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Welcome To Trench

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Click. As soon as the hatches were unlocked, you carefully slid open the bedroom window. The old plastic frame let out an unnecessary creak, causing you to internally cringe. You silently prayed it hadn't been heard. You then tossed your backpack securely over your shoulder and swung one leg over the window sill, then the other. 

You hadn't packed much for yourself. Just a few change of clothes, cheap bandages, water, and some snacks that would hopefully last you for some time until you could find some proper food. Oh, and a trusty pocket knife. You had thought about bringing along something to remind yourself of home, but if you were to be honest, you didn't want to remember this place. This wasn't a home. Hell, you didn't even leave behind a goodbye letter for your family.

Once you were crouched onto the roof, you silently sidled your way towards the side of the house. Luckily your family was on the lower-class spectrum, so the roof was a safe enough height from the ground for you to jump down from it. So, you did so, hitting the patchy grass floor with a muffled thud. You quickly looked from side to side to check if the coast was clear. No sign of security. So far so good.

You had been planning this night for months on end, and it was about time you pursued it. You remember preparing yourself and packing your things on a September morning, but you had to put this moment on hold when a man from downtown attempted his escape in broad daylight. The dumbass ended up heading straight for the fence, where he was electrocuted to death. Now it's mid November, and you're finally doing it. You hadn't even left DEMA yet and you already felt free. 

You decided to weave your way through alley ways and behind neighborhood houses. Despite how shady it was, it was the safest option you had. If there were any safe options, that is. Thankfully you lived a decent distance from the border, so you wouldn't have to travel far. You walked on the outer edges of your boots to quiet your steps as you crept passed bushes and parched undergrowth.

Eventually you made it to the outskirts of town. Oddly enough, this is where most of the guards stayed put. This is where the real struggle would begin. Looking out from behind a trash bin, you could see a security guard standing about ten meters away at an intersection. You'd have to cross the street fast enough for him to not see you.

When the man turned away and his back was facing you, you took your chance. You jolted across the street, adrenaline coursing through you and fear rushing within your veins. You heard something small fall to the ground behind you, but you were too focused on your safety to look. You quickly made it to the other side of the street and hid behind a tall building without any interventions, except..

You turned your head, and in the middle of the street laid your one and only pocket knife. "Goddammit!" You hissed under your breath. You'd have to retrieve it. You peered around the corner, only to see the guard marching over in your direction. You quickly spun around, eyes widened in fear as you pressed yourself against the cement wall of the building. Dear God, what do I do?! You thought worriedly.

Fuck it. You'd have to ditch the pocket knife. You spun on your heels and booked it through the streets, turning and running down areas you didn't even recognize. You felt like you were in an endless maze, and soon enough you'd run head first into your death. You ended up in an alley way. It was darker than most, with streetlights that were dimly lit. One of which was flickering eerily. It reminded you of a horror movie, and you were certain some creep would step out of the shadows at any moment and stab you directly in the chest.

The paint on nearby walls was peeling, and there were odd markings scattered everywhere. There was even some graffiti here and there. You guessed this was the part of town where most gangs could be found. In the distance you could hear the shouting and murmuring of security guards. They were looking for you. You panicked, your heart practically beating out of your chest and your breathing becoming heavier by the second. You searched around for some sort of escape, but found no answer. The voices were growing louder and louder. You were done for. None of this would be worth it, and all you would know is DEMA.

The sound of light footsteps came from above. At the very end of the dark alley, atop one of tall cement buildings, stood a man. He held a long wad of thick rope around his shoulder, and he carried a bag upon his back. His thin figure was masked by the shadows of the night sky.

"Need a hand?" He called, his voice echoing.






Haiii!! I hope you enjoyed this (if anyone even reads this :p). I've had an idea for a story like this in mind ever since Jumpsuit came out, so i'm really excited to start it :) Hopefully it was an okay first chapter? Idk i'm not good at this lol

Q: Who do you think the 'man' is? Comment your answers!!