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The Sally Armstrong Story

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Her name was Sally, at least that's what she thought it was. She wasn't quite sure anymore. She was in a place they called Torchwood. A man named Jack found her, but everything before that was fuzzy. How did she get there, she kept asking herself. Whenever there was, there was a lot of tec around her. Some she recognized as human and others were clearly alien.

Nothing made sense to her anymore. Was she dreaming, was still dreaming now. Had what she thought was past memories just a dream? I mean, you very well can't die three times and still be the same person. Could you?

She thought back to all her deaths. Once she was killed by metal robots. Some odd name. She closed her eyes trying to think of it, slowly taking her fingers on the table. Droids, no, that wasn't it. It did start with a D, she knew that much. Dra, no, donuts, DEFINITELY not donuts. She giggled at that, the most dangerous beings in the universe are called donuts. DALEKS! Her eyes shot open as she slammed her hand on the table. That was it, they were Daleks.

They had been in 2 of her 3 deaths. But had they had only killed her the once? The other time she was tricked into being part on an awful experiment meant for someone else. And the other one. Well, that was quite embarrassing compared to the other two. She was just rain over, by taxi.

But the two that were more exciting she had meant aliens. The one just gave her a lot of money to make something for him, well the other. She stopped what she was thinking, her heart fell as she thought about that one. He had been her friend. He respected her. And the thought of him being fiction hurt her more then she would ever admit.

Two people walked into the room she was sitting in. Jack had been one of them, he had a straight face well the girl who followed behind looked worried and sympathetically at her. Jack put his hand out towed Gwen. "Hi, sorry to keep you waiting, this is Gwen" He nodded to the girl behind him. " We will do everything thing we can to help you." she nodded to acknowledge her.

"I'm Sally" It was the one thing that seemed to consist with her life. "What do you mean help? What are you helping me with." she felt weary of anyone who said they wanted to help but not showing their reason for wanting to do so.

Gwen set down next to her and reached for her hands. Not to shake them but to hold them. "We have dealt with things like this before. Time travel is a very hard thing to deal with and."

Sally didn't get her time to finish her speech. "Time travel, what do you mean?" She had ever intention on her words to come out calm but panic was written all over them. They thought they had understood her distress at this point.

"It's the year 2018 Sally" Jack said calmly, as he did something with his hands trying to use them to mistreat what he was talking about. "we are in an area that strange things sometimes happen. We can't really take you home, but we can make you comfortable." He paused to see her reaction, she gave a soft nerve laugh. "Let me guess, taking from your clothes, you're from somewhere in the 1970s?" He asked as he looked her up and down.

"1970s? Um, yes, that's it exactly." She answered. This was a lie, well almost. She had been in the 1970s once, but it felt so long ago she could hardly remember. She tried to think, to remember what it had been like. Why couldn't she remember that? "This has to be a dream," She said more to herself than to the others.

Gwen had the same Sympathetic look as before as she squeezed her hand ever so slightly. "A lot has changed, but we will do all we can to make the tradition as easy as possible for you."

Sally laughed, she had no idea if her memories were true or not. Even if they were all in her head she had members of doing and seeing so much. She had seen the beginning of the world all the way to the very end, and a lot if the bits in between. It didn't really matter when she was, none of it seem all that scary after that. But she wouldn't say any of that, she merely tried her best to put a face on that she thought someone who hadn't seen as much as he would have had.

"Have you dealt with this kind of thing before then?" She asked, trying to sound like none of this made any sense to her. jack and Gwen gave each other a look that told her it did happen before and that it didn't end well. She couldn't help but wonder what went wrong at that time.

"Gwen looked back at her, Sally couldn't help but feel that if she had been concerned about her predicament, that Gwen's face wouldn't have helped one bit. " Don't worry about any of it, we'll take care of you. There is a hotel we have set up for you to stay at." She then handed her a small bag. "Here are basics hygiene products and we can go shopping tomorrow for anything else you may need." Sally looked into the bag. There was nothing unexpected. As she closed the bag she was handed a cell phone.

"This is a phone, it will be the fastest way for you to get ahold of us." Sally took the small box from her and opened it. She had seen cell phones before and this one seemed like a simplified version of what she was used to. Maybe it was intended for children? Maybe they were just not as advanced yet she thought as she twirled it around her hands a few times. After all, she was traveling with a timelord.

She burst out laughing at the thought of it. Maybe she was going crazy. " I know, it's more than what your use to" Jack began " Technology has come a long way since your time.

She looked up from the phone. "Is your numbers already in her then?" She asked, not paying Jack any mind. "I mean, there is no point in my having this if I don't have your information to get ahold of you."

Jack eyed her suspiciously as he took the phone from her and when to the contact menu. "Here" He pointed to the two names already programmed into the phone. There they were, Jack and Gwen.

"Good," She said putting the phone in her back pocket as she got up.