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Bikes and Other Stuff

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It was weird.

She'd always assumed the first person she would come out to would be someone she'd known for a while and hung out with a lot. The exact person had changed, from her parents (who she never had to come out to, they were okay, with her wearing skirts, dying her hair, being herself) to Tadokorocchi (who she told later and who was super supportive, just like she'd thought).

But it had never been Toudou. Yet Toudou was the first person she actually told.

They'd been window shopping in the mall (her "rival" 's idea) and Toudou had caught her eyeing a skirt. When she was asked if she wanted to try it on, she started stuttering, frightened. But Toudou just smiled, saying, "Don't worry, I wanna try the skirt next to it. Plus, it's not my style, but you manage to look goid in everything."

Later, after they'd finished buying like twenty skirts, they both sat in the cafe drinking hot chocolate. She said, so quiet it was barely a whisper, but with full confidence, "I'm a girl." Toudou beamed and said, "So am I."

This is a moment she remembers with fondness. The next too, but with a bit of exasperation and embarrassment thrown in.

Because Toudou followed that up with, "I'm a lesbian too, so feel free to crush on me." And she literally spilled her hot chocolate over herself because a) meeting another trans lesbian just like that? Amazing! and b) the sheer confidence with which Toudou said that was both iconic (don't tell her this) and hilarious (do tell her this).

In hindsight though, it's not that weird, coming out to her girlfriend first.