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of heart stickers and strawberry milk

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there's a note taped to hyunjin's locker when he arrives after class to get his books. the blue washi tape looks oddly familiar but he can't pin point from where exactly.

“hyunjin, the cutest boy i know” is scrawled in the center of the envelope and he will admit his cheeks heated up slightly at that although the whole situation is embarrassing.

“awh look jinnies got an admirer” jisung all but coos when he lands eyes on the plainly obvious love letter. hyunjin is still rooted to the spot staring at it. it's cute with the small heart sticker in place of a stamp.

“are you going to open it or do you just plan on staring at it” comes minho's tired reply and hyunjin rolls his eyes carefully pulling it off his locker door. there's another heart sticker sealing it and it's seriously doing damage to hyunjin's heart.

slowly as to not rip the envelope he opens it pulling out the small note tucked inside.

“note one: dear hyunjin,
those glasses you wore the other day really aren't good for my heart, you looked absolutely stunning.
treat yourself well, you deserve only the best.
~ s”

“short but sweet my favorite” jisung says as if reminiscing, hands held over his heart as he looks at the ceiling. minho stares at him looking utterly done with this whole situation.

“can we just go to lunch i'm hungry and it's pizza day” jisung sighs giving hyunjin a wave before tugging minho off in the direction of the cafeteria mumbling the whole way.

“you only care about food.” minho laughs “you're not wrong.”

hyunjin carefully folds the letter again, sliding it back into it's envelope and into his locker, placing it directly on top of his books, a small, gentle smile on his lips. he turns, biology books in hand and heads towards the cafeteria where his friends are undoubtedly bickering not unlike a married couple.

for the rest of the day he all but skips from class to class, the smile never leaving his face.