut you up. Professor, anything I can do with the suit?
LUX: What good are the damn suits? Miss Evangelista was wearing her suit. There was nothing left.
RIVER: We can increase the mesh density. Dial it up four hundred percent. Make it a tougher meal.
(The Doctor uses his screwdriver to adjust Dave's suit.)
DOCTOR: Eight hundred percent. Pass it on.
RIVER: Gotcha.
(River holds up a sonic screwdriver of her own.)
DOCTOR: What's that?
RIVER: It's a screwdriver.
DOCTOR: It's sonic.
RIVER: Yeah, I know. Snap.
(River upgrades everyone's spacesuit. The Doctor grabs Donna.)
DOCTOR: With me. Come on.


DONNA: What are we doing? We shopping? Is it a good time to shop?
(There is a lectern by a small dais with three roundels in it.)
DOCTOR: No talking, just moving. Try it. Right, stand there in the middle. It's a teleport. Stand in the middle. Can't send the others, Tardis won't recognise them.
DONNA: What are you doing?
DOCTOR: You don't have a suit. You're not safe.
DONNA: You don't have a suit, so you're in just as much danger as I am and I'm not leaving you
DOCTOR: Donna, let me explain.
(Donna teleports away.)
DOCTOR: Oh, that's how you do it.
RIVER [OC]: Doctor.


(Donna starts to materialise inside the Tardis, then flickers, screams, and vanishes.)
DOCTOR: Where did it go?
DAVE: It's just gone. I looked round, one shadow, see.
RIVER: Does that mean we can leave? I don't want to hang around here.
LUX: I don't know why we're still here. We can leave him, can't we? I mean, no offence.
RIVER: Shut up, Mister Lux.
DOCTOR: Did you feel anything, like an energy transfer? Anything at all?
DAVE: No, no, but look, it's gone.
(Dave turns around.)
DOCTOR: Stop there. Stop, stop, stop there. Stop moving. They're never just gone and they never give up.
(He sonics the floor by Dave.)
DOCTOR: Well, this one's benign.
DAVE: Hey, who turned out the lights?
DOCTOR: No one, they're fine.
DAVE: No seriously, turn them back on.
RIVER: They are on.
DAVE: I can't see a ruddy thing.
DOCTOR: Dave, turn around.
(Dave turns back to the Doctor, his visor completely dark.)
DAVE: What's going on? Why can't I see? Is the power gone? Are we safe here?
DOCTOR: Dave, I want you stay still. Absolutely still.
(Dave jerks.)
DOCTOR: Dave? Dave? Dave, can you hear me? Are you all right? Talk to me, Dave.
DAVE: I'm fine. I'm okay. I'm fine.
DOCTOR: I want you to stay still. Absolutely still.
DAVE: I'm fine. I'm okay. I'm fine. I can't. Why can't I? I, I can't. Why can't I? I, I can't. Why can't I? I
(Dave's comm. unit lights blink.)
RIVER: He's gone. He's ghosting.
LUX: Then why is he still standing?
DAVE: Hey, who turned out the lights? Hey, who turned out the lights?
RIVER: Doctor, don't.
DOCTOR: Dave, can you hear me?
DAVE: Hey, who turned out the lights?
(Dave grabs the Doctor by the throat. A skull is now visible in his helmet.)
DAVE: Who turned out the lights? Hey, who turned out the lights?
RIVER: Excuse me.
(River zaps the zombie with her sonic screwdriver, freeing the Doctor.)
DOCTOR: Back from it! Get back. Right back.
(Zombie Dave lurches a step towards them.)
RIVER: Doesn't move very fast, does it?
DOCTOR: It's a swarm in a suit. But it's learning.
(Zombie Dave has four shadows, and they are growing.)
LUX: What do we do? Where do we go?
RIVER: See that wall behind you? Duck.
(River fires a gun at the wall and makes a square hole in it.)
DOCTOR: Squareness gun!
RIVER: Everybody out. Go, go, go. Move it. Move, move. Move it. Move, move.


RIVER: You said not every shadow.
DOCTOR: But any shadow.
DAVE: Hey, who turned out the lights?

[Girl's home]

FATHER: Sweetie, dinner's ready.
GIRL: Donna Noble has been saved.
FATHER: Sweetie?


(Somewhere amongst the massive shelves of books, the Doctor is trying to sonic a light fitting.)
DOCTOR: Trying to boost the power. Light doesn't stop them, but it slows them down.
RIVER: So, what's the plan? Do we have a plan?


The Doctor eyed River's sonic. "Your screwdriver looks exactly like mine."

"Yeah. You gave it to me."

He frowned. "I don't give my screwdriver to anyone. Not even Rose."

She looked at him a bit ... confusedly or sadly, he couldn't tell. "You get smarter and I'm not anyone."

"Who are you?"

She averted her eyes "What's the plan?"



Forest of the Dead


[Living room]

(Doctor Moon is looking through the family album while the children run around.)
DONNA: Stop it. Stop it now. We've got a visitor.
MOON: You've done so much in seven years, Donna.
DONNA: Sometimes it feels more like seventy. Mind you, sometimes it feels like no time at all.
(Doctor Moon picks up his briefcase to leave.)
MOON: Can I just say what a pleasure it is to see you fully integrated.
(Moon fritzes out to be replaced by the Doctor fiddling with his sonic screwdriver.)
DOCTOR: No, the signal's definitely coming from the moon. I'm blocking it, but it's trying to break through. Donna!
(Moon returns.)
MOON: Sorry. Mrs Angelo's rhubarb surprise. Will I never learn?
DONNA: Oh, the Doctor. I saw the Doctor.
MOON: Yes, you did, Donna. And then, you forgot.
DONNA: Doctor Moon. Oh, hello. Shall I make you a cup of tea?


(The large moon is hanging high in the orange sky. River cuts a square in the wall with her gun and enters.)
RIVER: OK, we've got a clear spot. In, in, in! Right in the centre. In the middle of the light, quickly. Don't let your shadows cross. Doctor.
DOCTOR: I'm doing it.
RIVER: There's no lights here. Sunset's coming. We can't stay long. Have you found a live one?
DOCTOR: Maybe. It's getting harder to tell. What's wrong with you?
RIVER: We're going to need a chicken leg. Who's got a chicken leg? Thanks, Dave.
(She throws the meat into the shadow, and once again it is just bone before it hits the ground.)
RIVER: Okay. Okay, we've got a hot one. Watch your feet.
DOCTOR: They won't attack until there's enough of them. But they've got our scent now. They're coming.


The others were suspicious and asking about the Time Lord. "He's the Doctor," was Rivers answer.

"And who is the Doctor?", Lux asked.

"The only story you'll ever tell, if you survive him."

"You say he's your friend, but he doesn't even know who you are", Anita argued.

"Listen, all you need to know is this. I'd trust that man to the end of the universe. And actually, we've been."

"He doesn't act like he trusts you."

"Yeah, there's a tiny problem. He hasn't met me yet."

She went over to the subject of interest. He was still scanning shadows.

"What's wrong with it?" She points at his sonic.

"There's a signal coming from somewhere, interfering with it."

"Then use the red settings."

"It doesn't have a red setting."

"Well, use the dampers."

"It doesn't have dampers."

She sighed. "It will do one day."

He took River's sonic screwdriver. "So, some time in the future, I just give you my screwdriver."


"Why would I do that?"

"I didn't pluck it from your cold dead hands, if that's what you're worried about."

"And I know that because?"

"Listen to me. You've lost your friend. You're angry. I understand. But you need to be less emotional, Doctor, right now."

"Less emotional? I'm not emotional."

"There are five people in this room still alive. Focus on that. Dear God, you're hard work young."

"Young? Who are you?"

Lux lost his patience. "Oh, for heaven's sake! Look at the pair of you. We're all going to die right here, and you're just squabbling like an old married couple"

River looked exasperated. "Shut up, things like that make me uncomfortable." She turned back to the Doctor. "Doctor, one day I'm going to be someone that you trust completely, but I can't wait for you to find that out. So I'm going to prove it to you."

She leaned forward to whisper two words in his ear. "Bad Wolf." It was something that her Doctor told her to do when she had last seen him.

"Are we good? Doctor, are we good?"

He looked completely stunned. "Yeah, we're good."



(River takes back her screwdriver and leaves him.)
DOCTOR: Know what's interesting about my screwdriver? Very hard to interfere with. Practically nothing's strong enough. Well, some hairdryers, but I'm working on that. So there is a very strong signal coming from somewhere, and it wasn't there before. So what's new? What's changed? Come on! What's new? What's different?
DAVE 2: I don't know. Nothing. It's getting dark?
DOCTOR: It's a screwdriver. It works in the dark. Moon rise. Tell me about the moon. What's there?
LUX: It's not real. It was built as part of the Library. It's just a Doctor Moon.
DOCTOR: What's a Doctor Moon?
LUX: A virus checker. It supports and maintains the main computer at the core of the planet.
DOCTOR: Well, still active. It's signalling. Look. Someone somewhere in this library is alive and communicating with the moon. Or, possibly alive and drying their hair. No, the signal is definitely coming from the moon. I'm blocking it, but it's trying to break through.
(An image of Donna appears.)
RIVER: Doctor!
DOCTOR: Donna!
(Donna disappears again.)
RIVER: That was her. That was your friend! Can you get her back? What was that?
DOCTOR: Hold on, hold on, hold on. I'm trying to find the wavelength. Argh, I'm being blocked.
ANITA: Professor?
RIVER: Just a moment.
ANITA: It's important. I have two shadows.
RIVER: Okay. Helmets on, everyone. Anita, I'll get yours.
ANITA: It didn't do Proper Dave any good.
RIVER: Just keep it together, okay?
ANITA: Keeping it together. I'm only crying. I'm about to die. It's not an overreaction.
(River puts the helmet on Anita.)
DOCTOR: Hang on.
(The Doctor sonics the visor black.)
RIVER: Oh God, they've got inside.
DOCTOR: No, no, no. I just tinted her visor. Maybe they'll think they're already in there, leave her alone.
RIVER: Do you think they can be fooled like that?
DOCTOR: Maybe. I don't know. It's a swarm. It's not like we chat.
OTHER DAVE: Can you still see in there?
ANITA: Just about.
DOCTOR: Just, just, just stay back. Professor, a quick word, please.
RIVER: What?
DOCTOR: Down here.
They crouch down.
RIVER: What is it?
DOCTOR: Look, you said there are five people still alive in this room.
RIVER: Yeah, so?
DOCTOR: So, why are there six?
(Skeletal zombie Dave has caught up to them.)
DAVE: Hey, who turned out the lights?
DAVE: Hey, who turned out the lights?

[Girl's home]

DAVE [on TV]: Hey, who turned out the lights? Hey, who turned out the lights?
(She changes channels.)
DONNA [on TV]: Here we are, Doctor Moon.

[Living room]

ELLA: Mummy, I made you!
(Donna's daughter, Ella, has made a plasticine figure.)
DONNA: Oh, that's nice, Ella. Where's the face?
ELLA: I don't know.
DONNA: Did you see Doctor Moon? Did he leave?
(Lee enters, wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase.)
LEE: Hey! Hello, you two. Come here. Big hugs. Big Daddy hugs.
ELLA: Look what I made.
LEE: Oh. It's Mummy.
DONNA: Er, it hasn't got a face. Did you see Doctor Moon?
LEE: No. Why, was he here?
DONNA: Yeah, just a second ago. You must have passed him.
(Donna looks out of the window and catches a brief glimpse of a woman in long black Victorian dress walking away.)
LEE: You all right?
DONNA: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. It's just
LEE: Just?
DONNA: Nothing. It's been a long day, that's all. I'm just tired.


LEE: You okay?
DONNA: I said I was tired, and, and we put the kids to bed, and we watched television.
(The letterbox rattles.)
DONNA: Was that a letter?
LEE: It's midnight.
DONNA: Go and see what it is.
(Lee leaves the room. Donna looks out of the window and sees the woman in black more clearly. She is wearing a veil. Lee returns.)
LEE: The world is wrong.
DONNA: What?
LEE: For you. Weird, though. Dear Donna, the world is wrong. Meet me at your usual playpark, two o'clock tomorrow.
(The woman walks away.)
DONNA: Nutter.

[Girl's home]

GIRL: Don't go. Please don't go.


(Donna brings her children to play. The woman is sitting alone on a bench.)
DONNA: All right, you two, off you go. No fighting.
(Donna sits next to the woman.)
DONNA: I got your note last night. The world is wrong. What's that mean?
EVANGELISTA: No, you didn't.
DONNA: I'm sorry, what?
EVANGELISTA: You didn't get my note last night. You got it a few seconds ago. Having decided to come, you suddenly found yourself arriving. That is how time progresses here, in the manner of a dream. You've suspected that before, haven't you, Donna Noble?
DONNA: How do you know me?
EVANGELISTA: We met before, in the library. You were kind to me. I hope now to return that kindness.
DONNA: Your voice. I recognise it.
EVANGELISTA: Yes, you do. I am what is left of Miss Evangelista.


(The group run through a high level walkway to another library skyscraper.)
DOCTOR: Professor, go ahead. Find a safe spot.
RIVER: It's a carnivorous swarm in a suit. You can't reason with it.
DOCTOR: Five minutes.
RIVER: Other Dave, stay with him. Pull him out when he's too stupid to live. Two minutes, Doctor.
(Zombie Dave barges through the doors.)
DAVE: Hey, who turned out the lights?
DOCTOR: You hear that? Those words? That is the very last thought of the man who wore that suit before you climbed inside and stripped his flesh. That's a man's soul trapped inside a neural relay, going round and round forever. Now, if you don't have the decency to let him go, how about this? Use him. Talk to me. It's easy. Neural relay. Just point and think. Use him, talk to me.
DAVE: Hey, who turned out the lights?
DOCTOR: The Vashta Nerada live on all the worlds in this system, but you hunt in forests. What are you doing in a library?
OTHER DAVE: We should go. Doctor!
DOCTOR: In a minute. You came to the library to hunt. Why? Just tell me why?
VASHTA NERADA: We did not.
DOCTOR: Oh, hello.
VASHTA NERADA: We did not.
DOCTOR: Take it easy, you'll get the hang of it. Did not what?
VASHTA NERADA: We did not come here.
DOCTOR: Well, of course you did. Of course you came here.
VASHTA NERADA: We come from here.
DOCTOR: From here?
VASHTA NERADA: We hatched here.
DOCTOR: But you hatch from trees. From spores in trees.
VASHTA NERADA: These are our forests.
DOCTOR: You're nowhere near a forest. Look around you.
VASHTA NERADA: These are our forests.
DOCTOR: You're not in a forest, you're in a library. There are no trees in a (the penny drops) library.
OTHER DAVE: We should go. Doctor!
DOCTOR: Books. You came in the books. Microspores in a million, million books.
DAVE 2: We should go. Doctor!
DOCTOR: Oh, look at that. The forests of the Vashta Nerada, pulped and printed and bound. A million, million books, hatching shadows.
OTHER DAVE: We should go. Doctor!
DOCTOR: Oh, Dave! Oh Dave, I'm so sorry.
(Other Dave is also a skeleton now.)
DAVE: Hey, who turned out the lights?
OTHER DAVE: We should go. Doctor!
DOCTOR: Thing about me, I'm stupid. I talk too much. Always babbling on. This gob doesn't stop for anything. Want to know the only reason I'm still alive? Always stay near the door.
(The Doctor opens a trapdoor with his sonic screwdriver and drops. The girl watches him on the television as he hangs on to a support strut and inches his way along, screwdriver clenched between his teeth.)


EVANGELISTA: I suggested we meet here because a playground is the easiest place to see it. To see the lie.
DONNA: What lie?
EVANGELISTA: The children. Look at the children.
DONNA: Why do you wear that veil? If I had a face like yours, I wouldn't hide it.
EVANGELISTA: You remember my face, then? The memories are all still there. The library, the Doctor, me. You've just been programmed not to look.
DONNA: Sorry, but you're dead.
EVANGELISTA: In a way, we're all dead here, Donna. We are the dead of the library.
DONNA: Well, what about the children? The children aren't dead. My children aren't dead.
EVANGELISTA: Your children were never alive.
DONNA: Don't you say that. Don't you dare say that about my children!
EVANGELISTA: Look at your children. Look at all of them, really look.
(All the children in the playground are Ella and Joshua, repeated over and over.)
EVANGELISTA: They're not real. Do you see it now? They're all the same. All the children of this world, the same boy and the same girl, over and over again.
DONNA: Stop it. Just stop it. Why are you doing this? Why are you wearing that veil?
(Donna pulls off Evangelista's veil. Her face is distorted, skewed and stretched. Donna and the girl scream.)


"You know, it's funny, I keep wishing the Doctor was here," River told her team. Well, what was remaining anyway.

"The Doctor is here, isn't he? He is coming back, right?"

"You know when you see a photograph of someone you know, but it's from years before you knew them. and it's like they're not quite finished. They're not done yet. Well, yes, the Doctor's here. He came when I called, just like he always does. But not the Doctor I know. Now my Doctor, I've seen whole armies turn and run away. And he'd just swagger off back to his Tardis and open the doors with a snap of his fingers. The Doctor in the Tardis. Next stop, everywhere."

Mentioned man came in. "Spoilers. Nobody can open a Tardis by snapping their fingers. It doesn't work like that."

"It does for the Doctor."

He was getting annoyed with her, she could tell. "I am the Doctor."

"Yeah. Some day."


DOCTOR: How are you doing?
RIVER: Where's Other Dave?
DOCTOR: Not coming. Sorry.
ANITA: Well, if they've taken him, why haven't they gotten me yet?
DOCTOR: I don't know. Maybe tinting your visor's making a difference.
(Anita has two shadows.)
ANITA: It's making a difference all right. No one's ever going to see my face again.
DOCTOR: Can I get you anything?
ANITA: An old age would be nice. Anything you can do?
DOCTOR: I'm all over it.
ANITA: Doctor. When we first met you, you didn't trust Professor Song. And then she whispered a word in your ear, and you did. My life so far. I could do with a word like that. What did she say? Give a dead girl a break. Your secrets are safe with me.
ANITA: What?
DOCTOR: Safe. You don't say saved. Nobody says saved. You say safe. The data fragment! What did it say?
LUX: Four thousand and twenty two people saved. No survivors.
RIVER: Doctor?
DOCTOR: Nobody says saved. Nutters say saved. You say safe. You see, it didn't mean safe. It meant, it literally meant, saved!


DONNA: What happened to your face?
EVANGELISTA: Transcription errors. Destroyed my face, did wonders for my intellect. I'm a very poor copy of myself.

[Girl's home]

DONNA [on TV]: Where are we? Why are the children all the same?
EVANGELISTA [on TV]: The same pattern over and over. It saves an awful lot of space.
DONNA [on TV]: Space?
EVANGELISTA [on TV]: Cyberspace.
GIRL: No, don't tell! You mustn't tell!

[Reading room]

(The Doctor has got into a Library Archive File.)
DOCTOR: See, there it is, right there. A hundred years ago, massive power surge. All the teleports going at once. Soon as the Vashta Nerada hit their hatching cycle, they attack. Someone hits the alarm. The computer tries to teleport everyone out.
RIVER: It tried to teleport four thousand twenty two people?
DOCTOR: It succeeded. Pulled them all out, but then what? Nowhere to send them. Nowhere safe in the whole library. Vashta Nerada growing in every shadow. Four thousand and twenty two people all beamed up and nowhere to go. They're stuck in the system, waiting to be sent, like emails. So what's a computer to do? What does a computer always do?
RIVER: It saved them.
(The Doctor draws on a large polished table.)
DOCTOR: The library. A whole world of books, and right at the core, the biggest hard drive in history. The index to everything ever written, backup copies of every single book. The computer saved four thousand and twenty two people the only way a computer can. It saved them to the hard drive.


EVANGELISTA: Your physical self is stored in the library as an energy signature. It can be actualised again whenever you or the library requires.
DONNA: The library? If my face ends up on one of those statues.
EVANGELISTA: You remember the statues?
DONNA: Wait, no, just hang on. So this isn't the real me? This isn't my real body? But I've been dieting.
EVANGELISTA: What you see around you, this entire world

[Girl's home]

EVANGELISTA [on TV]: Is nothing more than virtual reality.


DONNA: So why do you look like that?
EVANGELISTA: I had no choice. You teleported. You're a perfect reproduction. I was just a data ghost caught in the Wi-Fi and automatically uploaded.
DONNA: And it made you clever?
EVANGELISTA: We're only strings of numbers in here. I think a decimal point may have shifted in my IQ. But my face has been the bigger advantage. I have the two qualities you require to see absolute truth. I am brilliant and unloved.
DONNA: If this is all a dream, whose dream is it?
EVANGELISTA: It's hard to see everything in the data core, even for me, but there is a word. Just one word. Cal.
(The girl is crying. She changes channels.)


(Ella has fallen from a swing.)
ELLA: Mummy, my knee!
DONNA: Oh! Oh, look at that knee. Oh, look at that silly old knee!
EVANGELISTA: She's not real. They're fictions. I'm sorry, but now that you understand that, you won't be able to keep a hold. They are sustained only by your belief.
DONNA: You don't know. You don't have children.
EVANGELISTA: Neither do you.

[Girl's home]

EVANGELISTA [on TV]: Donna, for your own sake, let them go!
GIRL: Stop it! You'll spoil everything! I hate you! You're going to ruin everything! Stop it!
FATHER: Sweetie, what's wrong?
GIRL: Shut up!
(She points the remote at her father and presses a button. He vanishes.)
GIRL: Daddy! No! Daddy!
(She throws the remote on the floor.)

[Reading room]

(An alarm sounds.)
LUX: What is it? What's wrong?
COMPUTER: Autodestruct enabled in twenty minutes.

[Girl's home]

ELLA [on TV]: Mummy, what did the lady mean? Are we not real?
JOSHUA [on TV]: Where are we going?
DONNA [on TV]: Home!

[Living room]

(The lighting is red and the alarm is sounding.)
JOSHUA: That was quick, wasn't it, Mummy?
ELLA: Mummy, what's wrong with the sky?

[Reading room]

RIVER: What's maximum erasure?
DOCTOR: In twenty minutes, this planet's going to crack like an egg.
LUX: No. No, it's all right. The Doctor Moon will stop it. It's programmed to protect Cal.

[Girl's home]

MOON: Now you really must stop this, you know. You've forgotten again it was you who saved all those people, haven't you? And then, you remembered.
GIRL: Shut up, Doctor Moon!
(She grabs the remote and makes him vanish.)

[Reading room]

(The terminal screen goes blank.)
DOCTOR: No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
COMPUTER: All library systems are permanently offline. Sorry for any inconvenience. Shortly
LUX: We need to stop this. We've got to save Cal.
DOCTOR: What is it? What is Cal?
LUX: We need to get to the main computer. I'll show you.
DOCTOR: It's at the core of the planet.
RIVER: Well, then. Let's go.
(River points her screwdriver at the library logo in the middle of the compass rose in the floor. It opens.)
RIVER: Gravity platform.
DOCTOR: I bet I like you.
RIVER: Oh, you do.
(The four step on and go down.)

[Living room]

JOSHUA: Mummy, you're hurting my hand.
DONNA: You just, you just stay where I can see you, all right? You, you don't get out of my sight.
ELLA: Is it bedtime?

[Children's bedroom]

(The children are tucked up in their attic beds.)
DONNA: Okay. That was lovely, wasn't it? That was a lovely bedtime. We had warm milk, and we watched cartoons, and then Mummy read you a lovely bedtime story.
ELLA: Mummy, Joshua and me, we're not real, are we?
DONNA: Of course you're real. You're as real as anything. Why do you say that?
JOSHUA: But, Mummy, sometimes, when you're not here, it's like we're not here.
ELLA: Even when you close your eyes, we just stop.
DONNA: Well, Mummy promises to never close her eyes again.
(The children have vanished. Donna is frantic.)
DONNA: No! Please! No, please! No! No, no! No, no!

[Data core]

COMPUTER: Autodestruct in fifteen minutes.
(The Doctor looks up to see a globe with swirling energy in it.)
DOCTOR: The data core. Over four thousand living minds trapped inside it.
RIVER: Yeah, well, they won't be living much longer. We're running out of time.

[Girl's home]

GIRL: Help me. Please, help me. Please, please help me!

[Data core]

(The Doctor finds an access terminal.)
GIRL [OC]: Help me. Please, help me.
ANITA: What's that?
RIVER: Was that a child?
DOCTOR: The computer's in sleep mode. I can't wake it up. I'm trying.
(The Doctor taps at the keyboard, and toys come to life in the girl's home.)
RIVER: Doctor, these readings.
DOCTOR: I know. You'd think it was dreaming.
LUX: It is dreaming, of a normal life, and a lovely Dad, and of every book ever written.
ANITA: Computers don't dream.
GIRL [OC]: Help me. Please help me.
LUX: No, but little girls do.
(Lux pulls a breaker and a door opens. They run in.)

[CAL interface]

(A node turns to face them.)
GIRL NODE: Please help me. Please help me.
RIVER: Oh, my God.
ANITA: It's the little girl. The girl we saw in the computer.
LUX: She's not in the computer. In a way, she is the computer. The main command node. This is Cal.
DOCTOR: Cal is a child? A child hooked up to a mainframe? Why didn't you tell me this? I needed to know this!
LUX: Because she's family! Cal. Charlotte Abigail Lux. My grandfather's youngest daughter. She was dying, so he built her a library and put her living mind inside, with a moon to watch over her, and all of human history to pass the time. Any era to live in, any book to read. She loved books more than anything, and he gave her them all. He asked only that she be left in peace. A secret, not a freak show.
DOCTOR: So you weren't protecting a patent, you were protecting her.
LUX: This is only half a life, of course. But it's for ever.
DOCTOR: And then the shadows came.
GIRL NODE: The shadows. I have to. I have to save. Have to save.
DOCTOR: And she saved them. She saved everyone in the library. Folded them into her dreams and kept them safe.
ANITA: Then why didn't she tell us?
DOCTOR: Because she's forgotten. She's got over four thousand living minds chatting away inside her head. It must be like being, well, me.
RIVER: So what do we do?
COMPUTER: Autodestruct in ten minutes.

[Data core]

DOCTOR: Easy! We beam all the people out of the data core. The computer will reset and stop the countdown. Difficult. Charlotte doesn't have enough memory space left to make the transfer. Easy! I'll hook myself up to the computer. She can borrow my memory space.
RIVER: Difficult. It'll kill you stone dead.
DOCTOR: Yeah, it's easy to criticise.
RIVER: It'll burn out both your hearts and don't think you'll regenerate.
DOCTOR: I'll try my hardest not to die. Honestly, it's my main thing.
RIVER: Doctor!
DOCTOR: I'm right, this works. Shut up. Now listen. You and Luxy boy, back up to the main library. Prime any data cells you can find for maximum download, and before you say anything else, Professor, can I just mention in passing as you're here, shut up.
RIVER: Oh! I hate you sometimes.
DOCTOR: I know!
RIVER: Mister Lux, with me. Anita, if he dies, I'll kill him!
(River and Lux leave.)
ANITA: What about the Vashta Nerada?
DOCTOR: These are their forests. I'm going to seal Charlotte inside her little world, take everybody else away. The shadows can swarm to their hearts' content.
ANITA: So you think they're just going to let us go?
DOCTOR: Best offer they're going to get.
ANITA: You're going to make 'em an offer?
DOCTOR: They'd better take it, because right now, I'm finding it very hard to make any kind of offer at all. You know what? I really liked Anita. She was brave, even when she was crying. And she never gave in. And you ate her.
(He clears her visor to reveal a skull.)
DOCTOR: But I'm going to let that pass, just as long as you let them pass.
ANITA: How long have you known?
DOCTOR: I counted the shadows. You only have one now. She's nearly gone. Be kind.
ANITA: These are our forests. We are not kind.
DOCTOR: I'm giving you back your forests, but you are giving me them. You are letting them go.
ANITA: These are our forests. They are our meat.
(Shadows stretch out from Vashta Nerada Anita towards the Doctor.)
DOCTOR: Don't play games with me. You just killed someone I liked. That is not a safe place to stand. I'm the Doctor, and you're in the biggest library in the universe. Look me up.
(There is a pause, then the shadows withdraw.)
ANITA: You have one day.
(The spacesuit collapses.)
RIVER: Oh, Anita.
DOCTOR: I'm sorry. She's been dead a while now. I told you to go!
RIVER: Lux can manage without me, but you can't.
(River punches the Doctor, knocking him out. A little later, River is twisting some wires together.)
COMPUTER: Autodestruct in two minutes.


River knocked the Doctor out. When he woke up, he was handcuffed to the wall and River was readying herself to hook herself into the Data Core.

"Oh, no, no, no, no. Come on, what are you doing? That's my job."

"Oh, and I'm not allowed to have a career, I suppose?"

"Why am I handcuffed? Why do you even have handcuffs?"

She smirked. "Spoilers."

"This is not a joke! Stop this now. This is going to kill you! I'd have a chance, you don't have any."

"You wouldn't have a chance, and neither do I. I'm timing it for the end of the countdown. There'll be a blip in the command flow. That way it should improve our chances of a clean download."

"River, please. No."

She chuckled a bit, but struggled not to cry.

"Funny thing is, this means you've always known how I was going to die. All the time you've known me, you knew I was coming here. The last time I saw you, the real you, the future you, I mean, you turned up on my doorstep, with a new haircut and a suit. You took me to Darillium to see the Singing Towers. We had dinner. The Towers sang, and you cried."

autodestruct in one minute

"You wouldn't tell me why, but I suppose you knew it was time. My time. Time to come to the library. You even gave me your screwdriver. 'Graduation present', you said. I should have known there was more to it."

The Doctor tried to reach the screwdrivers, but they were just slightly out of reach.

"There's nothing you can do."

"You can let me do this!"

"If you die here, it'll mean I've never met you."

"Time can be rewritten."

"Not those times. Not one line. Don't you dare. It's okay. It's okay. It's not over for you. You'll see me again. You've got all of that to come. All of us and time and space. You watch us run."

"River, you said 'Bad Wolf'."

autodestruct in ten

"You whispered it in my ear."

nine, eight, seven

"There's only one reason I would ever tell anyone about that."

"Hush, now."

She was crying.

four, three


two, one