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Codename Lumière

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Chapter 01.2 – It’s Not a Movie Anymore, Lumière


The silhouettes Lumière saw after he listened the familiar voices soon became more than just silhouettes. They were not the forms and looks of two women, two ladies who were too much familiar for the scientist from his days and nights binging and fapping for old Hollywood movies.

Those two ladies were Toni Gerard (Paulette Goddard) and Jo Ainsley (Virginia Field), as they were portrayed in the movie ‘The Crystal Ball’ (1942). Both wearing outfits from the comedy movie, Toni/Paulette wearing a fur stole adorning a glittering coat and dress wearing a large tam-like hat. Jo/Virgina wore a more discreet tailleur suit with skirt and a more discret black beret hat. And both with gloves on each other’s hands, as if they came straight from a scene.

“Hello, Lumière! Glad to see us?”, Toni was the one who greeted the newcomer.

The inventor was totally speechless with Toni’s question. He was so appalled with what he saw that no worlds could be seen out of his mouth even if he wished to say something.

“What happened? The cat eat your tongue, dear?”, it was Jo’s turn to tease Lumière.

“Y-You two… a-are… here… B-b-but…”

The two ladies began to walk closer to Lumière, was Meliès allowed them to ‘know each other’ at first and remained in silence as the inventor tried to wonder if that was a dream or something else.

“Welcome to the world you created, Lumière. Bet you didn’t expect we were here to give you our welcome, dear”, Miss Ainsley spoke first, then Miss Gerard.

“You finally did it! You finally found the passage between our world and yours. You must be feeling yourself proud, boy”

“I can’t believe… you two… Toni, Jo… I saw you on the screen… it’ can’t be real! It can’t be real!”, Lumière still astonished, but his mind now trying to reconcile it with the fact he was actually seeing two ladies he only saw in the movie right in front of him. “I must be dreaming, perhaps even sleeping or even took something and now I am imagining it… that’s should be”

“I must advise you that isn’t the case, dear Lumière”, Meliès’ voice tried to assure the inventor about the verity of the world he was brought in. “Nothing is fake or virtual reality. It’s real as you are

No… no… it’s impossible! It cannot be! They are just movie characters… just that, they can’t be… well, how they are alive here in front of me if the movie was done in the forties”

“Our movie was done way before you were born”, Toni said, trying to entice her guest to believe. “But our existence do not depends on the nitrate or film stock anymore, my dear Lumière. We are eternal, live in a world that we can live forever and never die”

“It’ how this world was intended to be you”, Jo added. “Here we are immortal, just like you want. Just like the fans think. There is nothing that cannot show that we aren’t as real as every person you meet”

“It can’t be... noo... it’s too much... it’s…”, Lumière’s incredulity was very obvious at his face and posture. After all, did he finally found the door to a parallel universe shaped by his movie fantasies? Maybe knowing such, the overseeing voice took the helm of the situation.

“Why you don’t believe in the conquest you just had, Lumière? Can’t believe you just did everything here?”

“Well… it’s… It’s hard for me to concede that I finally found what I was looking for after all these years…”

“Then I believe that we need to apply Thomas the Apostle’s way on you, my dear”, said Meliès.


The only thing they had to prove that he wasn’t being inside a dream it was to show they were as real as him. Toni stepped close to the scientist with her hand stretched towards him. Lumière stepped away from her, much the Goddard’s character’s surprise.

“Why are you afraid, Lumière? I won’t bite”

Maybe his lack of belief in what he was seeing befuddled the scientist to not actually engage. But Toni Gerard was a woman and he was a man, and then she grabbed his left wrist and held it all her strength she could.

Lumière saw the act with shock, but when he felt the grip of the woman’s hands on him, he began to realize what was going on. It was… real! They hands got together, intertwined and the man looked amazed to the brunette. She wasn’t anything like fake, virtual reality, hologram or whatever. She was real. She was as real as every woman he knew.

Soon, his fear began to cede to curiosity and his free hand began to touch Toni’s body. He couldn’t believe, now that she was the ‘real deal’, her skin touch being the same as every other human, the clothing, everything. There wasn’t anything fake on her and that moment was when he began to realize for good what he had discovered that night.

“My God! You are.. real! You are real! My God!”

Now, he had two hands to touch the brunette‘s body, and Toni pushed Lumière to do it. The curiosity grew on the eyes of the millionaire as his hands roamed the brunette’s body, now his fear becoming a version of arousal that both appreciated much.

“Like what you see?” winked the woman.

“I can’t believe that I am touching you, Toni. During all these years, you were one of the stars of my fantasies and now, I am here with you”, replied Lumière.

Toni liked and Jo as well, with her joining the duo and letting herself to get ‘tested’ by the inventor’s hand, and he was getting joyful that she was as well real as Toni and him were. There wasn’t a better proof that he

“Never in my years searching and fiddling for this world I ever imagined that I was about to do this with you two… I don’t have words to speak how happy I am with. It’s the biggest discovery of my love”

“I bet you will discover more”, Jo wickedly hinted.

“What do you mean?”

“Should we tell him, Meliès, or you will?”, Toni questioned to the overseeing voice.

“I believe that our Lumière’s ready for the welcoming party”, Meliès announced.

“Welcome party? Wait... what do you mean with what? Won’t even let me make a couple of questions that I want to know about this place”

“Leave these questions for later, Lumière… now we have better things to do”, said the serious being to him.

Soon, he was between Toni and Joe, the two girls now touching and looking really naughty to the inventor, having the kinkiest ideas for the ‘welcome party’, which the newcomer only had to wonder what was in store for him.

“Well, should we commence the celebrations, Toni?”

“We should… this one is a piece of hotness Jo”

Lumière was now just a ‘passenger’ of the ladies’ lust. He, who dreamed for so long to join the silver screen and meet the gorgeous ladies he lusted about for years to date, now had two fine examples of such by his side, all eyeing his body to play with, and their hands now playing through his trousers with his dick.

“Would be so much better if we get more comfortable than with these clothes we are in”

If there was an excuse to get naked, it was the perfect one, and there wasn’t any hurdle than that for them to begin the action. Lumière nodded to the girls showing that he was up to the task to show he could perform with Hollywood legends like them.

And he was the first one to get naked, thanks to the lady couple, who ravished his clothes until his body was fully shown to them. His dick was quite hard, but not yet in the ‘boiling point’ that ladies think it’s enough for them to get through the action.

Then it was Jo and Toni’s respective turns to take off their clothes and show their ‘guest’ what the costumes disallowed him to see while watching ‘The Crystal Ball’. What he saw when the ladies did a fanciful yet funny strip-tease was that he was pretty much satisfied that they knew what he liked.

First of all, the two women did not take their hats off. Our hero had an enormous desire to have sex with girls wearing hats and, since they knew him pretty well (as they said, that world was his after all), kept the headgear intact. But when their regular clothes were at the floor, they wore lingerie who would make even the dead wake up!

Toni Gerard sported an all-white corset with garterbelt, garters and stockings all in the same color and both showing bare boobs and pussy. Jo, in her way, sported a similar pair, but her pantyhose was black and in fishnet style. Lumière’s eyes were watering when he found that.

“It was this you wore at the movie?”, the inventor asked.

“Actually, this is especially for you”, Toni said to entice their guest “We were ready for the moment you’d join in, darlin’”

“Like what you see, Dear Lumière?”, Jo inquired with a quite raspy and sexy voice.“

“If you two know me, you must know that I love these, and if women like you wear them…”

“I think you’d be delighted that you know you have something for women with hats. And we are to keep them for you”, the one portrayed by Paulette Goddard said to her soon lover.

“If you promise not to take them while we do it…”

The two ladies smiled while they gave a nice prequel to the future sex action by kissing each other feet closer to where the scientist genius was. Just the thought of him wondering if they went at it while seeing the movie made her get hard, imagine now, that the two were in full color, as human as he and anybody else, make out in front of him. The recipe was to see his cock get to the ‘boiling point’ of hardness.

“Shall we begin, Meliès?”, Jo Ainsley asked to the overseeing voice.

“You should have done it earlier, children”, the being answered.

“Are you going to be here, watching us having sex?”, it was Lumière’s turn to ask.

“If you don’t feel bad, I won’t make any noise”

It was a situation too much to pass and the inventor wasn’t the ‘shmuck’ to do it. Jo and Toni already had their hands giving him a handjob, which meant there wasn’t no turning back to him.

“What about you two show me how you want to have me, ladies?”, Lumière asked with a wicked smile.

The two 40s women dropped to their knees and began to finally begin with the sexual formalities. A sigh of joy came from the inventor’s mouth when the tongues of the ladies began to play with his cock.

“Ohhh… Ahhh…”

Right from the first second, Toni and Jo began to please Lumière by lapping the tip of his penis and beginning to ‘fight’ for sucking his manmeat. The two ladies wanted to welcome their ‘master’ like he should be welcomed and didn’t waste any second on the clock to show they were exactly what he dreamed for so long that they were.

And to the inventor, it didn’t take a few seconds for him to notice it was quite different from all the things he had before. Their tongues gave him different sensations from any other woman he met, maybe even Nicolet. It wasn’t a kind of lady he was used to see and that aroused him the most.

Toni and Jo licked his rod, both tongues meeting in the halfway before they two women took turns on orally pleasing their guest. It seemed that, in the few seconds and minutes he was there, Lumière was to leave a good impression to them.

“It’s tasty just as I thought he was, Toni”. Jo Ainsley was excited to see that the parallel universe searcher had the cock they expected he had.

“We just began to have him and I will call him the best sex ever!”, Toni Gerard shared the same delight to meet the scientist.

The two women showed they were excellent cocksuckers and showed how they were great partners to each other as they took turns on sucking Lumière. The same you could say about the newcomer, moaning like never while Goddard and Field gave him the blowjob of his life, no joke.

“Ahhhhhhhhh! Oh Yeahhhhhh! Uhhhhhhhhh! Suck me ladies! You are the best!”

Both ladies smiled to their lover and continued to give him the intended blowjob, already liking the fact the inventor already got the goods for their cocksucking. No one might imagine these two were really into that, but in the world they were, there wasn’t anything or almost anything that they wouldn’t do for pleasure.

“Keep it going, girls. Show how much you were hungry for my cock”

Jo and Toni liked to see Lumière assume the role of the ‘dominant’ of the threesome. They imagined him to be like that, to take the position as the one to lead the sex and it was exactly how he began to act. The science prodigy didn’t had the looks which warranted him to be in such role in sex, but not always looks translate well to the behavior of a human being while fucking somebody else.

“Fuck yeah! You two really know how to suck dick!”, the inventor praised his two lovers

“Did you imagine us sucking your cock, dear Lumière?”, Jo Ainsley questioned him.

“I always knew you Hollywood ladies can take a dick better than 90% of the women I know”

“We aren’t normal women, darling”, Toni Gerard commented.

Lumière imagined how the scientific society could react if he revealed he found the passage to a world which runs parallel to his. Even better, the materialization of a world that only existed in his wet dreams, almost if one could create numbers of universes only with the mind power. Maybe they will think he was crazy, but would they if his laboratorial peers caught them having two Old Hollywood women doing that to him?

That, however, didn’t matter to what the inventor was living. A potential Nobel and all prizes he could get couldn’t be worthy to do Paulette Goddard and Virginia Field, I mean, Toni Gerard and Jo Ainsley. Sometimes the prizes of pleasure might be bigger than any scientific laurel.

“Please, Lumière, tell us how we blow your dick, baby?”

“You suck cock better than anybody I know! Keep doing it ladies! Make that cock taste for your pussies and butts!”

“When you talk like this, you excite Jo and I…”

The two girls continued the blowjob session and the moaning was pretty louder by now. The near-empty room, almost ‘infinite’ because of the white walls who surrounded the tree, was about to watch Lumière finally take on the girls he jerked off for years to come. Himself was anxious, heart pounding like he was about to get a surprise, waiting for the sign the two ladies from the early 40s would give for him to show how man he was.

“Come on, ladies! Suck my cock! Your mouths are unbelievably hot! Ahhh… Yeahh!”

“Wait till you see what we have in store for you”, Toni teased their lover guest.

“I think you might show me what you have for me, Toni Gerard”

“I think you are already ready”, Jo stated, eyeing his lover. “Let the games begin”

“Really? Oh My God! I can’t wait to fuck you two! I’ve been waiting for so long!”, Lumière now was eager the highest when Jo announced that they were about to fuck.

“So do us, Lumière. We saw you since the first day and imagined the day we’ve would meet”

“Well, guess I think we need a place to do it properly. I don’t like to do it in the floor…”

“If I may help…”, Meliès gave what the inventor needed in a second, while a gray colored couch appeared as the room got all the things that a living room has, even with a rug for them to not feel the coldness and roughness of the floor. When the scientist saw how it was assemble in a finger snap, another shock for him

“What the heck! Are you the genie in the lamp or?”

“You can tell that I am here to help you where you want, Lumière”, the resounding voice replied.

“That was awesome, my sire. Will the ladies follow me in the quest of pleasure?”

“Of course!”, both said with wicked smiles, as well eager to see if their guest could show what he might be advertising since he began his sexual life. And the genius was, as well, really excited to see if Toni Gerard and Jo Ainsley were as hot as he believed in the years they, and many others, living inside his naughtiest fantasies.

He took the ladies by the hand, one girl holding a hand of their lover, and took to the ‘living room’ they were about to use for their ménage-a-trois. A while since the last time Lumière enjoyed two ladies at the same time and the drought was about to end that night.

“If this is a dream, I don’t want it to wake up anymore”, Lumière said before the three kissed each other with passion and lust.

“This is not a dream”, the longhaired brunette said. “This is as real as you imagined all this time you were looking for us”

Toni’s statement made her lover to smile. Another ingredient he needed to show those two he was the hunk they waited for so long.

“Well, ladies, how do we shall begin?”

“As you wish me sire”

Lumière thought about what he wanted to do with Toni and Jo. It ended up, after all the positions and things he wanted to try, that, to begin with, he had to go where these threesomes were failproof.

“Here we go, ladies!”, the naughty inventor said while rubbing his hands in anticipation.

With her back on one of the couch’s arms, Toni had her legs spread and Jo between them, eating her pussy. Behind Miss Ainsley was Lumière, finally having the chance to fuck an Old Hollywood pussy;.
“It’s a dream come true! And I hope that it will be ‘cum true’ as well”, Lumière smiled like a kid at a toy shop.

“Take your time, darling. It won’t be the last time”, Jo said.

Lumiere held grip on Jo’s ass, feeling the silk and smooth texture of her buttocks, admiring how nice they were and also thinking again if that wasn’t a dream. As soon as the woman’s slit got filled by his cock, the scientist realized that it was much real than he thought.

“It’s real! Shit, it’s real! I am fucking a Hollywood star!”

“It’s VERY real, Lumière”, Toni assured that what he was doing wasn’t just a day dream.

Slowly, the man penetrated Jo Ainsley’s love hole, feeling the texture of her vulva and vagina against his penis that touch giving him something he never experienced with other women before. It was a different touch, a more ‘pleasurable’ touch than anything else he had in his entire life, something he couldn’t explain in words, at least by that time, because he needed to feel it and enjoy it.

Meanwhile, Jo’s pussylicking on Toni helped him to have that odd yet lovely feeling. He fantasized his entire teen and adult life with lesbians from golden Hollywood era doing that for him, a daydream he had now, available while screwing a gorgeous lady in Virginia Field’s character.

“Jo, show me you can suck pussy like nobody else. I know you want to eat Toni”

“We always do it, my dear. Here, there’s no lady who doesn’t know how to lick pussy”, Paulette Goddard’s role informed Lumière. That information was enough to make him very happy by the inside.

The slow pace of the genius’ ‘sexual stabbing’ managed him to get the first impressions about screwing Jo Ainsley. They were more than just ‘she is hot’. He didn’t had words to speak how horny that girl made him and how pleasurable was to fuck her, and there wasn’t any inhibitions who constrained him inside that ‘living room’. It was just a matter of feeling pleasure and have fun with the two women.

“Ohhhh Yeahhh! Wiggle that ass for me, Jo! Yeahh! You have a wonderful pussy to fuck! Let me stab your cunt!”

“Ahhhh! Oh Lumière! Fuck me! Ahhhhhhhhhh Yeahhhh! I wanted this for so long!”

“Fuck her, dear Lumière. Don’t stop banging her. This one loves some cock and pussy, I know very well”

Jo buried her face on Toni’s crotch, licking pussy and having her mind to show her how excellent were Lumière’s sexual abilities. Being the world that he made in his mind and that became reality after his experiment, she wanted to see if her ‘creator’ was what it was advertised. Anyone who saw her moan the way she did, loud and with intensity, was assured that it wasn’t any case of ‘faking’ those feelings. The inventor was really the hunk she wished he was.

“Bet I can fuck better than any man you know”

“You are every man I know”

“I think she needs you to go deeper on her, Lumière”

He didn’t need Toni’s push to remember he had to show why he was a ‘man’. Lumière already began to make his banging get deeper and faster inside Jo Ainsley’s love box. His wicked face was the proof how joyful was to him to finally find the happiness in the two ladies’ arms and holes. Jo only could show how much she appreciated it with screams of delight about her now lover.

“Yess! Dear God! Yesss! Lumière! Yessssssssssss!”

The scientist’s name was uttered by Jo loudly, as Toni did while her lesbian lover played with her clit and vulva with her tongue. A threesome where nobody had anything to criticize about.

“Don’t stop eat my pussy, Jo. Please, keep it doing it! Uhhh Yeahhh! Your tongue is amazing, Jo… don’t stop!”

As he plowed inside his lover, it was when Lumière finally stopped to think if that was all a fantasy created by any bad night of sleep or hallucinations from the days and nights of hard work pursuing the gate to the different worlds. The touch of Jo’s pussy was as real as any woman’s pussy he fucked. Actually, it was even better.

“Uhhhh… God! I never fucked somebody like you before, Jo. You are the goddess of the Hollywood sluts”

“Then welcome to the club, Lumière”, she seemed to like the praise from her ‘creator’.

Lumière didn’t believe how much pleasure he was getting from fucking somebody that might be just a movie character made in the 40s. It was a major delight him pushing hard on Jo’s pussy and seeing her eating deep and hard Toni’s pussy. A way he did actually expected only in his wet dreams. But never in the reality.

“If I only knew I was about to fuck you both…” Lumière said.

The threesome was completely becoming a frenzy road of erotic games and delightful adventures for the threesome. And our hero also eyed the chance to taste Toni Gerard’s pussy as fast as he could.

“Jo, if I may ask, shall we change positions and I could see the juicy that might be Toni’s pussy?”, the inventor asked.

“Only if you let her eat my pussy”, Jo wittingly answered.

Since they all agreed and there wasn’t any objection, the two movie characters and the VR scientist went to the next position. Lumière’s first contact with Toni’s pussy came as they were in a position known as ‘tag team’. Toni lied at the rugged ground and welcomed the ‘stallion’s penis inside her ‘more than anything’ wet pussy. Then it was time for Jo to sit on her face, with her back ‘facing’ the scientist, giving the longhaired brunette the task to repay the cunnilingus.

“Uhhh… shit, what a cock! Ahhhh!”, Toni got to feel how it was his dick for the first time.

“I told you, Toni”

The second or two after Lumière inserted his manhood inside Toni Gerard’s pussy, she began to give oral to Jo Ainsley. And then the fun restarted the way it was prone to be, the three having the best of their times and cave into the discovery of the pleasures of the human of the ‘real world’ versus the humans of the ‘movie world’.

“I still in disbelief I am doing you two! I feel like the luckiest man ever”, Lumière uttered.

“If you knew what is in store for you, my dear Lumière”, Meliès stirred the man’s curiosity.

“What do you mean?”

“You will see, Lumière…”

But it shouldn’t be time to get curious with stuff he wouldn’t to get in touch later. Now, his business was to have sex with the two women he had available. And the ladies were really entertained with the skills of the newcomer.

“Uhhh… yeahhh! Lumière… fuck me! Ahhhh!”, Toni yelled.

“Isn’t he a stallion, Toni?”, Jo asked in an attempt to make their lover happy.

“He is better than ANY stallion I ever met… and it’s even better fucking him while licking your pussy”

“Ahh… your tongue is divine, Toni! Please, eat me! Make me yours”

“I will, Jo… I will… this night is the best night in the whole world!”

Having Lumière’s cock inside her pussy and tasting her friend’s slit was the usual best of both worlds to any woman interest in both men and women. Since at that universe they were lovers, only the need for a male of proven quality to make the match complete. Until that day, that vacancy was left unfilled…

“Lord! You both are hot! Ahhh! Your pussies are almost sucking my dick in!”

The scientist, of course, enjoyed every inch of action he had to put inside the two movie women (and why he wouldn’t enjoy it?) After all, the dream of a lifetime was at the reach of his hands and he wouldn’t let it get away.

Then, the girls had him to keep showing his prowess in sex. They laid Lumière one couch and went the whole cowgirl on them. Once again, the inventor found his cock inside Jo’s cunt and then, he would finally learn the taste of Hollywood’s pussy how it is (or was).

“Now it’s time for you two learn how we rule the things here, darling!”. Goddard’s character announced.

Like he was a plaything (and he was, sort of), the two women climbed to his body and began to enjoy their lover in other different way. Now the two Old Hollywood ladies were to ‘control’ the destiny of his sexual fun, making him just an ‘acting observer’.

“Hmmm… Toni… what a pussy you have… I admired your scent every time I saw you”

The smell of lady cunny inebriated Lumière and aroused him even more, with his tongue having to work good to keep up with the women’s skills with that part of the body. Not that he hadn’t those, but those ladies were different from anyone he had met until then. Letting a bad impression could be the worst thing he could go.

“Uhhhh… Lumière! Lick it good… ohhh.. I can feel your tongue!”, Toni began to moan and experience the pleasures of her lover’s mouth. Meanwhile, Jo wouldn’t be the one to not express how that position of ‘leading’ brought her a new comprehension about what was going on.

“Hmm… ohhh… yeah… this place is amazing! These girls… I’m in heaven!”

Toni and Jo ‘overpowered’ the scientist, humping and rubbing themselves to make him get to learn what awaited for him at the world he imagined for all these years and that finally became real. Miss Ainsley adored having herself filled with the man’s cock and Toni praised his oral abilities.

“Ahh… hmmm… ohhh yess!”

“Lumière! Yesssss! Yes! Ahhhhhhh!”

To where that party would lead? Would have to be an end? There were questions what would have to be answered, but Lumière wasn’t much into trying to make philosophical points about what else would happen. He had just to live the fun as it was.

Plenty of stuff the threesome had there. One of the most interesting was the ‘double 69’. The concept was quite easy, the two women, Toni on top, began to eat each other’s in a sixty-nine with the lady on top having her ass rammed by the man’s dick. Then, like a magic trick, they switched and then Jo was on top and allowed her ass to be ‘visited’. And then the switch was done and done…

“I always imagined you two were into each other!”, the film fanatic said while watching the pleasure the two women had while going on themselves..

“We are not the only one here, Lumière”, Jo winked to her lover.

“Come again? You are telling me there are more?”

“Only time will make you discover all the secrets, my dear”, Toni teased the inventor.

There was plenty of stuff the trio tried, Lumière filling both ladies’ holes and, as well, proving them too with his tongue. Too many things to talk about, since it seemed a never ending night for the scientist and his two latest ‘discoveries’.

Perhaps the thing that struck most his attention was the fact his stamina was ways greater than in ‘his world’. Lumière noticed his energy lasted well longer than every time he had sex. He wasn’t feeling any tired or needing to cum and his expression was of a man who could go on for an entire day or two fucking Paulette Goddard and Virginia Field. Nothing he could complain about… plus the plenty of orgasms the two ladies had. And by saying the word ‘plenty’ wasn’t a hyperbole.

“Yeahhhhhhh! You are making us cum Lumière! Make us cum!”

“I am cumming right now, Jo! He is a hunk!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I am cumming! Ahhhhhhhh!”

“Me too, Toni! I am cumming again!”

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHH Yeahhhhhhhhhhh!”

These were a few of the many moments where the two Old Hollywood women found their ultimate pleasure by the penis (and other places) of the scientist. Surely we could include them all, but they went far from counting with just the fingers, so to speak…

As I said, there were plenty of things those three did and it could be a way longer story to write everything they did inside the makeshift living room. How Meliès appreciated our hero’s first ‘proof of strength’? Guess soon we will see…

“Fuck, I need to cum! I gotta cum!”

“Why don’t you cum, Lumière?”, the voice asked him. “It’s your world”

“Cum for us, darling”, Jo Ainsley request. “Shower us with your goo!”

“Show us how the great Lumière ‘thanks’ his girls!”. Toni Gerard joined the bandwagon.

Since the world was his creation, the inventor immediately began to think as if he was about to cum. ‘Magically’, his dick began to tingle like if he was about to spurt his seed on the two ladies. No better time than that to finish his ‘best night ever’.

“Wow… I am getting there ladies! I think I am going to cum!”

“Then let us help you to cum”

Once again on their knees, Toni and Jo used her tongues, lips and hands to help their man to find his orgasm. With his manhood wrapped by his lovers, the man did the usual breath of a guy feeling his cum was about to make his appearance and shower the women.

“Ahh… yeah… ahh… I am getting there!”

Eager to see how the inventor would finish by the first time inside their world; the duo of female movie characters didn’t waste efforts to make him do what they needed him to give them.

It didn’t take much for Lumière to give Toni and Jo what they ‘deserved’. The women did the best to tease their lover, licking, kissing and fapping the man, always eyeing the scientist and enticing him to get horny as well and one second closer to the boiling point.

“Ahhh… Uhhh… Oh Yeahhhh! I am going to… Ghnnnnnnnnnn!”

All the faces and the grunting generated a load of cum he never imagined he would unload. Not that was that torrent you see in your regular porn, but Jo and Toni got their faces drenched (with something dribbling to their tits and chin as well) with a quite good flow of sperm, the kind even they didn’t expect to get from the scientist.

He came on them together, the two women with mouths and tongues waiting for the manmilk to drink. Then, each lady got its own turn to taste the male juice straight from the source, both very satisfied and quite ‘begging’ for more.

“Cum on us, Lumière! Cum on us! Please!”

“Then, let me see your hats, women”

“For what?”

He pushed his cock closer to Toni’s hat and… the headgear got also its turn to get soaked with his sperm. Madame Goddard got surprised by the act, but loved how kinky it sounded. The inventor did afterwards the same with Madame Field, her hat also ‘marked’ by the white goo of her lover.

“I love hats on women so much that I love to cum on them. Hope you don’t mind”

“Never!”, both said.

Toni and Jo even took their tongues out to get something of cum Lumière deposited on their millinery. But he still got some load on them and blew it before he was completely empty on that. The result was that his two new lovers where amazed to see how much their man was capable to please them and give them all the sexual joy flavors they most needed. And even if seemed that they finished ‘too early’.

Toni and Jo looked at each other with a kinky smile and to Lumière as they proceeded to clean the cum on each other’s faces with their tongues. Still standing in front of them, there was him, with quite a victorious face and pose, as if he won Nobel Prize or the Oscars, proud of what he did (why wouldn’t be?), of his discovery that might change forever the world as we know. And, more precisely, his own life.

“Congratulations, Lumière! You just did it!”, Meliès shouted to praise the efforts of the newcomer.

But there was something else that would more intrigue to that show. For that, somebody who the genius knew very well was to be the one to have the key



Nicolet returned early from her weekend with her parents, a business partner of hers called her to a meeting in the Friday following, cutting short her family meet-up. The best friend and assistant went to find Lumière.

“Lumière, I am here! Vanessa called me and told me her clients were to meet us tomorrow, so here I am again! Where you are?”

She went to the TV room and noticed the device was still on but no sign of Lumière there. Nicolet turned the TV on (that has no actual importance for the inventor’s stay there, by the way) and went to check the kitchen and his bedroom, again no sign of him.

”Where is he? Ahh… he must be at the lab! Maybe he worked too much there and fell asleep, so typical”, the red-hatted brunette said.

Besides him, she was the only one with access to his lab, being the only one the inventor could trust on his search for other worlds. Miss Darcey took the route to his lab and already halfway, she began to notice something odd.

”Why it’s suddenly so warm here?”

The warm feeling followed the traces of a bright light coming from the lab. As she came closer to the laboratory’s door, which was still open, the brightness got stronger. Was Lumière working in something there?

“Lumière, are you there? Lumière?”, Nicolet called when she arrived the door.

Entering the lab, the light became brighter with each step closer to the station where her friend tried to connect with worlds which weren’t his. The woman’s curiosity was enticed the largest, maybe because she wasn’t hearing any answer.

“Lumière? Lumière?”

Worried like never and thinking the worst had happen with her boss, Nicolet approached the ‘aquarium’. There was the source of the brightness, now more intense and almost blinding to her. The brunette managed to see the ‘station’ where her friend monitored the contact with the universes he was trying to search, but there was no sign. Her heart raced like a mad horse and the fear began to grow until she saw his face at the monitors. And then Miss Darcey didn’t understood anything.

“What the! Lumière?”

“Nicolet… Nicolet Darcey?”

“Who is there? It’s you, Lumière? Where you are?

“Nicolet… come to us…”

Now the voice was male, similar to Meliès’ thunderous tone and calling her name the same way Lumière was summoned before. She tried to find from where that voice came from.

“If this is a joke, Lumière, please isn’t funny! Where are you?”, asked a quite terrified Nicolet.

The voice once again called for her and the red millinery wearing lady noticed it came from where the bright light was, inside the ‘aquarium’. Step by step, she walked towards the light, with the calling getting louder each second she was closer to it.

“Come to us, Nicolet… Come to us”

With the heart almost going through her mouth, it was what she did. Like what happened with Lumière, the light surrounded her and soon she found herself pulled to it. Then, she would learn the fate of her best friend and occasional lover.


After the threesome, Lumière sat on the couch, arms wrapped around his newfound lovers’ arms, them still naked. Himself smiling victorious after he fucked them both. Now they just enjoyed a moment of rest, thinking about what could come next.

“What did you think about me, ladies? How did I went?”, the inventor asked.

“You were fabulous, Lumière. Certainly the most fabulous men we ever had sex with!”, Toni Gerard vocalized her appraisal by the newcomer.

“It was a gorgeous fuck, handsome”, Jo added to his approval. “You were indeed the man we expected you were. And more!”

An ear to ear smile appeared in his face afterwards. The inventor finally had sex with two movie characters who starred his wet dreams, and it was for real. An (if there were at some point) fear he couldn’t do his job properly vanished that very second.

“You done an incredible job, Lumière”, it was Meliès turn to give him nice words. “You proved that you can rule the world you created”

“I love you all, ladies and voice being… I think I will love to be here”

“Well, it’s your world and you can do anything here, dear Lumière. And I believe there will be more surprises for you soon”

“Surprises? What kind of surprises?”, questioned the curious Lumière.

“Guess we are going to get them now”

Wondering what Meliès meant, the Old Hollywood aficionado began to think about it. But, in a few seconds, he would learn, sometimes

“Lumière? What are… OH MY GOD? What is going on here?”

“Nicolet? What the hell are you doing here?”


THE END (of this chapter)