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Fallen Empires

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People sometimes forget.

With bright eyes, blank stares and a blinding grin that could put a lighthouse
to shame its hard not too sometimes.

They take one look at him and pass him off as a bumbling naive hopeful
ignorant of the seas cruelty.

They attribute his victorys in battle to dumb luck even though they know better,
they would rather deplore his opponents weakness rather than acknowledge the Strawhats strength and
with all his silliness find it hard to see past his harebrained exterior.

And often they forget about the darker side.

They forget he can be a ruthless being, tearing mens lives apart and shattering
the very foundations which they built their lives upon.
They forget he will stop at nothing to destroy anything or anyone that dares
hurt those closest to him.
They forget he would take on the world with everything he's got just to see his nakama smile

And when they forget, empires fall.