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I am with you ALWAYS !

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"Are you sure you don't want me to stay here with you ? I hate leaving you when you are sick". I look at my beloved twin sister Lumi, who is all bundled up in bed with a cold.

She smile at me. "Yeah, we just arrived in London, go see the city. You shouldn't sit here just because I'm sick. I'll be okay".

We arrived yesterday in London from Tampere in Finland to study at UCL on a government paid scholarship. Our father is in the military and has been for many years, so that is why we got this possibility.

"Okay then, but I'll take a lot of pictures and send to you". I tell her, stepping into my shoes.

She smile at me again. "I know you will".

We always wanted to see London. Well we want to see the world. But so far we have only been on a few short trips to Norway and a single family holiday in Mallorca. My father simply didn't have the time and the money weren't big either.

I grab my small backpack and swing it over my shoulder, before leaning down to kiss her forehead. "See you later siskoni".

"Have fun.. behave". She gives me a small wave as I leave the apartment.

So what to do first, I think as I walk out into the unseasonal warm London weather. It is the end of september, but the sky is high and blue with only a mild breeze and a thin long sleeved t-shirt and a pair of yoga pants is enough to keep me warm.

I decide to take the train a little north and check out hampton heath. I love being out in nature, walking and running and I want to see if it's worth the train ride to go there for my runs or if the streets around the apartment is enough.

Luckily the station is only a five minutes walk away from the apartment and I only have to change train a single time as far as I can see. I should be able to handle that. To be honestly I feel a little silly being all excited about buying the ticket and taking the escalator down into the depths of the city. But this is something I have dreamed of and seen in movies and on tv. I just wished my sister was here to share it with me.

I find the right train and board it, sitting down on a vacant seat. It is stifling hot and very loud, a cacophony of voices, screatshing and bumpling sounds from the machine and the sound of whooshing air. It smells a bit dusty, like recycled air. These are the sounds and smells of authentic London.

After two stops I get up to change lines. Going even deeper underground. There is something sacred and a bit scary about it. Knowing how deep beneath the surface I am.

"Where are you going dearie ?" A little old bended woman is suddenly in front of me, holding out her hand. "Can you spare a penny for an old woman ?"

There is just a weird air about her, and I am not sure whether to feel curious or scared. One of her eyes are milky white. I pull out a five pound note, the only cash I have. "Here you go, it's all I got. I just arrived yesterday".

Instead of just taking the note she grabs my hand, running her soft wrinkled fingers over my palm. "Thank you dearie. You are on the right line, it will take you where you need to go.. show you what you need to find".

"Uhm thanks". So it's the right train ? Well I did already know that. And what I need to find ? Well the heath. But good to know I won't get lost on the way.

"Do not try to ignore destiny.. Accept what you are offered.. It Will keep being thrown in Your way if you ignores your faith". She looks at me like I have a daily habit of ignoring faith and destiny. Not like those thing often seem to cross my life.

I gently pull my hand away, as I hear the train through the tunnel. "Thanks again, that's my train, gotta go".

"Accept destiny". She calls out, smiling a toothless smile and waving a waving at me.

I shake my head slightly to myself, as I get on board the other train. She probably isn't all there the poor old thing. All this talk of destiny. My destiny is to get an education and to go see some more of the world.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't want love and a family of my own. Actually I love everything romantic. But I have just turned 24 and I have my life ahead of me. Also my experience so far is that a lot of men has a hard time handling how close me and my sister is. They either want me to see her less or even worse they think they ended in some kinky porn. Yeah I actually had a boyfriend who genuinely thought that banging my sister would not be cheating, because we were twins. All he got from Lumi was a black eye.

I get out at the station. The houses here are big and beautiful, build in red bricks. There is no doubt this is an expensive neighbourhood. I only have to look at the cars to know, Mercedes, BMW, Audi is parked along the curb.

Walking down the street I look around. It's not that I really feel a need to have this, but i mean, who wouldn't like a privileged life, not having to worry about money. Being able to provide everything You wish for you kids ?

I find the small path leading to a bridge over the rails, on the other side is the heath and for some reason I feel joy bubble inside me as I walk up the steps. I am happy the London has so many parks and so much nature. It would be hard not to have open spaces close.