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It had been a hectic day for John at the surgery. It all did make sense though; winter was literally around the corner and people were 10 times more prone to catch colds. What didn't make sense to John was the fact that many of the people that had come in for an appointment, actually thought they were dying.


'How thick do have to be to think that? You have a fucking cold!'  John had thought all day.


It really had ticked him off.


But, thankfully, the day had finally came to an end. He had taken a cab home that day. Usually, John walked home because he found it was a way to unwind after working. This time he really couldn't be bothered. After all, he would have to come home to two screaming babies. 

Rosie: his little angel.

And, Sherlock: his slightly immature but most beautiful boyfriend.


Part of him couldn't wait to see them both. The other part didn't care. He just wanted to fall into bed and sleep forever.


When the cab arrived back at 221B, he felt slightly better.


"Thank you." He said to the cabbie as he paid him and left.


John opened the door and waddled up the staircase. John breathed in the familiar scent of the flat and smiled. He suddenly felt overwhelmed and now couldn't wait to see Sherlock and Rosie. John didn't know why his mood had changed so quickly, but he couldn't care less at the moment.


"Sherlock?" John called out.


The living room was vacant but he knew Sherlock didn't go out. Sherlock would not do that without letting him know. At least he didn't do that anymore.


John walked to their bedroom to see Sherlock asleep in bed; Rosie lying on his stomach. John grinned at the sight. Seeing them like this made John immensely happier. He walked over to Sherlock, who was still fast asleep, and woke him up.


"Sherlock?" John whispered.


Sherlock started blinking sleepily, stirring around, and peeked up above the covers to see who it was.

"John." He said in his still far-too-deep voice. Of course, it was deeper that usual because he had just woken up.


John reached down to kiss him. His lips were so, so soft. Whenever John kissed Sherlock he felt warm. More than warm actually. He felt so much love and devotion. Even if it was just a quick peck on the lips, he still felt that connection. John loved Sherlock so much. He wanted to bend him over and fuck him so hard and cum so fucking hard inside of hi-

Hold it together, Watson!


"Good day?" Sherlock interrupted John's train of thought.


"Oh, yes. It was fine, love." That was a lie. 


Sherlock furrowed his eyebrows. "No it wasn't."


John sighed.


The detective chimed in, "What happened?"


"It was just- oh- people are just stupid."


"Aren't they always?"


Then Sherlock rose up, carrying Rosie with him and went upstairs into John's old bedroom to put her in her crib. She didn't even wake up. Rosie must have been very tired.


John smirked as Sherlock left the room. He knew what was coming. John took his jacket and shoes off and placed them on the floor. Then, proceeded to lie on the bed.


His lanky boyfriend has stalked back into the room and the corner of Sherlock's mouth curled up.


John felt the bulge in his pants starting to grow. He couldn't help himself. The thought of his cock in Sherlock's pretty mouth. Then coming all coming his beautiful face. Or maybe buried deep in Sherlock's ass.





Sherlock made his made his way to the bed, noticing John's erection almost immediately. That caused Sherlock to get hard too.


John pulled Sherlock in for a deep kiss. Sherlock's mouth opened quickly for John. Their tongues intertwining with each other. The palm of John's hand moved to the back of Sherlock's head. His fingers tangling between Sherlock's heavenly curls.


Sherlock's hands guided their way to John's crotch. A loud moan erupted from John, causing Sherlock to do the same.


"Fuck." John groaned. "I want you. Right now."


The detective smirked. "Then take me."



"Oh god, I will."


They both tugged each other's clothes off. Sherlock pushed John onto his back and started kissing John's chest, starting to play with his nipples.


"Ahh..." John moaned.


Sherlock was staring up at John and it made John feel so fucking good. Then, Sherlock made his way to John's cock. He pressed a quick kiss to it and then took it into his mouth.

"Oh, Sherlock... that feels so good."


Sherlock hummed in response, taking all of John's praise.


That tongue that John had fantasied about many times was on him. Of course they had done it before. But every time they did it, it felt new. Which made it feel way more exciting for the both of them.


Sherlock eventually stopped sucking him off and smirked up at John.


John chuckled at the look on his boyfriend's face. 


"Take. Me."


"Of course, my love."


John pushed Sherlock onto his stomach and placed a trail of kisses all the way down his back. Then, got down to Sherlock's bum.


"You got the lube?" John asked.


"Bedside cabinet." Sherlock replied. 


He reached over and opened the drawer to take out the lube. After, he coated his fingers with it and guided them towards his bottom.


"Mmm... you ready?"


"Yes, give it to me. Please."






It echoed in John's mind.




The army doctor slid his fingers into Sherlock's entrance and slowly stretched him open.


"Ohh..." Sherlock moaned. "More, more!" 


John chuckled. "Alright, alright."


One. Two. Then three.


After fingering him for some time, John pulled out. John started to lube up his cock, pumping himself. Sherlock moved onto his back to face John. He smiled up at him. That warm, lovely smile. That Sherlock smile. Oh, he loved that smile so damn much. John smiled back at him. Even when they were having sex, they could have those moments. Smiling at each other. Having a laugh. One day he'd marry this man. And he couldn't bloody wait. 


John was completely lubed up and he entered him. They both moaned. 


"Oh, Sherlock!"




He started thrusting into Sherlock. They both felt so good. Firstly, he started slowly but gradually started getting faster.


"Oh...oh!" Sherlock called out between grunts of pleasure. 


Sherlock started pumping himself and he felt so close. John then thrust upon Sherlock's prostate.




That made John tip over the edge.


"GOOD GOD, SHERLOCK!" He shouted as he came.


Shortly after, Sherlock followed. "Mmm, fuck John!"


After calming down, John pulled out and they both lie there, under the covers. John put his arm around Sherlock. He kissed Sherlock's temple and breathed in the scent of him.






"I love you. So damn much." 


Sherlock laughed. "I love you too, John."