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Root of All Evil

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With his roommate, Shang QingHua, gone for the rest of the evening-- and possibly the majority of the night-- Shen Yuan had hoped to have more than enough time to push in both studying and finishing an essay that he had due in just a few days. He was usually pretty good at keeping up with his class work his professor assigned him but lately there was a certain person who took every chance he had to distract Shen Yuan.


Shen Yuan didn’t appreciate much. He didn’t like being too behind on things when it came to his classes.


Slouching over his desk with his chin resting in his hand, Shen Yuan sat thumbing at the pages of his textbook before he received two brief knocks on his door as a warning. He straightened up just slightly-- enough to turning around halfway to look towards the door as it opened. He had to suppress an annoyed groan, mentally rolling his eyes.


None other than Luo Binghe had appeared at his dorm room door step. Most would praise such a sight of such a wonderfully gorgeous man standing in their presence. Shen Yuan only felt irritated. This was the fourth time this week Luo Binghe had just invited himself into Shen Yuan’s dorm room. Luo Binghe himself was the one and only culprit that seemed to pull him away from whatever task Shen Yuan was trying to accomplish. In response to his irritated countenance, Luo Binghe only smiled at him.


“May I come in?” He asked as if it mattered.


Shen Yuan flipped his book closed, crossing his arms over his chest as he flopped back in his chair. “And why would I let you? It’s not as if I can stop you now, you’ve already made it inside. How do you plan on distracting me today, Luo Binghe?” Before Luo Binghe could answer, Shen yuan shoved himself up out of his chair, striding closer towards the somewhat taller man. Despite being a few years older than Luo Binghe, Shen Yuan came up short in height. “I wish you wouldn’t. You’re not allowed inside, go, shoo!”


He didn’t enjoy to flash of hurt crossing Luo Binghe’s fair skin. Shen Yuan shifted his gaze away briefly if only to not see it. Luo Binghe reached down to take Shen Yuan’s hands into his own, holding them close to his own chest as he spoke. “Shen Yuan, do you really detest my company so much?”


With his heart doing flips, Shen Yuan fought to shake his head. He needed to be firm this time if he wanted to get some alone time just to finish his work. If he finished it, he would seek Luo Binghe’s company. Probably. Shen Yuan couldn’t make that promise.


As affectionate as Luo Binghe tended to be, it was so sudden. Shen Yuan wasn’t even sure if they were dating or not. The kisses he got weren’t too bad but they weren’t the best either. Never stopped the spark he felt whenever their lips met, though. He was too afraid to ask about what was going on between them but he knew he definitely couldn’t afford being so distracted like he had been lately.


“Whether I detest it or not is for me to decide and you to not assume. I really need to get these essays done, Luo Binghe. Let me do that, okay?” Shen Yuan pleaded briefly. He could feel Luo Binghe’s breath ghost his cheek their faces were so close. He could feel his own breath pause. Shen Yuan stepped away quickly.


Luo Binghe seemed to pout, casting a pitiful puppy look over in Shen Yuan’s direction.


If such a face kept being made, Shen Yuan felt that his resolve might just crumble. But Shen Yuan stood firm.


Seeing that he wasn’t going to really get anywhere with this, Luo Binghe sighed and stood straighter. “Alright.” He said. “Will you at least let me hold you while you work then?”


Shen Yuan couldn’t say no to that. Luo Binghe might be terrible at kissing and distracting him but having him close was not entirely unwelcome. It’s how Shen Yuan ended up leaning back against Luo Binghe’s chest with his laptop propped up on his knees, textbook resting by the both of them. Luo Binghe’s arms rested comfortably around his waist, causing Shen Yuan’s heart to beat at an unhealthy pace yet it calmed him at the same time. Though he did well to focus on typing up his paper, he was highly aware of Luo Binghe’s breath rolling over his exposed neck. Though he wore his hair to his shoulders, it had been pulled over to the side as to lessen the chance of it being pulled or tugged on while he worked.


After awhile of Luo Binghe actually behaving, Shen Yuan started to notice how the other would nuzzle into his neck, brushing moist lips against the exposed skin. Shen Yuan’s fingers stuttered, panic mixing with a shot of arousal startling him when he felt Luo Binghe press an actual kiss to his neck.


His lips parted to protest but words refused to form. Luo Binghe noticed he had stopped typing and was surely smiling to himself in getting what he wanted.


Shen Yuan made a move to pull away only for Luo Binghe to tighten his hold. Even to go so far as to pull Shen Yuan closer to him.


Shen Yuan, “You-! Let me go! I’m almost done with this, have you even finished your own work for your classes?!”


“I won’t let you go. I don’t want to- and yes, I finished before I came here.” Luo Binghe responded cooly.


Of course you did, but you won’t let me finish?! Shen Yuan clenched his fists, heat rising to his face. He could clearly feel how Luo Binghe fiddled with the hem of his shirt-- a silent plea for permission to touch him.


Then, a verbal one. “Shen Yuan, may I touch you?”


Hearing these bold words, Shen Yuan thought he might die. His face flamed up in color. “We aren’t even together and you dare ask me such a thing?” He hissed out, slapping Luo Binghe’s hands away.


Using Luo Binghe’s temporary surprise, Shen Yuan hurried to move away. He nearly dropped his laptop in the process and still almost did when he turned to find Luo Binghe’s eyes watering as if he’d been stabbed. A heart broken expression on a handsome man shouldn’t be allowed!


“Are you… crying?”


“We’re… not together? Shen Yuan doesn’t want to be with me?” Luo Binghe’s brows furrowed and his lip seemed to quiver.


Shen Yuan could only gap at him. “You… you didn’t even ask! You can’t just assume such things like that, you have to ask properly-- m-much less make sure you’re dating someone before asking such provocative things..!” He couldn’t believe the audacity Luo Binghe had at times.


However, Luo Binghe’s expression seemed to brighten. “If I ask properly, may I touch you then?”


Shen Yuan paled. What was he to say? All he wanted to do was to drop his head into his hands or scream. Maybe both.


“I..-” His voice wavered as he stared at Luo Binghe, baffled. “I cannot handle you, I truly cannot.”


Luo Binghe suddenly leaned forward, grabbing for Shen Yuan’s hands again. “Please, Shen Yuan, I would… be very happy to be with you. Even if you cannot handle me, I would like you to try. I’ve admired you from afar for too long. Let me make you happy, Shizun.”


What is he going on about… Shen Yuan wanted to rub at his temples but Luo Binghe currently held his hands.


“Please..” Luo Binghe pleading, insistent gaze tugged at Shen Yuan’s heart strings.


Looking away, Shen Yuan took in a deep breath. “... Alright, I..- I will date you-” His voice became stuck within his throat because the sudden smile he got in return was much too radiant. Luo Binghe further surprised Shen Yuan by cupping his face with one hand as he leaned in to smash their lips together in an uncoordinated delighted kiss. Despite the uncomfortable press of teeth, Shen Yuan couldn’t help but sigh, feeling a little weak by how happy he made Luo Binghe.


Shen Yuan couldn’t stop how it escalated from there. His laptop and textbooks had been forgotten off to the side somewhere on the floor along with his shirt, coupled with Luo Binghe’s. He took the initiative to take the lead in how their kisses were shared if only to lessen the chance of teeth clacking horribly against one another. Shen Yuan did enjoy the sighs he received from Luo Binghe but he was being awfully rough in handling Shen Yuan’s body. Not that he minded it too much but he did ask Luo binghe to “S-slow down, stop rushing!” more than once.


“How far can we go?” Luo Binghe seemed eager, breathing heavy.


He clearly had Shen Yuan spread beneath him, sitting comfortably between his legs and holding Shen Yuan’s arms against the bed. Shen Yuan almost laughed, turning his face to hide it.


“There’s no way we’re going any further than this, you’re.. You’re too big.” He hadn’t even seen Luo Binghe’s dick yet but just feeling his erection pressing against him was enough to tell him so.


Luo Binghe blinked down at him, a slight grin forming. “We could always have you do it.”


Shen Yuan, “Me? Top? No, no not at all. In fact, we aren’t going to top each other at all, how about that? Sound good?” He was nervous. Not even Luo Binghe lacing their fingers together would help.


His fists clenched but did nothing to help stop the moan falling through tight pressed lips when Luo Binghe pressed against him. “I wanna try.” Luo Binghe spoke honestly, reaching for Shen Yuan’s pants.


Shen Yuan did little to stop him, somewhat curious if his guess was right to how big Luo Binghe might be. Only, once they were both bare for each other to see, he wanted nothing more than to gather up his clothes and hide from his partner. What stood proudly between Luo Binghe’s legs was just plain scary. Arousing, but definitely scary with such a thought of having something so large and girthy pressed into him.


He shoved Luo Binghe away with his knees and snapped his legs shut, covering his face with his hands. “You’re not putting that anywhere near me in terms of intercourse! No!” Shen Yuan cried even as Luo binghe coaxed his legs back open. He could even feel the head of the offending appendage press horrifyingly close to his opening.


“Luo Binghe, please. You don’t even… know how this works.” Shen Yuan tried to reason but Luo Binghe would not listen.


“Do you?”


Shen Yuan was surely about to cry. Was he so dead set on trying to tear him open with his dick?!


“I do not, so why don’t we- mh!” Shen Yuan’s legs flew up along with his hands the moment Luo Binghe tried to push in a bit. “No! No, I’m not a woman, I can’t just take it dry. Use your head!” He sobbed.


Luo Binghe immediately backed off, concerned he had truly hurt Shen Yuan. Chewing on his lip a moment, Luo Binghe licked a few of his fingers before sneaking them down between the other man’s legs. Cautiously, he pushed one in as he watched Shen Yuan’s body become tense. It stung a bit but not enough for him to want to kick Luo Binghe in the face. Not yet.


Shen Yuan couldn’t help but to think that Luo Binghe’s dick was the root of all evil. It was going to be the death of him tonight because Luo Binghe really wasn’t going to listen.


“I swear you… you hate me..” Shen Yuan squeezed his eyes shut when a third finger was added, steadily pumping in and out of him.


Luo Binghe looked a bit guilty. “I don’t hate you.. I-is it bad?” He questioned. “Should I stop..?”


Now you want to listen. Shen Yuan thought bitterly, gritting his teeth at the sting traveling from his bottom up his back. But before he could properly try to shove Luo Binghe away with his foot, fingers curled inside of him, rubbing right up against his prostate. Shen Yuan swore he nearly melted at the sudden pleasure.


Only, Luo Binghe didn’t notice until Shen Yuan said something.


“You.. up, curl your fingers, there-” He huffed out, dropping his head onto the bed when Luo Binghe managed to press against it again. Licking dry lips, Shen Yuan had a slight hope that, maybe, it wouldn’t be so bad.


Luo Binghe’s gaze softened a bit as he watched Shen Yuan’s face contort with the brief bursts of pleasure he was feeling. Leaning over, he pressed his lips to Shen Yuan’s cheek as he did his best to finger the man beneath him properly. He certainly wasn’t the best but the sparks of pleasure were somewhat worth it.


Shen Yuan’s eyes fluttered open when Luo Binghe’s fingers disappeared from him. He looked up in time to see Luo Binghe spit in his hand and reach down to rub it over his generously sized dick. Fear spiked in Shen Yuan’s chest when he felt the foreign object press against him, forcing its way in.


He was right. Luo Binghe’s dick was relentless. It stung far worse than the fingers that had previously been invading such a private area. Shen Yuan’s dick wasn’t even hard anymore and he could only throw his arms over his face to hide how tears welled at the corners of his eyes.


“F-.. fuck, stop.. Spare me-” Shen Yuan strained, back arching for all the wrong reasons.


Luo Binghe bit his lip, steadying himself as he was already fully pushed into the man. “I’m sorry..” Shen Yuan peeked up at him, catching the other nearly about to cry as well. He groaned.


Reaching up, Shen Yuan cupped either side of Luo Binghe’s face to pull him down so he could slide his arms around the other’s neck. “Don’t cry..” He coaxed as if he himself weren’t crying from the pain he felt. “You’re just really bad at this and you didn’t listen to me.” Shen Yuan complained lightly.


It didn’t make Luo Binghe feel any better.


“You’ll surely hate me after this.” Luo Binghe murmured.


Shen Yuan had half a mind to agree. Pressing a kiss to Luo Binghe’s forehead, Shen Yuan denied this. “I will not.. Hng- “ His words were cut short, left clenching around Luo Binghe altogether. He had began to move.


In fear of causing Luo Binghe to become stuck, Shen Yuan forced himself to relax. The moment he did, he was left feeling a whole lot of nothing but an uncomfortable stretch. He could only focus on his breathing with their foreheads pressed together. The pain gradually lessened the more Luo Binghe pushed in and pulled out. Something about having a dick pushing into him was somewhat still arousing, keeping Shen Yuan interested in letting Luo Binghe continue.


He did have to admit he enjoyed the closeness and being held. But it wasn’t until Luo Binghe shifted to raise one of Shen Yuan’s legs did the angle of his thrusting change for the better.


Feeling a sudden burst of pleasure due to such a large girth brushing past his prostate, Shen Yuan felt his breath become stuck in his throat. It came out in a strangled moan when it happened again. Shen Yuan’s brows quickly drew together as he looked up to find Luo Binghe trying to seemingly concentrate. Perhaps he remembered from earlier that it was possible for sex like this to feel good for Shen Yuan.


It still wasn’t the best but at least it felt better than nothing and far better than the pain he felt earlier. Even his dick started to become interested again. Luo Binghe reaching down to tug at it helped a bit but he was a little too rough about it, causing Shen Yuan to alternate between wincing in pain and melting just a smidge at the pleasure Luo Binghe’s dick was causing.


Eventually, Shen Yuan shooed Luo Binghe’s hand away to stroke himself instead. Luo Binghe felt pleased with the small gasps he was able to elicit from Shen Yuan regardless. Though he still looked to be in a bit of pain.


“You… h-how long are you gunna- mmhn keep this up..-?” Shen Yuan panted, somewhat horrified with Luo Binghe’s stamina.


He never received a well put together answer as Luo Binghe was a bit caught up in his own pleasure. Shen Yuan bitterly thought, at least he’s really enjoying himself. Only for Shen Yuan to cover his face again when Luo Binghe pushed in as far as he could go the moment of his release.


“... I can still help.” Luo Binghe tried, seeing Shen Yuan only half hard again. He got a shake of a head as an answer.


Sighing, Shen Yuan, was almost relieved when Luo Binghe pulled out. “No.. no it’s- fine.. Just let me lay here.”


Luo Binghe couldn’t argue this time. Shen Yuan looked too drained to continue regardless. Laying next to him, Luo Binghe played with Shen Yuan’s hair until the other decided to curl up into his arms.


“If you bother me tomorrow night, I’ll break up with you.” Shen Yuan threatened.


Luo Binghe sniffled. “We just started dating.”


Shen Yuan’s reply was muffled. “And a terrible start, too.”