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The Deadly Game

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Part 1 - The Living Game


“My move, pawn to E7.”

The TARDIS crew had discovered four-man chess. They all huddled around the board as Jamie failed, Isobel got distracted by Zoe, and the Doctor and Zoe traded tactical genius.

“King to E7. Stalemate.”

“Not again, that’s the fourth time you two have drawn.” Isobel complained. She had a point, it was getting thoroughly predictable.

“Well, you know, we are both very… logical.” The Doctor countered.

“Does that mean ye are wrong although you have authority, Doctor?” Jamie asked, jokingly. The Doctor glared at him before everything fell on it’s side. The Doctor crawled to the console room.

“What’s goin’ on, Doctor?” Jamie asked.

“The TARDIS is out of control. I’m going to have to initiate emergency landing!” The Doctor panicked.

“Well isn’t that good.” Isobel sarcastically replied. The ship soon returned to normality.

“Well, we’ve landed,” Zoe said, “atmosphere normal, radiation normal, gravity normal. Shall we go out?”


“Where are we. It looks like… a haunted house?” Isobel stated in wonder.

“Yes. I feel like… like I’ve been here before.” The Doctor replied. Suddenly, darts flew out from the wall and stuck into them. The world warped before the travellers before they crumpled to the floor. Tranquilizer darts. They fell down, into positions.


“Doctor, what’s happened?” Jamie asked, coming to. He stood, clad in black, a wierd hat on his head. Isobel looked at him, and Jamie watched as she was stuck to a horse. Jamie looked to the other side, and saw Zoe on a podium, tall and proud. Like a queen. A queen…

“Doctor, this is a giant chess set!” Isobel said, stunned.

“Yes, and it seems I am the commander. The king, so to speak. White to move first, pawn to D4.” The Doctor deduced. So, the game of chess began.


“Pawn to E4. They moved pawn to D5 so we take that pawn…”

“...Pawn to B4, take the bishop.” They watched in horror as the bishop was atomised…

“...oh, I’m in check. King to H8…”

“...Queen to C2. Wait no, that leads to…” The Doctor said, but could only watch as Zoe was atomised into nothing.

“Zoe…” Isobel cried, distraught…

“...Jamie, knight, move back to D5. Now! No, wait, Jamie!” And thus, Jamie was gone…

“...King to D4, white is in checkmate. We win.” The Doctor said as him and Isobel found themselves free, but at what cost?

“Jamie, Zoe…” Isobel sobbed, her voice cracking, her face streaked with tears.

“Ah, so you beat my little trap. Good for you, I say.” Came a disembodied voice.

“Hold on, I recognise that. Is that… the toymaker?” The Doctor replied.

“Good, Doctor, sharp as ever. I managed to escape your petty little trap through willpower alone.” The Toymaker replied.

“But why did you have to destroy…” The Doctor found himself unable to finish his sentence.

“Simple really, my new masters needed them - no Doctor they’re not dead. Stop being a blithering idiot.” The Toymaker responded, slowly walking into view of the two TARDIS crew members.

“So, you dragged us here and captured our friends. Now what?” The Doctor asked.

“Well, now you’re our playthings. My dolls, if you will…” He cackled as Isobel and the Doctor found strings coming down and attaching themselves to their arms. The Doctor found his arm jerking up and hitting Isobel square in the face. She tried to run but strings attached to her legs and stopped her. They paraded hopelessly in front of the Toymaker, their mouths reforming into zips, unable to open. They were playthings.


“Time eddy created. The energy created from the subjects was enough.”

“What of the Toy-maker?”

“He will be… destroyed. Ionize rado-metron.”

“I obey.”


“Now, puppet one, say this: ‘I’m a worthless old codger who hates humans.’” The Toymaker dictated.

“I’m a worthless old codger who hates humans.” The Doctor helplessly replied. They’d been here for days, weeks, months. No hope so far.

“Puppet two, say this: ‘Oh Doctor, I don’t know why I thought so of that stupid woman Zoe, I love you so much.’” The Toymaker smiled sadistically.

“Oh Doctor, I don’t know why I thought so of that stupid woman Zoe, I love you so much.” Isobel said begrudgingly. Suddenly, a bolt fired. The Toymaker crumpled, and his two playthings returned to normality. Then, the creature moved in, screaming “You will follow.”, and the travellers had no choice to obey.



Susan cried out in horror as the first Doctor disappeared into thin air. Ian, Barbara, and Susan were stuck in a holding pattern until he returned. Meanwhile, One had been dragged down the time eddy to late 20th-century Earth. He dusted himself down and watched as a saucer descended down from the sky. Bolts shot out as there was pandemonium on the streets below. He hid in a building until the ship descended. Next to him, a young girl huddled. Suddenly, she recognised him.

“Doctor! It’s you! As in, first you. Oh but of course you haven’t met me yet, have you. Well, my name’s Sarah Jane Smith, and this is my pet K-9.” Sarah Jane introduced herself, and then motioned a metal dog forward. The Doctor smiled endearingly at the machine.

“Well, my child. I haven’t met you yet but I may have. Did you travel with me? If so, which one?” One asked.

“Your fourth body, mainly. Why?”

“Good heavens, I’m getting careless. Listen, do you fancy-“

“-storming the saucer? Yes.”

“Well that’s settled then. Come along…”


“Ugh, me head.” Jamie groaned as he heard a throbbing in his ears. No wait, it was all around him. He opened his eyes and saw Zoe.

“Jamie! You’re awake. I was transported here when I was ‘atomised’. Where are we?” Zoe said at a thousand miles an hour. Jamie looked bemusedly at her before the door opened.

“You will move.” A creature said.

“No, you were… destroyed!” Jamie said in horror.


One and Sarah crept closer. The saucer door was open and a ramp up was dropped. They slowly climbed up, into a deserted control room. It was like a game on easy difficulty. Then, they saw four people, all tied up.

“Oh my giddy aunt, it’s… it’s me!” Two exclaimed.

“Ah, so you're my replacement!” One deduced. He set about untying him and Jamie whilst Sarah freed Zoe and Isobel.

“But why are you here, who did this?” Sarah asked.

“It was their slaves who did this but they were under the control of the most awful beings. Almost like pepperpots with death-days.” Zoe said.

“Wait, child, pepperpots with death-rays. That sounds like…” One said, but he was cut off.

A dalek entered and screamed “You are intruders. YOU WILL BE EXTERMINATED! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!”

Next Time: Dalek Invasion of Earth, 1984 A.D.