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Not Your Typical Type Of Emergency

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Chapter 1: This isn't what I call an emergency!?


Felicity's POV

A frustrating sigh escaped Felicity’s lips as she looked down at the four outfits on her bed. For the first time in her life Felicity Smoak didn't know what to wear for this occasion. She never was the one to go out for Halloween. She was a homebody type of girl; she would rather be at home watching 31 nights of Halloween on some random cable channel than dressing up, but she promised Thea she would be at her big Halloween Bash at the Queen Mansion this weekend.

"Why is it so hard to pick something!" Felicity was already at her limit, she couldn't decide on which outfit. Did she want to go naughty or nice? Weird or creepy? Too many choices.

She plopped down on a small black loveseat in the corner. She had been looking over the outfits one more time from the seat, glancing at the clock on her dresser. She had been doing this for about an hour; she was glad she didn't need to go to the Foundry tonight.

Who could she call for help? Normally she would call her mother but Donna Smoak had found a new boyfriend and she didn't wanna call and listen to her talk about him, or when she was going to start looking for mister right.

Going through her friends in her head. Thea was a no. She was spending time with Roy making sure everything was bought and paid for for the party. Sara came back for a while but left again.  And John was a no also... he was babysitting AJ for Carly.

She frowned to herself as she realized she didn't have many friends now since she had been Oliver's assistant. Many didn't wanna associate with her because of her new position in the company and her being friends with Oliver Queen.

Stupid if you ask me... I'm still the same person in and outside of the company.

"I need new friends." Tapping her red tip nails on the love seat, a small smile started to form on her pink lips. Why didn't she think of this sooner? A plan started to form in her head.

Making a grab besides her loveseat for her black purse, she searched inside for her baby, grabbed it and smiled. “Come to mama!” Felicity scrolled through her contacts as she spotted the name of the person she had been looking for. She hesitated for a moment and thought about what would happen if her plan didn’t work, then shook her head as she quickly gilded her finger across the lit screen. “Text seems faster and a lot safer,” she mumbled as she sent a quick text hoping he would show up.

8:00 p.m. was the time she sent the text out and she knew it was a long shot. Ten minutes had passed and he didn’t call her or answer her text. Maybe he’s patrolling or something? It doesn’t take him this long to answer me. I guess I'll just have to suck it up and call my mother. l... A noise from her bedroom broke her train of thought . Oh, crap... Oh crap!! On top of that, there's a robber in my house. Looking around her room she spotted a wooden baseball bat making her way over towards the door, being as quiet as she can be she turned the knob slowly peeking her head out seeing no one out there. Maybe I’m hearing things? Maybe the life she been leading at night had finally messed up her hearing and made her paranoid.

She walked down the hallway slowly, grip tight around the bat as she turned the corner. She saw a familiar well-built man walk into her living room. “OLIVER QUEEN!” She huffed. She was glad she had the lights on. She stomped into the living room and poked him in the chest with the bat. “You scared the crap out of me. I thought you were some robber or something.” She sent him a heated glare, all the while knowing it didn’t affect him at all as it did with many others.

“Felicity.” A small shiver ran through her body when he said her name; she loved when he said her name.

She tossed the bat onto the couch. "You know some people would knock on the front door. Not break in and scare a poor girl like me out of her mind," she growled at him, earning her an eye roll in return.

“You should know by now that I am not a normal person, Felicity. And it’s not breaking in if you have a key and the alarm code.” Tilting her head to the side as he smiled at her, she watched his movements as he took off his leather jacket and tossed it next to her bat. He stood right in front of her. “Now onto my next question, Felicity. You texted me nine-one-one? What's the emergency? Is it Green related?” He thought she texted him this early for their night time activities.

“No arrowy related stuff. Really I called you here for another life and death reason.” Maybe using a life and death comment wasn’t the right thing to say to Oliver. Biting her lip, she spoke in a soft voice. “Promise me you won’t leave until you help me out?”

Or get angry for what I’m about to ask you.

Oliver took hold of her hands and rubbed small circles there as he gave that smile he reserved only for her. “Felicity, whatever it is I’ll help you. Just tell me what it is.” She smiled up at him knowing he might get more annoyed than angry about her request or maybe both.

"I knew you would agree!! So now you can help me pick a Halloween costume.” Taking hold of his hands, she pulled him towards her bedroom but was pulled back and her babble was cut off. Oliver took hold of her hips and brought her closer to him and to a halt. His hands tightened on her hips and his hot breath sent shivers down her neck. She imaged for a split moment other activities they could do in this position.

  "You called me here to help you pick out a Halloween costume?! Felicity!!" Before she could mutter anything or defend herself, he went on and on. She heard him saying clothes were not a nine-one-one situation, or life or death . She pulled him slowly towards her room as he still went on about this rant as they made it inside.

“Are you done, Oliver? Because all I hear is: ‘I’m the big bad Vigilante and I’ll huff and puff and blow your house down..’ Oh wait wrong fairytale..” Felicity turned towards him, giving him a teasing smile as she patted his shoulder.

Fe-lic-ity I am not your fashion consultant,” Oliver hissed out. He was following her every move like she was his prey.

“Come on, Oliver. It’s just a tiny itty bitty favor. I just need someone to help me because it’s been ages since I dressed up for Halloween, and it’s your sister’s fault in the first place for having a Halloween bash.”  Standing on her tippy toes, she gave him her best pout. “Please!!!! It’s only four outfits. Can you do that for me?” Batting her eyelashes at him, she hoped he would give. He ran his hand over his scruffy beard and let out a frustrated growl.

Don’t think dirty thoughts on that growl, Felicity... Don’t think about wanting to ride his face.

“Fine.. But this is the last time you make me do this. Next time call Thea.”

Felicity knew he would come around. Her plan was starting off perfectly.

"Sooo Mr. Queen, what Halloween outfit should I try on first?" Felicity asked with a flirty, playful smile as she picked up two of the plastic bags that held the outfits.

It was going to be a long long night for him.


To Be Continued...